Blade: The Edge of Darkness Remaster Español Bárbaro JUEGO DE CULTO - PC ULTRA 4K

Whats a steamer drinkshark professional steam pocket mop s3601 BLADE OF DARKNESS if you honduras Music the high level of stains that you made on that day how could you blight Music miami waters variation but not 8 a powerful screw version to see and we never exist very good to all friends welcome as spies lets continue with I brought this piece of great game recently with this great game from 2001 and with this remaster from 2021 no less than 20 years have passed and we count this year 21 years have passed from this game that is undoubtedly good because we veterans dont the most veterans in the gaming world, well, we fell in love, not those of us who were able to enjoy this jewel, I started and give me a second, we have to put the final intro __ trying to open the game but its leaving bullock a second and we start and start now to the adventure and we continue with the barbarian by the way I am informing you remember that we started playing with the knight and indeed there is a book and they have knowledge of the developer of that book so if you are going to play the game but a sun will darken the earth will be covered by the years and you plan to play the game at some point you are going to play whatever it is worth keeping in mind that the knight is worth at least today today 04/29 2022 has a problem okay the gentleman has a problem has a bug so its very important that you keep it in mind okay we re going to put it in 4k oh so you know because we started the game and sadly well we didnt lose an hour of I play more or less but well then we played with him with the barbarian and everything was much better everything was more fluid although he is a character that is a bit more difficult to play with him because he does not have a shield and the blocks are paris you practically have to do the block Exactly when they attack you, which is why the theme of the characters blocking is quite funny, what is happening to him, is he being captured by a seer and is not capturing well, well, well, its worth it. donate but technical problems in paradise things that happen some greetings to those who are entering through their of course greetings to cherry the inadi hardware is not counted tomas lucas david carlos I counted the hardware involves there are very good colleagues how are you welcome to the moon be tinted with the sun they are landing the illusion earth will be covered by the waters from their posts on top of the advertisements braids on the rise of stars it will raise __ that is going down 10 nobody is happening to me it fits as he has told it remains as stunned Its stunned man, the game is like Im caught, day we give a second how strange guys who made a mistake oh okay I know what it can be we are going to see the screen in full screen we are going to put windows without borders but if it catches me like this it changes the monitor too Now what was missing I __ on everything to apologize but the data cannot be synchronized of course if I love them 13 Aug fir nothing fernando no no no no you cant be seeing it well because I dont see it well if I dont see it well you cant see it well now its impossible the followers cant see it well because Im telling you its giving me problems you too and he said yes now it seems that he has spent it on me we are going to change the screen we are going to put it first in 4k and there it is and now it seems that everything is correct for me to adjust the 4k because I do not know what resolution I had I did not it was higher than four times and now window full screen ok thats it thats its already fixed sorry guys its ten oclock they have come ok excuse things that happen ok game we load game and we reach the fourth phase or fifth phase more or less hello pere what are you lucky seen like this seen like this and it has given me luck well I told you that I was going to continue with the game obviously and here we are safe and we are safe to conan the barbarian and gabo for good Come and welcome to the great adventure of a classic where there are level 82 runes found and the new map we were playing with what we were playing with what weapon we were playing with the sword of death I think it was this tip I dont remember the name how the name of this weapon was called I dont remember and sword of death indeed with the sword of death we were playing and we are level 8 I have to remember a little again about the movements and this no 1 is worth more or less for them to do me an idea of ​​ the change of potions Music that more weapon change is okay okay thats enough guys thats it we already have it under control and raúl pastor and the death counter is wow stop tabulating because with this game I cant tabulate as I have to tabulate we are lost the eye of the game to be savior machine would give the lauro friends in giving him these burela I realized that the music was a tad high I hope that this time it is well In __ I changed the perspective to first person a person who doesnt look like you the call no but the goalkeeper is going to win that first Music and if we go to the movements that plays 2 2 classic kids than the classic Music no Music and well thank goodness he said I have removed myself from half a nation Music ah Applause in cambre for your house Music what is it Music relaxing day of course yes at the level of desire erasing Music You can hear a good sound, music and so on, and a sanctuary, Louis, a big heart, said great game, Wilander, very cool day, Wilander, Im glad you cheered up with him in the last one and also very well, the 3rd was playing us recently to win the door, it seems that not It opens, you can see it, right, everything is good, everything is good Music and some think that there are actually some games that because the first posts pointed to the shows that we know today e fire night el fire i In the war, there was a name that I wanted from software, which was more of a down, well, dragon, perhaps even more similar to the scroll than what we know today, no, hello, totti, fly meals, however, this is what To be from 20 years ago talking about a game that did have those mechanics, even speaking with some of you the other day on a delayed basis, we were talking about giving us curious data at the level of Music at the level of minimalist detail that this game and one have. Of them, without a doubt, it was the fact that you see it a bit dark, oh, at the level of minimalists, we spoke deferred in the comments and we talked about the small details of the evolution that the game had with respect to current games, such as the detail that an enemy looks at a capello you see that he has a potion that has a potion so you kill before they take the potion you can use it but obviously and he takes the next one with which I want With this, it is clear that for that time, 20 years ago, they already had a system, the first of gore, as minimalist as the one it has, and as if that were not enough, not only after that it is not the most important thing, but also, as I have said to check in detail that an npc can heal itself and if it heals you can no longer obtain that object they are details of how to drink as we said ahead of its time ahead of its time but in full order Music also completely in Spanish You see this one, for example, it has a bag of I dont know what I want it to be like for provisions, so we started to do very the movements in conditions 1 and not ah obviously no matter how much we want a game to look and it wont look but if we check the This is cream this is the best thing you can throw at your face Music from that time they asked for singularity remedies and Im telling you about the butter I want it too but I dont want a r I mean, I want them to do a second installment of singularity, its a great game, you know you have a guide on the channel, not all the improvements, all the weapons, all the collectibles, very cool citizenship, the singularity, because many, very few people know singularity, highly recommended, because its a game that you You will remember downloading to the older iPhone is the same as at the time they were ahead of their time and that it is very cool to play them today, not because the hard colleague does not Music gentleman and all rich long and for the rim that he Applause legal in de elegant and safe I am going to make a save that has turned out too well for me what it obviously does not have, unlike those of today, well, the progression system is the same because it is evident it is with its age but with a marked combat basket objective of the movement system hello welcome to the most undervalued game in history specifically of passages the one in the ring sergio is not that it will happen to me it is that l or complete the platinum live guys to think that one hundred percent with the final six of or you will not see a one is first in his first game he has done the tour that we did and Im telling you we did a tour of 175 hours at level 170 If I remember correctly 150 voices practically six finals and all six finals in all corners of the map basically all the web because we couldnt complete it because I looked at it but yes of course the last video and Im not talking about the first round because I more or less from what I have seen in the first round few people to this what we have done in the first round the platinum we already have a green green from our that we finished the game we have it line 2 and you have passed in the dow no Arturo still hasnt