Asi es Blade Of Darkness en Xbox, ¿Merece la pena?

How to share steam games with another accountsteam deck valve game BLADE OF DARKNESS gameplay Music Good afternoon Hello how are you How are you Good afternoon hello I m going to give the little game this this new this game that has come out now its going to come out on the 15th Blade of darkness ok novelty novelty lets see how it goes It will surely be a little inspired by The souls would surprise me nothing that is inspired a little the sun darkens the earth will be covered by the waters their places in the firmament the furious stars are casting your fire and central Hugo on high will crash against himself Music I wish they didnt start in one prison or more has the king tracing and Ray tracing of Luna, that is, it also has lunar rays Music I havent done anything, hes released all that youve seen, hes done it, hes just jumped from one thing to another throwing hosts video gamma Im going to have to raise the brightness but for sure it was already dark Blade the thing about bladed of dagness is a clue So Mateo canal hdr without anything flowering Im afraid to say yes to flowering n or I know what it is Im going to leave it like that Music gore blood Yes mutilations yes great everything great sound four speakers 5.1 my goodness I m going to put two because we are in stereo okay Spanish language all Spanish everything very good great everything phenomenal Music dwarf reclining Music Lets see this game It was a time when these are the colors that were worn brown and gray no one else there were only two colors brown and gray so Music I look a little old Music otherwise I played it on PC too Music but I dont remember Music I mean, first a short ravine and then a long one but its high its the same then you go up the first step Music I dont know what they mean by the step but be careful with the step I cant imagine seeing Music This is the step Music Im capable of killing myself in the tutorial come on why not see you later man I swear it has a king trasing and I thought it was a precipice and its water Oh my God Mus ica you promise it promises Music ok okay I wasnt jumping in the right place Sorry sorry sorry doors Music host that turns first like Robocop turns first then Turn your head you know it takes a moment Robocop Music lar I am trying now Music my goodness Uncle thats good enough of this more good Im trying to light the torch light the torch that you are carrying by pressing x is that before I have stood next to another and now because of the sun I think it has caught now yes now yes because yes it must be the only place to be able to pass the only way to pass through here is burning no to this one you cant but this one can be burned because of the one with the double cross they cant be burned they are I dont know the material that dreams are forged, I dont know Its burning its not burning or I have to jump jumping No, with the torch there is no other hand to activate things I think that there are games that in our mind We remember it in another way Music Thank goodness it shines Thank goodness it shines less bad thank goodness Music Music musicote Music that weapon is not your characters however you can use it clumsily Music Which one is mine this is not the dwarf one either, this will be mine Music well, I didnt get the glasses from the close one Well, I didnt bring the glasses from the close being, man, you can see the weapons well Music my brother-in-law this game aged like Miguel Bosé, lets see Its not a plan now to make Music and bastards Music leave regular uncle pick up a shield Music Where are the shields uncle will it be this I cant imagine Music And why do we carry two shields and three weapons uncle I still dont understand why we carry two shields and three weapons Music What kind of tutorials is this if then the game __ up and then the first bug kills you Music get rid of the enemy with a voucher Music you can run faster and jump faster moving media agi Music Seriously Music Im trying to do the ones that I was going backwards but it doesnt work out because Ill have to face the bug not first Music I ca nt do it man it goes to the side but it doesnt work out backwards the dodges Music And if I press B it doesnt go either, eh, that is, to the sides Well, thats it, Im not going to be able to finish the tutorial because it doesnt face the bug, it doesnt face the bug to know if at the time its facing Music there it is, you should pick up the soul that a character will use if it already has high blood pressure Let it appear Hey, I know which one is yours uncle the ax is not the one Gladys will be it doesnt take a little bit of delay and until you select it and catch it This its not Music basker Music the attacks are a bit barbarian as it also has voices the sayings are already on guard kill this traitor knight No need to specify that you make a traitor with decimen kill this knight combat value gentlemen this comb ate the protagonist is tiring him Music sometime Ill give him hes very handsome eh there we are great sound Music and thats okay Music remember with RT alternately the enemies he is seeing Ah friend okay __ this is said before much better now of course and the other one is old Old Music Im tired Im tired Im tired his head has fallen off Music well oh my goodness lesson 7 bow and arrow too Music you cant hit Music and I my aim legendary seriously Music How can it fail if the rare ones hit you bastards Where is the crosshair a medium shot that your father tells him then thankfully thankfully thankfully thankfully the tutorial is over Music for you to see If they have it If they have it from