Broccoli steaming microwavecast steam to tv BLADE OF DARKNESS gameplay hello guys and welcome its holidays i ruggeri and lets discover server blade of darkness a game that originally came out in 2001 on computers and other consoles but which today thanks to a port for windows 10 has been relaunched on steam with new settings the possibility of play even in 4k they defined the gameplay slightly but basically the game is that it is of a sort or at least thats how the developers of souls like define it the one who invented the genre in a certain sense for which I would say that the premises are really excellent actually if at the time it was very very successful despite a half commercial flop it is certainly there only because I am very very scrupulous about rediscovering it but you probably live to leave a live in case the scene is videoed to let me know what you think and if like you did sit down at the youtube channel the twitter channel to find out who like these networks are profoundly and much more that maybe other channels dont show you the game very well and lets see how it has aged since 2001 with fury with fury I meant then press arrow keys to choose the character press enter to select ok Im playing it with the keyboard and mouse for the simple reason that on steam they didnt mention full controller support so in theory they try to satisfy we have four characters we have an agile soldier and hes really muscular we definitely take this here then you dear life 80 attack 2 defense at zero and between 25 height 225 cm parquet the thing is a giant 130 kg specialty swords and asha two hands ok are you sure lets see the others since the description comes out only after clicking no and that is not interesting lives 60 attack 1 defense from reality 19 castes very young alberto m 70 closed 58 spear specialties lets go back we can see the others you have also seen a dwarf but Im not sure or nightfly life 120 attack 2 defense 1 and silent from 53 height 160 weight 80 kg well thats so heavy shields and asha with one hand this is interesting for my taste and this is perhaps the most balanced one lets see a moment its old team life one hundred attack a defense an age 40 one meter and 80 78 kg shields and one-handed swords this guys is for me lets take sargon and see a bit access the tutorial I would say yes also because I dont think its particularly easy as a game maybe maybe if I miss the fool and the video is also good we also miss the series lets see a bit it also depends on you it also depends on the game if I like it obviously yes it is clear you use the back and forward key to walk or a few thousand guys there is the vote like okay ok ok ok and now press twice head forward run perfect but this is a hole but luckily here is very good it takes the smoke to continue and I finally keys back and forth to make a gi ro with glasses its 30 degrees very good good the smoke to continue stop text sneak as you walk sneak up shift ok press text attack to punch great lesson 2 jump as you walk east the press jump to pass this small hole then walk your next a the jump and with the right mouse but world factbook one is allowed to continue very peculiar choices as now forward press jump to pass this bigger hole and then she always goes one step what cool the first step we said what it would be with one step sorry Music good debut to this I thought it was a puddle I then lead to jump when you are in front of the step to climb it then the same thing to climb other elevated floors until you get to the door ok let s see if it will also apply like this top how nice then i have to say the gameplay apart from the voting so it is aged relatively well a it would seem lets jump down there will be the fight imagine here very well doors approached to the lever to activate it use with is perfect returning to intuition i is active in two blocks to open the door button ok 6 graphically they have done practically nothing they are render and full hd and add to the andriesi which is therefore very very similar to the original version it is not a real remaster they have really done the bare minimum original on windows 10 and on multiple 4k modal systems here is selection a torch not turned on getting closer now its like object selection key until the name appears ok select a lit torch probability select a certain until the name appears select object and that is Im trying but nothing to do we the app from a c nothing press to select flammable and breakable objects new light attack ok lets see sorry but doors to misery what commands they have put scratch scroll objects select object a space what the __ pig I understand perfect to continue you have to burn the wall of crates choose an object to burn probability select then burn praised selected as text form use flammable oh my whats the complication you have to select with the keys the key but its the thing you want to see indestructible but why why oh well this stuff is super woody its too much lesson 5 how to use objects try to get different objects in this state the email and the cheese are delicious there is practically because later from a certain point of view is intelligent because instead of taking an object that maybe we dont want we can select first we even have to say what to take okay ok apples cheese and meat you see Im