Cedar park steam trainsteam deck 256 vs 512 BLADE OF DARKNESS gameplay So Music the porn movie lets Music see your category with tweet interaction I do nt think its So Music So So Music So Music So So So so Music a Blade of Darkness II and theres Rick listening no Bárbaro theres the knight I have a no and theres an archer and I was also talking to you who dont remember me for me blood Oscar A4 is __ if you continue I dont care and you goes with you the papers backwards running with 22 15 very good I and pressing the front backwards simultaneously fart 60 carapicus the sound of the game gets too loud Then out of nowhere Music gets too loud Andthen Music the search for __ I dont even want to coque jump right button and jump the and the big ones forward pure right ugly Andthen and when youre running Press jump to jump a bigger kiss bye Music a Music hobby the tic is your walk in Telma and Music I think he is walking in the world and stone, right there, da game s old guys this here i think i was not 12 years old and lesson number three doors get close to the lever and you have to find out which is the interaction button is something common is and remove the two blocks to open the gate huh and Music select a torch that isnt lit one it burned ok light it here so i can burn these boxes here oh oh its because they also got beaten up there but youre going to be a pyromaniac thanks to Andthen And then you have to burn Travessa do of boxes you are an object to burn pressing the object treasures andIm going to press participate Sueli will change to identify us for you to interact with and its got Its really crazy its very old same command I didnt hit anything without a diary its and you have to get the three objects in the room ok lets get here what apple and cheese are delicious the soul cheese customer food and potion can recover only HP now takes a position where from the late position the function then take or tra color are I got one to find out what the button is now for here you need to se for objects and use the EA portion when its visible because its you rotate objects on the right and the and you take the little portion get the key padlock was the key that does once cividad and where are you here with me down here look And then you were trying to get it then grab a stool for me try to get a stool for me to try to find messages are beautiful I took one What is the car Case hold it and throw the stool under your arm And now what will fill the bar and he will press the attack button and will throw the stool or any item you have in your hand, right and then put the position where every character in the game places it in the beyond and grabs one a Lets get it a logic a delicious sword And then baby okay mom is the best ask for the best for your character and hes wonderful with a list soon the bar will get another one to do Professor minus three years you invent to continue lets go then get them a find Music at Dona Elisas house and that s the spear of the Amazons Music Alright take two shields at least the dark ones Where are the Shields over there look at brunch there are only two types of dark marvel huh Andthen the exclusion they can be used when you re carrying a two-handed weapon I didnt want to take another wife and and for everything there at her house to say take 30 in the room its locking the character I dont know which button was on the character So were going to have to find out here Andthen its against its not shift hit space tabi Otávio a and the capslock he kind of takes it off he puts the gun away look takes it off the lock the and puts the gun away Ok Ah yeah when you have the guard you run faster jump further too Andthen Music And then, the payment hum, it didnt touch me here, its pain, it stayed in the fridge for so long and G1 is already teaching you, its the festival of the blows, right ? I will say ta and press the attack there at the same time he does a kind of already different Music Christmas for the elderly and oh oh you already kill the enemy your experience will increase when you reach the level you will be able to learn new skills and upgrade nas Thank you your character is good look if Music someone lost study in Music my arm Music my arm colleague Music bows and arrows even make you want to play Medal of Honor right back in the day how good it was right and the bow And then, and the bad thing is that there is no Mia if you have to shoot once to see more or less where it is and for you to have an idea of ​​ where you are going to hit the arrows well then be afraid the stuff is messy and thats it is the tutorial Andthen and the bad thing entered here the game there is not in the tutorial that teaches the commands everything does not appear Which button do you have to press so basically you have to keep going in the options of the buttons and functions and memorize the Ethere the sex is Music Andthen And the í Andthen I gave this a lot here in my adolescence and it was a top game, isnt there some stuff Popó that made fun of nothing at the time and at the time it was the game, man there was a milito here already And then Andthen Andthere Andthere Hello and well bye take it I ate a bun you can still keep it no he has to eat it right away I eat fresh Applause I took the leg you lost your mind and and I was smoking a pipe the aunt is the soil and colleague is hum hum hum hum Andthen the animal image that created this game here for Andthere Andthen the load was Wow what a day off today I look for you made heretic But the beginning at the time was man never character he enemies always remember understand it already came after there was dismemberment there was blood so we looked at it Damn old and crazy nowadays Ethen oi oi oi oi Music steam card receipt EAE POVO, BLZ?SE O VÍDEO DESPERTOU SUA CURIOSIDADE SOBRE O GAME, ACESSE O CANAL NA TWITCH, LIVES TODA SEMANA COM VÁRIOS GAMES, ACESSE:TWITCH.TV/SINISTROGAMES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DOAÇÃO: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOAÇÃO PAYPAL: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Canal no TWITCH: Twitter: @SiniStrOGaMeZ E-mail SiniStrO GaMeS: FACEBOOK SINISTRO GAMES: GRUPO DA STEAM SINISTRO GAMES: SETUP: HeadSet : Logitech G633 Gaming Headset Processador: Intel i7-8700K (3.70 GHZ) Memória : Kingston HyperX Predator 32GB (2x16GB) Placa de Vídeo : NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080 TI GDDR5X 11GB HD : Seagate (3 TB) SSD: Crucial 2.5´ SATA III (2 TB) Placa-mãe: ASUS p/ Intel LGA 1151 ATX TUF Z370-PRO GAMING, DDR4 steamer oster eso on steam deck steam profile games steam deck hardware specs steam gift card code ripped off