Lets Play Blade of Darkness: Part 13 - Armored Flats

Xbox 360 games on steam deckoculus quest 2 and steam games BLADE OF DARKNESS game the fortress of shalatura was constructed by the knights of old so they could control the mountainous region of the area many years ago however the knights retreated from that region since then a powerful orc clan the orcs the people have always been independent and strong now serve the enemy compelled to fight by a force more powerful all right hello bloody meow light of darkness and um double wedge but more importantly blind rage oh yes that was the bane of the vampires existence in the island of karum and now we know the location of the one of the location but the that were looking for four magical gem keys keys thats going to open the temple of light that leads to the uh blade of ayanna but um we need to follow the lead of lord kerman remember him got kidnapped you know strong sorry i know um by the orc chieftain um so were heading to the orc fortress xiaotoa or something like that chaotrois armoire and what the announcer i guess we call them is trying to say is that although we uh the orcs theyre being manipulated by a greater force to uh do the bidding of whoever it is and uh so theyre not completely at fault theyre kind of their own people but they see the barbarian as in and the humans as a as a adversary and we shouldnt feel too sorry because theyre trying to kill us and um fillet our skin so let us blind rage their skin they dont feel too sorry like i said but its kind of cool that you know theyre not theyre not the greatest evil at foot here and you just need another oh yeah barbarian awesome so we saw my orc scout kind of go up ahead and uh this goes off the minds of calabagan vibe but the difference is uh were in the works headquarters right now at least one of the headquarters so uh good stuff dont remember how to do shredder do the shredder move shredder shredder okay oh there it is a shredder nice but i got humongous beating like unnaturally so at that uh fight so i do kind of want to watch my  __  here because its only gonna get harder thats for damn sure this level was um pretty condensed its kind of short but condensed and weve got archers at foot so we want to fight these orcs very close to this wall so the archers cant get to us thats about the only advantage we have yeah its not a pretty sight but luckily the orcs will see us boom that almost took care of you baby you have 100 hit points left less than 10 you got hit by the uh the charge-up part of the blind rage amazing come here youre almost dead baby come on wow that took 600 hit points off of him that blind rage is the beginning of it thats insane oh i got the shredder i cant believe im actually hitting these people with these moves this acts awesome so much range to it all right lets take those archers and his music this kind of like orcish orcish music love it wow are you  __  kidding me god piss off  __  orcs god  __   __  hey come here yeah you think i could do that could you do that huh how the  __  did you counter blind rage holy  __   __  i  __  hate orcs so  __  much these are worse than the orcs or the goblins are worse than the  __  orcs what the  __  this about its a little bit gonna  __  kill me  __  off  __   __  god that pisses me off drink your  __  spirits victor spirits although it doesnt really matter im gonna drink a full life potion because im not gonna be able to survive very much longer i ripped apart the orcs and they got ripped apart by the two helpless little archers disgusting its gotta be the bloody ego has to be i think man well now that the all the boss the enemies are dead and you hear the music kind of went back to a summer mode no i comment that unlocked but like i said i really want this to be in depth like not just running through it fighting oh kills over here oh  __   __  not today cant even imagine that we even hurt you at that rate oh i guess theres a boulder whoa dont go through the wall dont go through the floor please lets please i smell it orc yeah i see you baby i got your  __  arm now im holding your arm and im going to throw your arm at your buddy for a little morale uh a little more out boost for your or friends is that right meet your buddy or no one can fine whatever all right you know what  __  the special moves for these guys obviously it doesnt work this is criminy is horrifically large axe that cuts through them though definitely this man the water in this game is so reflective hey this guys arms still here im going to use it again see if we can get another morale lower actually you know what screw it so in here apparently this is really secret although i found this on my night character a little hidden area in there oh well lets see it looks like a wooden door indeed and this is actually a little safe haven for the barbarian and only the barbarian because we have the one and only available armor piece for the barbarian light armor for the barbarian beautiful humongous shoulder gauntlet our shoulder bracers gauntlet and um pauldrons beautiful plus a new barbarian weapon the flat sword well it looks like the sling sword had a actually the longs i like the long sword better than the slaying sword to be honest so were gonna leave the slangs slightly slang sword and grab the flat sword look at this thing is obnoxiously big holy crap ive never seen it before on level 13 the flat sword you need to be level 14 in order to use the destroyer move that looks amazing so we got 180 power minus 50 defense versus minus 60 defense 140 power so you get more power way more power and 10 less defense and plus i now have bavarian light armor so i have 73 defense and still 23 defense so basically i have the same amount of defense i had when i had my equipment sheath with my no armor and its actually pretty good and i have a naganada naginata which is for the uh probably pronounced that horribly wrong for the amazon but heres something i did miss as a knight this is actually a story piece that you can miss its a mural the road of the heroes led them to fertile valleys of yerevan where they sought shelter in the tall towers of its fortress when the day of leave taking came amlac the archer of the sun strolled off to his land in orlock and settled among its steep gorges taking within his share of the