#8 - Blade of Darkness - Lets Play en Español

How to add someone to steam familycan dogs have steamed broccoli BLADE OF DARKNESS Well people, we are in the play episode of the fortress, the clouds have told me that maybe in the dark area it looks too dark, so I ll raise the brightness another little bit and Im going to tell you something and it seems that the brightness is wrong Well, that is to say, the range seems to be the brightness and what is the brightness in the range so Im going to raise the brightness a little more so that it darkens youtube well in the video its okay although I raise it to 4 although I read If YouTube obscures it, then you should see it better, by the way, and I discovered something else that I didnt remember, I am, its __ , and I know why I cant cancel the attack, well, without writing it, its worth looking at attacks and without dodging, it works out perfectly, it comes out ha I have been practicing for a while and it turns out that when he dodges and the problem is that when moving the mouse he dodged for a while for the throne I did not remember this the character dodged without pressing the directional button that was moving the mouse died use the mouse to the right and dodge to the right for a long time with the left thomas tull be cool and I normally dodge with the directional button I mean press I dont move the mouse and click right but click to the right and when you right-click and dodge, but thats like moving the mouse, its okay, thats why many times when you try to cancel the attack, move the mouse a bit and write to the character, but if you dont move the mouse, curious but well, lets go there too, by the way They have already told me how to do the canceled dodge attack and to release the attack that is doing this look at the problems you have to put the input use the combination you have to put it before it writes just when the scale dodges and it does it after it is fair Right at the moment when he is going to throw it, Esquivel and just at the end of the write it shot, for my taste it is much better to do the will cancel the attack directly for my taste this is much faster To do the skiing, right, the other thing is more difficult to do, I think I think its the way the game is, the play I think the straight is much more to do the cancel attack and throw the combo directly than the dodge and combo because the combo I wrote supposes that you are going to dodge an attack on the enemy and then start the combo and that is a waste of time directly throw the convoy to take it by the kings ass I prefer to do that directly than take it by the ass good fortress the clouds here we catch the light of the barbarian that has damage of ice ideal for well I would say that the minotaurs I think they have little resistance to ice and fire I think that everything that has a fire attack is surrounded by fire of vulnerability to ice that is to say the burning skeletons the spawn that has to He has fire attacks, fire goals, all of this is vulnerable to heaven, young man, go on, my goodness, now, boy, well, if he arrived earlier, it has already cost me a little bit, well, now you f Ijate the blade has an incredible design of the play has an incredible design because in the first levels of the game you are a coward a __ you are going to save recording do two by three and according to the game I do not know if this is an imbalance of the difficulty or it is that the creators wanted to inspire this but as you progress it becomes super powerful and its easy to make the cancer attack its hard its not that its too hard its once you understand it 1 once you understand it its not very difficult btw the law is still a 96 positive in estime its crazy d its crazy i have such high grades in judge old basically google because it works open but no and the rest of the game is pretty good now enemies i cant do this with Ok, I think that it did not arrive there, it will touch us with arrows, the day I am recording this, public episode 3 of the jalaf. I mean, I will see this throughout the weeks. or but it bothers me a lot that you speak the corporal is not playing this he said he was going to play play and the day episode 3 was published he has not played yet he has not tried the only big Spanish stream that is playing volleyball espazos Man, the rest did nt happen, dont say damn, they were all at the beginning, a little if were going to play it at the club and then they dont play it, well, its a bit. it is relaunched they should all be there for my taste it is for my taste all the Spanish streamers should be there all those who play in these all those who fill their mouths with talking about dark souls followed by all these for My taste should be to see at least have tried it all have tried this game all on stream all for supporting the one that was Music the one that is the show of the Spanish show not in quotes but I dont know a little a little maybe say chosen not a little maybe exceptional gas what you want but hey so keep playing the games from software because seen what youve seen if its not by franz schubert you dont play them i 1 not always finally jorge basile hook another what remains well, the tower has the shape of some burns, well, if the temple of diana is also