within uncle lord of the fortress it seems like the game pass No it doesnt affect me I buy the games but it doesnt come out the Impact doesnt come out Turn off or Turn off the worst fears put to the knife the only way out I fought ar against ragnar rehabilitate your name How many points together Music I wish they didnt start in a jail Yes we did start in jail uncle I remember here not up to here where everyone arrives eh normally you didnt come from here we arrived here in PCS days no I know what to do Yes, well, that aside, but Mazo makes me laugh, I dont take it to pay as if to say, you bastards, youre lucky that you never pay is that King Trade without this one from the puddles has me baffled, I dont know if Im drowning or not host Alberto with lupus you can hear people snoring Music Music it makes the same noise that I make in the morning when I bend down to put on my socks key to the dungeons Applause I hear you I hear you George tell me impressive document in the What do we have here today because Im dead Ya man who took my life This has been from the escape from the dungeon Or how is the theme that is flying the character that is flying directly if this It was Dark Souls, Im not going to get into a puddle of this here, not even enough wine, lets go, Ill fall safely under Music Music the first blood milk method If mine Music they havent given us a piece of wood or anything to hit them uncle my mother my mother is on the other side Music to Gladys finally now now my legs are growing out you know what more dead Music brave of this game is years old or older I think it is one of the first games of the semi modern era or for PC because the microcomputers are very good but the fish is a Spanish game that will cross borders lets say complicated I dont see that we already have our face made of a Christ no because I think this Blade was one of the first not that it crossed borders so lets say I dont remember wrongly what the microcomputers are very good uncle but otherwise nothing eh here we are already dead to have it Clear With 12 life I put milk Music the game is very measured for you to have a bad time but in the end you recover and such I do nt know if you can It can break the horrible game. I think Im asking too much now I dont need it. Well, whats up were not going to fall? sword and without it, not the bugs, these would not have done it Despite the fact that there is a cheese, a throne, not a loaf of bread Well, my goal is to get out of jail, I dont know if you could do it in 10 minutes, in 15, half an hour or in 4 or 4 years old Lets go there boy Music were close to it Music hes groping maybe you can follow him eh aim he says to have my aim uncle kid I m not going to wait here to see if he forgets about me I do nt give him one But how is it not going to kill me if I didnt give it one it has started again sure the crack is very nice for you Well so far we have escaped we have already escaped jail although I dont know Although it seems that we have not escaped what happens is that everything has been a dream of resins worth its sueño de resines wakes up and is still in jail the game still comes out on the 15th I dont know I dont know its price but it comes out on the 15th and its improved for series xs I dont know man what do we do we do a little more just in case Look Im leaving With 49 life man, Im not going to get that far, hes not going to get that far this time, Im missing a shield, Im lacking expertise, I need to have given a host to the Bug, Im missing a lot of things here, meat, man, to cure myself, we can still take this one away if you have one of life I say I dont come Lets give it a little more uncle that later they call me uncle they have never told me nothing no but why did you want the street then just to laugh you bastard a little different now Dont look Im going done the same done Exactly the same Thank you very much stormich How do you force yourself How do you force yourself How do you say no __ that you are forcing yourself uncle to see if I catch the sword before the bugs come Music sorry Im already can Sado doesnt even send a blow Ah ok its well taught its well taught How am I missing the key Who had the key the chicken that was dead not below Music host Well look eh shadows in real time eye eye eye eye I think that Its burned by hand When you go up your hand has burned to see if youll let me turn this on Music great document stop the door from the noses to the man what happened Now I have the we killed him with the door uncle Music it we have killed through the door uncle brutal well well well well I guess I guess fine if I throw myself over here Music lets give a little more man My mission is to escape Music Music whats coming man Music I dont know if I had combos I know that this game is so difficult, man, it was already hard to get out of jail, man Music The worst of all is that we dont have it Well, yes, well have to see for sure Music There are the combos There are the combos Music and there are chips or secrets and special se Im sure theres a combination of God mode, uh, one of these things, if youre not surprised, it does nt let you save the game, man. I think it didnt let you see like that. Music Awesome leveled up and I dont level 2 double life man now and they gave us an iron key I dont think Look at the shield come on man you can you can there we are wheres the right place man to go down for I missed you, man, youre already looking at me from there, where youre going, boy, youre going to get tired. Until you arrive, remove this, Im sure to return, Im going up there, you stay there with the alcohol, eye, eye, eye, cinematic