Blade of Darkness Epic Cutting Time (Commentary, Walkthrough)

Exchange steam gamessteam game most played BLADE OF DARKNESS gameplay yoder fellow gamers yo yo yo what is up he thought I was gone for this long what is like day two anyway dudes once again I am back with blade of darkness I dont know if I mentioned the name of the game before but welcome back to a blade of darkness mayhem of cutting things up & open because thats what this game is for is for you to keep the frustration out from your girlfriend your wife your your your boy friend yeah your boyfriend out on some mindless zombies that pretty much does not feel any pain or monsters that will probably kill you on the site of your sexy body still playing with barbarian guys still continuing the first mission with our preparing buddy right here and hopefully we gonna finish this up soon cuz this is not in the most exciting mission in the game this game is long theres a lot of play play time and a lot of hours to be put into it in order to get every single secret and every single weapon available you can carry only certain amount of weapons but know what welcome to the game where you can carry at least five to six weapons and they have fun the way you want it we hopefully gonna get a new weapon pretty soon um forgot to mention last time guys this game is linear there is a specific points need to get to obviously but sometimes you can get lost because you just can forget where to go so here I am looking for the way out of here because I know I have to go up there I just tried jumping there but nothing happens so Im looking around looking there nothing theyre gone gonna go back try to find a way out there um what I had a really curious thought about how to do this game because this game is pretty epic it follows a very solid story I mean its story of any sci-fi fantasy game but yeah you just want me to look up some nice combinations for my weapons wet head shot or so you want to say so yeah trying to tell you guys that this game has a very nice story in terms of its really simple isnt for anybody to follow there is no twist theres no chance there is you and the mission ahead of you unfortunately I was not able to record the opening sequence of the game appreciate can find it on youtube I really do not want to take somebody elses a YouTube video uploading it and posing it as mine so just look it up is called blade of darkness severance or severance blade of darkness the story simple follows is the opening of the sequence of events is a sacred sacred shrine of iana which you will guys learn later on is being covered by darkness and inside the shrine inside this holy temple there is a sword that one Swank was too great evil so the text thats being said is very poetic so it pretty much implies that evil is back and you are just a simple guy trying to get by a nice totem pole right here guys so what you do just press enter an amazing animation happens for the time look at that you guys think ps2 had the best graphics for two thousand one and so on or xbox here you go guys game that took a lot of work and get really unnoticed surprisingly so we encounter our first new skeleton enemy now once again as I said before this is not a zombie this is animated and dead and believe me when I say when you get further in the game these guys are paying yes especially for burberry one these guys are very weak very weak form aces and I dont have any mates with me Norah can use any now what you just saw besides that wonderful decapitation is that what that skeleton did once I got him down to his low health he stick his to back defending himself against me while he waited for his body to come along and help him out I am amazed by how smart the AI in this game is I know you guys will say this is simple programming but to me this is not look at that theres not be assembly help Scotland has 50 skeleton is staying back so 2 zombie or this undead mummy will take care of me first and then he strikes obviously they have certain patterns of striking press the skeletons they have at five six different sectors to use one of this being this most effective which takes a while to perform but once it hits 22 times in a row youre screwed if Id pretty hard pretty much the content and the quality of the game Ferb I know I keep on saying this over and over again but thats just the way it is thats the way I like it so trying to get up got my key finally gonna open the doors theyre so up here back in here and we probably get encounter our first puzzle within the game a very simple puzzle but believe me when I only when I first played this game 10 11 years ago I had a hard time opening that door and trying to figure out the way to open it even though was so simple as you guys are going to see right now opening a lever and you see the cinematic i know im pretty much explaining every word for what was happening but im really tough to commentate on a game that is not oh my god he just went six seven hundred killstreak pwnage killfeed stuff while youre here we go the first trap encounter in this game pretty tough trap a spiked ceiling gonna fall down on me and I did die the animation is pretty cool he always gets course to a pulp pretty much nothing left except the dead water stain or just a blood stain and pretty much thats how simple it was just prices for leavers in any order in the door will open for you checking it out before the ceiling falls on you and destroys your vital organs and anything else that you might be able to use so the fire here theyre probably secret behind this door which I did not realize in time so moments ago I saw this 500 Life potion behind this door picked it up remember the data still here and