true, they came out of it. before he gets up I think Ill put it down I can lower half of it to hell life okay I cant give it if its when until I take the boat but not down well and this is __ there is the double sword of the gentleman mazar three friends are there to attach I did this I did not remember these workshops for double and here is the mass of the mace the heavy mass of combat we are not going to heavy that also of the knight so there are two weapons of the horse to join lines kept medium armor for dwarves and light armor for amazon in barbarian and the mass not only have two, that is, they only have one each, the knight has three and the barbarian has there, the dwarf has 2 well and I think it is badly done and I I think the good thing is that I dont know, he said, it seems strange to me that the dwarf doesnt have three as well, like him. I mean if the characters with shields are going to understand three or are they going to have more armor, well, more blue, not with the dwarf I also understand that with the dwarf he has more life than the knight if it doesnt make any sense this is the minotaur that is that its like the burning skeleton that I dont know why they have too much experience to the two-level tooth writer and in the other the other The character that was on a level is the minotaur, I do nt know if this is on purpose so that in case youve fallen behind levels or something that replaces or is something I dont know, its that to stay behind levels you dont have to explore SW Clearly no one you have to jump skip enemies even it doesnt make any sense well I lack energy Music but it hasnt taken its level in 16 when I only one werent in 15-16 nothing is wanted I have everything stick status is in the temple salt lampposts to brutal I already have it and the ones to tear the tower of the hard ones but by the time I have the heartbreaking raisins in urban well that full life position we are going to leave it there hello you also want not to enter Sahagún outside in the position of full life we ​​ are going to leave it there for when we return because I think I am going to return with less life and here is the good shield it is a small cube this is the real shield that has a resistance egg you here is another hello 1 1 me God throws it away Im going to kill this one here first he said no thanks Music fine 1 Music I m giving __ it leaves poison marks no the son of a __ fine and I think theres nothing for me the medi ana de caballero again like this with the knight you dont end up with even a piece of armor god you are god because its impossible to lose it theyre here a carca so they ask for the host rune god the truth is that if I didnt know where everything is well make the songs slow he conquered people who took a long time to pass in the ex level are as caught knowing the levels as they are so labyrinthine because they are as caught spinning and such and thats how damn it becomes more entertaining I dont even understand that simply by not seeing where things are and give cheating person okay look at me well if you did nt have to activate look woman Music yes and ah riley reilly how do you know are you agreed to create one all of your brothers as the god of darkness or something like that it was buses I dont know exactly who faces blade once and in the prequel knows I dont know exactly here who the hell bleu is facing lets see what is there now it has fallen how strange that lawyer would have this to fall and here these arrows how strange to see Im not going to complain either, you know but we dont know someone who faces Blake I know Im almost convinced that he faces some also because in some way he is supposed to be a fairly old necromancer like that that I am almost convinced that someone who was in the first war is almost certain and the problem is not the final post, what is in the war, there are those who faced a law to end up super wounded because I understand that it gives some its field and the final villain here is the lord of evil and such but I dont think hes a god or anything like that Ive never looked at him __ theres nothing theres nothing of mine well if you want to know if there was something behind these pillars Well, there s nothing I can go back without charging __ Im god man I m god in this game ok the climbers are coming out Im going here first it wore me out I get the full potion of that and then Im going there Music damn thats another thing I take this one off or I take off the state but the state is not there too much because of the light you have to take it for the enemies of fire here they give me another one of two leaves here something to throw there is the light and a position of power I even take off the ice I take off the broadsword I think because the other one is very flat ice ax with ice attack frozen death look down not left and down you can cancel this and ok go take it for the ass it literally has the Skeleton is one of the enemies in the game with the least resistance if someone assigned it to little had charged it with a normal blow and the truth is that the skeletons have no idea if they have resistance to fat ice but it doesnt happen not very slow uncle and the mind i e there are 2 no you want to know what has so much resistance to food