O Dark Souls De 2001 Que NinguÉM Conhecia - Severance: Blade Of Darkness

How to backup game files on steamsteam game save file location BLADE OF DARKNESS Music Hey guys its all good Im honored with another video theres a video I made a video talking about the unknown games there but theyre not that underground so you needed to know a lot of people dont know the games on that list its not just that today a game that is even more unknown is actually a super underground game. Its like a very small number of players know about this game and its called if there will be a playoff dar ness and Im going to talk about this game here and its incredible resemblance to dax or even before giving souza there is actually the thigh and monsoons that have a similarity with him but you will understand more or less lucky to start the video I want you to follow me on social networks mainly on instagram on twitter and if you dont subscribers write here from that fan very quickly very standard that is to help me quickly video lets talk about this game there in this underground its called ser vs player afgãs this j the game in question was released in 2001 only for the pc and basically we can call it a game considered a flop it is almost a well cut game that ended up becoming little famous later but still very few people are aware of this game and if it if it were released exactly these days it would certainly compare with his style all he demonstrated and dark souls only that each game was released in 2001 the monsoon one probably wasnt even in my websites head to be made yet and look how it was game it really if we go to see it is focused totally on combat and its combat really reminds you a lot its not just because they are an action that any action resembles dax ons not much on the contrary their combat mechanics totally remind us of the style that we we play dark souls we have a mana bar in the game and we have that whole scheme where you lock onto the enemy and go around him waiting for an opening and trying to dodge and calmly dodge attacking the enemy at the right time so we dont take too much damage and not lose too much life. attacking and trying to predict his movements to dodge in order to get an opening he could counterattack and thus kill the enemy and basically thats severe if he really is very similar to his whole style of combat with his high difficulty obviously he doesnt have all the things dark souls had maksoud invented several sets there that formed his genius loose style but its a game that closely resembles its overall theme its half gray half worn color palette and it reminds you of the whole demons souls franchise and gives courses also the only thing that is funny is that at the time this game was released it seems that the crowd was not prepared for games like souza still games with such a high difficulty a little positive and the game really had a very low reception very few people knew about it very few people were interested and playing the game one of the biggest reasons the game was a failure is the fact that it didnt have a good publicity maybe due to lack of investment even though for the time it was released it was in 2001 the game has excellent graphics one of the things that was most praised in this game were its graphics and also the character used motion capture things that are very common today at that time very few people used it the movement of the character is kind of grotesque because I start the games going like chan captor and that kind of thing but still there is a huge difference to the game its just that the game was rushed to be released or they didnt have time the only opportunity they had they had to release it appeared they didnt finish the game the game ends when you manage to get the sword you need to derro the damn semi-final only he just finished our part and youre like whats going to happen yes the game had this incredible problem of not being finished and not even after years after it was finished the good thing is that the game had several modes personally motto for an arena battle that had the game able to play online new campaign games the player made a good profit the fans did good for the game using the molds increasing its life time but its all similar to dark souls what else is there the 1st game its story basically tells that there was a lord who created the world divided into light and darkness there was a spirit of light and there was the beginning of darkness and then it repeated in the darkness that overcoming two years very similar to the biblical story and then they end creating taking the power of creation from this lord ends up creating monsters and the organs present in the game and there was a hero who managed to challenge the darkness and because he challenged the darkness and defeat u she with his sword he was buried and then the darkness came back again that is like it was a kind of hedge cycle too and the characters there now that they find the tomb to be able to take that sword and thus defeat again and seal darkness and the very interesting thing is that the main objective of the game is the following you have to get this sword right from this hero to be able to kill ur necromancer here and so you go to the abyss to confront the child in the car this really resembles a lot of acsurs i didnt see any interview from masacre talking about this game having inspired the dream series but i believe he played this game and he enjoyed it a lot which is a lot of coincidence and yes we know that the game from here only had its great legacy based also on kings field than a predecessor game very old software from france by the way and it may be that the serbs also adopted a lot of this side of kings field in their theme and color palettes but it will sa ber right the game it has a book similar design also it here in maps with secrets to discover release some shortcuts and deadly traps you can choose four different characters each character starts in different places but the path that begins to tread then interconnects and the path it remains the same until the end interesting that a character that the amazon she rolls exactly dark souls receiving hours the red character from a swipe money to the side of the clear field you manage to dodge the blow the amazon really rolls very cool the game presents a good variety of weapons that also change a little from 97 and shields there that you can pick up by killing enemies you can basically pick up anything that is there on the map you can pick up a skull on the ground and hit the limits with a skull tear off an enemys leg throw even from the enemies themselves but for very crazy and interesting in the game the difference is that it has a serving system very similar to the m skyrim you can save anywhere in the game and the enemies they didnt respond but its still a very difficult game and it was one of his criticisms at the time look how bizarre the high difficulty and the fact that this high difficulty cerbasi you cant put it between easy medium and hard was that base difficulty and today we love it its funny how times change people complained about it at the time and for you to have an idea the game is so underground that I was reading that its own production company the developer lost the rights to sell the game it was sold at gogh and they no longer had the trouble to put it or try to see the situation in fact the game became a forgotten game and unfortunately you think that only to download so how come we dont find it to buy officially maybe if you find something like that on the market that must be very rare if it works Ill leave the registration link if you want to test the game of course this game is over going back to god one day Im going to remove this link put the link of the paper collar but buy the original that hes the old and cheap one, but hes at this level of underground you know he doesnt even sell official stores anymore for trying to get it on the internet and download its a game like i said it has that essence all 11 it came before dark souls right actually dark souls be afraid its his we can say like that and its a fun game of course its a game that is already well dated from 2001 and three of them at the beginning were very complicated and you can see the difference in movements for three more. motion capture is a very hard game to play but it is a good choice for those who like games like this underground to discuss difficult games and like of games with a kind of people theme and it is the essence of all herons, from then on it had cedar itself or not. which Want current person today runs because hes really very old is very tactful took any need will run 100 people at home will run robert until cell runs on this thing and if they put it for mobile but right but what the game is very well and hence the video also buy this game I dont want to tell you if you play this game then leave it in the comments each because I really met very few people who played it and thats it Ill stay here big hug until the next video and thats it best steam coop games 2021 ► APP DO CANAL: Download: ► APOIE O CANAL: Apoia se: Doação: ► Grupo no Discord: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ►Email para contato: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ====REGRAS DO 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