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Best mmorpg games steamsteam content servers unreachable BLADE OF DARKNESS review Music Music all right there was a blade and there was some darkness and some blood so i probably its appropriate looks good looks good so i read the comments on gog first of all this was suggested to me because its kind of souls-like and uh it i played the tutorial and it is quite souls-like but its like its more than that youll see what i mean as we get into it um so thats why i want to look at it its a its retro uh meaning its like classic or whatever its old i know thats not what retro means and blah blah blah blah shut up okay its its an old game and its good okay and nobody really knows about it i didnt even know about it here we are playing it now and im really psyched to play some of these older games that are sort of in the same genre as the souls games uh because theyre kind of like you know this game came out before dark souls i dont think it came out before the first from soft games though those are like really old thats not available on gog or anything so here we are playing blame darkness instead right now thats thats the whole explanation in a nutshell and uh the intro didnt have subtitles kingsfield yeah thats what it was called thank you yes yeah i do want to check out those sometimes sometimes as well if i can ever find them i did i do have a playstation um too that i can use to play those um but i looked on ebay and theyre like 200 so for the cd so so im not really sure about that i already spent 100 plus on the silent hill 2 game which i still need to play so uh anyways game wait is there i doubt theres subtitles check it out anyway there is subtitles yes or no yes no yes oh my god i love when games do this maybe well try big well try beggins maybe hide the ui no why would we do that maybe that will help with text i dont really know well try that for the friends at home um well turn the fx volume down a bit and can we do headphones no whatever then fine be that way gore parental lock off we dont need no parents parents parents ruin all the fun this game just came out yes Music no its just released on gog okay let me know if the sound is stupid or okay heres the character select um so we have uh oh okay actually lets go back to the start well go through all of them sargon this guy is tank man doesnt have controller support no too bad not uh men of arms the success of the knights knights is based on their organization their knowledge of the art of war and their superior armaments both in attack and in defense you could see his age his height and his weight too Music ultima phoenix thank you for the seven months i am not sure next person is this guy negl nagelflar 120 life two attack one defense age 153 height 1760 centimeters 80 kilograms one-handed axes and shields for countless generations the dwarves have sought the most precious metals and jewels their hard but peaceful way of life has made them a strong yet contemplative people he does have a nice beard definitely its like a tinder profile it is Music and the only lady is zoey of course what is going on with oh thats her leg look at this photo Music i thought that i thought that her leg or her knee was her stomach and i was super confused but no its just obligatory  __  picture of a woman age 60 oh she looks really good for 60. one attack zero defense age 19 oh life 60 oh god i need more coffee okay live 60 attack one defense zero age 19 height 170 centimeters weight 58 kilograms wait she weighs 2 kilograms less than the dwarf doubt it specialty spears the adventurers travel the world in search of legendary treasure they are nimble resolute daring and seasoned warriors it is not uncommon for encount to encounter them singly or in groups wandering the highways and delving among the ruins of yesteryear Music cool im not i dont want to be here though shes like a glass cannon and that is not the kind of play style i want and then we have mr cover art okay two gram Music hello not conan the barbarian 80 life two attack zero defense age 25 height 225 centimeters weight 130 kilograms two-handed axe and swords a proud and independent people two grams tribe pay no tribute to the power nor do they recognize any lord as being superior to themselves they respect only armed forces and the ancient wisdom of their shamans alright so um this character im told is like the most complete character or the most um balanced i guess i dont know the the barbarian guy so i dont know like if i dont know how were gonna um play this like if im actually planning to try more than one character im not really sure how the game works at all because ive never played it before so i dont know if it warrants multiple playthroughs or what im pretty sure i dont want to be the puny archer girl though im pretty sure about that um barb and dwarf are hardest to play well which is the most fun though hes older what does that have to do with anything hes a dwarf dont they live to be like 500 years old and well at least in d hes got shorter length okay whatever were gonna be the dwarf uh continue double tap and hold forward to run uh-huh select yes okay so the one thing thats hard about this game is um the controls but theres an intro lets watch this that was pretty great wasnt there supposed to be a f intro like story thing i thought there was maybe its in the tutorial is the intro thing in a and ancient tutorial of the world the wealth of its gold seams and diamond loads was exhausted centuries ago but those times