Профессиональное прохождение Severance: Blade of Darkness, Варвар, ур1, Кашгар

Doors steam gamestreets of rage 4 steam BLADE OF DARKNESS game hello in this issue, the barbarian goes on the warpath to start off his hometown of kashgar lets see his name is tukaram at the first level his health reserve is 80 units of attack 2 units of defense no his 25 years old with a growth of two hundred twenty-five centimeters he has a mass of 130 kilograms such a strong, powerful kid, I would say a master of two-handed axes and swords, a proud, independent people, the Ukrainian tribe does not pay anyone before or without offerings, they do not recognize anyones superiority over themselves, they respect only brute fighting strength, weapons from the wisdom of their shamals, bought over the centuries, today is still sunset here and the Karakol steppes disappeared far behind, retaining only memories of themselves, the last days, wandering through the ancient ancestral lands were like a dream, but here, in reality, right before the eyes of the Kashgars, the mythical homeland of the first ancestors of the Tukaram tribe, and what mysteries, the fate of the mystery will await us among the sacred monoliths and so the mission of the demon fox in kash gar some time ago the tranquility of the steppes was disturbed by strange events at nightfall in the open areas of the dht cover shadows appeared and the demons of the warrior disappear women and children open their tents and the old wise men tell horrifying stories about bloodthirsty enemies and northern pilots the elders of the tribe entrusted me with the mission I must go to Kashgar and ask the spirit of Aran for advice, by the way, I decided that the barbarian will be the main character, on the example of which I will do the translation, since all characters differ only in 1 starting level, well, lets see what war owns, he is unarmed, they know three attacks pulling from behind but after they hit a factor of one point four tenths is applied with the ball just a vertical hit by david again a pass to many and a high roundhouse kick the last of which deals 125 percent of the damage of his entire height and long legs the barbarian moves perhaps faster than all x and jumps faster and further, what is it, Kashgar, the sultry sun, the clear sky above the head of the metrologist, the person, the location, the beauty, and only besides, we are in our homeland, we are all just fine at home, and we will see some incomprehensible crap, which is generally here in general it shouldn’t be this thing reminds the word what he is doing on the terrain of a barbarian, I hear another one, well, barbarians are still being trained as saboteurs, therefore, no one has canceled covert penetration, you can’t be here, it’s forbidden, I’m the territory and we’ll explore the canyon, it looks very suspicious old toys knew how and loved do the secret areas of the zone are not always obvious and they are usually fresh a lot of useful things a beautiful-looking abandoned player well, I don’t see it here a torch here recently someone was spiders the most useless of enemies or one of the most nonetheless very small and not it’s always not convenient to get here to do it without being given a shelf contrary to the generally accepted in my opinion, they don’t poison and bite here, and not a particularly strong free experience, and here is the first secret to the strength of full health, it’s also a file and a bow and arrow, by the way, a local hunter, if it was him, according to flour, a long time ago turned into a skeleton, the fire is still burning, maybe this is such a special unquenchable bonfire, anyway, lets see what awaits us next this year, an excellent solution for practice among the sounds of the first is, but with the second, the difficulties began very much, it is not convenient, it is worth the arrows, we definitely collect here it is possible, I would even say it is necessary well, thats all I apologize for the phone now, what do we continue with such a simple method with the help of killing beams I get level 2 its time to familiarize myself with the list of special blows and so on the second level open the karate rage two such rights as I already showed it in fleet training for 120 percent damage if in the middle of the execution of this combination, hold down the jump key, it can be subjected to we speed up the execution, but at the same time, be sure to keep the attack key pressed well, well, we already played the saboteur now we need to try ourselves as a sniper excellent oh forget about the arrows of the second level, this is an ideal way to kill these orcs with a howl on them to jump and at the moment when the weapon does not bring the weapon overhead, we attack by the way, the barbarian has a very short gap between jumps, so you can use this as the main way to move here, by the way, I did mistake, I went down in the exercise, but this is simply because I know, and by and large, you always need to first go along the top, you can always jump, but you can always get up from it, but here it is, on the contrary, our main result, through the top, where we actually go can doors but don’t do it well, but obviously there’s no choice of boards, the bridge collapsed a long time ago did you trust this bridge, I don’t, but this citizen was already level 3 25 health dangerous client such a small secret point shows us that the creators do not forget about such matters and a bottle of 150 health if you carefully look at the skeleton, you can understand that a bottle would not help a peasant he doesn’t have a leg at all, well, in general, injuries that are not compatible with life, so let’s say it’s great how are you telling us that we need to fall, but we won’t fall, because a sniper will always have time to fall part 2, but this