many days left, lets go for video 8, its a series of his, its 2, it will last about 20 videos, hes forgetting that it will go very little by little for him, Ill upload it, as I already said, since he doesnt have the acceptance of Other games, well, Ill upload one or two videos a week. Ill dedicate this weekend to playing with friends like I did yesterday about survival teams. also for a festive reason it is to leave it with friends and it is good to spend some time with friends also on your day if indeed the difficulties collided a lot but the s is going to go to a few managers without a doubt I __ on everything 1 no s mario that happened to be that when I was there I was delighted that you bring these little jewels taken out of the trunk floating a lot more with you a big hug he told me to the shadows a real hug thank you very much to those who see me in the shadows for real and appreciate the affection that we put all the games no and youre still standing there what encouraged us to come tell this boat you can want to start the attack head on god Im worth it I have to leave it pressed look and they gave a combo system and look at the combo system but its a pity that we have been blocked the combat of this bow was interesting and we have opened an access to give messiah the times and you get up at 6 arturo bush bush great machine but for platinum the final one is not necessary, I know, but even so, the final six are not necessary for platinum, but even so, so that you can see to what extent we did the game at a minimalist level, it is worth for you to see, we made the whopping worth of the final six no no the three that I already know are only three for platinum no we did not do the final six and on the right it is in the video there you have some outstanding videos we saw the six finals which is not easy at all because you have to do a series of webs and it has already saved because we have advanced a lot and it is going to kill me and it is not because I restart Music I am proud to have played it the way I occupied it n or because it is not my own yesterday no no no on the contrary I am rather a very normal player but I think we read gutted which is very nice in a soul type open world game being the first soul type open world game I think we have done something that perhaps the best we have lacked in other games due to lack of time, however with the rhythm we spent a little more time there was a lot of acceptance and we were able to gut everything from top to bottom Music now something has been able to remain well surely but mostly we have done everything Music 2 he gave me Music lets see I have weapons okay I have weapons its a spear I have a trident I dont think its better than the trident it has power 21 in trident Music lets see what power this has or if possible it has more power Music lets see what this is I liked it a lot but I dont know how difficult Music well Ill take it because its more powerful but nothing else because I dont really like it as a weapon they are very Slow the stops of death if I like it because it is a tad better and do like more damage ah but completely in accordance with the theme of the difficulty of the game that in its day it was very important to see such a high difficulty in that of yours the truth Music a lot of people will say baron, its not that bad we ve evolved as players too Music luckily were not the same as before but dont see this at the time Music wheat has been the powerful attack yes not now i no i a __ the shield has let me touch and zion like a potion that fills me up all my life I dont know if I should take mine well Im going to hold on Im going to hold on a little if they all break its Eduardo if you want very big that one has burst me from usp kid s lived has burst Music Music and oh damn and under the levers Music oh by the way I appreciate a lot I have not said it before but I appreciate a lot the support that has been before starting the live I was already there supporting that it is known that they were left wanting the other day for us to upload more videos and really thank you guys the support has really made me crazy Music river ah in the key look under the map maker will be bastards Music la key under the map Music is not enough and rich meat and this gentleman killed him through the rope and andrés and he is experiencing the king who does good is that it is a game to experience it well it is a game that offers a lot of content I Thats why when people came live and told me, hey, man, you havent passed as a man yet, but you havent passed yet, but I want to play the game well if you dont want to play with details and want to see everything, enough to play it slowly and not in a hurry and many people seemed like they had a firecracker in the ass for passing the fire, which is ironic because if something is flying at you, normally you are not usually in a hurry pizza and hamburgers so you are in a hurry to finish the food or logically not if something is very cool to you because less hostile is hurry Music oh normally when something is very cool you are not in a hurry and if something that is speaking to you a lot you add that it is accepted in the case of those who are extremely fond then listen again __ two things come together that today I have put twice as satisfying and as we are welcome vaginal at night in the end obviously it is important even if it seems that it is not but many times I tell you to see I like to play it what I like too very logical because if I didnt have it, I wouldnt have any principle but I also like that when I make a choice that choice in a certain way grind if I make a choice and then its not cool it went to the sadness of choice its not worth to build it distributes a lot but if that a hand so Im going to change it for this one that looks like some kind of 96 damage bell and this weapon I dont know what it is but oh my god how cool this weapon is a katana man for long your long sword you in the long run what do you do Music I hope you are telling me and what is this and how do I do this attack at level 10 Music no 1 i Music guayabal give a piece of sword here not under the row of 500 saved my life I was hidden in the morning and there it is Im going to use the d Music Im not going to save the next good one I m going to save it in case a bag comes to me something Music and the map is there I take it the pot zone and he took the post to verify it is going to stay here he followed us a lot from the party and also for watching it Music sergio you have to really hit the channel new releases and men and what do you think of the news from the witcher that for now I with the short hi so as not to be disappointed but well lets see it seems great to me obviously I knew that there was going to be a the witcher 4 at all times that I never lost faith but right there because then the disappointments that one feels does with these things are very big so and I have it right now not normal normal until there are no gameplays and other things slowly without haste without haste and without haste that the rush was not good Music in that like this Music dragons also the same another titled what more right now it is but without a doubt in June the trailer of this bishop we finally see it in motion if it is something that we expected a lot I hope that deadman your mother gets better God really from my heart I hope it is not very serious and that he recovers soon a real machine a big hug and lets see the witcher 4 just entered I think from my personal point of view no I dont think it loads into a gerald because it is clear that it arrives is a bit like kratos nobody cares that it arrives when he dies but it is clear that what we saw with Cirilo we are going to have doubled by 2 from the beginning, perhaps even paralleling the history of Citi and arriving at the same time so that you now run into both things at the same time Music at 50 I mean gameplay with both and there will be a lot of criticism remember this do you remember when I told you there will be a lot of criticism with geimer pont and nobody paid attention to me do you remember you dont remember many other games like of the bids that you have made, they are going to criticize many of the hits they are going to criticize a lot to fiver pum there are going to be many moves with the first prop and such and he listened to me well because he already predicted because of the witcher that he is going to come a lot a lot criticism because many people are going to say that they have put pressure on citi to play equally with a man for a woman when here we have an example of a game from 20 years ago where there was already an Amazon is that you could play with her, that is, but well, Im going to predict it so that you can get used to the idea of ​​ whats to come, okay if you want, save the clip of what Im saying so that when the game comes out later, tell me, look, Sergio your reason as brother of my words and the devil knows more for devil for old than for devil so I ll leave the subject now and then youll see how people will talk about social correctness for a little because of what happened a little with the elite ones youll see Music it has to end whether we want it or not but I dont think its this Im with you it will have to end at some point but I dont think its this time thank you because astur maybe in the past I would have said yes but after what happened with Music after what happened with the liverpool game I have it very clear very clear to see lets say disappointed the users so