Steam eu4steam view game achievements BLADE OF DARKNESS gameplay and now Music ah Music and Music ah Music late Music yes Music ruins and such a show is good e blade of darkness or childhood for those who dont know it so they dont know it in this so-called blade of darkness which is a remake of blade edge of darkness I know my English is terrifying too so my mouth is a little dry but hey its a game that came out a long time ago when I was a dwarf long before the dark souls rain but long before them then and there are many people who believe that the dark souls drink from this game because it is screwed up, it has a screwed up combat although I think if I remember correctly that it was quite crude at the time it was a combat of a lot of movement to counterattack and all the stuff and I dont know, I dont know exactly if they modified this a lot in the remake. I think that the remake has more or less improved it graphically and so that todays operating systems work, but it gives me To me it s going to be just as rough Im sure I think they released them on the sun in 2021 it could be the remake no Im not sure it doesnt put it here yes October 7, 2021 the developer was reb the arch acn studios the game really came out for many people it was a lot of games but it went by for a while without pain or glory and it stayed there in oblivion there was never a second part its a shame because - I think there was no second part and you never get to see it and the city is pretty good At the time it was quite a pity because it seemed incredible to me at the time it was extremely difficult for me to play it because I found it super difficult I already said it I dont know today how the theme of the game mechanics will be but it could be that They are between outdated and very crude, I dont know whether to throw the computer out the window, but I remember it complicated but well, I think that to see the introduction I have to put the game directly, I dont know if it will be heard in Tehran for that you see it sometimes it takes a while to get it out but lets go I have to enter the game and and I start the introduction there is no you dont see it inside and its a bit well see if I kiss it or security asks how about you are a new little game good new a new good well we ll see lets take this away Im going to give it and youll tell me if Im very strong sorry whats happening now the moon will be stained with blood the sun will darken the earth will be covered by the waters from their places in the firmament the vulgarities 30 venues about all fire and grain bombs in fact to find it Music Music Music ride of the next I forget to say it is a Spanish game and here in Spain they have made quite a few very good games but its a shame of the game ended a little in oblivion lets see speak no but the problem is not really because I spoke because this is set a little high the kinematics now we will see it well I am seeing that the game is not seen in it or that and The cinematic has been seen but the game is not how is this, those from the colony, it cant be, I swear that I entered before and the game worked, this is a joke, it cant be, come on, it cant be 2 and but I think the moon has I was kidding, no, but this cant be the case. I think that before now its okay and now why now because well, in what a fright we ve given ourselves a little high, at least the kinematics well the kinematics dont matter so much in principle so that When I speak normally, the volume of the game is usually lowered so that it wont be so loud, the important thing is now going to be within the game. It was possible to play with more willingness, lets see what happens as for the issue of the controller, I dont know, it will go very well because I remember it being a bit strange to play with the controller, but it could be that if its not a travel diary, menu select enemy go throw block and select it in mine special 2 turn around special 1 attack jump select the objects screen image move take out save weapons declare more than create shields rogue objects the controller lets see if it works cool good lets see whats up and others start well we had four characters I this as they are I really like how the character is chosen because it moves you around a stage in a pretty cool way we have the warrior the barbarian jorquera or amazon I am not very clear what this is and the dwarf is devastating and we are going to see you through the map, it would be quite nice that when you move and the guy comes out like this next to you, you get statistics because I think you only get them because of the ships that come in and come out, it s not very cool, he also came out alive 100 attack 1 defense 1 age 40 height 180 weights 78 specialty bow and shield information men-at-arms the knights of the realm base their success on their organization ón is a knowledge of the art of war superior weaponry for both attack and defense Music lets see it is very likely that although I usually be and sword your face Music life 80 I think they have less life than the other attack two defense zero age 25 height 225 2 meters 25 the host those 130 with a specialty ax and sword of humans information the barbarians are a proud independent pole they do not pay tribute to any power nor will they recognize any lord above them they only respect force of the weapons and the wisdom of Chinese elders, yes, I notice the sound a bit strong I dont know how you notice it now at most a little more and I lower it myself here that I could also do it like this Music 4 Music was life 60 attack 1 age 19 height 170 weights 58 kilos specialty spears adventurers travel the world in search of legendary treasures determined angels daring came in two and not It is rare to find them, it is only a group wandering the roads teaching the wars Music a __ city has gone to 120 this seems to be the one that is most alive has attacks all defense water old 153 these 260 pesos 80 kilos that arrives to chamartín information for generations the dwarves have searched for the most valuable metals and jewels in their hard but peaceful life it has become a strong but easy people I think I feel like it I almost went with people who go with their backs but this time I think that Im going to try the pizza from the western Music tutorial lets see how it is going to see how it goes with the controller I didnt know you could compose the basic movement is to press the key to walk it s not uncommon to press to continue because I dont know It knows where to press to turn on your heels and it works much better with the Music controller, trying a little here in the tutorial to see how it works with the keyboard and games, Im quite comfortable or in the lt version in the meantime to move stealthily Music pressed to hit press such and then go to jump this short ravine and the jump is very weird press twice and then to jump this ravine and so it jumped more horrible then associate the First step, they could oppose or reduce tension when they reach the ravine to climb up to the side Music It seems to me that I always run Music It seems to me that its always correct but the camera to the camera can also move, look a little more and press x to open the gate Music the buttons work to see the door yes yes its a little rough when it comes to turning and moving but its not bad at first in the uncle runs that shame selects an extinguished torch impresses repeatedly never Music to this to change objects on the ground to look at a new train select ignition by pressing to view several times select a torch When you understand it, light the torch that you are holding by pressing the key. You must go through this wall of burning houses. Choose the object to burn by pressing x and fire so realistic. Open the door to continue ok. Pick up some objects from this room. cheese I think it always runs __ well get a little closer only good with the cheese and he pulls it as if there was no tomorrow but the food the portions heal your wounds now look for some portions option of 500 of life is it normal or what was another straight press to choose a position while it is visible to you press x there it is because you have not seen it because it is as you finish it oh well this what you have not seen the options appear up there now continue trying with other objects search for the key to the door before decide to try throwing an object I look for a stool 101 before pressing the rp key its all the sun they only have it remember that the objects to allow you to open the lock of the exit door I think he put the key between the stones it would be very strong in the game the use of weapons pick up a weapon or shield Music 2 Music that weapon belongs to your character and you will be va to go out with her the list of skills will be at hand in the journal pulse to continue Music also sound ok welcome another weapon you need sentimental theme me to continue or because if not you only have a bullet and a weapon from the dwarves Music 1 why Music yes it is a little rough and it has become rougher with Music with the weapon in hand Music as a school of at least two to continue Music ok can not only be used if you have a free hand in karate with the enemy second the rt key des in karate with irrigation by pressing the key that key if you press again you will have the weapons on your back by the back area you will be able to run faster jump further in character press the d keys e movement this movement rotates around the sun it is going to dodge to the sides press it is live in code it is called i love it is the game in which you see it Music what do you mean as I remember now we will try some basic blows but pressing a together with movement keys right because left Music 2 I lack energy for this attack high in guardian mate be traitor knight Music youre supposed to block but watch out you can only block when hes going to hit you its not like giving only that you can put the shield so they are hitting you in the ass they are fried but I do not know if with the shield it will be possible i Music when killing several enemies improve your combat skills everything related to the new skills will be in the high journal remember that with rtl you can move between enemies she says I have to admit that she is looking we must admit that dodging damn works a bit strange I think one has killed the other, it s not difficult, its difficult for me Music you Music it takes a while to jump back and to the sides to hit some bursts and Im already seeing it Music 1 ok and well demonstrated in hand-to- hand combat now well see how you manage with the bow and arrow Music to the bow and arrows although I have taken them to select a bow to select the quiver ok press the key and aim at the target that is In front of you, this with the bow is crazy, there is a goal order because when you have the target, let go, I dont understand why she shot that, that is, look