will be a difficult target, but there is, please, another secret points of deed 500 health and God, by the way, not always hit arrows fall out then because of work I get certain points they fall out disappear, but it actually falls, they actually offered us here here we have another sword of chaos or chaos, by the way, here is an interesting same topic in English, always a kios and in Russian language has two words chaos and house house concepts mythological global universal first this chaos and chaos is a general everyday mess in the head and in the room in general, here lies the sword of chaos, most likely, and cheese, although in principle everything is correct if this is an ancient location and the cheese is, say, two hundred years old, it can really be cut only with a two-handed sword, I agree, but a miss it was close by pressing the + key on us, you can change the camera into it there are four positions and in some cases it can be very useful, for example, with the help of a very distant camera, you can notice that a rather strong enemy is walking behind the wall, isn’t it better to wait where he will turn away and act right behind him, these reptiles have 80 percent protection against arrows, but with 3, since the arrows deal 100 damage, he will still lie down, it’s not interesting, but before recklessly chasing, you should check the perimeter so that such freaks don’t hit your back, but now you can already clash the same tactics they jump on you you love them nothing difficult if only I don’t take into account a small topic behind which comrade fraps does not kindly provide aggressive attack and I don’t advise because he is looking for caught your attack, he will calmly inflict one or two hits on you, and he doesn’t beat sickly like that at 44 as if he hadn’t been killed, but with this level, we open 2 special attack attacks with escapes to the right and left, causing double damage here they are chess lite and life raid daughter slice perform a simple escape and press the key at the peak point so for example he has 15 health I have 11 the barbarian dies very strangely treats with two-handed weapons he acts defensively holds his hands close to the body a few swings like the same notorious speech has an amplitude further than usual no there I still didn’t want our path to lie down no matter how strange it was because here we have the first day and strength this is generally a separate moment in the category of items in the table, opened with f1 scrolls with arrows, you can note the presence of all available items ventral and no items, for example, you are up to your ears xtd match and defines is carried with you in one copy and, according to the description, adds an additional attack and damage if exactly 4 times the basic defense increases the basic attack and removes stamina, that is, under the influence of force, the amount is so unlimited potion of strength lasts 45 seconds not only it seems or sounds like something is champing underfoot only a thin crust of ice okay the second moment of the potion for 500 health is a nice bonus I wonder why he died obviously because he lacks his right arm maybe she’s a breed and this one doesn’t have a right hand and this one doesn’t have a right hand of boards a deadly sword a deadly sword the sword of death our third weapon on the list adds as many as 40 attack units and we have only 40 stamina, so attacking will not work if you don’t use one interesting a chip by simultaneously pressing a key, and such a jump, regardless of endurance, the character, or rather, by pressing wa mi on the keys like this jump, the character, regardless of his energy, will still make an attack with the help of the block key, you can interrupt the attack no more than if it has already reached the shock position and there is more bath between to make it clearer, here it is the very place where I am with the orcs whom I I checked the attack with the escape, here it is that generous external canyon, so many benefits, but we have a new passage here lies a mace, I will give it special attention, but a little later, for now, it’s simple and remember, perhaps the coolest opponents in this game are waiting for zombies in this location, absolutely useless a thing that barely walks attacks very slowly, though if the hit hits the target it will be unpleasant, in addition, zombies can spit supposedly cadaveric poison, poisoning for a standard minute, while the poison deals 2 damage every five seconds, that is, 24 total zombies can be killed with one hit for this when with the help of a cutting weapon, you must try to hit them on the thigh or on the neck, for example, he lost his head, which means he lost his second life, here he is the famous hymen, note that armed zombies, having lost their attacking hand, only drops of fcom actually come in and say to calm down with expensive weapons to kill for a very long time, thats all that can be added, the main thing is to prevent one zombie from hitting another with the next weapon can kill him with one hit or yours here naturally lose interesting from whose corpses the season appeared something they are very aggressive for me lets look at the poison he poisoned me twice for spitting and therefore the effect increased many times with the fourth level opens more one attack back attack no keys need to be pressed except for three keys to move left to right and back damage coefficient 2.0 is gone yes they didn’t know how to make a mechanism these ancient secrets also don’t forget in this house three floors at the very top you can find a bottle leave health a wooden shield on absolutely useless for a thief and naturally the passage gave higher in level, by the way, with the fourth level, stamina will increase to 80, so you can do ordinary sword mock-ups; from 10 I look at