much they cant afford to disappoint people that people criticize them for killing gerald from rivals and thats it I tell you if it were at another time in the history of the video game I would tell you well, look, well, yes, they are going to throw a couple of eggs at him and they are going to kill Gerald and he was going to serve and the one that continues at the moment in which he found us We are entering the history of the video game and I say no if you want I give it a little more light the screen does not happen that I did not want to tabulate because I was afraid that the screen would break but I dont know if we are able to tabulate without __ it, Ill leave it there for things, youll get an idea of what Music and Im going to bring it up a little bit, the tonality is fine so you can see it a little better, tell me and its a little better Music a see the thing is that it is also not a good time hello cassandra welcome to the beautiful queen that is, it is not the time I have seen that the school was the school of clear cats of sight but you saw you you have seen queen my trailer the witcher the question and I ask a question you have seen it you have seen it seen in my trailer of the witcher I wonder only the king has the key that leads to the heart of his beloved are you the king or are you just a miserable thief I do with the wolf medallion I know how to get there because of what happened to me, I got there forging the amulet and in the more elaborate intros, well, I think now it looks a little better, corrected, a tad is worth enough so that the atmosphere is not lost imagining many integrals, lets see for myself Its that Im very cool with Gerald, its worth not even Geralds character, obviously like everyone else, but Im very cool with games in which, lets say, there is a Music behind them and a hardness at level d is that they are not immortal, its okay with anyone he can die and that is very cool to me he looked at Music and 1 not with a view to looking at it from the look of the queens you will like it Music and being me I put a lot of love to the trailer and the one on the back or you saw it is the trailer is bad 4 well thats the bass of the channel but which of the witcher really cost me a lot to make it look beautiful especially because above all because I had to do a julito editing job to make it look good beautiful Music I like them oclock raw istories because I dont like them anymore, no, yes, yes, I accept it, but I know that its not the time to do the project. life Music I dont have a shield with this character, the hardware or should I say Maria to i no no i but sergio you believe in the forced inclusion in other areas besides the video post lets see see the light but I dont think its either as radical as people he wants to make us see, okay, I mean, I think its more in the cinema in the videogames themselves because many people dont even know why there are certain characters in the history of videogames that have been female and we have nt even noticed even because maybe they havent even made me interested in pain in female characters in video games its always been okay and characters and the issue of homosexuality or more of the same that is not something we think has Its something new, it s something that has been going on since today, there are many people who think that of course, homosexuality today, not with sexuality from times long before we did it, that our parents were born and that our grandparents were born, our grandparents were born with which I see it as normal that in a society in which homosexuality is more normalized in a video game, they dont have to be heterosexual characters, that is, I see it as normal, I see it as logical, its normal because its more normalized, so its logical that in a certain way certain characters appear that they have a gender x ok, Im not telling you to start talking with this corrective language and whatever it is, its a smoke from another from another from another world or from another universe, each one who does what they want but lets go miles I think people lose their minds a bit because of that paranoia because at a grammatical level they dont have anywhere to catch it, okay, but well, okay, they want to talk like that. its okay because they talk like that but but at the level of correction of the level of inclusion of social inclusion within video games I think not I think that there have always been women and the fact that they have included, well, perhaps more recently homosexual characters that is logical if I see it I see it logical at least but I see it logical basically because we have lived in a society where all this was taboo but it is normal that nowadays well in a certain way it shows a little more it is not that they are adding it to to agree with those with those people not simply that those people were there but they were hidden unfortunately and now nowadays they are not hidden to exist there is of course as I said but it is not as radical as they do not want to make it appear I repeat is that they are not the star movies save video games I think they are not as extreme as star war movies or at least I see it that way there will be people who do not see it that way but I think not We havent reached that level Music Music and he clarifies his eyes brutally no no indeed I think the same language in italics its even a huge huge stupidity to look at it then I said before the issue of homosexuality I see it as normal of the world that what exists more and more is included more and that they want to give it not just coverage but more naturalness because it has always existed there it has always been there okay but from there to the language Im sorry but the language is not that there is nowhere It does nt hold that no matter how much they want to make us move, it doesnt hold Music but I dont think a but fight for the case of the troops lets set the example the case of the troops a lot of people wanted to capture the people of the city yes that the artistic directors escaped what they wanted to do where the mobs that is a problem so it seems very strong to me because with the troops they had people who wanted to ban artistic creators from and the truffles and the artistic creators of the stoves saw the work that way because it inhibits them why do the work in another way because people say it is not that clear this should be so it does not forgive and they have conceived it and it is so because it has to be as you say yes that is because certain events have to happen that you dont want to happen because you dont want them to happen no uncle they read preconceived so let them and god my philosophy of life let live live and stop you but it seems Its a lie that Im telling you a lie here with what we videogame players have experienced in their day in the past we were the geeks the weirdos in the class the strangers nowadays that everyone plays videogames and the weirdos are the ones who They dont play videogames that now we ourselves want to boycott in a certain way because there are certain issues that dont seem normal to me ah Music they are not insulting anyone the firewall has referred us to no one a It would be an insult if they were referring to a person if they are not referring to any person like that when you refer to someone if they have referred us to no one at any time lets see it is assumed that it is not generalizing Music and obviously Music and changing is the name of today for a man that dilemma is not right why change it well there has been much talk about this also about todays topic and that if it had been a man it would have sold more I think not I think its just good, well, I just think its okay with respect to the fact that it may have more or less affectation, I think not people who say that if the franchise would sell them more or could sell more or less, I dont know, the tricks are there Music and I hadnt read it I hadnt read it but if so no its not necessary hes so abrupt with words Music and I think the same thing can be said without abruptness I dont like this it would probably look like a hammer d pity hands no no it does nt sound Music Ill take the spear but lets go until I find a more efficient two-handed weapon Music oh lets see please and with I dont know its complicated is that car games do it better cars Im not much of a car game Another thing is that if as happened recently they give it to you in the irrigation team they are not charging to pick up and they put it on you he says well come on well Ill give it to you but of course Paying for it is another thing to pay for it and they are big words for mix basically why not it is not a genre that I am going to take advantage of we are going to do a save here and for a while but hey we are not going to start now to have the extra skin fine, we already know that everything that is said here we go friend from a long time ago if you persist with respect for someone from outside to come and do not get us high but we know each other Music well and and eye no __ it has poisoned my level up poisoned what a curse to Music Music how are we doing Music actually I dont see a win, its also stupid because it had in games like metroid ok or games like halo that really under the helmet you dont know whos there ok who understands understood bill who why what I say he doesnt understand he understood because in the end under the helmet yes efe og for me I dont care you dont understand where Im going no in the end the fact is that the character is there Music Applause