Blade of Darkness Обзор 2022

Steam game testercant link steam to bethesda BLADE OF DARKNESS game music Good day ladies and gentlemen and before I start, I advise the especially impressionable to move away from the screen and it would hurt your eyes now today we will go back in time to a time when no one has heard Ous likes the name hitotakamizaki was not associated with complex games A the slasher genre took all the trophies for itself Thats when the hardcore dark atmospheric slasher called Blade of Darkness was born and yes for the stifling I know that the original name sounds different but to avoid confusion let it just be Blade of Darkness nosound applause So the original Game came out in 2001, but today we’ll talk about the remaster, which was released on October 7, 2021 out of almost 1400 reviews on Steam, it has a very positive rating on metocritic score from critics 75 from users 8.6 the game weighs 2 gigabytes the game costs 360 rubles Blayt darkness is essentially the ancestor of Souls games it was from this sin that the dataks from zakam borrowed a lot I redid a lot and packed everything in a different wrapper, by the way, I’ll say right away that it’s a pity that Hitaka couldn’t transfer the combat correctly, because the combat in this game in its depth can give odds even to modern slashers In general, the developers promise a choice of four heroes where each hero has his own unique first level Bloody brutal battles dismemberment blood pain and suffering a thoughtful world of dark fantasy fight orcs trolls golems demons skeletons And a lot of evil enemies interactive environment brothers throw at enemies everything that is bad is what the promise is heard Irish coffee is poured a review according to tradition preliminary without spoilers So stock up on provisions, we start on the plot, I won’t talk much, suddenly one of you will collect eggs in a fist and decide to beat the game. All you need to know is that the world was attacked by demons. Your hero’s task will be to find a special sword that can defeat evil. through the cinematics that you will to render at the beginning and at the end of the location, as well as the voice of the narrator, along the way, you will chew the world, I’ll immediately note here a sound musical accompaniment in the game and Truly suitable voice acting. But we will move on to the gameplay. then I had to close the game Im Leela Im a wonderful cinematic welcomes us with open arms and immediately demonstrates the magnificence of the woldian graph once in the menu do not rush to touch the mouse Here its support was not delivered The mouse works only in the game itself And in the menu only Klava and arrows starting a new game you have to choose a hero in total there are four of them knight dwarf archer and barbarian for each I remind you of the unique first level I don’t think for a long time I took barbarian After choosing a hero you will be shown his stats a brief description and weapon specialization specialization is an important thing Since if you use a weapon with which your Hero does not know how apply you get a fine but dont think h then you run through the whole game with one weapon, you need to change weapons later I’ll tell you why further training that you can’t skip here will tell you how the characters move how they jump and run Yes, and in general training suitable to skip it is clearly not worth it In addition, in order to defeat enemies, you need to learn the Zen of the combat system conclusion, you won’t recognize it, but the game will let you know that it will hurt you right away, I’ll tell you the world of the game consists of a global map and a location, upon completion of one location, you go to another game gives you by choosing which location you want to go to first of all by choosing a location you will be shown cinematic and that’s all Where to go, what to do and how to get through it and where What to look for you will learn only with the help of research No maps or navigation, no hints, only evil enemies, intricate locations and traps that strive to finish off your hero, and also the abyss, where without them I had an interesting enough experience when I started to explore the first location I tried to comprehend the Zen combat system and everything that Im into as a result, I received this dismembered body of my hero, then they cut off his arm, then his leg, or even his head, but I’m not an ordinary guy, I took a sip of coffee and could go into battle again for a new fight after a fight, I went through literally half the location looking for a fire And he’s still not already learned all the places with bread and apples that restore HP I realized Which of the mobs have health potions I realized that you can dismember the same enemies as they do me Throw their limbs at other enemies Throw weapons shields Yes, and in general, everything that comes to hand, but in the end, anyway, death is here I already saluted the old and thought that miozaki did casual at all. Compared to this game, there are no fires of neoktus nor horseradish. it would be more convenient and how would they give more challenge right there the number of saves on your conscience you can demolish a little HP to the enemy to run away and save it is not Punished But if you save everything in one cell, you can save it so that you have to start the game again I got into a situation when I was locked in a small room with skeletons of blunt weapons there was no skeleton to it vulnerable HP to a minimum skeletons all appear and appear As a result, death death death But Im still great enemies damage your enemies in general, it seems to me smarter than in current games its worth shooting from a bow as the enemy runs away from the line of fire go look for him by the way there is no sight in the game to shoot from a bow Here it is necessary with the mind Arrows run out Arrows can be pick up shields fatten up if you defend with them Yes, what can I say, your weapon breaks If you parry attacks So in terms of development, everything is very suitable here, but we don’t distribute the characteristics of the hero, you gain experience, your HPV grows, you open new combos, I note that each hero has his own attacks it turns out that for each hero you will get a unique experience I approve of the combat system w not built on combos You can hit the legs from the left to the right on the head to perform a combo you need to press the correct key combination didn’t lead to good in general running around the location punishing mobs mobs punish you fighting with bosses I defeated only one and took a good sword from him on the graphics in the game of course If you play this game, you will understand that hitotaka took so much from it And how much Everyone should decide for themselves Blade of Darkness friends played for weak spirits Here you will need to try And suffer in addition to the evil enemies of intricate locations without a map and navigation control will cost you a couple of nerve cells add to this some more response problems sometimes your hero is a pro a hundred does not hit the enemy either I have crooked hands or something is wrong here but I will tell you honestly every battle is a dance every battle is not for life but to death therefore For the sake of such control sensations You can endure As a result, I recommend the game to you It is 360 rubles at a discount, you can think of picking up at all for 180 rubles, just take it and try to evaluate how old it was at the time it hurt, the combat was built almost like fighting games, you need to press everything clearly and watch the actions of the enemy, you need to go through this is quite an interesting experience If you like husky sauce, then you definitely it’s worth getting acquainted with the ancestor of the genre on the stream, we won’t play the game the game will be released later in a new format I decided that I will completely fit some games in one video so as not to spam let’s plays on this one. is steam available on mac Доброго времени суток ,дамы и господа!Сегодня мы с вами поговорим Blade of Darkness, это можно сказать родоначальник souls игр, те кто игру пропустил есть шанс посмотерть предварительный обзор и решить для себя стоит ли тратить время на remastered этой игры) Приятного просмотра 00:00 Вступление 01:03 Об игре 02:16 Сюжет 02:57 Геймплей 07:51 Вывод Телега - Группа вк - Twitch - Steam - #bladeofdarkness #severancebladeofdarkness #KainGrim #game #rpg #pcgaming #ps5games steam banned steamer chair steam dead space steam egine how long should you steam crab legs