The amazing spider man on steamdemolition derby games on steam BLADE OF DARKNESS how to put steam games on taskbar Blade of Darkness Reforged is now available via Moddb. upscaled original character textures will also be included for those of you that prefer them. Also, hybrid versions will also be included for those of you that may like a mixture between the new skins and the originals. Reforged is a total visual overhaul for the best game ever made - Blade of Darkness Blade of Darkness Reforged features - New upscaled and remade 2k textures for all maps, objects, weapons and characters. Individual reshade configs for each map featuring- Bloom, HDR, SSR, AO, DOF and tonemapping. *Snow and rain are video after effects and are not present in game. *Youtube compression makes the footage look a bit blurry. corn on cob steamed under 1 steam games steam exit big picture chivalry steam stand up game steam