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Survival koop games steamavatar the game pc steam BLADE OF DARKNESS hello you sexy whiskers and welcome into blade of Darkness I need to make a video on this it blew me away yesterday when I first played it this is one of the most interesting RPGs Ive played and its been out for 20 years and Ive never heard of it were able to pick three different classes so not only do you have your standard Warrior we also have a knight a eggs-wielding dwarf and also a rogue style character lets start with the Knight as a faithful Knight of the king you were sent to investigate reports of strange events at the frontiers of the realm but the worst fears of the order have been confirmed Ragnar Lord of The Fortress at the breeze seems to have turned traitor your party was ambushed by his Knights and now you lie in a gloomy dungeon your mission of failure and your men slain the only hope of recovering your lost honor and saving the Kingdom from its enemies lies in escaping this prison sound find and defeat Ragnar okay so thats interesting because I played this yesterday on the Nintendo switch because yes this game has re-released on Nintendo switch and on PC I dont know if its on Playstation or Xbox but I highly recommend it its currently six pounds go and buy this game before you even see it go and buy it so when I started playing this yesterday I played as the warrior class and I just ended up in the middle of nowhere and I had to find my way through some Caverns but were starting inside a prison cell very very Oblivion its all Im gonna say but uh yes so this is blade of darkness and its blown me away in a couple of ways not only does your character physically look at items they can interact with as you can see there my head is actually turning looking at objects that I could possibly use also this game can be played completely in first person um yeah I wasnt expecting that in theory this game came out in 2002 uh since this is the 20-year anniversary um so the fact I can completely go first person um is pretty cool there is a loose brick around here so Im gonna push this out hang on oh well that works okay cool but not only that I can pick up this bucket and then I can um Chuck said bucket yeah everythings physics based and its bloody fantastic now currently we dont have a weapon so all I can do is punch okay okay lets jump up here yeah so there is uh parkour and stuff in this game you can climb different surfaces okay which kind of reminds me of the old Tomb Raider games it definitely has a feel very similar to that uh there is a guy there so what Im going to do is Im going to quickly steal this dungeon key wait is he sleeping so Im just going to uh grab what I can from here and were just gonna eat this meat okay and uh then were gonna get the hell out of here I think that seems like a good idea okay uh it looks like theres a prisoner in here we might be able to interact with hello oh dungeon knock okay right lets use the key on here I absolutely adore this so far I love games that have little intricacies and little details like the fact that he literally looks at things um and the fact you can basically pick up anything and just kind of throw it about you can even use it as a weapon wait what I didnt know you could do that thats awesome so a really nice thing is you can literally go in and change any control you like and thats also on the switch version which runs great so I highly recommend it on there as I said earlier I dont know if its on the other consoles but honestly go and buy this game its on good old games right now and steam you can actually see weve got maximum power and were gonna throw this yeah like even cast Shadows so cool are you okay can I interact with this guy I can Target him uh I dont really know what I can do I guess Ill just leave him there I feel bad but all right right lets try and get out of here Ive opened that for him at least he can get out if he needs to Im just gonna pick up a skull so I have some form of weapon because right now I dont I wonder if you can throw the items into the enemies and that will actually have an effect that would be awesome we can break barrels and chests and stuff thats awesome uh so lets break all of these uh theres some cheese on the floor but I dont need it yet could I set my skull on fire no uh because you can light torches which is another really nice little detail right skull you go before me and Ill meet you over there right okay you ready three two one okay there is actually slight physics like he hit the wall and reacted that was so cool I mean just to remind you again this game is 20 years old and its doing things that a lot of RPGs now dont do I I just love stuff like this I really hope that people find it like I did with this new re-release right lets get through here climb up Im hoping I can get my hands on a weapon soon um because oh my God the combat is insane youll have to see it for yourselves basically uh what the  __  is that what is that skull come back I need you oh no um okay right uh oh okay okay all right uh back off got a low punch in I think Ill knocks one out okay Im gonna go for the other one suck it I got an achievement kill the first enemy amazing oh please have a weapon please please ah there you go Gladius uh Stone Key and a torch amazing right God the shadows and everything oh I love this this is a fantastic RPG honestly I know the word a Hidden