at this __ , it is supposed that the normal thing would be, I dont know that you do this, aim more or less where she is for less You do that in most games, it did nt aim, its a little bit there and look where this is going, you know it doesnt make sense and it can be given for various reasons, at least to a team, hit the target with skill, the tutorial finished, I pressed like tram play play he forgot about the arches I swear I dont understand its one thing we wanted it how it works its also worth it that you can play with a controller the karakum steppes were left behind and with it its tall and fresh grass the sound of the waters through its streams the lonely shadow of a tree the wild wind and hawks hunting free the days of travel through the ancient lands of the tribe were like a dream before your eyes home the mythical land of your ancestors what mysteries what fate awaits you in the shade of its sacred places, surely you can tell me how that was heard Music and then that is how it is stored, that is, we start with something called the sword of chaos, it really strikes me that the first thing we find is that we carry the sword of chaos because it sounds a bit its water we could say that its much better that you can play with the controller we have a ladder but it also seems that we can continue down here you can see through down here first it has been heard very great I cant stop because of the adventure speaking seriously everything is good general it was the combat I think it is the roughest and what is going to scratch me the most in principle by the way look here it is this is supposed that we have skills for swords directly with two hands and axes that are of interest in their lives, it will pass, well see, I know how to do this and then we have skills for each specific weapon, for example, the sword of chaos, it seems that I need level 5 to To use that ability it seems to me like a fleeting death and here it would be we have no object it is unfortunate a list of objects that have a roll to heal you and well and other little things like the bracelet reduces the damage received the crown protects against fire It is a with simple rules, that is to say, it does not have a lot of things to freeze, yes, there are many weapons and many of everything, but it is not a weapon and the monoliths of the house, the elderly of l The tribe has entrusted me with the mission of traveling to Kasghar there is a consulate and consulting there with the spirit of Arran for some moons the peace of the steppe has been broken by strange signs when at night the empty plains of Cassette Kabir They are populated with shadows and demons, the warriors disappear, the women and children enter their tents while the old people tell macabre stories of bloodthirsty enemies and invaders from the north, and then there is something that I know about specialties and secrets that it seems that right now it wont let me get inside. what I see and expect for a second was the same and its already on one side Music yes he didnt look to me it doesnt seem good to me but that its level 2 now that I think about it at level 2 Music I dont know why but it has something that reminds me a bit of the first tom raider but its not that there are many things at the moment Im a spider ah ah damn Music 1 but it doesnt get to hit it buddy now and if youre with u na araña I dont want to imagine with smaller characters what we are giving the low cut in the core below seems to hit it directly but its okay, the low blow works much better for this and a complete portion if we dont look come here surely we would not have caught the bow I imagine that they would catch it later and at least we have already discovered what is the attack that must be made to the said studies because they bring us a little back and it is that I did not think that it had hit me so it has that vibe 2 old video game gossip is hard for me we are leveling up because there is blood here green there are two spiders the number on the top blue is supposed to be the level and the number on the bottom is life 2 and we have even gotten the hang of this a new one hey how it is saved here if it is saved ostias big interface degree to see how it looks big on something bigger and this this does not seem to look bigger it is a little more g Im sure those bugs made that continuous noise until they were killed with you Im also telling you something I dont know how the hell Im going to jump here and Applause easier to kill than I thought Tomás at level 2 how the hell did they die so easily to press this so that exactly to see this its okay now we could do the fury attack from what I see gladius shields there is a potion I think that these positions you cant like its not okay that when leveling up as said before life goes up see if this really works so it has made the fury easier action is what I thought if it is done I bet it puts some fine hosts there is one thing that I am not very clear about the shields and all that I am going to need stopped because you can choose the weapon and the shield that they just had but hey if you think about it I can throw no thats the test the first bug I see Im going to do the test to see if it can be thrown and the club is dark the same comet I think you can even grab the arms and legs of the bugs to throw them and you can throw them that way I remember one of the buttons half the time you and with the shield you cant protect yourself from what Im seeing damn good technique good good technique so they have to approach them it seems perfect to me and then the total costs you ca nt take the loaves and keep fabrics and some potions you can keep them and such in the inventory but there are some other things that you cant for true we have raised defense 4 and to power 7 before I think it was at 0 and 1 or so I think we are being this I think it is exactly where we have gone before the dark souls circle clings and where I did not seem to see 1 Now I remembered the place this where you were going to the host but but up there there is a switch for that door but I can go up here point my goodness two elbows with and I think it is going up m And here, yes, you have to be able to, but not now, thanks, I dont know if that jump can be done if you told me that rollán, feel that when you jump, it will stay there on the stick to be composed, but I highly doubt it because it seems to me that there is no way to save I think you spend what he is all of this or you eat __ or the glutton how are you and if so my goodness Music look there was the milk greeting bye bye ah Music the turn is is glorious I get it I cant get the other one dead anymore because he hits her or her partner it seems to me this what is this is a game from when I was very puny what when I was very puny I had this game its called late the edge of darkness now its a plan releases a remake and its called blades of the art next and I have to say that practically this is as if it were the father of dark souls I think that almost everyone who plays it says hell its the roll that has difficulty its there I get it no Applause because I knew it before Next and now no no why not no but I dont understand it because given what has been achieved and now no dont look I do nt understand but why it doesnt come out no no it doesnt make much sense that is, it should appear as a yellow cut this is one of the things I found myself a bit of the game uncle that to get to do the attacks you went crazy guide and it doesnt make sense because this attack is only to do at the same time to the right plus the and another of the same does not come out god and me Music high cut no its no we didnt come black no I ca nt get machos and the special attacks dont come out I dont know how the hell I dont understand before Ive done it and now it doesnt come out no and to the side and to the side but what happens I have to hit it before but no no minister no how can it be that before the adobe I let it try it has come out and now I am incapable but no Applause no no no no no no no well he couldnt make the first attack more normal 8 you tell me no no dont look at that but why not or it goes through what Im doing with it with the keyboard but no but no but no no it does nt make sense no no no I dont find much sense in this the truth is that it is so __ difficult to do this __ book no hello bye I quote how are you Music no 2 are cute I dont know very well it seems a bit strange to me that the steps are so complicated I remember that it was complicated but at this level it seems a bit strange to me and if I cant do special attacks I will measure to the south it is seen as when you pass by a corpse he starts to look at the corpse I dont understand why you play blade of darkness its a very old game but remastered I cant with the store what I got before but now it wont let me is that its already sold its your attacks that he can do a couple no and other times no but because other times he wont let me attack back Applause trump I mean this doesnt make any sense either I mean no but I have to look at myself good good or if I cant, if I cant do the special attacks, youll tell me, you can go up on that side now Im dancing, I dont understand others, the truth is that I played weird, I dont understand anything, I dont know about here, very families, a point up there ok 2 what is it I do nt understand about the attacks the problem I had was this that you wanted to do the special attacks but since they almost didnt come out they hit you in the face all the time I mean the jump seems more magnificent to me the jump seems something to me magnificent I came to go and there it goes towards the door and this that is that turn always goes it doesnt seem like it comes out anymore when you have someone marked curious way dramatic shock and then loaf Music I could not pass in one life position now I dont need Music the potion is a host see if there are potions that I cant take the functions of 50 out of 150 that is that of 500 out of 1000 you look like that how much life is that and so its a potion of a thousand of life who is the being please you cant teach yourself the portion of black dont show it to me I dont know what happens now and moscow its a while the game the truth humble life yes I have 180 and this function It does nt even look like the one above if those 1000 life dont have a full life and its the bag of travel rations. they kill you it seems that you eat __ from the time Music and it seems that you can also go there and a closed door down there Music that is to say first here first there man and apples and a potion yes I can take a then that portion is ah worth 500 and this is the thousand pieces of emotions to which there is a man to action and they stick together so I have made it slip between them be it for care you have to take you know because if it kills you, thats it, but why does it go up? a very