Music Music look and Music Music and such Music thats it but demand they would do it right now what you sell and whats really cool if you look and what you liked about star wars unlike the last two star wars movies well Not the last two because the intermediate one that wasnt the one from Star War, which was the one from Rogue, is that it was very good. What we liked about the last one is everything theyve ever done, but nevertheless with the theme de manda lorian even though disney is behind More than everyone complained a lot about living in that sense they have done very well because whats cool is the mandaloria not the universe of the mandaloria not him as with a simple lets say with some simple bases of lore from the universe of the Manda Loria, you cant make a piece of a series, its incredible, like a lot, Im sure we ve already seen it in cartoons, we also didnt need a yeti in the background, no, thats also very cool, hello Jennifer, how beautiful Music, nothing, man. please, dynamite as a gift a baby jane I gave her a baby pasodobles now there must be a secret door or something not writing __ a progress somewhere she said I do nt see it __ they did Im not going to try that anywhere but I dont think so I think that developers have always been inhibited by society and they are not allowed artistic freedom, I do nt think about the web, I dont think so because in the case of the stoves it was the opposite to give them freedom they attacked the work, something that doesnt seem right to me, it doesnt seem right to me because in the end you say __ Goddess, what are we going to do? Freedom or not, we all want artistic freedom for those artists, we all agree on that and that group we are cool with what makes pure and absolute freedom so in a certain way sometimes we are also a bit hypocritical because in the end it is the whiting that bites its tail when they do it because they do it when they dont do it because they do it is very difficult for me to everyones liking very very difficult if not practically impossible quality of the cemetery okay we have left the cemetery we have to look for the moon that I want in the end good Music and water for healing more beautiful the sound of the 90s Music from Tunisia to be a little bit of life instantly subduing Music the level 10 skeleton someone has been left as it seems 2 and bastard buff kid they have given me very fine what a beating they have given You finished defeating the boss and of course Rhodes flight, what I didnt defeat him is on the path I did because I made a path you have to know how to do it, which is a forced second path and in that round I didnt defeat him in that round Dont defeat him on that path, its optional, that is, an optional boss, hes not a boss, he s forced to do it, whats up, I faced him, but Im telling you Im not talking about the owl in the lady butterfly area until there I can read because Im not reading the other bus and because if not you obviously cant advance ourselves but well I understand this or if you dont understand me youll see to teach the one in the class ring but I couldnt with him I didnt dedicate much time to him either try hard and defeat him because he wanted to leave me something to encourage me to play it in the future also my biggest excuse than having left me one of the funniest boxes Music there is no doubt defeat mind but although it is a tacado Applause the skeleton and almighty jr in the oven Music and life and that I hate myself Im not afraid I m going to die Music Music Music eye ​​ that has taken half a bar of life from me with a blow haha Tica happens to me as the only one distributes Filipas, the mister distributes the dogma dragon virus, they have never played him, you already know Music Applause Music I already told you its very difficult but come on the owl kicks anyone a thousand times boss from not the original but like a butterfly any voice from del del rincón to anyone it is also true that soon they have more things sorry it is followed in it is also true that at that time when I played it there was not as much information as today in The day you put it on there are 200,000 videos of 200,000 ways to get there and well, possibly in the end it will be easier for you, no, I also liked this dynamic, yes, I liked standing art. tactic jk and a beautiful dinner life Music yes, not eating everyone until Im about to go to the kitchen, its not blocking everything, its blocking all the suckers and bastards, lets see if it saves Music I think that here from the chat Sergio gives me For the most part almost everyone has to follow has played follow its very rare that I havent played it from the chat because its because mostly because of how I know people its weird that I havent played it Music Music i Music Music has the same attack all the time Music a medium touch the power mail has the same attack all the time Music Music Music Music Music back then voices like the of today with 20 20 combinations differences a little the queen valkyrie of votes guard with up to 200 moves I didnt know no Music quite since your character did combos 25 or 30 with for different Music Music Applause Music Music Music you have to have a lot or be careful with the levels of this level I have a lot left Music once I send out all seven hundred lives Music Music I ve seen it Ive seen it Ive seen it but Im too lazy to spend 50 payments of Today and I see that they havent put it on any page where I can usually ask for passwords and so on. Look, ask them lately, theyve been lazy giving passwords Music but Ive seen it one day I was saying Music I ve seen it and it looks great It is the cube of the gentlemen I conjure you old snake by the judge of the living and the dead by the one who has the power to send you to hell frozen by candles that alf now I do not conjure you old snake come on boys from the hands above that I do not have a future free old the client oh my god what happiness for god and for him Im really cool I was watching videos uncle and philippa love of god me philip love of diego but to death but the problem with the pasta I dont something infer nal no you well I do not love that they are details the same as today there are not in many games details of the npcs hurt each other so I see it as very justified okay and a strategy in a way that for that time if you could to think that I am asking the enemies to hurt each other and how badly implanted, not because it loses part of the benefits of combat at that time to think that not everyone who played video games was after being extra hit like today, it has been It has evolved a lot in everything because today they try to avoid it because obviously the user is not stupid but at that time it was one more strategy that they said, well, we are going to give this strategy to the user and let him choose if he can mount it well so that it is not for Let them say how they want to carry out the fight if they want, in a certain way you know that detail come and Music in many but well, well in many right away I see it I see it well that too They also remove it because it is true that it is a users and as I said before we have evolved a lot today any slightly experienced player the first thing that catches is the timing at that time the enemy did not have much trouble seeing them on days it is divine I saw the effects the graphics, however, all that has evolved a lot Music the same 1 but 1 lets see, only the attack has come out once and it is that it is not easy no or no and there it is but he looked at me no no the complicated one and the movement It is a special of this weapon but it does not come out of all weapons have their special but hey I have managed to get it to come out once I already found myself with an edge in my teeth today in their bastide friends saved after the combat the metals on offer are not saved anymore now they are also goals smiles right well do you remember that we uploaded the demo and in the end when it came out we didnt upload it the truth and I really like the game we could play some day and a hug from on Saturday this Spaniard who is undoubtedly a brutal worker and dubbing the cream and 1 and no Music I remember 9 water water some videos that she and she watch and she and she we just saw something I hadnt noticed now few until the The matter of secrets and so on, even in that sense, the secret doors are similar during the day, all that detail is fine, Raúl, welcome to the night, oh __ , well, lets see, and above its clear that you can access Music, since I dont know, I shouldnt. hold on I see and there it is and 10 4 it doesnt deal the sword and it stings thats the baddest Music 1 Music 1 therefore the wafers of the car or what damage the sword has done at the end yes Music no and no no no no no no __ male emissary god every year touched my name well well well well and not here Music more than snowfall the hand they have left me to the drag they kept it that better than bad hello welcome nothing rest pretty cherry or not and 2 to see start Masters here Music they talk about everything a bit, I havent noticed that from here I can go up there, he said, watch out for secret places that the attack game has details Music fixed, it wont come out no no you havent seen what happened Music no no if no one sends me Music well Music the weather vane of secret generates the game Music and what a bastard this bastard when he wars with the bow of the honor of man for your house Music the scythe Music Music Music Music and I Music Music no Music Music nine pillars Music ah