lets see lets look at the news regarding resistance it has a skeleton to ice I thought it was less than 30 resistance to ice but or no, its not 30 ice resistance to the skeleton, you have to hit it with the most crushing ones, Ive been confused which ice bullet is, its not worth anything against the toledo skeletons, it would be up to 2 rice, it would be literal __ with the car. ice alarm state it is worth it against me to see on this screen for the spawn that has less than 60 defense against ice but hey the spawn that does not have much resistance to damage from edges is okay I fall here Music some low life quiet and and it will be annoying that I already well well go and there we say that you you until they kill you and for good love I am doing the cinnamon and having the complete life position that I have there all leads to take it now I am going I am doing here the __ waiting for him to kill me now and I think I no longer believe that the next screen is the oasis for the temple of alfaro so that they give me the adapted club the only blunt weapon he carries This one still remains to be seen so a better one could go and choose. I think I dont think they send me to the oasis necessarily and then maybe they give me a choice between the forge and the forge they have the magma it has this firearm but the weapon of fire is this not worth much resistance the orcs have little resistance to fire the snow troll that we call passage through new snow of more trolls the ice golem is that the enemies that have little is that it is one is that it is Its a __ because the firearms are in the forge and theres the ice cane of the amazon no not training well seriously __ my goodness and look no I cant believe it no no son of a __ one point was shitty Aragon Im going to be a lot of resistance yes no yes with 900 life and so many 900 life you Music take it for the ass but but the resistance is worthless also because the friendlies have how much spawn - 60 resistance to ice and t It also has minus 20 to the edged weapon and minus 40 to the poison and -100 to the damage to degrees to have level 17 which is absolutely nothing but hey as soon as I grab you they have already given you a blunt weapon with the combo included the white gem guardian of the tomb of the the purity of the eternal snow of its mountains snow palace then they will give me a choice between the forge of will leave or the temple of alfaro that we will go to the temple because the club has been I need it and it has continued temple of diana tower of height here and the abyss the subject of resistance that you dont even need the tables knows that they are very basic resistances that is, the goals are weak to forceful alarms the skeletons to the most forceful the enemies that bleed are usually weak to sharp weapons those that use fire are these weakness and hatred are are resistances very contextualized and very simple to understand with the table you can easily reach the conclusions of the weaknesses of the e enemies four days journey inside the great sandy desert is the oasis of belle there flourished a settlement of merchants who built a beautiful palace full of water and coolness wars and the decadence of men recently ended on The enemy has secured a place of passage on the way to the desert of rugbier and the volcano inside the great desert of sand is the oasis of Ney. to establish a beautiful palace in which to shelter the caravans the war and the abandonment of the northern trade routes meant its end I need new clues that lead me to gather the gems of the heros tomb and in this ancient palace I could find some clues about the places where they were hidden it is true that there is no gem here true that there is here there are clues of the following it may be this jou subnormal the The end is that this screen is very long and this is one of the longest screens in the game because here it looks like a palace and such but then you go downstairs and two scrolls one past the reception of blade, that is, by visit by likes the truth is that damn how good it has been incredible it is just when youtube takes away my monetization everyone comes to see blade it has been incredible it has been youtube has taken away my monetization just when it has to when I go to upload the play that nobody for practically nobody is going up in full and when it reaches December, which is the month where more money is earned on youtube, where more monetization is made, it has been the timing is the timing of removing my partner has been perfect, but well, I sweat it, you know that if I dont He returns it in November well go to tweets where I dont know what Ill do its probable that well even do that series of the gentleman without an interface maybe the first thing I do in tweets I have no idea because in tweets there arent too many people playing play either and the people Ive seen play well either dont know how to play play either or they arent regular blade players lets see but well well see what I do I hope youre enjoying this series and see you in the next episode of blade steam same games Clases de cancelación de ataques. how much is a steam card can you eat steamed oysters while pregnant best steam star wars games xqc steam inventory steam game tester job