little bad that button this 5 apple life the virgin ah Music the bastard falls separates from the box when eating bastard we cut half a level missing to reach level 3 that we have here a good piece of it is a sword of the chaos too many objects of this type seriously and a cheese down there I think Im not going to take it at first because surely I know that thats good surely they put it on me 40 life Im going to wait for them to hurt me and if there are things for the command Later, I can always go back and move on because if we are talking about a game that you cannot save, then if I do, I cannot take that sword, well, yes, I can wait a second, oh, they break too much, it is the object of this type of host that weapons break. you and this cant be opened I didnt know good guy lets see here good better resistance 100% not what I think because its the gladius it doesnt say it has resistance so I dont really know what it means o well if we are going to see what is here at the moment the goblins or whatever that is not that they are being very complicated I can not make the attack if it is not against someone the question is if I go through here I will be able to go up here again I think it gives a little the feeling that if you are the worst room Music I cant go up youre telling me that I lose the cheese and the things that were out there that you have bastards why sons of __ uncle yes they dont get lost those who look worse are supposed to be carrying a potion lets go he just blew up his colleague good and great colleagues I dont know the handsome fine Music with less evil lets kill less bad level 3 dodge attack right 1 is supposed to be that one made of wood look at the portion of life now I dont need a __ the truth is this is good for me Music the __ thing is that if they kill each other but that in a beautiful experience that is this was basically but no, and if I dont have it, that is, if I remember correctly, I think that the special attacks made a kind of Music when the shot was hardly noticeable, the attack in green, that white line that it makes was of another color, but in this case, not I see that he does it so apart from that I think he should put some side attack I dont know what if it would be to see more of what we dont have and I dont know maybe that he does it by hitting someone the manzanitas 9 of not being able to save is a bit crazy Music I get the feeling that you cant jump there I provide too much theres a job for churros you have a lot of rock and dead why would I try it but I dont know what happens if I jump what the hell havent you known exactly as I expected but well something has been done and the night of the houses there is usually something going to go up not enough of the non-basic funk of bread that is still around that is, yes there are things inside the look since most of the things they find You can see that if they go through an area that you cant go back to, you lose them, which is a pretty big stitch. Get over it, freak out, it was a very good game, but well find it very cool, but the condors are cough, we wanted to. I also tell you that with the controller it improves when he tried it with the keyboard. It is very clear if you can jump around here, that is, I see it too much, we are jumping, it is very far, you better, but if I control super two things, but I feel like many, God, I saw it, the ones that could have improved a remake, but improvement is a bit for at least but two elbows Music Music but ostia that there was another one behind you its so hard to hit them he said and theres that attack I just wanted to __ it cant be the enemies come out again Music no well as they come back to sa fight the enemies seriously Music a mass that manzanero that has there is a broken sword and it was good for you God quoted if you dont know it for whoever has come new this game is Spanish that many years ago this is a remake is a game that I used to play when I was very little and it freaks me out. Lets go I think that at that time I said this is the most incredible madman that I play in my life there are many people who believe that this game inspired dark souls because of how complicated it is and all the roll and the way to have a more elaborate combat that is, this game has this and a combat more elaborate than skyrim imagine but if the controls are 2 we wanted and you are telling me that they are going to appear and if he did not kill him it looks pretty good that the cons Music this also in the end you have to get used to when the easiest thing I upload experience I thought its not worth it but I dont know its like they reappear all the time Music you are not telling me that I could form here what I wanted Music Music here I already killed it interesting because it doesnt seem like a few appear and thats it I thought it was going to be something boring and appear for a while its just that the controls are what they were 20,000 new years ago super rough and right now that a while ago I was about to start playing one day surely the first tom raider can do it and if you see how the controls are mother of god Music seriously with free there is nothing Music and above it seems It may be that you can upload the question is where I find the first chest and there is nothing fantastic Music that is difficult to move Music not normal that they are __ to these bugs Music did you see it or did you not go through it yet there I dont really know what you mean wow Music I mean they vomit these weird payments Music and Music this Music the chest that had nothing because you would have already opened it no no no I dont know why not I had nothing and he had only opened it what these bugs are bad dude Music you have to be really bad for this to break a lot of buildings around here so I do nt know if it can be done Music but this is the only one made of solid wood doing 150 life this one isnt I can take it, this building can be more me and before those guys were at the turkeys and they were already leaving potions around that an egg annoys you, say it annoys me Music so hard now its harder Im thinking it cant be done go up to that building jumping from this block no it doesnt look Music that 2 kos want and rough the eggs before it will be that the way of saving it will be continuous so I Music says no because before the games they were difficult to true and here I can not do anything and if I could do something burn is open before the games were I think you have to spend the entire game together the stone but the entire map will not be called until you reach the next area or something like that Music long man, long live Music Music he poisoned me what a bastard Applause Music Applause thats why there are people here thats the attack I wanted to do with the poison how long does it last uncle the crazy man how long does it last the poison go or the jump has fallen and the boat fell over I hope it has fallen and died Music it has fallen and died Music ah ah the others that is that in their time that would be true because it has left me a bit caught Im going to see if theres some life around you, which is that the game before was like this and positive what a cloth look 1 poisonous for now its a radio and nothing could have sent meat somewhere but no I know, man, theres meat here, Diego, how can it be, how can it not be stored? I dont know how to store it, however, arriving at certain places that at the moment have not told me anything, they have not told me, you have reached a checkpoint, I have no idea. of what can happen if I die you can open your I will invent what that gave me asked a while ago you can open this where it puts the attacks it puts this which are the objects that you can find in games that are many objects that are not weapons and armor weapons because armor you can not carry that is something else that calls me quite a lot of attention and the inventory basically is hitting the arrows look you change between the potions that you have found you give it here you change between the weapons that is the inventory actually I remember that game does a little inventory development then here are the shields Although shields, this guy does not use sights and the resistance is, it seems that it is the garma condition that happens, maybe stopping the attacks, but if I think that for the attacks with this, with this turkey, I will not know at all inventory inventory there is no invent the classic that if you think about it also this way of changing the weapon also has a bit of the dear soul roll that is, it is not exactly the same but dar soul also has to put on weapons and things like that and its like that I dont know I take a bath after killing bugs that if it falls to the ground the exhaust dies what happens it doesnt have to save dont look uncle then return to the game rolex exposure attack block take out weapons cycle shields nothing man nothing I imagine they are fly checkpoints Music Applause Music and all the cheating that they have done to me Music look, its just that I wanted the emotion of life of 500 of a __ __ this next one it can save and it seems that it can carry 4 Im supposed to be able to go up here but if I crouch down I can pass well it looks like they were hidden here after a year like that out there thats it and 1 land that I would say arre Music every time yes who he risks giving them there so that happens that is another thing as I know Music I am going to look for the internet about the gua what about going out and such because it leaves me a little more leaves a little like that thinking Music it seems to us from the old days give to escape to the game game save game I m going to look at it to see if such a game can be saved the hate ok ok I was saying damn whats next we can save it so its not so complicated in that sense thank goodness you know I was thinking but I better I had said it but dig instead of going out, well, it didnt come out here and you do nt see save, well, you stay a bit saying __ in this game and you have to admit now that the graphics have improved a bit but we must admit that this one played At the time, the gang that saw it went crazy on the issue of weapons, how dense everything was, at that time there were no juicy ones and this style is very elaborate and there are many people who said, what a game it was, but today it is very rough if it werent so rough right now yes a round but for me to entertain you and such Music in a balloon so I would like for that to be less rough that the attacks were easier to do although sometimes you wont see and the drunkards the host that just hit me has been final he just hit me a host and this is the note that brings the fire so close that we are going to laugh I see that around here you can continue flame I hit a host fifa where I am Music I have seen how orbán breaking up parts of the ground so that you cannot go back to the things that you have left