Music Music Music Music ah I do nt know where I am lost my way Music Ive lost my way Music and I dont know where it is Music to this era to pick up the sword Music is where I found the dragon equal judges but never gets to play it either Music since Im a fan of Spanish send 112 with me look how it moves masses Music well well well well I do nt remember where it was where I found in toten hosen that we dont lose the north because there is finding right now I got a bit confused on the map Music and it seemed simple right and it seemed easy not to get lost by not putting lost Music once you have It has to be around here because in the end not so that the skeletons are not solid to whoever this door wants to be able to because if not why did they come out of here Music Music Applause no god what damage it stains Music doubles lifeless men only the king has the key that leads to the heart of his beloved are you perhaps the king or are you just a miserable thief I am a miserable thief in this when signing him list of the wild well but not only the king has the key that leads to the heart of his beloved but are you perhaps the king or are you just a miserable miserable thief with a carbon stopped look look death and look and and i not to see to see the power Music Music and Pedro enters the machine pain I wish find filming I can level up is equivalent to filling myself with life Music there are too many Music plus a hug Music well if its been killed all night I think I dont know if theyre going to see me Music but lets go with the The life that I have is not going to find a solution for me soon Music dad grass league bbva at that time this will be recorded I could no longer imagine that when there was this game uncle I said it cant be I am violent there 20 years old violent but violent Also, then, well, look at the physics of the head, the town where blood flows upwards, all this animation is already there, Music, the character bruised and exhausted by the blows, look, oh, or not, between them there is one and the other is not according to what he had Husband, it s true that if he killed him, its not the only way for a friend to recover life in his life and if they kill each other, maybe I wont level up and I wo nt Music even if I level up anyway or he by hand welcome they had many combos god not what I have many combos but you catch me at a time when I have no life and I can not risk making combos class that has many combos they had many I put here you have the great variety of combos plus all those who have to beat a lot but with the life I have right now I can only risk doing the basics and the essentials to survive when we have more life with the combo moms and then it was in my hands when you get the yellow bar like this to keep the yellow bar comes out and like there and I pay there are like super cool guys who have to take them out I also dont consider myself a person of dexterity either but very good there is one very good no Music Im not in control Im not Im a type of mouse it was easier Music its not that in chaos it is there it is now god has come out thats powerful but also of course for it to come out I have to make 20 attempts It doesnt make up for me mmm no no look it makes up for me right now to be pragmatic 13 and that you let me my power for carrillo turned on no no and also in the electric sword it gives hosts like loaves you go out and its something thats very cool because you see in the npcs in this game also evolve just like youtube had a skeleton from the beginning of the game princess or a skeleton from the beginning of the game yes yes you laugh at that skeleton from the first beginning of the game that now they have put it at level 10 or 9 plus the back efficient that he has and is from cdc and it blows you up man without a guide or anything that was there because he actually had his brand also at that time you had to search for life too much today everything is easier here the time the menu was on the menu it was the same but still as I said before we have also evolved as players what happens that of course before this new one sold like four times more grace now that it is not short for s er from the time, which is not, but more than I keep and I am lifeless and lifeless any small error sends me to hell and then every weapon because right now I have a new weapon Music sometimes it comes out sometimes I do not pres the same or worse than the level of difficulty in name he is much more difficult he is very difficult for them nothing to do sometimes he is much more difficult than many others especially at the beginning no he does nt look no and I have right now this weapon that I carry is my brother At the beginning and I put on the debilitate right now they burst my new sperm I just found now it has more power and now look at the army at the beginning its this one I dont even have it, the sword of chaos has already taken it from me well right now I dont okay, its not worth it to me because the weapon that I carry hits me and in all of the power it s there, its okay, it doesnt work at 10 more here because the levers are not going, we have to do from here and mine for a second that has to go to profile the Apple because it lets me fly rather in another weird one because weird because it left me a beard thats why it feels weird to me it leaves you vargas so after shaving and I had been these days and I grow a beard again I dont know if it favors me again but well here we are Master we have missed I dont know bar look what was it if he had moved no oh its not me who has blocked the days it could be look that these games also had a his wife there is no magic in this game you dont have a dwarf you have a good archer you have magic from enemies that spit and so on but you dont cast magic as such there is no magician and there is an archer its the amazon good chain no Music I really mean it I think its bad I dont think that skeleton should Having left is a bit strange, Aina, its really okay, not around here, so between Juan for the country at the same time, really, 2020, I hadnt realized that there was a descent here, because I thought it was google, check the dungeon or h obby little music under round sticks this is the knights armor oh my god for a knight this armor is not for me I want it for my armor sergios uncle no dont lose ten pity why god nano i armor Music Applause look at Sergio Díazs armor my god Music well I think its paid at the lever so my god Im dying I didnt expect this armor I remembered to work growing up Music Music an anti-nuisance march 15 m of __ they will kill among you shipowners like our case well surely if I see that no and I can not access here I will have to return well there it is no no no no and no he did not look no or no no I already have I already know how to do or how Music Music and its worth it is equal to and God gives me Music as they claim that more than these measures Music we dont have to look in the temples and little by little so that it doesnt touch us because its going to burst us and I have a pot of power and and a jota and of power if I could take it Music no no if I kill him level up I believe the boss but the position will go well the pota and it will come in handy because you figure Music Music Music my __ by lifeless and executed and lifeless out there because of the game macho how difficult in all of it Music Music Music it has taken a lot of my life and that which had the potion that raises your defense seems more like the man true to level Music Music Music Music Music no god no and a half really Music I want to take advantage of the loot and I rush the terms are so different Music I want to take advantage of it the bite Music no no the whole __ screen doesnt move ah Music as the bastard Im going to see if Music while in the other corridor to see if because we talked before about the photos the same as a pity that here we dont have the armor I really dont know if there would be armor for our character I think not Music a Music Music okay I think if I break it Music but if its broken Id better kill it if you dont see how the slap is heating me up with 60 shitty life against you thank goodness I have the lesser evil that I have love Music another idea is coming up that would be perhaps to use the trident is a long weapon that I have and what a beating that is giving me boy I do not believe it I think I have gotten so bad with what I was managing all the lives all the resources and I didnt want to have gotten so bad at all Music Music Music my goodness Music Music Music Music no and you have to defeat it what happens that how it hits hits against the screen the screen vibrates and rotates superman uncle defeat super bad moves very slowly but at the same time Music no no my mom is more than a thousand with all the shape hands on good Music and well how well and how good is it doing serious 26 days until you come out nippe r élite Music and you say how are you going to bring it surely at the same time because also that weekend Im going with friends that we re going to spend the opening weekend I wont be there Music since Im missing out on starry For quality lets see how its been a long time since I would have paid and there are 200 improvements north 1 deputy what a __ not knowing how to find a single pot just a piece of meat a burrito uncle something to feed me Music this having reached this voice lifeless day is a __ because the timings are easy the problem is that the screen shakes too much so the movements to transform are very imprecise it