life, the cell that is __ no two hosts we are going to catch with the kinematics he has caught us I have said Now that he is still with the kinematics I am going to go for him be careful with me no level two kid is a combo like this by lovatini man uncle does not do I dont even need to jump, well, theyre not, they dont have very good vision, these people have a little regular vision, I ve taken the opportunity to finish the coffee now that I do nt know if the weather is bad or its disgusting, but thats where things are going, lets go for this Music Music who else wants come on we already have it for everyone you liked it already this one has life to put aside huh Music I dont know why I have another key I wanted to take the shield this billet cannot be reached How can it not be possible reach man, lets see, it doesnt matter which one I put on the gladioluses, they are all the same, go china, we have messed up here at a time, uncle, there was none, there was no adventure, guys, I hope you have thought, man, if I was playing, I played Dark Souls 2 and I I have passed it I have not passed the dlcs Of course because I have spared their lives but the game happens to me what are you waiting for here no longer I came out before Dark 2 already but I know that that list before but we aged badly very well that Im not giving the barrel the proper blow this is going here for impossible You think thats how to see there the impact box is also that way not in this Look thats a secret Ah its not directly where we have to go jumped uh jumped for to arrive is that more than a remake I think they have done the support as they have said we are going to make a Port that works on consoles Unless the price that it will have I will tell you it comes out on the 15th but then people will come to me problade they will tell me what Bastard how do you mess with the game of my childhood how open man What is the part that has opened that will not be here I imagine lets see There we are that what that Exactly that Im going to do I swear I say lets see if I jump slide and me pull and I dont fall from so high Im glad Im glad it worked and this is okay look this is a shortcut as we couldnt come here directly in case we want to go back down the joke this precursor Maybe they brought it back because Dec e is one of the precursors of a lot of play that we are seeing Now it seems clear to the fullest team leader And now that we are about to go up to level 3 that is what we have opened but here is something here maybe I can burn it here there are secrets Im going to bring one of those torches that the tutorial taught me about that wasnt around here someones torch happens to me but not to the bug or to me Who is getting each zombie Im nothing I have to take it the only way to going through there is burning it but yes but Im sorry if Ive completely turned around man well I dont need the torch I need the torch but but yes or yes eh And the only torch Ive seen so far is at the door where they have us killed where we killed the other one i mean i think i seen another torch somewhere else but im not sure i m not too sure maybe up here it could be Music but now i cant go back man we came from there there has to be one before orcha closer here another alternative way look I wanted to take torch food but since every time I took it I did like this with the key well in the end he left it there he shouldnt have kept it and more than one side that works fatter male Music he calls me to kill Im alone here is this door you have to open it as best I can jump man if I do one of mine he ends up getting caught Music how hot he is hungry for Gods sake he jumps there and looking to see if there is a wall or a gap here to go up And such But whats up I do nt know Im going to look to see if its true that you can hook any torch uncle but it seems to me that you can only understand them you see you can turn them on if you have them There should be if it was a well designed game Uncle There should be a fence There should be a fence that surely there is Its that my fear is that the solution is right there and Im not seeing it and Im not seeing anything clearly Uncle Thats my Im afraid the torch is here, you know, and I havent realized it, lets see if I can get it to go up or climb over here, you see how its about to do it, I know it clicked and it went through because this box clearly that one on top can be burn and it is the one that allows me to pass or that breaks it breaks it in some way uncle but no how about there should be a torch around here if this was well designed here on the ground in fact it would have to be or that this principle of Host game look here it is I just saw it come on man I will have gone through it a thousand times I also tell you that this burning the box to be able to pass these things They are arbitrary of these and if you can burn this one, you cant destroy this one either. It seems a bit Totally Random So motor Castillo you havent been caught this opens from the other side but dont let go of the machine torch now the safety key is missing you have to go upstairs youve seen the strange gentleman that he arrived yesterday his mere presence gives me chills he has nt been clipping this anymore to see the music very well but they also havent noticed that we are here Music there is one that has the key actually Well either both seem old to me Music the level up is a bit like its okay, dont be like that either, jerk uncle a bit Encarna oh my goodness you another shield come and see if I can get it now I dont need it of course its me at the level of clubs and Ill take it weve caught the key no