lying around or thank goodness that you have told me that I think that life day I shielded wood three shields equality Music thank goodness look at a bottle of I think you can only drink this, you cant take it with you Music this is outrageous and on top of these you also have to look in many places because 20 who knows what is leaving you there okay this is the output from before it would nt be a stone this could use it a lot more the twist this twist comes from __ and Im not using it hello Music there s that touch too much Music these guys are bad although I have the memory that you end up facing a Dodgy balls people but dodgy dodgy we hit 17 and the desire to play ended like this it breaks thank goodness that by hitting it several times well for level 4 we now have a new one who is a bodyguard to hit something that comes from behind what a host good god now Im at that point there are a million places I want to see but its dead 280 of life dad I imagine there will be no kidding Music there is supposed to be here Music I can kill them from here I have the Music deluxe Music 13 life scales so crazy around here in principle you couldnt not see any way to open anything worth down there were also things to see and up here youre also going to see me spin around in a pretty way crazy look there it looks like you can go up the question is how can I go up and throw myself there Music I think there was no rise there no Music I think I couldnt go up there but there is a hole for me there terse Music back Music damn so yes you can go back from there Music nothing was thrown here but put a little bit of a year you ca nt either and I think that jumping there you cant then like your dreams like this that you can skip here Music Music these are those little things of text games that later drove you crazy because they wanted to put you somewhere and you had no idea how they were made Music a punishment what is __ __ good to know what when I would have kept is very roll with an and luckily there were fat people that environment character development with the total if it happens that there are more people Music the virgin Music is a game that when you press him to do something the the game takes a little bit to react we could tell from that position I could have left it there Music in some cases that guy who looks at things and wonders how the hell am I supposed to go Music shakespeare how Im supposed to When you get there, there is a hole at the top, but I imagine you cant break the door, but you see, I could get on and jump to the other side, but it wont let me go up there, so I dont know, and from there I dont think you can jump, the only place where you could jump I think this is from being here next door but lets go I havent seen anything good were here to be released I dont have a problem Music and Im also controlling the character better but we ve already said that it couldnt be done here Music here is this window Music but I dont know Music I highly doubt that from that window I doubt it but we go a lot Music why because the tombstone appears because the name of the tombstone appears sanz I cant do anything no It makes a lot of sense to me a door I imagine it cant be broken although you can only break the doors that look super 8 Music I have no idea how maybe you can jump through the window but I do nt know miss ía Music well Im not going to eat my head anymore __ bastard Im full of spikes I hadnt seen Music it bothers me a lot God knows that there is a place that it seems you can enter and not be able to enter Music it does strange things Im thank you life that he has been doing here for a long time the movement has become clear even the music is also a little bit there I am with him Music and thats it Music quite a lot of discussion Music above are the notes those over here you can skip and back no do nt put time passing Im controlling the character a little more but it costs Music it costs a bit I love the twist its wonderful why bocha is silly I know its a 150 potion and now we can do it this is the most Its easy to do. It seems to you that it always comes out. Its a chalice to throw at the host. The best thing about those positions I cant take them, it doesnt make any sense Music and up here way to go up Music up here c I think the bugs were there, what is this but this is useless Music the hair Music a lot of __ has come here defense 2 power 13 level with each level the defense increases more than the attack from what I see percent as I have already saved Music it will be very different to play with the other characters I think this is the only place we can say I imagine Music to so many places you dont know very well Music or how handsome Music the combat is quick zero uncle 0 at least we have learned to keep this area for this damn a piece of bread good at least since 61 like the dark souls that you keep there in a corner in the campfire and it comes out all over again Music I dont even know where like this Music all the time I think there are more things but all the time Music 3 a shield round shield that looks better than ours although I already tell you that a man is not written and these of those things that I would not put for what You want to open that, that is, if you told me that it has been difficult to enter here, why the hell do you want to open that Music, you can and I think the only place you can go is Music and I hope you can do somersaults Music and Music Music yes no Music I just made a capture with the controller making an attack it doesnt cost a lot to do the blows you want for example this is the normal blow if I want to do a blow like that now it has done it and it is what it costs I would like to know if you can change this if it would make it faster Music you ca nt change it Music I dont know if it is here that you can Music move forward Music not see press to configure a key and to delete it Music the controller I think it wont let me it wont let me change it it lets me change it is that I think the attacks would be better with the arrows I think it would be better than the arrows no yes it plays better with him the attacks can be made much better with him, no Music and now I dont know, I think it plays much better with the attacks with the keyboard and the mouse Music since its round like that, so its how we can make a crescent if such Music the The command doesnt take well attacks like Music i Music takes attacks well Im going to play without a side Im not going to have to learn the other in attacks even the different one if I could put the other thing on the command the crosshead I have to learn how only this is the exact jump is the right button actually this to stop what you never use it because you cant keep it on to stop you dont have to stop it at the moment its like a kind of a vine Music double this to run is infinitely better handled with the keyboard and the mouse Music that was the first the attacks come out the first time Music I dont understand that very well no Music everyone or this what the hell does the moving arrow mean e forward that I have to run or how is this dodge attack to the right with the controller it was much easier this no 1 it could be that but it is not forward so Music it is this attack but it did not mark me a little strange Music ok this would be for such a space I swear its useless quite strange with games this to keep the sword and if I want to turn what do I have to do Music this for lots of life this to launch just jump block control q to launch for faith stealthy and use save weapons caps what to declare maxwell at times 2 tap select an object space select objects from the high spin Music left and right special no hello Music to learn how to bring this Music this for options and xesus seen shield up sword ok ok then that would be to select object this to save the weapon so it was not supposed to be to turn e Music turn around loudly only to confirm the Music key well Music its supposed to come in through the window its all male to come out so its true that its a little better to run with it with the Music control because you have to hit that the function is to hit this to keep advancing Music that is how it is supposed to be how it is supposed to be done to get on something prominent that it is easier to fight but ostia moving is a bit like that I was wondering if I could go up there going from roof to roof to the other place but for me it doesnt matter to me and those who dont seem like you can go up here jump to that one and go up to the roof its curious that It looks like its on top of minutes, not in these people that I have to go up there, I __ my milk, what a jump friend, go jump, Winston, I dont know, I dont know Music but I dont think its possible, and the fact is that you seem to be nothing else I just usually do There, the first time I saved, look for a skeleton and Music its scary for the attack, you them and no, and Id say like a __ , the attack does it right away, if that could put the keys moving, Ill shoot fine, and theyll be the biggest problems Ive seen. to this podium that you wanted to do the special attacks and you threw yourself for a while and while I was holding back smacks I dont remember you its clear I will forget some of the keys that I already knew with the others not from a thousand doors Music I cant go up there Seriously, you cant jump and go up there, what faster thing is it worth, we have this one, by God, I bet as an example, that is, a skeleton and children, you at the top of 6, active as soon as I know they kill each other, I dont care 1 better with him 1 goes much better with him with the remote gave the remote control mate that the remote is not so complicated mate to the keyboard mouse and remote is not so difficult damn __ god damn we need the key we dont have the key Music but I was p Reading better with him, do you want to explain to me what is the use of this site to go back down, life has ended the future too or the key Music and ok if they kill each other you do not receive experiences they are very good yes and the jump revealed that it has stuck the secrets are much more without years that mechanics you activate something and it sends you and with the camera to the fifth drawer not this year well a drink I take off Music or or what should be done here if it doesnt stop that is true complicated complicated this door I imagine that later it gets better, they dont even open and of all to know, I mean, they really dont have to, ah, why do you put this here if it doesnt lead anywhere, difference, unlike the first, always with the keyboard with it with the remote. It can happen that its true that its easier for certain things okay I want her to know that this was here the bridge is loaded and you cant go back this doesnt mean anything but walking alone there is also a moment Some rocks have to fall and, well, several strange moments, why