of splenda are recalled in its well-preserved and extensive library hmm in the underground passages of your home city strange signs and shadows have been observed bands of orcs menace the surrounding area with increasing boldness so youve been sent by the elders to consult the gazelles alarm scholars similar portions have occurred in the past perhaps answers are to be found among their ancient manuscripts okay so im trying to find some dudes with some ancient manuscripts okay all right e is to interact or use so pick up these weapons um f1 opens up this menu you guys are going to have to help me with this because as i tried to understand this in the tutorial is this just like a thing where like you level up and you just you just like passively unlock this stuff at every level that it says because like i couldnt it told me to press f1 when i leveled up but i couldnt figure out what to do like theres nothing to actually click on or anything uh so so is this telling me like at level the next level i think i will unlock is the nut cur the nutker racker but i dont actually have to do anything right it just gives it to me and then i can use that move its the nut nut rocker okay um so these are our abilities right now we can do a cyclone that sounds cool you unlock the club special at three oh okay so for the axe i have to wait till um level four then okay i see why does it show me this its weird and these are my current attacks that i have with my equipped weapon probably okay dont have any secrets yet um okay so mouse and keyboard are the controls uh w a no we or the mouse like i can turn him with the mouse and also move him with wasd so i can look around with the mouse which is nice and uh double tap forward to run there is a oh i thought there was a floating lit torch for a second i was like wait a second that doesnt make sense the water is deceptively shallow it looks like its very deep but its actually very not deep its actually very the opposite of deep whats in his pants considering that gate i dont know hes just a wide hipped fellow his butts actually not very large hes just got amazing hips which is part of it its definitely part of it i can climb climb things which is cool you can uh run jump and you can climb which is you know more than you can do in dark souls this game is pretty um advanced i would say for its age and when you play this tutorial first you really get an idea for everything that you will and can do which is pretty neat but we well just come up on that eventually because i dont want to bore everyone with the tutorial are these things i can have no whats in here oh blast gate smash new attack smash oh wait i just oops i just learned that did i just learn that or did i just no i cant tag the water thats kind of cool that it splashes huh you know i dont actually know if ive ever seen that happen in a game where you where the water has a splash if you attack i cant say that ive ever seen that ever but maybe i have i dont know it announces every time you do an attack for the first time oh okay so thats the side attack left smash right smash high smash low smash okay so sprinting doesnt seem to do any different smash where are all the dudes with the manuscripts doesnt seem to be much here how did i even get here then some like canyon oh whats that noise theres but there better be some secrets around here there i know theres secrets because theres a theres a tab that says secrets so im pretty sure theres secrets oh the water is deeper here i can still attack thats good uh oh some blood ugh oh no by the gods of hell the city has fallen so many dead how can this be oh this is my city i see yes because im a dwarf and i live in a mountain makes total sense i already have an axe oh my god the dudes head is why kimberly there anything else um you can hit space to like select different objects so i just kind of hit space when i run around and hope for things oh i want you to drink that youre only missing one hp but yeah okay everyone has an axe because everyone is a dwarf by the way um sound how is sound who are you sir Music are you dead already oh okay ill take your weapon okay uh so we found a club we can do the nutcracker if we attack if we use that so im curious if i equipped this and then i go to f1 oh theyre the same okay so wait what why does it only tell me abilities for the axe is that because im a dwarf or can i just do those abilities with every weapon because it just says one-handed oh hammer and axe oh im dumb never mind Music so what weapon what attacks are with these then seems like i can do that oh i cant do the backwards one with this okay uh i would like to change back to my axe thank you i dont know what it was looks kind of like a goblin maybe apparently i cant block maybe i can only block when im like in combat im not really sure or maybe it was a different button was it a different button hold on oh its control okay i may hm i dont know if i want to change that i like it left i like right click as block i dont know well see well see which one i end up doing more man i am just wrecking these dudes whatever they are before we go up lets go over Music a limb can i have that excuse me apparently i can um i can kill someone with this leg all right Music hmm wait did i come from here oh yeah this just goes back down okay never mind well i have to murder someone with this leg before i put it down that is just a necessary thing Music okay hello Music oh man this is cool you cant do this in dark souls you can also throw things i think its q and the