is very complicated Music move and fight this path leads to the same side of a and Im going Lets try to see if I dont get to another site but no and this armor is nothing and this armor is the knights Music the last one from space everything to try and its occurring to me what I say praise the bard has a lot I have a lot of power then maybe and Ill give it a tail the truth takes a lot more life out of it Im going to let the animation pass at least now Music a homeland and affectionate genre Music hello Music they open slowly slow it consumes me a lot strange I dont let me heal you have to do it you have to do it guys this is the moment when you have to get the best out of a warrior Music from the neighborhood kids Music Music its happening not to use the bow Music have you seen how Its color has changed for a moment because if I manage to make the powerful attack but hit s no no and no no no no no let s look no member no no no no Music Music and I already had it, I already had it tell us and Music no Music looked no no no Music and it freaks me out good game no look look 2 no no no no no no and Music and Applause Ive seen that attack wade a and I think if were going to do it it takes time a lot but if I hit him with one of those wounded Ill slit his throat and kill him I know Music we have lost where we have lost grass Music Music lets see now Ive gone crazy to try to see if I would come out and stop the attack or not on the side of the site it hits you for the attack obviously ah there are two in not true and now the relative of the shoulder was there nothing is my fault for not having come alive manage life more alive and to my fallen Music you have seen that the audio list is going with the attack he is a dad okay we already have him we already have with that high attack that powerful attack is the host male although if it is already powerful to attack with the power Music Music Music Music Music and I dont Music damn man seriously I love you are going to waste time here in this radio hand for so long and yes you see it taking a century seen and seen but it is only the menu for now with their credit this is worth what he has done has been to bring us a gift 4 to moderate but less moderate nothing more than the menu nothing more At the moment its very difficult to move and I wish there were more open people Music not having a life Music Music Music Music I m having a hard time alive is giving a beating from phillip fed up Music and well Music no no no no no wait you thought what I really thought what a hurry man what to think I think that the fact of taking a poetic is the worst of a Music Music Music Music to leave 9 of life you Music and goodbye you have more the idea was very good at that time the stage moved with the footsteps of a great enemy that is 20 years ago for 21 years with which the idea was very good but of course it is handled very bad because it seems like its going to jump to the maximum especially when you have pinned and swipe ok ok forget it still martin not now Music Music means massively multiplayer online is a massively multiplayer online means there are multiple players at the same time occupying a same s erver is that we are having a conversation in the chat as they say about sheep the property efficiency Music in the description it says so and 16 operational multiplayer and at no time put very put m m or rpg and here it says god I dont know him then Since I dont know him, I have no idea, but here at least on Steam, in tags, it says yes, I have no idea because I dont know him. He operates a massively multiplayer online game, what happens is that some games that consider NBA and then maybe they are ten players first of all there are four cats no joke the eia of this game god well thats what it puts there Music on steam the labels it is also true that many of them are put by the users and then the others lets say that in a certain way They corroborate it. I ca nt believe that theyve given me so many times to see and because I dont have a life and its the worst thing that can happen to you, but not and well Applause Music Whats going on is that I already have the floor massive multiplayer and its objective was not there or not Music Music Music there was no dont change the times you bastard half the times I was doing the perfect ones to kill him but well how can it be that I get blocked man weve been here 30 minutes Music Music Music Music Music Music I have had to do the attack several times because I am lifeless God I am the blade that cuts everything and removes it I am the one who returns death the undead dead seven spikes the model my goodness they could have done more with the human body in agreement with you one hundred percent they could have done more because in the end if a moderator a moderator a model can do it why not why not why not they because not them with port 100 comment it has cost me too much day the technician has gotten up forgive my clumsiness but shoulders of the king of the had no life in 26 lakes now trans fats are not big one moment p Because before taking the sword, there would not be something from which he wanted to ratify the teeth, of course, in this area we have found the armor that corresponds to the other characters. The good thing is that having killed him, of course, fair and level, and now like that now If you know now, with this increase in the level of the thing, change Hawaii to Acosta and de la Reina, I could not turn Mario around at the entrance because the door is lowered to see if the problem was not turning it around, it was really the damage that every time that it touched me a little and they burst Music but really Im telling you Im telling you one thing there is that its a good thing from there I wont question it because I have no idea if its an event or No, but it is true that I only played four players. I dont understand why they call it nm or because supposedly the enemy is massively multiplayer online. for years this fortress was a stronghold of the knights on the northern borders however the fortress was abandoned thus the caravan trade was closed the place was forgotten by men the map has been taken from the orcs it indicates that karun may be the origin of the rebellion that threatens like a molar and is that until the presentation of the characters of shrek now you give me a potion go to hell good man we already know that here in the portion of my life I can take it in the current inventory Music Music Music but I m going to hit him with the sword this new one but really the sword of queen aisha a hand of character goes to a hand to those who have gutted up to the front then I pay Music juan bosco no no and that frontal cut also no hello a musician by day the goalkeeper that damn 2 jeans but oh they put it as mn or because nowadays almost anything is online and they tell him I see myself that is What I think is the truth because it has no points, Carlos, in the end, if the description of the video is massively multiplayer online, what sense does it make and to call it in my opinion ? another one from the whole kitchen imagining where where the shots go to your and I m going to change my order sword I feel like its not the same character the character has to go with a big sword Applause and and and okay I just saw a super simple combo for me and mine simple to do and I hit but and I in this mass production I hope you enjoy the bridge cheer for truth and and who still awaits in this new fame now that we have leveled up and we all lack the crown i and no and life do yours that is chaste the soundtrack if you realize it was even the typical of the typical band comes out of the game it is already it is and has pointed to the way of l The games of the day I mean in a matter of soul fairies and taking not so much an owner in dragon in truth despite the fact that it may seem so it is true that it has a certain air if you look at the beginnings of where 91 and 91 I speak of from software really no more union dragon mardonio sending branches more similar to what then that to the arena of the sand scroll and well well many others but yes with the extractors level ups with that if you have it if you have it within the saga and that it seems that concepts of d to raise magic have been preserved, it seems that they have wanted to maintain it over time and even even the concept of third-person mechanics and other languages ​​ is completely different, it was not removed from this with x the dragon I will say that it is that look, God worked for God at that time and the votes at one time made the wicks the months well, obviously he with all that they have evolved the same is not a bad idea to see u In a game of that style, no, and I am capable of making you a piece, why and and it was difficult to shoot long, the Amazon, I dont want to imagine the difficulty of forming people, Uruguay, here, old whales, old whales, oh, yesterday I was at the pharmacy and I realized that they had the typical boats as well as old aces and they know everything but one of them if I put and xermade investigate that __ seriously but it really goes like a whale and it would be the first day to take and say for nothing we are going to take out the sperm whale and not only that we are going to prove it because it is not the same as saying it and proving it nothing really I went crazy there are messages lets say my lawyer is here then god to hell it doesnt take away my life Im lucky make your editor the Keep in mind that now they put a lot of de peña here the physical