have you made me say that if I keep going up the __ , no, Im going to see if I can, once and for all, look at this sign, no, and that makes me feel fine, its because it hasnt given it that hello hello Music eclipse at level 75 what the hell does it mean less 5 d + 20 defense fifth defense but removing puts 20 attack ah the souls are removing defense host dark moon eclipse weapon he couldnt do that sword attack and he has handed a weapon eclipse sword this is not a hand ax I cant do that sword attack two hands better the back is connected this is going to hit a lot harder sword and he has thrown his hands per kilo Music below not from some monumental hosts but a world this comes from interesting smacks yes less experience abbasi times or increase difficult or not a stone that I roll starbucks is a detail you gave a weapon if they seem others the mother me to the hosts that it hits its like you touch him too much Ive seen how the cuts are noticeable in the back now raúl how is it made it puts in a lot but much more here we go than in anything else yes Im eating some impressive hosts I eat worse 1 that is the attack and miami how it hits is also that I have been with a ciborium guy for a few days well for the moment here at least in my house he is not doing much at least that is fine not on that side it is fine I have less desire before the heat arrives, really, male, every time I face a skeleton it makes me fine it makes me very fine Music but they will open like some lever that will be around soon I want to see the souls that there are supposed to be a sword jagged that is called a healthy chaos assassin that is not that the attack is called a chaos assassin that who knows what a jerk that has to hit that fallen angel wind of hell the one that I do not understand very well is the one of is evade attack left and right at you or that forward arrow I dont understand it very well so that as I write to you and this at level 7 has a dark knowing what it does thats okay this I cant is dove stopped us hands and the blow from heaven and Fury is only possible with an ax present, okay, theyre going to lock me up with a host of rabble Music of God, well, they re killing themselves and I cant get the experience. I dont know where the host name I keep no real mother okay well were not that far but Im running out of milk reading Music they are backwards not like the other 1 has already been charged no I mean god sucker thats a problem if I know they kill each other the experience you are not taking it ok well I think I should have saved before going into that room because miami now that they have hit me dv they kill each other hello or it doesnt seem to me to emerge box is __ I read it Music no and I dont want to say that it hits all of them but the hell I __ the milk as it should and yes the hip box of the game has little problems for years it doesnt mean anything but little problems well also those 10 points of life there that have been gone out Music all this and I hadnt kept it they call them the difficulty is very difficult sometimes its that when they hit they practically always hit you but when you do me you man __ here there was one I think I should already have one this like this way the body Full of cuts as Im busted Im there Music Music I should have cured myself the bastard is that it always gives me good well thats all the ones that shouldnt be so difficult the beginning gives me a little bad to show some cures lets Heal us for 19 also for things Music and were going to play it and Im going to save of course okay lets save I dont know clearly the turkey that goes with the shield I imagine that it will continue to break the shields I guess oh and I think it was here where the cholera has lasted for me Applause very well but not __ bad ally without a shield Music well until it was simpler we have to because at 8 hello s the gil box is crap no one really throws potions or anything well yes they have killed me from the host austria 1 so they had killed me far away male I think it was here where the day was already stuck Music exactly but lets go to this chalk room Music Applause Music and on top of that they eat it Music I m not going to get out of there like the hell Im going to get out of there Music ah Music ah Music 2 well Music lets see why why what doesnt it give Music Music and a little while watching but the truth is that I see little hello Javier I did not understand very well what you are trying to tell me to see little the game is very dark Music but like the hell Im going to load these people Music since it is not that it takes away much from them that with this weapon a Music will kill each other I love it and Music they kill each other Music its complicated Im starting to remember how bad this was, the place is this ax didnt take away anymore because it doesnt take away now either Music 1 Music Music Im giving Paula the mother who gave birth to me to go, what a barbarity Music I mean, a game that puts you in such a small room and the combat crushes you in this way so there will be a way to have fun but Im not trying Music Music on top of another Music dont hit each other Music Music oh what has killed us he doesnt die and hits me all the bread and background coming out more has seen the host that they hit each other is super ridiculous and others Music and I really hip boxing doesnt make any sense is that it doesnt make any sense Music you can make them kill each other because of what Im seeing but its not It makes sense is that you hit him and you dont hit him, youre a meter away and he doesnt and das I dont know if this game is valid without its time but I __ in milk Im going to dodge them until they can get pearl its a host in some way but I __ in a whole wiggles Music Music you have to stop that it practically kept up and more if you dont gain experience but Music and they kill each other but I couldnt give it even one more land Music its the camera i Music Music it was much quieter I think I didnt I dont even carry one Music but after this eggplant that doesnt give you even a bit of life seems a bit brutal to me, its basically worth it if there are a lot of people let them kill each other even so hip box seems crazy to me this is super this is super from tom raider uncle Music what a way you didnt want what a way I cant but why do you want the juice man my colleagues that I loaded it with just one two girls just the same no but it hasnt come out all these people are the same just like skeletons not me And forgive them, they call everything again to alleviate it today to find here a little life male the origin of time the shadow of evil to date in Caión strengthens and emerges as a threat only the light of the just can stop it be brave in faith and persevere look for the island of the dead the temple of light and enter the door of the sheaths she will find the answers it seems very good we just passed the first map after two hours and twenty monsters and vermin stalked a sacred ground the evil creatures they have been expelled but they will return until evil is definitively defeated you have to look for the island of the dead the temple was fine and I have to choose where I have to go mines and yes oh okay you cant repeat it below the hub ostia some mines would be egg it seems to me I have been heard very very low the voice is the mines located under the mountain that the wehen are one of the main dwarven settlements in the region the iron to forge weapons and obsidian to carve sacred objects are their main riches. It is a very old procedure and known by all races and peoples from the central kingdoms to the seas, sea peoples, unlike the other cities of the dwarves that usually they have always been secret the dwarves have fought evil in their fortresses under the mountains they have accumulated knowledge riches and power with which to fight they dominated to recover their whole life at the expense of their mother no the movement of the uncle walking is marvelous it seems half to challenge you and the jump its spectacular its something we love from another time Music I dont know why but I imagine how people like it the stones are the way they do but I dont know how to defend myself crazy Music Austins cousin weve already been here and my colleague is It supposes that by choosing this I wont be able to go to the other side and Im blue and my leg forgives me now but hey Music its the only attack that can What to do with this is the one with the dark moon, the one to dodge, but I think it should be done that I never did it well 2 these are scopes in the case of the cameras ah go or go 2 I am covering myself nothing is that not even I dont even know how it really covers you if its this but its that it cant by the time I go to cover up Ive already been hit 18 hosts Music a sword with a broken shield ok no red I get myself lets go 1 mouth is good good Although I only do a lot, I think I have these, they are more bad than good and they have 100 life, they just played it for me, yes, 2, they just finished it here Music Russia, like summer, it would be quite nice to be able to save roll f5 from well __ just sorry to Music the bastard how they played me and I also tell you that it gives you time to hit three turns to the stone and its not that Im very smart and miami what movements my goodness what movements ah this does not do ni is missing and if I can pass it through Its from this that Im supposed to do more to him it doesnt happen he I dont understand yes no I mean you really have to do that yes no and its making me come on end 1 the bastard has made me dance Music seriously okay although I think that if you can jump to the best it is not high at the moment you should know which one is better Music look at a portion of 150 now now it gives me a portion of 5 why am I going to save a portion again Im going to say that this happens to me again I like it and what is supposed to have happened I dont understand what a rock is Music and archers it is beginning to have life or and he poisons the poisoned bastard and at first he began to see it done well but ostia when you have seen me the first poison it has not passed give me control adriano things were not going well anguish stimulate that now up to put it calls more better everything oh the goalkeeper has taken more than half my life ok oh for him of course they point a thousand times better than what Ive ever seen in my life oh I almost gave it Music we are discovering here some wonderful mechanics that has become smiling guztia what a game all the orc that water water now the stone is dry damn what a bastard how much does the first one give me Im an __ , that is, the hit box of this game works, roll, they give you everything, you give it from time to time, I __ my milk, it could be done much better to come back once Ive seen the bug, dont be apart, it gives me the feeling that Lets be very lazy, no, I