Gem gets thrown around a lot but right now this is a Hidden Gem oh theres a door over here uh weve got the stone key right okay we have to drop our torch and it even casts the shadow as it drops oh hang on okay got the weapon out right uh no no no no no I youre level 10. hang on or is that just 10 Health I dont have that much health what the hell uh could you not okay oh God okay gotta hit gotta hit nice now a weird thing on the PC version Im getting a little bit of like camera stutter when I move that isnt a thing on the switch version from what I noticed so it may be because Im using a Gamepad Im not sure right oh oh it took his head off okay lets pick up another sword uh you can carry quite a few items we can also carry a shield um so we can equip that there you go now I can actually block like the animations and everything really Advanced uh I can also pick up his head oh I love this game oh its fantastic uh yes this also is of course completely playable with mouse and keyboard so yeah thats also a thing um right let me uh break all these boxes with this guys head oh thats amazing oh I cant drop this yet hang on lets um lets throw it out the window okay right lets pick up this cheese wheel very nice a normal map full health nice uh theres a load of different items you can find its really cool okay lets break all these boxes uh some more cheese uh theres a lever here but I want this guys head back thank you right lets go just this carry this guys ahead around its amazing Im gonna sneak up here a second because Im pretty sure I just heard someone is there anyone right there is theres monsters hang on okay ready and throw oh I got one I got one and it fell over its dead I killed it oh thats amazing ah get off me you bastard oh my God thats it block so it has the stamina system it looks like with blocking which is really quite Advanced right because like obviously the Dark Soul series did that and that was kind of well known for it but yeah this uh this also has that didnt Morrowind also have a stamina system when it came to blocking I cant remember its been ages since I played Morrowind um right lets break all of these is there anything else theres some cheese brilliant cheese oh look at that little guy go oh fantastic I like all the bits stick around for quite a while wow okay uh so theres some boxes here now if I had a torch you can burn those boxes which is another cool little thing oh hang on were outside okay lets sneak out uh theres a guard oh hes asleep right okay I got him targeted Im gonna sneak up on this guy and Im gonna decimate him three two one oh God that oh its brutal okay block block okay hit oh oh it took his arm off oh this is great oh my God thats a long way down I do not want to fall down there that is something I dont want to do yeah I think the only negative Ill say right now using the controller on PC its kind of got some weird like control stutter like if Im kind of moving and looking at the same time it kind of jerks a bit you see that it kind of jerks that isnt an issue on the switchboard um that might just be the PC version Im not sure uh but yes as I said you can play this in mouse and keyboard of course that wont appear then in theory so if I was to run forward and then stop he kind of takes an extra step forward is that momentum if thats momentum thats very advanced okay right theres a guard here oh look at him hes taunting me this guys got 30 health Im still level one God damn it all right come on then lets go thats it you see that star there yeah I dont know its kind of oh  __  your Shield can break I did not know that ah ten nice come on okay six hes got a key on him it looks like and its nice that it tells me that information yes oh sit down right Comet Shield now that has full resistance okay so they yeah weapons and items can break how intriguing also this game has a full first person I just well I dont mention that again because I find it quite mind-blowing um yeah this is uh your body your body is fully modeled and everything uh even though it doesnt look great its still very very Advanced for the time um And the fact I can then come over and smash things in first person is pretty cool but yeah this is uh blade of Darkness um highly highly recommend it its its mind-blowing that I didnt know this game existed until yesterday and the fact its currently on sale for six pound uh which is insane I think its normally about 13 on the different stores its on I bought this on good old games and Ive also bought it on the switch um because I think its worth it with what youre getting anyway um yeah this is incredible uh and well done to the team for making it available on current consoles and stuff also they added controller support because for a long time on PC anyway this didnt have controller support so amazing work from the team there as well uh yeah go and play this like I I Im just really ecstatic like finding a new RPG thats so open-ended like this is is rare and its just really nice to see so in the next video I will be looking at a check Max Payne game yeah basically its a Max pen game but made in the Czech Republic and its crazy uh anyway I love each and every single one of you thank you so much for watching but until next time thats me out bye guys transformer fall of cybertron steam I love unique RPGs and Blade Of Darkness is one of the most interesting games Ive played in years... 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