Severance Blade of Darkness Forge of Xshathra Knight Gameplay Level 11

Games that have been removed from steamthe witcher game on steam BLADE OF DARKNESS gameplay how to play steam games on tesla Severance: Blade of Darkness (European Title)Blade of Darkness (US Title)Blade: The Edge of Darkness (Spanish Title) Developer: Rebel Act Studios Released: Codemasters 2001 Level 11- Forge of Xshathra (Knight) Name: Sargon / Life: 100 / Attack: 1 Defense: 1 / Age: 40 / Height: 180 cm / Weight: 78 kg ----------------------------------- Forge of Xshathra ----------------------------------- Length: medium/long Difficulty: hard Introduction: The Forge of Xshathra is a rather nasty level. Filled with many difficult enemies as well as nasty traps this level is a drag to get through sometimes. In this Level you will find useful things for Sargon : Sharp Sword *** / +470 Attack; -50 Defense / Special attack: Sword of Justice (L18) Fire Sword *1/2 / +45 Attack; -25 Defense / Special attack: Fire Spiral (L13) and KNIGHT HEAVY ARMOR Patches and mods: Patch 1.01 - Update for the game from version 1.000 to 1.001 BODLoader05a - BODLoader is a mod manager for Blade of Darkness. It is capable of downloading, installing, and uninstalling various mods and maps that are created. OpenGL Render - If you have problems using D3D use this. OpenGL FogFix Mod - Fix problems with the fog when playing with rOpenGL, so this mod fix the fog problems in: Fortress of Tel Halaf, Gorge of Orlok, Oasis of Nejeb, Forge of Xathra, and Abyss. AllMaps Mod - You can play others characters levels skins switcher - This file install Skins Switcher in your Severance: Blade of Drkness Carry more weapons - Whit this mod you can carry 16 weapons at once, somehow I manage to add more weapons slots (But really I do not remember how). I can send this mod to everyone.Video: HD-textures: Maps HD-textures: Objects & Weapon You can DOWNLOAD from: Unofficial WeaponsPack1 You can DOWNLOAD from: Gorentity Mod 2014 for Severance: Blade of Darkness: Video: DOWNLOAD from: steam game location windows best free horror games in steam steam deck can you mod games difference between steam room and sauna does steam games work on mac