dont know what would happen, sorry, as ordered, how the hell has it hit me when it hasnt done something very strange and that is that they always give you yes or yes and you dont do anything crazy to me sometimes yes that you turn other times I dont even know where the west ax is going, how is it __ , my goodness and that there was a moment when I was about to kill my porridge omar again well but man oh its not me it will be better if I continue with the normal pay that we do not cut it more defense is that I do not know and defense we have with this 12 and everything that is said nothing there is about to make the attack that attack is supposed to do me much less damage but well what for madness game wow I swear I was hitting better than with the ax I dont know why but I dont give people what a crazy attack is that one that takes more than half your life ah but play because maybe now more than before good well here we are freaking out with this __ the light option that this falls Music I did not remember that these are obviously horrible to stay to work the walls and is it running balls or the reception is that I do not understand if he took it I think so My goodness, how has it put me, we have to find a way to kill each bug, if things are so narrow or I see this, yes, 4 is a shame because if it charges me, I know something else, it will surely level up and it would give me the sword of death. sorry to the is to death 40 god it seems to me they could have used it I could have been cured just killing screwdrivers Im not going to spend that time that the juice is too complicated Im going to load there Ill be because were like throwing potions now I cant load them skate potions Music oh I dont see going back to the sea it will absolve what bad luck of a flower and on top of that the poison sought ends July move back balls sword orca nothing but now I dont know no to death cutlass sword the truth values ​​ and the key took it directly damn male ah what a barbarity Music this __ okay we are at level 5 because of the caps sword I could do this attack, that is, they are giving me weapons that later, since I do not have a level, I cannot do his special attack, that is, not luxurious anymore it doesnt make any sense anyone can do this but no these are all it does nt make any sense to me but well this weapon is double and another thing I dont really know what to do if Im supposed to throw this Music and get to a point where if I dont have that sword I basically have level 5 with the sword of the KO I could do that but with this one not to be more I need level 8 but only to contain level 8 I they give in the next in command scythe or something like that which makes a lot of sense its for two hands so now I do have this to do the fury I guess this fury is like hitting that power 50 defense 6 weather what else I blow it up ok and I dont know if I can do something finer than and Music dead its supposed to be gain forward and backward no or no I do nt know how to do this now Im level 5 but I dont know how to do this Music the theory a color should come out Music what that is fleeting death my name I dont think so Music no I dont know how dark it will be I ran out of milk Music 1 loaf of bread that by the way mistreated me quite funny because its supposed to will make a loaf of bread are 10 life an apple 5 and we go for it with 500 and peak of life it is not that it makes too much sense good school everyone Music commission for asia easy the truth is that we must admit that they are not __ to put it just happened like all the doors They give me a bit of a bad mood 5 and a lot of people out there and have a lot of life to the bugs it has killed one of their own or has taken it how are you Music so they stick together the fact is that They make me lose experience, that is, the dick is not there, in fact, the care you have to be in got trapped, imagine Music Music It was perfect, they have a blowout, not to mention more than a lot of seaweed because I keep losing experiences because they kill each other yes Music yes the poison could take a little longer to wear off like one is complicated enough ok one is complicated enough damn we are outrageous but look here is the fool to the west, where a chasm is removed, it ends up giving dio Music look at that and more than that this what gives you the one who is right now behind the bread is a skull male host you have to fight carefully many things medium here then too many thats why we came at the beginning I need the places look ah Music yes youre getting nervous 2 and what is this supposed to be Music the technicians Music the anger Im getting we dont already know that thats out there but I see a lot it continued for what it was I imagine more lacking in several things out there I dont know what a maze maxwell Music a portion of life of 500 and we have 3 a client but it seems a bit labyrinthine specific it has all the earmarks that gem is needed that to enter or something like that, the better his weapon is for this guy, but were going to defend ourselves curiously, as if it doesnt stop here seriously Music someone else is already watching me from the back Music that s why Music ah but could how do I turn here Music so how do I get that guy to come where I am with the bow oh look now hes coming for what reason and and that he doesnt carry a sword he hangs whether or not he poisons but we are going to put the broth until it stops attacking the guy no no no and he has left me with three life and the water because yes at 3 life he left me with the water where did this note come from Music ah damn the 500 yen potion didnt even finish curing me Music yes well and and with heels and ah a somersault to break things and and although the attack has been s hello which male was trying to do the attacks Music Julia I can do it to activate the right I tell you it seems very strange really good there is attacks that I dont know how condition and but hey its a trio with a bow bah I loved the jump it has been spectacular good jump I admit it I find myself it seems where you find casino everyone says that the dark souls delivered a pretty good copy One of this game and if it is a roll of soul from 200,000 million years ago, what happens is that it is, lets say, remastered no no 1 I dont understand anything and attacks that I dont know if Im doing them look, you put it or maybe it you find wow well there are many people who think that when they made so soul they paid a lot of attention to this game and the truth is that yes but then a fight almost couldnt do it no I think you have to jump but I dont know you can see that it doesnt work when I had to hit it, I dont know Music and sorry, its not worth it, it doesnt come this far at all, it will have to be opened with something, I suppose with the yolk, not like it could jump, but it wont jump like that, mine didnt expect that jump around you can but this wo nt be years ago why maybe you should have gone up or down there for a moment to see what there was to know where I am the first part and in half or not they just took a pretty nice amount of life from me that it would p For you where to take away my life as it goes 1 As a magda aura in father in all things created the primal chaos and how by separating them informs the moon the darkness giving them life and own thoughts and how through the creation of the other gods he stopped feeling lonely oh take that position the best thing is a bit cant take long how dark the set is a potion of life like too many objects of this type are you telling me that you can only have a full drink no no the question is how Drica now leaves because it is Alcalá and by the way and that route is not stable to narrate the history of creation as it is known in the ancient kingdoms and it was written in Yásnaya for Levi the senate book the priests of Aury love in them se find the runes of power gift of the woolen to defeat evil and keep away from the land of threat of chaos destroyer bearer of the sword must place the six routes on his sacred altar and like this, attracting the power of light seems very good but listen to how he gets out of here because it hasnt arrived and I dont doubt that they can arrive there either, he is saying that there is no switch, nothing to empty this, what I want will be the games from before, he cannot It might be that I have to shoot you, youre kidding like that, to ride a lot, yes, here, but quite good, its not going to be that it doesnt always look where we are. the potion your treasure you can have you can only have one child the thing is scarce because a lot and its worth here Im missing out there around here too if there is a god that an ear for example here was a in this that you are now thinking in this not for why or not it is spectacular I know where I am you could come up here you had thought to come to me and I kind of ask for this wood because it has calmed down yes and I the wine oh you to measure It doesnt look like you have to push this no no not just because I have and Im going to be hitting some beautiful laps like it looks on this live site here it will be put on the table it is telling me that we have to find three gems and that will surely open this Im running out of places where there was a bug that I had been persecuted for but two days and I cant see it here if I remember correctly I think that bug is around here I think so Music oh you could have fallen Music Music Music Music but many paths Music level 6 I cant do anything and if the thunder hit Music if you say so Music Music 780 life Music today look at the bug of the gem in the fine position or not the fine position I have the gem because it is not an example now we are going to see the rest of the place what the uncle has put to broth, that is, and the key may have caught as little as possible with that you have to actually think you have to mark the distances more if you try to do the crazy attacks very close no its not going very well I would have to do so the one you have backwards is one day I could try it again to take stock and then there is the fury one that is more or less the same what makes it different next to this century is farfetched __ 1 I start to get them into some pretty important pineapples I am honest and look at June the one who released them it is possible that the enemies of this game if they are a specific enemy whenever they appear they will be the same of strong, for example, the orcs and we are simply going to find more and more tough people because it gives me the feeling a bit, by the way, there was a place that I forgot to look carefully, I dont know if it was around here, around here, dear, okay, this was where I was there, we found a place Music I think Music hes still recording but look around I think it was around here now that I didnt get to see where we were launching I think it was up here it could be yes Music