treasure and the blue gem where the white gem has been watched over ever since so were saying that amlock the archer one of the four buddies that um buried irish kegel the war hero that um sought after the sword of light to stop the appending doom darkness um returned to the gorge of orlock and this is where the blue jam the aquamarine jam is hidden and uh gorland the knight of the four went into back to his snowy fortress and numerit or nama root to um in the chapel and thats where the opal gem is so we know where two gems are out of four thats great oh i got the sword back really kill the sword baby this sword is so freaking big oh my god its so freaking awesome it cut him in half were almost half cut it kind of then a fourth this is bigger than the axe this is so cool man now i i i really am appreciating the barbarian because the range of this weapon and the equipped with the power is nuts oh hey all right ive got a little archer noise well i got defense so im not worried about it miss me youre gonna  __  kiss me oh dont you dare hey hey hey  __  anybody else hear the music playing like crazy i got blood on my metal pauldron oh hey orc whats up you want some hellwind okay you cant even handle the death dealer you have to handle the death dealer to get to the hellwind baby well i look so freaking amazing now with the gauntlet like just thats all he needs but thats like i said thats the best armor youre gonna get the dwarf has medium set as well as a light the amazon the barbarian only have light and the knight has light medium and heavy and heavy ill tell you what its crazy you get like you can have like 130 defense and have like one of the most draining defense equipments its amazing so a little bit of a foreshadowing here we look like we got like a minotaur skull so i wonder what were going to be facing soon all i know is the flat sword is like the greatest weapon of all time i i cant imagine it getting much better than this but apparently theres a sword for the barbarian called the big sword and if its any bigger than this i can only imagine how much i will appreciate it even further oh hello would you like a death dealer would you like a death dealer and hell win for the postmortem how about just some probably just some rage maybe not they cant even handle my rage im starting to feel a little unstoppable just with this armor not gonna lie the allen kur oh hey buddy 1700 beautiful with a full life potion or whatever you have potion you have oh my god i hit him so hard that his legs like his body didnt realize his legs were missing so hes floating oh my god man this is freaking incredible i know looks like a breakable wall doesnt it its not though its not i just want to let you all know that screw you scythe youre going home dont need you all right so a little bit of a secret over here this is the first i think opportunity that you could get the amazon light armor and uh were not too concerned by that bull crap so uh i just uh went in circles what the hell where did you come from about sneaking is abysmal whos even facing me and hes not heard me fine all right obviously that was in the right direction i forgot which direction to go to i thought it was that one but it must be this one here we go no thats not where we go wait where do we go oh i got the key up here im stupid which is why you lead to this door right here immediately when you drop you know to help the flow and consistency of the level design sorry sorry developers for uh shaming you a possible orc chieftain it looks like it kill each other why arent you fine next right it is is that supposed to intimidate me would you like a hellwind pretty sure i hit him with it yep oh i hit him with it just just a tail end of that move but it was worth it well thats hard to hit the move even if youre even if you have time for it lets not do that it seems to take too long just come down the size yes you like that gash across your freaking chest take that i dont care youre getting a uh youre getting a hell smash whatever its called hellwing better grab this quick though for the orc chieftain i got it no problem i got it hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on all right continue oh man okay your shield is a little tougher to get through the barbarian shield it has a lot of uh endurance thats kind of his gimmick here so you know what lets go to the side im fine with that i dont need it oh i love it up thats why okay so we got a bit of a massacre there this guy got completely destroyed look at that look at his wounds but more importantly lets try the big swords uh destroyer ability im excited i hope its worth it lets try it the destroyer lets get lets get a nice uh view of this here here we go nope that was anticlimactic well for some reason its hard to pull off but its really its pretty easy to pull off though its just a real its just a humongous cleave i wish it was something cooler but you know beggars came to choose so thats fine and here the trident which is for the amazon obviously not interested at all but we have the dungeon key so we could go and visit the dungeon try to look for lord kerman he must be in prison somewhere or we can look over here uh this kind of conveniently out of the way stepping stones that lead up and up here we have something for everybody one is the knight scimitar which actually did a pretty good weapon for this uh time of the level and a power potion which anybody can always use in a pinch but finally if you keep continuing with your game logic you might see like this out of place very detailed bell tower so far away in a place thats already kind of secret has to hide something good and sure enough it does if you kind of creep around the corner you will find full life potion all right now were good to go to try to save lord kerman so lets do just that facial steaming benefits Finally we are out of that dreaded Isle of the Dead! We have a choice this time around: Go trek through the endless deserts to reach the Oasis of Nejeb, or venture into Orc territory in Shalatuwar Fortress. With some meta gaming in mind, I think visiting the Orcs will be advantageous...just look at that sword and the shoulder! steam customer service hours can you bake tamales instead of steaming them how to play resident evil 5 on steam momos steamed steam hack game