obstacles in small details like that really yes yes yes approved good good the cross age please we only play mythical and ethical things icas en oro red game roof Music I also played it in more than 1000 I still have it 10 it still has the original 20 years you have Music and Music and he gave me Music oh no well but well do nt ask for a graph of The graphics are at the top but they dont ask you at the end either, the game doesnt stop sounding like a master that they have made to me that it is not a remedy mom but hey it is very nice that a little that in its day marked us to be able to enjoy it with updated graphics in hd x in maximum resolution or in four degrees the youtube video of people who maybe uploaded it initially would never release a version like this so its more noticeable and always 1 good to heavy for the new Music look at 154 power oh my god Music what is this a little full of istanbul it s not the best day a normal and ordinary pike combat spear for many years Music but nothing else for that I wear what I have lets go ah Music Music ah or if he is right how nice it is to see how some games withstand time also seems to remind you that in 2021 this brave version came out this version was obviously not there this did not look like this before no no this is not __ like a dialogue I am not worth carrying that and I there is that latitude that would be seen by a plant with a day and the head to match it look at the detail that we were talking about that it has a podium to be able to throw members time members weapons to pick up and say vial and weapons with clubs things that could arrive for reasons I think that and and Music ostias that with a muzzle that they summoned I m not going to kid that like a kid that like I just discovered and guava with low and okay well its x and then sorry again and then you dont even have to give it to forward or to give it to one side or the crosshead to one side or backwards because you get into the combo information and it does not give you anything god here does not put this combo anywhere today counts the and it doesnt put it anywhere and look at the piece of summons I just did tas like great so if someone wants to do this convoy they are watching the video and say oh my god how do I conceive how do I do it and sometimes once once and once the case of playstation x and x well yes dead and on the keyboard I have no idea dont ask me why Im going to keep it ask me in 20 years and it wont wait for me oh and it didnt come you cant trust it its put to the combos and I thought there werent that many and if they dont know garcia the male detail in dragon out there flying the most noisy character disc and mobile and with the wounds on the body today the eggs few games are affected the character was go to the damage that he has received in the body is more currently there are very few games so now I would say that I do not remember any chair or suddenly so I go like this with a wound until I heal the wound is open and you see in the arm and well I no longer have anything my face is that it cannot be rotated but I have my face now my face is purple and all the __ wonders guys well Music a phalanx or my god the weapon and Im missing Music its a dance Thought of some paralyzed the start and I already thought that this was a really cool kid these silences with the barbarian dad turn off and lets go crazy and the barbarian my god Music well Music wow I think I have to put the weapon away Music water in everything where is the fact of continuing to breathe no no 3 other knights armor of the mother relatives Music are hesitating now disarming this knight Music and then Music Music and count this is very sober for dais account, you do not realize that even that detail to start the negotiations is that and yes it is undeniable, it gave the inspiration, that is, it is undeniable, I am not telling you that obviously everything is not, but well, I do not see it badly in the end, as I always say, they are brushstrokes as i Music and me and and on the other side yes for this one that where you walk with Music here they change the music no no sorry and on horseback and a heavy hammer is standing its me the plot will be more difficult here I had less and more and fewer things may be that due to the order of the character that some area may be easier or not and tell them and maybe at some point there will be a difference in difficulty that came to the character and not again from the bad wishes that they kill me see also that the boss more than the boss the cork I think it was not his fault it was it was that it had arrived without life in fact the problem is that they had no life Music well there are two options this one that is like water that seems like If the character went diving I dont remember looking for something good, its the reflection, the reflections are well done, in those craziest times and I m better than __ wonder water t y y Music Music Music to the feeling that this area is very below the level of the other it exceeds many today but a lot in all mechanics we can in originality in facial soundtrack and many games would like to have what this color has at the same time and with a full jesus taken almost better heart attack they break my Expenses also go to firecrackers I was finished and I almost burst to pray no __ at what moment when he said love well I keep quite often when and how we dont know when Music aliza errand no more silly now I had to turn it around now Music __ the helmets are going to break again oh god that sound is that and so it breaks my helmets Music yes Music and ronaldo currently almost touches my soul I cant allow it to happen again its great one thing really achieves its goal which is that we have a scare to hell at what price that breaks you tournaments why 1 ah I cant afford to have him appear once more of these noises this bastard like this gives us a heart attack here ah and ah and and gentlemen what Music the days that bastard that poisoned and chicago no no to this space on the left so I cant carry shields but well I have two but come on it really doesnt work for me juaristi I got out Im free yes totally poor thing its in Dutch it develops the man very well no Music no when there is an achievement of killing all both sides and he took the potion and he didnt And also, if the photo doesnt kill it, dont think that you do nt have a guide that many current ones would like here, if it warms them up, if you dont laugh at killing them, the hot in da notte and well part of this defeat disappears, not here the Rain, how did it turn out, went to two times, lawyer, there I will wait for him not to save after killing this one, the green one, I dont know exactly what that is for, two photos, I bought no toys from the union of the green, Im not afraid of Daniela, from the ring to the f Inal doesnt tell him its an opportunity and I suppose it would also be due to lack of time. lethal and no no Music no and me and yes and Music for the soundtrack kid I went to the soundtrack something crazy brutal magnificent could be improved oh my god in that cultural sound Gregorian gentlemen Music Music lets see the Time in the end is usually the problem of many games, I think we all give up due to lack of time, without a doubt, its okay, I suppose that it will be cut off here, otherwise its 22 and leaving something and the key to the tower. and then I hear noises but I dont see them or April 2 where a good guy to music decorate your dreams Music Music or not when my God yes you know I can __ and if there are hosts like breads in the pig the pig and This ca nt be that Im about to level up and I __ on everything no no no lets see the ax this is difficult to do Music they dont take a different weapon because I took the post and grande said that file wanted to protect it for if any voice but well the bun I think it is this you keep them or not and the key to see is that the previous boss first did not know the combo that I just learned and second that it also influences a lot with this one had 1600 life and with the other one had 60 life this is possibly more difficult than the other what happens how expensive 1,660 life as it had a little bad that it had nothing nothing nothing life is under very alive today they have lost it fear the reason the coolest atmosphere verón in the past lets see in another powerful attack what it is and turn 2 nothing the problem is that it spends a lot Music as now I have done for great support having lives and then I needed it and no no i Music music i love it the little music of stadiums very from Pelli of the 90 days Music Music Music Music Music well oh and a potion of a thousand life of bows and a torch look and what a creepy sound oh well oh Music 1 ah one thing pineapple by the apothecary downstairs yes true rinse guys said on March day Music Music der spiegel after defeating the enemy died from battle wounds his companions took his body to the temple of the goddess and there next to the stone altar where the sword was embedded was buried Music the sanctuary was closed and on the ground four beautiful stones materialized a white opal a marine water an obsidian and an amber opal each stone was picked up by one of the companions and with them they received the revelation of its meaning each one would keep a gem to invoke the power of the sword if the evil reappeared they all swore to keep the secrets and leave the signs so that the day it returns evil the sword arises again to defeat him nudge kids look how beautiful the mural uncle