today this was not the place this was that there was a rock that I could climb stronger m this was a place that I had thrown myself like the top I dont know if its that way I dont think it kind of had me thrown included on the one hand I dont remember the time for sure that around here not right around here where it was supposed to be yesterday to anger was this was okay friends but I think it was this it doesnt look campus well there is a way but there is a way objectively well to Music Music and up to date where we are it doesnt look like the part we have to throw the mine cart but it looks a bit true theres nothing in the meantime pots spider hands and sets the levels of each bug with Not some levels of each bug and I have the feeling that when I played this game when I was younger, I dont know how the bow was used, either to hit things and open them, but here I see that his passion 1 and it was here I got it they are going to make out come on come on Well, theyre going to mess up, how are they going to open those doors for me and theyre going to put Carlos in my life? At first, theres a lot here, its possible that they wont stop going out. that it would be impossible for you not to stop where to go out because if they are giving you experience what was only darker is that I have seen Music there are supposed to be torches but playing it all the time taking out one night trying would be like that no i but nothing no a cheese meat later this is quite a lot of food and Im going to eat a piece of meat I find some boxes oh or no its already good to kill the notes this before it happens 1 a fruit Music 8 it is stopping all the __ blows it seems silly that sometimes I dont move where I should move but you do nt see the issue of the controls in progress its not easy and the issue of the controls Music there was no Music and by the way Im thinking about the position of power the amulet the crown the bracelet all that where are the radishes 20 life left or the mushroom at no time have we seen it the travel portions that is the travel rations nothing and cojones is all that and the back has my anger hands 2 there I have to break everything I dont remember what was broken and what wasnt and before going for that were going to save it anyway Im going to leave the cheese and the meat there until I finish fighting damn lets see if I can charge the payment that before for your mind for this good agonies are coming until I freedom has already put me in Syrian I practically cant make the attacks 1 the shield I thought I had taken it away and no no no you cant take care of yourself for a moment old man the mother who took it it gave birth is that you cant take care of yourself for a moment damn it seems that those who carry the sword of orbital put to broth 1 no no to the wind to me well that yes that has fallen to see agony is this - here is supposed to be the ground for h to do something Music as soon as I stop and I eat it for everyone and 2 to the bastard back that is crazy I wait now and normal I dont see its that I dont see it normal from here its that he pulls forward came water and the sword passes through here I think its crazy crazy or it stops me all the attacks it also has balls where we are look where they are then its already in the place that would be missing or being me then I dont know Im missing something but I dont know what I have two of the gems, thats why wait for a while Music and it has never been able to, so I want the car thing to be missing, but Ive managed to make it blue Music and Music and the dance to me there was the green gem this This is where I just came from, I think I have to come here d and this is not where the car was that I couldnt do anything the first time I dont know if this is the same place it is the same 7 this is not the same place as other places that were It seemed to this war a potion would come that neither painted 2 I thought they were going to be like giant spiders power option but the potion is of powers increases defense power but for a while no __ look I dont know if something had to be done because it doesnt seem like it is our i and where not but wow how wonderful man and 1 it sounds like Ive been here oh and and I think it wasnt this earthquake but no this is useless Music the jumps are shitty oh and there is a potion and Music Music and something is something nice 1 how many we have three out of four the complete one that I dont understand is the portion of power and yes it will be permanent we are going to do the test we are not going to the test Music it gives you 48 power defense 80 this has to be permanent but come on Ill see You see if it is permanent you see 88 50 and the defense that we were in the mission at 70 this is a blissful range that prevails the question is when using it because I suspect that at most it will let you go and that iron key well well he was able to set a timer when how long it lasted is interesting 30 well and all the power in the universe would have seemed to stay red this is where he goes to party yes Music Applause Music they are not killing each other me I love it, ridiculous, that is, if I put them in, were going to talk to each other, if it kills half of me Music well, its interesting, the question is that you really kill it if you look at this game, how do you not kill the vast majority of enemies and then you will surely Im going to have a problem because you wont be able to have all the experience over time that I could know if you kill in more you dont have a place where experience permeates from what Im seeing in my mind I say I dont know if I should put that option against Mongolian train where Im not sure that in the end there s going to be some trouble here Music Applause the one that killed us this one dead each and every one of them in a slightly silly way but dead to Yes, I think that more than 50 low lives, there is a rather crazy number of paths, one can scratch labyrinths, but knowing could and around here it seems, even if I say that this looks like a cave, yes, it is a fight in which there is nothing, only wind waiting because if you go there because I want you to not even wear 1, well, we have the three gems and I sang the theme of the Pantene races, something that gives you 10 life when you already have 700 teams and how much life we ​​ will get, that is another which by the way now that I think about it Music there is a portion that recovers your ability but you can only really carry a wafer its a bit strange how that is done oh and I dont hear the next weapon it knows blades for the sword except its a katana Actually the blade is not here but the scythe is going to see well at this level I think we have uploaded 2 anguishes to the scythe it is not his but I tell you that in the end you are passing one weapon to another and you never really use it long special attack because you dont have the level to do it, that is, it will be hard for us to live at level 9 what level we are level 6 is that not the scythe I dont think it is considered his stick I say xpa 2 was 130 the truth do not see the hosts that they have leave you with zero defense the sword to the soul gives you 80 more damage than this but it takes away less defense which is considered one that I cannot prove if I imagine that it is considered to have been used but it is not but at least Im not going to try it but surely it removes more but not flower or fat Music and eating recovers life but Music the work lets see if I just did that is the blow down Music to the attacks a sane embroidery of impressive Well see, the scythe is there, that is, in the end this was nothing because you laid the eggs, but putting it like that that way is very clear because I still have a year of grass and I know they dont leave me any doors to open ostias that hits for gas that also it would be what a disaster what a disaster eye what exactly are those spikes it gets they are orc drinks things like this this map happened to me and little nonsense I already have a few weapons of which there are Music click that is to say that it completes almost half of the sheet of the weapons the sword in every crazy stupid thing Music I cant believe this queue Im beginning to think that maybe theres a __ torch and a torch out there but the torch will ignite the pain to everything and Im pretty Ridiculous with that, we orcs, things of the moment, we have seen the spiders, what was said by those little ones, the swallows, the orcs, that mother of God is the most crappy at the moment, the goblins, archers, what happened because of that, the same thing with the zombies, which are very bad, and the skeletons who are also unfortunate people whose Applause 1 or not hardly puts this __ if you give I honestly think that I would have put to the game that like giving shows that could take all the souls that you find a more or less dedicated one and that of being able to throw objects maybe I would have had to remove it because Im not really using it but if you pick up a weapon when you see a guy and it will be throws if you hit it, you take it away quite normally and then you take the other weapon, hes going to fight, its just taking away a lot, but if not, its also true that there are weapons that in the end are going to be __ , if you think about it, give me your guarantee, theyre going to mess it up here because I wouldnt be surprised at all. Music what the hell did you do Music what the hell is this I dont know what the hell it is but he got him dancing now oh my goodness the one who let him go oh theres the guy since they dont know what to do with his life its been unbelievably dividing the car ping ping is something that we are not really going to look for Music although I would like to see e Music forgive me this __ this is this and I want to see it it has 57 power it takes an amount but absurd Music it is better than being in hurt but of an absurd amount God that by the way puts I dont understand why it puts y in green x power in defense that takes away from you maybe thats why we hit it so hard it would have to go the whole game like this not to go or illuminated it would have to go The whole game, as well as the scary ones, it is not that this illuminates much in this one, this favor has had this actions, Felipa, that this bug has cost me less than a skeleton, the garrotín must not be jumped, I will always take out a combat ax for this double Brutal wide blade in the combat one surely it is for the legacy over all the guarded looks bad what we do not think is that you have to carry a torch for the hell of it what we are going to see if giving shows was not copied from this everywhere at a level where you need a twist because you cant see __ Music well in the tedium that surely they thought of them Im running out of torch and bastards what a bastard its like watching try to deal the road now the torch has run out and the torch