running space now apple stool meat cheese and it takes food potions can save your life now take some potions for approx sure its sure but Music ok and now take some potions okay where are the portions question mark here are the four options avoid 500 perfect take a proportion press inventory button to select a potion press use while still visible drinks both potions here it is try the key to do that heres which which is done great how to continue you should try to throw a certain whatever take the stool ok hold the throw key until the cast bar reaches full half care to drop an item and but what the __ is throwing idk maximum power press on press attack to release the object ok thats cool theres also a sort of physics of the bodies more or less the humps that the yellow bar represents the throwing force like the city rai to throw to the object and press f1 this key to exit this print ok no object selected keys here go come on please from u n certain point of view its really really ahead considering create in 2001 but its cumbersome get any weapon designed for kids no i think its barbarians sun has in fact brick dwarfs sophisticated weapon designed for knights this weapon is very suitable for the character seperate probably use it special abilities are listed in your journal for issue to continue take another weapon must have three weapons your inventory to continue mine only one ok Music then Id say take something else one hand what do you say they kill dwarves sophisticated Music this year then fine treat any character but fighting is better with one of your favorite weapons your character ok another weapon hangs we come a sophisticated weapon and girls Music ok at the moment this is now useless your level is not high enough to the other high because you can use it i take in another weapon its ok ok it s not suitable you can use it but not skillfully takes a dark you need at least two shields to continue your studies this one Music no look done where are the shields guys this is the small one shields cant be used as a two handed weapon ok take another shield I understand but here they are the other axes round shield and comet shield halley cool anyway lets get this shields cant be local i get it press text hook to face an enemy press again to cycle through three visible enemies hook girls hook free view hook enemies with tab ok press key activate deactivate weapons to exit lock modes too ok caps lock if it allows sto activate to deactivate weapons will take players to paddle on my back this way i could run faster jump farther hook the enemy and first movement tests in i traders clarified opponent ok well to dodge sideways press right and jump or left and s altar outlet we will have back and jump very well I was amazed now we will try some elementary attack try to press simultaneously to attack it is a key of the perfect movement light aldo attack light meal attack but it seems to play strong at a chrono prototype and now its time to go on the battlefield and I tell you because guys I played arun which is a very very similar game but it was much less cumbersome but also much simpler kill that knight taker came scum I have to understand how park ok handsome came and kill a enemy his experience will increase when he reaches the new level you will learn new techniques and increase the characters abilities and negated in the journal press f1 to continue things you can use the text hook to cycle through visible enemies i have no clue how to do it rieti il ​​ bello a cons ok loved or thats cool there is also the possibility of censoring too much sapet and to remove the mutilations and a lot of ruin its worth but how beautiful it is so strong that it has proved to be a skilled fighter now lets see if you know how to use a bow and arrows take a bow and they would make it cool light this game is a little gem the little one talks use the scroll key weapons to use the bow and arrows a here it is when uil ap sorry i messed up again here it is pressed attack the target in front of you and cool though there is no scope could you do better must the art more for become a true master lets try again you have demonstrated your bow skills and tutorial defined press f1 to start the game congratulations you managed to complete the tutorial level you are ready for the adventure well I dare say far from easy my master jacques so you machine poor thing double click and hold eh oh well too fast guys and the same for a change ok as a faithful knight of the king you have been sent to investigate learn about strange happenings on the borders of the kingdom but the worst fears of the order have been confirmed it seems that reinhard lord of the fortress of tabriz has turned a traitor agna his knights have ambushed your party and now he lies in a grim dungeon the your mission failed and your men have been killed the only hope to regain lost honor and save the kingdom from enemies escape this cell find the inficiano acmar escom is also dubbed in italian what more do we want things we want which also dubbed good because he has a good narrator is that there what more do we want bucket loose brick do you want to see what it was maybe i have to collect water somewhere choose the brick night in auchan __ you know no i have a bucket and im not afraid to use it is you see I can launch the