all this And now you see the shortcut the shortcut Music Music option of life that you dont need and what keeps it for you no __ sword of death you catch here that trap house __ club sword of death Music Although go clumsy with her I dont care super strength you understand me strength Music Ive seen a guy walking around here before There he is lets sneak up Music with the left castle It seems to me that ostia not that he has seen us anymore what a left bundle to walk stealthily dont miss it I lack energy for this attack dont bother me change your sword and if you dont laugh you bastard its not worth it Music Music What is that man that looks like the bridge no no now I cant touch it anymore we ve moved it to the side Music of the pit that someone knows the game that you dont see Hey and me, my shield where is this wooden one better? Weve put on the super sword of death that we dont have no energy for her well __ uncle stealth uncle one thing stealth another thing is this huh whats up mate uncle how are they going to catch you how are they going to catch you Music normal Music Music another that will be that I head ok we already have the catwalk in its position I wanted to make potpourri at the end the __ game is hooking me Music there is a chest it will be a minic it would be the host Music perfect it didnt appear perfect Dont think you hear many coming at once here now Music is a two for one Music now I need to download the catwalk, man, the catwalk button has to be somewhere, thats not even tacos, what sounds does it have, what setting? evils well very well at stake it is very good great movements nor Superman you have not seen spider-man less agile for the moment well he has already gone much further than when I started in his day it is not that he is very generous with the achievements I have not looked at them either eh It has happened to you to see the crazy 53 achieved nothing else much complete I see here eh complete complete complete complete complete complete 0% are 0.0 percent achievements neither the programmer uncle nor El Cacho remaster has had it, it has given you little I had little faith, I was sure that it was not their main platform, this is not. I do nt know if its good or bad, well, lets go to the Oscars, what an air of pretense, some of them give themselves anyway, the Oscars that I remember are voted for and they themselves, not the actors, the directors, and all that stuff, not inside Cabe, its even more egocentric. everything Its not an award its as if you voted for activation your own your own game no Music first person I just discovered now yes youre going to __ or Youre going to __ everything Youre going to vote now Yes yes thank you very much also not when they say best athlete in the world no and such And only Americans come out and only Americans participated you say okay everything is already said or when they win the NBA and best team in the world War Champions Music eye ​​ laugh you Dark souls you laugh in the sun with the traps Of course, he recorded before, well, someone bad Music has left for sure it could go wrong it could go wrong lets see Music hes thrown away he s hurt not yet Music Wait, we have to go back to time Music like me here the sword of death no but I dont have energy for this my mother Music I m here doing the Music Im doing the Where is the key of this bastard guy has he left it here for me somewhere site no We have arrived yet Yes I am freaking out uncle I dont know its a mixture of concepts a bit weird weird what would papuchino say Music uncle who has the key to this some guard Music some guard we havent killed around here you sure better No, I dont throw myself in here maybe not here we came from here we came thats clear from here we came we found the chicken this one well it s not here Well maybe its this way Music what the hell is going to be impressive If I throw myself out there, seeing the __ key, that Music would be cool to see the statistics of the blows to the air, its that its hard, eh, the subject, well, now there Music that I am able to enter through there, throw myself if I push the guy a lot. end within Music I f turn the key up Well I dont know Chacho has released this one here somewhere its in some Tina Im surviving like a bastard here and there again if he left me the key to a place and yes Music maybe I have to use the potion of strength and stick a paw to the door Music damn wow wow wow Music Music Thats a key that had to be here the shelves Hello Well nothing up here isnt here anymore Ive seen the cobwebs here from the corner Music I just have to go back, man, theres no more, wait, Iron Man will be here, El Payo Music my mother, I should have taken the potion and taken the sword of death, the one that didnt Music to the attack a thousand of life we are already with the chetadas uncle you leave yourself a hand that by the way how do I know how to activate here with the with the shield we are going bad we are very bad Music uncle that sounds over there is the bug uncle Why dont you drink Uncle Aces power potion I see it Music Music Music not quite five by five Music Im sure I have to take the potion of power, man, and hit him with that, but surely with the sword of death that we have caught but I dont know how to use the potion Music Applause Music thats how I get that potion of power uncle how do I take it uncle With what buttons now are you going to __ with the sword of death now yes yes its not that be very over there eh Music Yeah what happened man why is the __ killing us now this __ shut up hes going to give me another slot just in case before the other one arrives Music maybe we