now Im gonna go forward to the other area to see whats gonna happen then since I know whats happening im not surprised im gonna act surprised oh my god i dont believe what happening however i will tell you that some traps in this game if you dont pay attention will definitely kill you and the death of this game are pretty fun and let you can see music cue what does it mean turn around we see a huge boulder going down the hill obviously somebody doesnt want to go let us go up there so little glitch here pretty common for this game but you know these things can be overlooked considering its age and when it was produced another rock is gonna be falling down but boom skeleton you cant consider this a secret this air is pretty much forward and just get sliced by the skeleton really skeletons are very powerful opponents they have very heavy attacks with their cortical ranking but I will tell you one thing guys these these skeletons are probably one of the toughest opponents in any game as a matter of fact maybe there is only one or two problems are better than them in their own class which is small infantry here you go found them another class of left for the Barbarian which is a huge axe its an eclipse ax minus 5 defense however I do have those extra 13 attacks which brings my power to 28 and this is a killing machine worth of noting in any game who doesnt like having a huge battle axis you can see learning your attack decapitated that zombie from the first time trying to get a skeleton off my back and boom I did not mention before guys and skeletons and other enemies can kill each other so lets another bus to the AI which means its not like theyre gonna shoot through their own allies and not hurt them and these guys do fight each other if they get pissed enough at that sack each other two or three times they will turn around and attack each other with just when I found that out I was extremely surprised because Ive never seen it in any video game before when enemies kill each other however I will tell you this it didnt happen in Doom official doom doom on doom 2 and all the expansions for domes didnt have this feature enemies attack each other instead of you when they get hurt by each other ok so I would definitely say this game is worth every single I think I said that before right yeah but if you guys ever want to pick this game up just go to Amazon just type in severance blade of darkness oh no Im trapped oh so I had an idea about commentating instead of just simply commentating which is pretty hard especially when I dont want to really deviate from the gaming topic didnt get killed yet earlier I couldnt know is that I really wanted to do it as an RPG storyteller time to be like a player I mean the character was in the game so ill meet me something like that when the night was dark i picked up my axe and walked over to my dad enemy I looked at his bloody body and I thought to myself why why does that follow me everywhere I go something like that you know something cheesy something fun something for you guys to laugh and the same time explain what the game is about and up potion times dont really want to die saving this game is theres no checkpoints guys no checkpoints at all if you die you will restart the game from the beginning or even better if you dont have a safe for the mission you have to restart the entire game from the beginning from the first mission if you dont have any saves along the way so this game is very punishing when it comes to this kind of source thing so trigger trigger trigger there you go got to open the door then itll lead us to our next mission little fly over the area that we have to go to see one zombie to zombie saw two zombies in the way so much more help and remember if your enemy kills each other they kill each other youre not getting the experience points and thats probably one of the worst thing that could happen I lost three kills in this playthrough so far so thats about a very hefty amount of experience that would pretty much push me forward to level up fast and get my super text faster as well both the sword and the clips which I have right now on have a super tax and theyre pretty epic each one I havent have a unique super attack move and they pretty cool to watch yep defendant in time for that zombie to strike me and were about to complete this mission actually we only have a little bit more to go until we find out what exactly we came here for why is this Stonehenge here and what is the purpose of our quest with in this game of blade of darkness so lets just listen on and see what happens yo son Aloha wisdom since the dawn of time the shadow of evil has named in weight down through the ages his power has grown only the light of the righteous can resist it a valiant have faith and persevere seek the Isle of the Dead Fung the temple of light and enter the gate to vanish skype then you shall find new answers and there you go part of the story guys please leave in the comments whether you want me to do this first person view narrative like this fun stuff that i just mentioned and get back to me Ill see what I can do so Im just kashka o spirit of your ancestors spoke of a great evil which is the source of the troubles bathroom it was continued to search for answers and the island of the game in the temple of the goddess eight absolutely sister there you go actually can pick which mission will go to next a next time well be in the fortress of tell ha laughs so guys thank you for joining me peace out and stay safe gta v epic games to steam Mad cow continues on his quest with da decaputating barbarian ds emulator steam deck steam games website buy ps4 games on steam steamed chard can't buy steam games