maximum power ok then no this doesnt pay marco for the ransom ok call ahead cursed mosquito attack light a new attack in fact he is learning at the moment it is ok cost sign in hand i tried to select that concept to enjoy maybe i could use the board as a weapon but no not for the moment no you will die it seemed like an enemy to me i hope i did well that l jail ok meat one hundred mail you cant put ria greenery of naples fist lets see if it makes other types of low end of june you have to be precise its with the timing lets keep dry it goes and you poor prison lock in my opinion it was a goal and cheering I dont know poor man skull red nothing this will end badly you know i can kill him boy was in pain bad that is what should be done good condition merciful i would say work i dont like to think so lets say then i came from having us lets go ahead who hopes to find maybe not i tried a weapon slow but it wouldnt make much sense as things to tough times guys but that fact there is a hole lead to where it goes a bit of cold water and I would say go here as I said not Im looking no but the level has risen but killing the guys the first one not the speakers I hope ahead who knows what wrong do you know if I have to jump particulars of the genders very cool but suggestive as already in 2001 it must have been spectacular to see it but theyre killing me be protected but Im dead Music or it doesnt hit them with the problem help holy __ 6 hard nothing Im dead here we are church affair restart tabriz the traumatic experience I must say maybe I should have bucketed really throw it at him because precisely builders knights also in baragatti ok I understand we came back here guys lets try to make him your site in some way its how it was done come on now its much more sensible like what not what it does pushed stamina its a bastard game I must say a bastard game is too bastard is really an ancestor of souls from this point of view we have approved a site with pugs ni with fists in hands as March would say but we didnt succeed so there was care warehouse and the torch to be interpreted but thats enough or come out perfect shield comet amber what are you doing they deprive you of it gladius I dont know if its different from ours honestly its 32 gladius ok the game is cool and what i play son guys there is little to say as a lover of hacknslash and action rpg as in this case the temptation is strong to play it maybe live at leeds and obviously its also a bit on youtube let the names be clear worry Music then you need it penis rhji and for this attack it has increased its level at the moment press one then special skills objects lyrics the crack of tabriz a few days ago starting but horse from tel finally in mind I was given an important mission in which I could test my skill but alas I failed I fell and no wonder trap I lost all my men and now i know it seems to be motion my turn to die the browner is a traitor she has sold the keep and supplies she is in danger and an invasion is being plotted i have to escape and put down this uprising or die in the process holy __ eva nice plot too though and so with f1 I go beginners lets see more 15 attack 35 skill sword and mace one hand attack dodge attack right low lash loved or part technical stuff there are I can unfortunately berlin we will try in that time if we take a hand come on mostly the part lets say I find it hard to bear now I have to say the saves that is, there are automatic saves and the beginning of the level just stop and thats it so no good here you die perfect fair a soldier now gives us little experience very bad but as far as this one is another type of soldier well I hope there is food here excellent meat they are back 200 its ok knife of course but why doesnt he put the gladius in me but no ok but then you know that the knife seems to me that I have them on power 7 instead of 5 but why and after a special weapon it was but what the __ are you part of it you go here oh there in fact too much __ is that the shoulder pad underneath if the heck what happens and oh my a lot of enemies at once is a problem this is a serious problem how we do sargon we have to throw ourselves down Music I dont see it mild well this thing you know maybe you know what I can try in the meantime lets see what is there any Im curious come on good comet shield we already have it right 6 shield like coffee resistance 18 of 20 eclipse Music plus 20 power it has but we dont have a shield here you need more energy for this attack so lets attack in short, on paper we practically found a very very strong special weapon which, however, our fighter does not know how to use, so I would say nothing this game is a gem a gem a gem for connoisseurs I like it p I like it a lot but to save nothing oh well its either good or bad guys if I die badly and then stop everyone for sure it was a small knife here right job lost by opening the door or Im wrong the status here it is lets hope if maybe we can do it Im not saying rate a single launch to weaken an enemy perhaps too much kill what a blow good for us two Music it is unfortunately not so easy to parry the blows you know Music never understand conca Music good to have volandri but holy eva 50 of life to this __ it is in fact between him we do five of damage but he had a bit to do ok but a shield