caught him from behind we have made it critical Music Music This is from Xbox So I already have the key Im playing it on Xbox lets go Music it also comes out for Play I think lets go I make a stupid thing this is not what we were looking for I think I dont know I was going to say a nonsense that has come to me as two things that fit but better Im not saying it Music we have broken the shield and I was not born to disappear The polygons of the bugs and everything is good, its bad to escape from jail I thought we would escape easier but This is regulated Music kill them the bastard leaves henchmen here Music I dont know if I have that key and its the same Music I do nt know if I have it yes Music its beautiful Anyway in the sword of death What happens that its impossible there is no way to use it uncle you I swear I hope less resolution and more soda paste Id say its going to 30 uncle face the bugs This one does give me another normal loguillo to save game how I smell it already How good was my case that the blades look And how we have to walk doing this Music Ill have to steal maybe go and come back because rolled forward this doesnt Roll and jump that blades jump very badly Ah ok And now it would happen or the trap is already active Im going to try it Good thing the game is consistent t also with its with its limitations and we are not going to make it very shabby we are not going to make it very shabby otherwise here the gang or maybe it is retouched Music the skewers beware the skewers be careful the skewers come let them carve us directly load split Colleague, its amazing, man, neither death nor anything directly, load the game, but man, what a laziness, what a laziness, it s gone until the sound has killed me, man, well, youll tell me, I think I dont know, Ill have to jump to the middle, man, now it does come out the animation no or something like that I dont know a little later maybe jump No this is not going to be more complicated either Music with stealth its that maybe Im stepping on something that I shouldnt the hole of the holes is not there and come back the same you think Music weve been a bit stuck lets see if it doesnt get stuck in the column again, thats screwed up, turning the site around the case, the case that I think would go backwards, lets see, no, that is, its h ace the twist is a bit robot ok Music thank goodness Ill save the game already Not that one that I dropped a ball now you can hear a crunch Where is the bastard this here he comes poor gentleman how dare you challenge me who you defend an order of chivalry from Villa antiquated the end of the kingdom is near and a new empire begins to emerge prepare to die well With your blood and with that of hundreds of other knights and with your death Well you dont have left you can achieve glory 300 of life Well lets go there not this guy put some hosts that I dont come back the bastard uncle is going to kill me because I dont even give him one of mine Thats mine Music no one else has this achievement that I know of it we see that it hasnt come out yet I dont care Even if it has come out Not even The programmer has it, neither have you nor the distributor, I think the puppy has done it. Well, hell try it another day, the Bugs will report to me, the Peña espada de combata will report to me. Do you want to get the combat sword or what, ah, too many subjects of this type, but damn. Sorry, my goodness Music Thanks, they re going to come in until they want to sneeze, but I do have potions here to keep them away, man, I dont use any and Im here combing, you know how I release the weapons How can I drop a weapon look with the button and I had the turn automatically I dont know uncle inventory such special weapons I think we have stayed with These weapons for the rest of our lives There goes the host Im going to Magdalena Ive got ostia pachi Ive got Ive gone hand in hand making muffins today I got a key here but this is where we came from uncle how do you get out of here now this has to be the last dont bother me I have to be here now to leave blanket a key and everything I mean where is it this guys lock hole around here there is no other if it has to be here Ragnard lock already spoke to me And what is this parchment a new era is coming the order of chivalry will disappear and the master Another has reserved a place for me at his side if I help him in his purposes I think they sell them in bulk when the cities of the dwarves are annihilated nothing will prevent us from victory Thats it we have already done the tutorial not from Jesus but there was only something evil that it took over his mind and took control of the Castle The Strange Warrior that disappeared in the night was something supernatural it will be better to return from what happened well Mission accomplished we have escaped from prison that jalab is the main fortress of the Knights in the Hermitage region for generations its Dukes kept the peace and kept the roads open lokerman champion of the order government to the garrison with an iron hand against the growing hordes of the North until handsome the time of the Blade the time of the Blade is handsome has cool in Seriously, you can enjoy a game like this, yes why not See you later bye bye Music steam toy game 🔥 Juegos y Tarjetas Prepago Más Baratas: 📲 Descarga la APP de Eneba y vende juegos, consolas o PCs: #Xbox,#MondoXbox Discord: Suscríbete al canal: Enlace afiliado de Amazon: Puedes seguirme en Twitter: Mi canal de Twitch: Código creador Epic Store: MONDOXBOX do all steam games work on mac best steam games out now steam player per game cod modern warfare 2 steam pubg game steam