higher your meter for throwing is um can i pick up this no the higher the meter is the launch meter uh the the harder you throw it and a lot of things can be broken so for example in the tutorial i threw a stool at someone and killed him that was pretty amazing but you know lets just stick with the limb for now Music launch meter yep the lunch meter yeah the hungrier you get the harder you throw it also theres food that heals you and one of the foods is cheese thats kind of amazing and you can break barrels inside you can find food thats the only thing i know that i could find so far but maybe theres more cant see the top meters oh yeah right i should move my camera Music there you go let me know if i block anything else Music how did i take more damage after i ate that cheese i dont know hello oops i need my axe back please oops Music hey hey comet shields is that the same thing that i have i dont know ill take it anyway just in case all right Music how did the back of my hair get bloody im not sure Music hello emmy the crow all right so we got a rusted lock here dont have the key for yet well find it Music secret door nope uh was that a lot of dudes or oh hes got the key theres a little key icon okay he also has no shield so haha oh oh my shield broke oh you better get him then there we go gladius ill take that okay so i have six power with this how much do i have with the gladius six lets try it is it faster than the axe maybe oh and the rusty key is i saw it or do i already have it Music get out of here Music did i pick it up i think maybe i picked it up by default im not really sure um i can i need a new shield thats crazy that your shields break its kind of cool i like it because its just a crappy shield you know crust delicious Music so apparently that guy was the boss of the area because he had the key Music can use a limb as a shield no i dont think so it just equips it as a weapon so croutons heck yeah exclamation point blade if anyone asks where to get the game only one of these candles is lit crust dwarves must like crust a lot isnt it weird that its called crust and not bread does that is that strange to anyone else that is clearly a door can i see anything yeah i can see it is a it is dark we can get a torch but um that was that was the wrong button balls my shield i need more energy for this attack oh what happened to me oh i was tired okay im fine i like the gladius am i out of shields now oh  __  its fine its fine well just uh well just do the god holy moly potatoes no okay you can learn how to dodge a little bit better okay uh i think i just got level two so i still have the same exact abilities Music yes it was a very timely level up i agree very timely indeed didnt have to heal up so im thinking it might be a good idea to um not block so much because i get defense when i have my shield on if i break my shield then its kind of bad but you know i dont know well see Music uh-huh um i dont know about the saves does anyone else do you know about the saves i think theres like a thing from what i read if you get through an area it saves or something like that and if you dont you have to replay it until you find like the significant item in the area or something im not really sure how its broken down i definitely cant save myself manual safe plus restart where where are the safes Music thats what i would like to know maybe its um bonfire situation can i save here at this fire no cannot rest game save oh oh oh never mind okay well thank you that is very nice to know i didnt realize it was in like a sub menu okay dont have the iron key Music didnt go this way yet did i no okay let me try not oh god is that guy big oh  __  does he actually have a hundred life because thats not good for me okay manual saving makes me feel a lot better about myself um holy crap dude okay this must be an actual boss oh i got tired bad bad dont get tired thats really bad but side attacks are very good Music oh i got tired again get him okay holy moly potatoes that was a boss right seemed like a boss to me whats going on here trigger trigger trigger i hardly knew her storky is there is there any cheese in these please crust my favorite more crust the axe does more damage it says its the same though oh wait its not the same anymore oh maybe now that i leveled up its different oh its more it is mole seven but it is slower and i was really enjoying that fast attack lets save again one two um what does that do my is this gonna open that slidey door lets try this order wow is this a secret is this secret or is this the actual right way to go whoa whoa whoa whoa that was a trap hmm so no that was a spidey i am so low on health right now oh god um you know maybe ill just make the make the arrows kill the spiders will that will that work oh well you guys dont want to come here make us a little dwarf yeah thats what i was thinking too all right well i am dead oh i dodged it so nicely the first time and the second time traps are deadly well we died guess we gotta start over now everyone okay so what i what did i do this one and then this one and this one yes i wonder if all these open with a different combination i bet they do i need some more health is there any more barrels around in this here place how rude of the game to make me fight a boss and then not give me any health doesnt the game know that im a noob theres no barrels out here i could go in the store key i suppose or in the store door but i want to get the sequin i can do it i can do it maybe awesome awesome heroic what why does it say