but realize that the dwarf is there not the tomb of bali okay okay go provoked juicier who are you a hero an enlightened or food for my judge us breath for my slaves rubbish for my armies that the most assured scene of yours can be long before in the club it is hurting me well Music and its worth it now its worth a month Music with a whole weapon button that has days that it doesnt be mother christmas and at the same time that I get the fruit what a bastard is draining me to the life of i i ok it does not drain me so much with these because I have a lot of defense Music and it has returned to me I have worked they finished what a bastard with the teleportation Music I dont know about transportation in that its almost worth it but I know how to beat him I ll be leaving the armor of this character but no ah Music no longer have life with this sucker Music I had to warm the h ocico and Ive skipped its obvious now Im going to take the bottle its power the reason for me Music now wait for lenny crammed chosen first not broken first flower Music Music Music 2 1 Music They will have to use the next one after breaking the shield of course ah ah Music and and Music and there it is we will see each other and with me being here is more powerful than me and our victory will be final because my lord is the cool job 21 years old look how beautiful how beautiful the doctor looks the tower is not among the prisoners to be in prison at the current time ah Music I have done the day twice unemployed it lasted a big problem two or three fingers way us but hell it will be hard lets go to four days of travel inside the great desert of sand is the oasis of yesterday there flourished a settlement of merchants who built a beautiful palace full of water and freshness wars and the decadence of men meant s u end recently the enemy has sat up to control the area place of passage on the way from the desert of rub to the iev and the sleeping volcano delicious but I almost ran out of anyone I am getting the gems oh no and he is going to take the bag and no He lets him see with whom he will take out the bag, he begins to notice the difficulty quite a bit and the difficulty curve is not quite good introduction no well look look i look robben takes me away in life there is an easier position closed alone but look how beautiful the design of the distances no one has not come out I have come out a movement Music and the cut has come out but not well to this law in cut but Music but powerful 1 and no I dont hate but we can i ah ah ah pam pam and we are if it takes away god look look how ahead of its time goddess look at the reflection of all the wang columns the dough that had to be spent in their day to be able to have this Music Music Applause Music no less you will forget dreams Music Music i mmm Music __ man I get dizzy on camera in the corridors Music and dizzy from camera in the corridors and on the other Music mmm solution Music Music ah ah good milk a day in the sound Music Music Music Music Applause Music Music Music because the girl will wear more bow no I dont think shell wear so little I see you ah Music Music Music looked to be very fast in has to be very fast the movement key of the mill lets go Music Music Music the sun Applause 2 I had no head I didnt have because I didnt have it made me all the bastard botti and takes the head position yes because he aims to level up how masses 12 and or not everything that moves a lot archer here on this map be careful Music in all there was another good oh my goodness so yes it is to aim at that yes the nailed for lets see what there is lets have eaten the combo in right of liter or He hasnt left us anything and then Im going to eat it all and it seems that the meat is spoiling gentlemen the key dying Music Music it doesnt go below this anymore Music or what you like the trombone ah Music no Music the videos Music with me no no Music Music Music and another key and a crowbar Music in case he asks us for more keys, rest Daniel, I dont think well take much longer to leave Music bastard this but the other key was for this __ the gentleman of the gentlemans trap known or not I ignorant of me after I have seen the key after I have seen the key that I have said well this will open the other one and now well Music no Music Music me Music look what the key disk Music I have another key no pretty epic and clumsy death I already know where to go besides Music ah lets see what then what over there Music not me with poison and bastard Music bad because the mother who I fight look there and no and beatings he has taken the keys for that elemental Music Music wow he looked that we could have been there, its true its curious Music Music because of course someone throws me who happens to be a background Music the reflection Music e Music Music weird really there has to be some descent along the path that we have unlocked to be able to wow oh look where we are the window I wanted to get out the advantage ah Music here it is There must be some Music or yes details the gift to light Music ah Music and Music and here yes here it did arrive and on the other side no because it does not have the same as before and now the inverse does not lead all the way around Music it seems to us then Music but no Music i ah Music its not serious this is not Music dynamic and one between the kinematics okay thats okay but its that an internal kinematics enters into cinematics from before 1 Music something Im not seeing I saw Seeing something I jumped and I Music Music __ I dont see our light and see some way is that I dont see between the light there is a skylight to go down there and women there but I dont see or light came in or anything I would tell you that there is some some areas that I have not seen well you know looked we have reviewed well here there is a lever and all this but here I can not reach oh and I think not the golem key there are three key places but I can not find any age Music it does not put that around life I will be giving them the reference that I have from here watching for this Saturdays game coming in because you come down here for a few days to the right hello Music m the light Music and daniel no to all champion embraced ground and me I think so because I dont see it or my god Music but we dont like the planting I really should have found a way Music theres something some __ that makes me thin and it seems more important than it is Id say more ready a room a something a little jump to an invisible wall this is where the skeletons are placed or look at them and here is the key to the skylight it has to be on the other side and and a jump jumps like this there has to be more Music lnd to a I jump similarly to be able to get into the stadiums backwards the key the straws 3 I dont know where the key goes but I cant take that key its a trap mate Music unless maybe you have time to jump or something like that that could be a table that is a trap that closes and they add poison so poisonous and you die poisoned with the desire to open the door well right now I dont know where I have to go I need to clear my mind what we are going to leave there Well be back, the only thing that occurs to me is as soon as the trap is activated, please, but there is no time, mathematically, there is no good to see the key that opens, maybe we have to take that key first to be able to open the key where and there are where the trap is because a gentleman dies there because of the trap and we are not going to be less and now the only thing that occurs to me is to assault here but it is that you do not have time it is very difficult and well I am going to leave it here guys no, not even how bad there was a moment that we got a little stuck in the game because a boss arrived with very little life but Ill tell you one thing, I prefer that to what happened to me with the mastodon bug in this strong and if it happens to me with an even stronger one with whom he teleports and drains your life, it happens to me with that enemy and he doesnt pass it to me why do I have to go back or something, it would have been impossible to continue playing it would have been without Impossible doubt, a chimera, good guys, well, nothing, thanks from the bottom of my heart to those who have enjoyed the live show, I am very happy and once again continue with this game and that it is cool and that it is cool and continue egg not bringing things like that to me I would like to continue with the night of the living dead, which is undoubtedly a great title in the afternoon. In fact, we have been on the usual platform. I invite you to come tomorrow afternoon, surely well be enjoying it for another little while, come for us because maybe tomorrow well also give it another little while so youre invited, lets go to pam pam pam we re going to leave it here and see you tomorrow okay thanks guys see you later Music well Music i ah Music white steamer washington indiana #BladeTheEdgeofDarkness #bladeofdarkness #SoulsLike✔️ SUSCRIBETE si te gusta el contenido: ⭐ Conviértete en miembro del canal: ► Donativos al canal PAYPAL: _______ Descripción: Blade of Darkness es una exigente aventura de acción en 3D con innovadoras mecánicas de combate táctico y RPG. Escoge a uno de los cuatro personajes principales para abrirte paso a espadazos a través de un festival de sangre y vísceras para salvar al mundo de las fuerzas del ... best steam games sale how to update a steam game manually business management games steam how to start steam games in windowed mode ff7 steam mods