the grate tried to break the street hearth tried to beat nothing at this measure that the acacia is understandable, then to make three hits is also absolutely useless enemies try to run closer to you and from a distance of about 3 meters produce a pimple and a bite, however, it didn’t represent any solid load for those who picked up a one-handed weapon, in particular a mace, there is not a set of a round shield with a durability of 30, again, note and also the barbarians do not go through the doors of barbara, go through the rest, there is nothing in these barrels, you will now watch the duel of the barbarian against the totem pole come on man be strong handsome and down below the hedgehog and here are some of the unpleasant the creation of a skeleton is unpleasant because they are 40 percent protected from cutting weapons, but for a burning one they are 20 percent more susceptible, which is why you could take a mace skeletons try to perform these attacks while moving while calculating them in such a way as to hit you with the last stroke more often shake they meet in a group and usually with these very blows they shred their own only so in close combat they know other blows faster perhaps even more dangerous rusty key by the way if you don’t have a cutting weapon at hand the zombie also fits very well stuck it must be you noticed that I start the attack from a turn when the skeleton completes its second swing, I think this is the most optimal solution for this way, from a turn it does 20 percent more damage listen to this mechanism to slander in this room I sometimes have a small bug due to which the game crashes, so I’d better press these buttons and sound and just tell you what happened I wish I were everywhere, since only 4 passes, in theory, now the door should close behind us, two in front of us and very, very slowly begin to lower the ceiling of time, more than enough to run through four buttons like this along the way and worse than May, interesting where did the arrows go vigilant inspection nothing but looks like a secret when they just haven’t tried how reliable it can even creak with friends and a very interesting ledge it was assumed that it turned around sharply for running here and the way back is blocked thanks how here you can already play a stuntman and walk along the edge of the abyss the stone is not touches checked many times in the place other things here lies eclipse eclipse 1 of the axes of the barbarian barbarian interestingly owns the ferry swings much wider than the cynicism of the khimki but at the same time it takes more and more jordan look I will try to show you how they each other the end of the bean is not here it was cougar it was very I just lost a very solid part of the experience you know that I don’t want to go on like this high in the mountains among ancient stone ruins a great place if it weren’t for the undead and not similar traps get ready to drink a potion of strength to me in order not to drive off but in order to guarantee to kill all the personal ones, first we kill those with a mace but we don’t touch this type with an ax because the mace does not knock each other out by 1 with an ax and you will have to try not to kill him because I’m waiting for the rest of them in total 5, that’s all, it was here that maces and a round shield could be used, but the prospect is rather doubtful you even after losing one skeleton of the third level, I got a promotion to 5, this is very good, this is the so-called combatant to an individual attack on a certain type of weapon in this case, on a piece, the attack of the back is quickly killed with the help and turn around to reflect her buttons back why she looked faster to me because I like to do two full turns its too long and when I h reaches the shoulder here I press the jump forward and backward why forward and backward, no matter what happens, this attack deals eight times damage, that is, from 15 damage increases to 120 well, this stonehenge is our final destination, we listen after I translate, in general, it was early rather short in his speech and said, listen to me my son and learn wisdom since the very beginning of life the shadow of evil lay over this world lay in expectation time passed and strength grew only the righteous light can resist hey be courageous believe in yourself persevering still of the sharp dead, find the temple of light and enter the caress goalkeeper olfa there you will find answers to your questions round in general, our next kashgar was cleared of filth for a long time, the spirit of our ancestors spoke about the most dangerous evil, which is undoubtedly a source of problems in our homeland, we need to continue to look for answers on the island of the dead in except in the temple of the goddess and at the gate of the sortie o lfa perhaps gnome will help us with this, which excavates ears to kill runs on the mines hellboy gene or valiant knights from the fortress tail hall of perhaps we should hide first I will go in general, this first lesson is completed thank you all the best and good luck best triple a games on steam deck Профессиональное прохождение Severance: Blade of Darkness, Barbarian, Mission 1, Kashgar Найдено:4х Life Potion 500 1x Full Life Potion 1x Power Potion 2-handed axe - Eclipse 2-handed sword - Death Sword Light Bow, Quiver Рассмотренные атаки: 2-handed sword А ↑ - 125% А → + А → - 120% (Rage, Level 2) →→ + А - 200% (Right Dodge Slice, Level 3) ←← + A - 200% (Left Dodge Slice, Level 3) ←↓→ - 200% (Back Smash, Level 4) Chaos Sword A ↑ + ↓ - 800% (Speed kill, Level 5) 2-handed axe →→ + A - 200% (Right Dodge Smash, Level 3) ←← + A - 200% (Left Dodge Smash, Level 3) best vr steam games 2022 steam game awards winners most played free to play games on steam lier steam et epic games factorio on steam