Impressions Blade of Darkness Nintendo Switch

Funniest free games on steamsaw game steam key BLADE OF DARKNESS game today Im going to give you my impressions of blade of darkness a really cool and interesting game that was released in 2001 and finally came out on Nintendo switch and frankly I can tell you its a real little killer and a precursor to Souls blade of darkness will allow us to embody several characters whether it s a dwarf a knight a barbarian an Amazon and frankly its super stylish they each have their statistics each enduring each their attack each their combo with the weapons that are defined for them frankly its very interesting their goal to defeat them a master of evil who is putting the dawa in the world where the game takes place you have already understood it but its a Dario game which fantasy and frankly it is super stylish since we have this dark fantasy tint which is added which gives a real potato to the game the music is present and frankly they are fun they are certainly quite old but frankly they are they give a certain potato to the fight a certain dynamic in this ultra dark universe and frankly it feels good in addition we really have an ultra varied and very interesting bestiary which allows us to eliminate very diverse and varied enemies and who really each have their own attack pattern and who will have small specificities, for example the knights will be much more robust and they will have to be given several sword strokes to give them some special combos or, for example, we will have zombies who can reappear ad infinitum it will be necessary to be favorable for the escape because sometimes it is useless to fight and besides lets talk about it the combat system is really addictive and ultra interesting since in fact every time we going to give a blow we will be able to cut off a limb and that on the other hand is something that is excellent since we will also be able to recover any object t to throw it at enemies or use it as a weapon for example a stool the arm of an enemy or different limbs or other objects that we will find as we go along and frankly its great its funny and it adds a real little subtlety to the game on top of that the game has a slightly gory side to it that gives a kind of pretty little aesthetic to the game that I find funny to talk a bit about the fights theyre rather very interesting dynamics there are combos we have different combos with different weapons and frankly its great it gives a certain flavor to the game and frankly its good because we dont get bored we want to go all the way we want to give everything we have were going to pay attention to our stamina bar at XP as necessary to be able to have a lot more life a lot more stamina and frankly its great its very reminiscent of the Souls and we better understand where everything comes from you have all this Souls sap for certain games frankly if I have just one piece of advice to give you go for this blade of darkness which is really a gem of video games there are really great ideas there are things that are very interesting of course the game is not perfect but there are some really cool things in any case I cant wait for it to come out on Playstation and Xbox to finally have the possibility of having the trophies for having a little deeper optimization but already on Nintendo switch its very good it works wonderfully and frankly its already great to have it on console its available on Nintendo switch but also on PC and frankly that really worth it dont hesitate to go on the game to test the dark demo anyway here I thank you for watching this video on blade of darkness well see you soon as you hear it Im a little sick and suddenly there wo nt really be t many videos this week I will have to recover a little quietly from my illnesses in any case we will see you soon for a new video I kiss you I say see you soon ciao ciao Music run game pass on steam deck Bonjour et bienvenue sur Réflexion JV, aujourdhui mes impressions sur blade of darkness________________réseaux: ________________ Sources: mon gameplay Intro, outro et miniature fait sur Canvas ________________ #pc #bladeofdarkness #steam #playstation #xbox #nintendo #3d #review #test #preview #avis #impressions #test #minuteindé #ps5 steam top games player count steam mop with carpet glider steam deck available games install epic games launcher on steam deck bed bath and beyond steam cleaner