has run out oh what I would like to know is you can do the other one in another place that leaves us since they gave us to choose the other city because m Music Music my goodness my friend my friend, the jump touched us the whole game is rough from top to bottom everything or yes youre kidding direct uncle everyone fair to fight its difficult as hell the camera moves fatally but Ive done what theyve done is that theyve done a remake of the roll to improve the graphics a little and that modern operating systems work, thats it, its not bad, it doesnt have more, I wish they had touched the game a little more but Music but not in the end it has physics and all because the balls collide with the balls against each other, one standing to the other, the jump, the combat, the movement is all super rough Music and look at those because if I fall again its funny that the bug that they have put on me as if it were a boss has cost me less than a normal orc to one of the first solos Music Music but I dont know if there would be something but I m going to paint that on his return from the war of the brittle sword he was elected king under the mountain he sat on the carved throne and reigned from the stone room of many pillars the gates were opened and trade was established with men upon the death of the queen ax built her tomb in fairness protecting her mighty weapons from the possible resurgence of evil good children have been plundered by an army of dwarves seem to have withdrawn before the old fry story the hero talks about mighty weapons hidden in the graves of fira in wisconsin for the __ i have to go home ok ok then well i thought they were going to skip wicked slob heard the voice stadium east to the mines have been bush the balance is the main stronghold of the knights in the region ends for generations their dukes kept the peace and kept open the roads loor kerman champion of the order rules the garrison with an iron hand against the growing hordes of the north i just realized that the first time this was the neck of this was the second map i chose to play this was dude and i remember going crazy on that It was very difficult to program me back, making me older, more and more, please me and that I am suffering from the __ fire, it is very very likely that I will not find any better weapon here because I would swear that it is as much the map that I played before as this one I am going to to choose the before one or the other so we will find better weapons here ah Music the bastard is messing up it seemed to me that he was carrying a bag of something and he throws it away well what will it be for it will be for the male to take it as he has told me crazy side in almost nothing beats a good scythe man the truth is that you have to admit that a scythe is good hello to break things I __ the milk with a shovel for the saddlebags Music and there since we are musicians with the cheese with all 40 yes we are about to level up what is happening say hello ok then google s stays a bit that would be the second chest oh my goodness it is worth more and what to launch it master we are giving a lot what happens which is very The back gave too much, that is, it doesnt open, we dont have to break it, okay, lets go for the second chest, lets go for the second chest, no Music, it doesnt give me anything, Ill be doing something wrong because its very likely with the scare, I dont love it, no give him that yes my mother when you give him my mother when you give him another one in which there is nothing the vinata antígona Music right now and here there is nothing machado stored well I do not understand very well about the chests uncle me and I imagine that I was taking it, they would be designed so that they were a bit similar in level of difficulty, not because if not a set here where we have gone up before, I just realized that stealth comes out, it seems that stealth is useful a lot, well, h It had burst, its her, thats another song, and but no, its okay, or a life potion is bad for me, it s been bad for me, I say, kept since ancient times, it has to come out of there, but this lever that is for this door that is already broken a piece of cheese i Music another one always comes to mind I think its even older a bit me too its super difficult to control I have to try to find them there are two pieces of meat back here by the way I know I think you You can defend incapable people like this and I think that when defending when defending that this is how the weapon is breaking it seems to me not according to what I believe or not what a fear I have not become fine fine the david sword is with the expansion as it already has to look at it that way it works it will happen if its in English it wont do me much if its in cost and thank you thank you and this pulley in Spanish text or you already told me you already told me everything the meat was up here or down here incredible four dollars Im living the best times of my life of videogames things that I loved as a child and right now they are to be played on the Spanish operating systems and it is that I freak out how wonderful because although there was blood, really well but there is a lot of gaming ccoo from my childhood that I have been finding and in fact the watts are on dvds works and it works well and such the original word there was another one it is called by if the young man what happens that although it is in goal and such works well but it is not wonderful but you can still play it even though it s not in english and spanish but remember this with saving in addition to playing black and white but its nowhere a friend of mine was very sick of that game i never took him to play we are a lot of blade for me and if they are apples they are apples that he wont let me pick Music I dont understand the chests no I dont understand the chests about no because this is supposed to be a mechanic in the game Then its useful for soon when burning boxes and such and going through certain places and I think we ve used it in the tutorial and that s it, horror, not soul, but its a turn to see, its a certain you already have this so here it really does nt have anymore nothing to do but we think youve eaten finely how do we put the __ boys in it how sad everything ah I m playing much better than when I was little I talk about a hotel when I was little with them imagine how hard it was for me to play this is that they almost cost me farc is that it didnt make sense other than that I remember that many times I went with weapons throwing them at the enemies because when I inflated hosts melee, that is, they encouraged me so much that I couldnt do anything Music I begin to ask you Its not that its that difficult but I dont know about the fact that before he had forced us just to have a little peace and on top of that or less we shouldnt make tea you dont have to get close to this guy just keep it Also, if it doesnt go over him, hes afraid I had a fight that had turned out almost perfect and its messing me up, its messing with a fight that had turned out almost perfect because we were little games on consoles I started on consoles in the beginning but well I also played a lot on Once a small average the fish were more difficult to have the value but it is also that according to the age those who think for a moment when die by the worst came out this game came out in 98 at that time more or less I was already playing on PC the The game has incredible Music what a crazy game it gave, not an archer, I m beginning to suspect that something is wrong. of the music tapes that were put in the car it has fallen and it has passed from these notes combat spear the turkey has fallen this old mouth and I always walked the pp those that neither to see nor neither I had to see I had a Nintendo of those chronicles, the Sega Saturn, which I actually had three or four when I had almost nothing because the same year the Playstation came out and it blew everything up, then they have Play 1 and Movie 2, those are the consoles. that I had a playboy then the nintendo ds the typical nintendo of a lifetime the greatness and the pocket and thats it Music and thats it and the time of May Im spending in my life is being in was a dozen floppy disks no And the apples dont leave me with Carla now if I leave these five of life behind, 5 of life would end there Music this bursting note is like milk and the deaf when they carry the orc sword are horrible, that is, 600 of life I m giving him a directive to dodge and he doesnt even __ pay attention to me yes now lets go well oh the one with the octopus is hitting the bastard is a tall man without a shield and around that time unfortunate it s not the support no and that __ he does makes me of nerves time I think Applause to that jump that hits forward and then pulls back horrible day Music I knew that here the nardo fool this 2 and later is that the orcs those are barbaric those orcs are too many is the same place / that they poison you and describe it in a logical way and more in an open way, but on the other hand its okay to go up the balls this time if there was something, its that you are attacking them and they do nothing more than dodge cloth in a way that you say __ to me It seems a bit excessive every time they attack you, I also know what happens, I do nt know why the hell I keep attacking this way, here is that they do the attack that they throw forward, you dodge them to the side and always hit It always always happens to your weapon here in front of you and it doesnt do anything to them because Im thinking the hanging sword if I hit a bug too Music Ill poison them Ill die but its not normal that they can so it has has force this normal __ to hit like this with the beginning the soul is totally but he will say this what do you want good if or if you have forgotten something he did not choose something but go much faster and this man who has passed Music found a lot dead people out there Music a house spa at this point from the beginning of the game yes they cant always come to me with this sword 1 food or meat a pot to serve the soup saved the bet is that here someone __ that they follow veins, yes, well, look at how life is going down, be careful with the poison, be careful with the poison, yes, I am realizing that you hit much faster, you dodge faster Music, the one with the Mejía octopus is hitting faster, oh, in which I stick but well people I think its time to cut for today who wants a shes okay it hasnt been cool I wish it wasnt so rough Díaz that but damn it was an incredible game in its time and its an incredible player ble makes me feel like a __ but hey people well see you tomorrow see you later a hug to everyone steam players count EL VIDEO COMIENZA EN 03:35- SOCIAL- Twitch: - Twitter: - Discord: - Telegram: steam house flipper steam christmas sale 2022 pursteam steamer steam sale history by game steam ui