what happened to __ Music thats why he didnt parry loudly about that __ but it goes to __ towards the cordova penalty and those problem get life 50 1 wooden but its casserole equips the shield motion life I do nt need it yet and I understand but I wanted to put it away I cant this here defense school defense 4 so its the one of how I dont understand it d ico then here guys we go to ok lets look the other way Im curious ok I would say we have to go here yes it s similar to a but it was very very different its really a lot here technical or one it was more Im not saying easy because radar hardly that among them much less mechanical many me the mechanical now we have opened the door that saw two seconds ago ok torri sargon little of that __ what did she do i had to pull the lever i was wrong very bad something is breaking here say no unless need the torch to burn them to burn the boxes but also ok always ring at 300 well but its familiar to me in its place ok then you know what you said really need to take the torch and burn the boxes you know its not there by chance this torch didnt believe there by chance lets see if they had it done in the tutorial there must be a reason I think and in fact there is a fourth it burns here it is yes they eat later its so ab We already have life to the fullest ok but I would say try cooking pearls but we need the keys which we dont have and in fact I imagined that you have the chapel mouth year of all dark where it seems you Applause get life 50 club gladius but it seems to me having undergone type of music in the meantime the club we can use it eclipse club plus two power sucks the club cup and resistance 80 there is I havent prepared a single shot in practice this dark is good come on maybe I could go back a bit to eat some cheese is playing very very badly wooden shield repeats good mail in short 176 its not so much in fact our character understood or the traumas on him no oh well but brilliant cabbage 66 of 80 but how nice guys but how nice I still wish he would save every now and then that is, to do it but for the moment no arsenal key and this for everything without birth cannot be taken on the how that is bad place however 50 of life perhaps of life 500 q really that sweatshirt Music halberd limb see 56 keys or if life keys the well nor life we ​​ have a halberd wanting to take but I do nt think its so good about my character its closed here but you know Music we said no it s a bit labyrinthine like what but I opened the first image or no no no I think its yet another lever now we can really go out I think what the __ on guard Music and go level 4 and we also recharged our lives perfect lets go down lets see if its that bridge the water seen two seconds ago here it is also the level design and cool my goodness always considering the age its obviously Music anyway now mourinho here are the cheese themes I need cheese nothing ok it doesnt matter back at work there was something it seems to me kind of right here I remember incorrectly it seems yes okay ok no life then here it is the most inside already raja blast the mortar no guys I dont see a place for cheese thu to do it like now lets go down come on Music did you hear it probable no its must learn to dodge more you know hand the key must learn to dodge more green mitigated those mechanics of nods on the coffin row bar air very silent dodge instead you can also do like at the end not certain sense just before the attack basically polish it never really dark souls cup power option yes ok but i just wanted the key to the tower just Music where the __ are we going Music stop all the cnb ​​ fork that i hadnt noticed before i came this way right right right i realized here went there and here to the right what do we have maybe here continuing with the stories ok Music lets hope we havent already thanked you because i wanted to drink the potion power and power 24 see look he splits parker in two h how much rita a thousand what the __ is he guys but hes a boss __ go no Music attack from behind no point attack on spas lle thing I have no girls and here ends our spear but spear what mom cheating loser and bach explained it s not possible so I make titles no game save game no no it could be saved so I didnt know it I no no he stated it rightly something given in fact it doesnt even load me anymore and I can do wanting to restart restart tabriz the girls cant believe what the __ it did up and bad I did it up my incredible with giulia tablet an incredible one but why didnt I find out before why why tell me why why why where we are here nothing really is a supermarket its super wet I threw myself down as a groom but I dont believe it but I dont believe it and the cameras dont move it doesnt do anything good come on and after this horrible experience unfortunately its my fault this episode will definitely not be worth it as the beginning of the series if we ever play it we will most likely play it on pc having said that of course subscribe channels here pa rtì follow me to have on the circles above and not some video in the meantime to while away the wait thanks to the next one fall guys can steam play with epic games Quando ho letto che gli sviluppatori lo definivano come lantenato dei souls-like non volevo crederci. 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