that i know i know im awesome Music all right well oh that looks like poison it sure does oh  __  dont stand in it oh god i hate spideys i hate spideys okay were fine were fine hes fine did they drop something is that the thing no good i dont want duluth spideys what does this say the selected object cannot be taken some dude some kingly looking guy i have a feeling that im probably gonna die horribly in here what do you guys think if it saves 100 times it it eventually calls you lame well im gonna be lame then absolutely oh nice oh he didnt drink it that time i dont know why he drank it the first time hmm okay well i guess we go this way then theres a lot of bones up there which makes me a bit uneasy theres a nice shield though which i need is there anything back here why would they put a blaster there anything here no no what about behind always check your surroundings before you loot just in case i feel like theres a hundred spiders that are gonna come out of all these holes um okay what is the that one i want to use that please thank you chuck a look look a little lug oh and he puts the bottle down afterwards too thats cool all right well i guess ill take it what could possibly go wrong sorry sorry okay all right now we just have to not die going through here woof okay so now i have another theory about um this buttons oh its not it doesnt reset okay never mind damn i guess it was just that one lets just be a little cute secret i guess now we can go in the storeroom um which is probably the other way oh its right here okay im gonna be saving a lot the game cant stop me it just doesnt make any sense to not save what happened i dont know oh goodness we got the trombones out whoa okay must be bad if the trombone came to play were almost level 3. Music good thing i saved hey magic cookie hows it going there we go gotta jump at the right spot bow Music heres some growling that was a good sign oh oh there you are hi wait you have a lot of health as well i thought i broke his shield okay dont oh this is not going well Music i guess ill block then i guess ill block trying to not im trying to not waste my shield Music another very timely level up i dont need it yet so what just put it in your stupid pocket oh my god um okay so really how do i take it to not use it like i did last time what does he mean i dont need it yet take it huh i dont know i could take i took the other one and put it in my pocket i dont know whats going on anyways i better learn how to play or im gonna be dying a lot hello lets go all right mr goblin prepare to meet you doom where are you those are indestructible no cheese hello wow his blood went way over there damn must have hit an artery its the oblivion scamp noise it it is isnt it must be a free noise okay looks like another poozle door nothing selected okay Music oh crust i love the crust climbies i love games that let me climb so exciting look another potion that i cant take for whatever reason what do you mean i took it before i dont understand im supposed to be able to have a potion in my inventory right i had one in my inventory before do you guys know whats up with that does anyone know why cant i take the potion and put it in my is pockets inventory full all i have is a key and something else food and 50 to 150 potions are used on the spot my my pockets all i have is keys so im pretty sure oh 500 and beyond are stored oh so that potion i had before was like a huge one and i wasted it great great Music no time like the present to figure out the falling damage i guess Music not bad thats a big hole theres another 100 help no okay what no im trying to oh my gosh did i just hit them at the same time oh i did like the society swipe thing and i hit them both thats awesome thats awesome uh can i how do i drop things does it matter does it i should use these poopy shields save my good shield for like good things you know who then theres something down there just death thats all hello mar yeah i can slice off limbs i love how you can do that and then you can like pick up the limbs and hit people with them or throw them or do whatever its pretty great theres also a stealth which is shift and walk i dont think were very sneaky but well try it ah get rooked oh i chopped his hand off down in the darkness probably some blades yeah theres probably some blades down there youre right looks like a room of significance biting axe too many objects of this type how Music how do i swap cycle weapons cycle shields lock on select objects um Music is there a way to oh i could just throw it with q yeah thatll work right get out of here axe oh um there give me that 23 power Music what oh minus 10 defense okay thats fine ill use the gladius and ill eat this cheese so thatll just use to kick like somebodys ass really quick i guess weird that you can only have one of each type of item but that makes sense i guess gotta limit you somehow i suppose if you hold q a little bit and throw hell drop it okay your weapons use a lot of stamina all right im just gonna use the gladius and then ill ill use that later because it seems like its gonna probably will be very handy eventually i am oh im on the other side now wait did i come from here no no oh no definitely not hi i was trying to do that come here you ah dont understand why they made better weapons have a defense penalty why have suits of armor then i dont know i guess just for balance reasons maybe they didnt have that much to work with i dont know i should have done the one above that but it doesnt matter hes got a torch were gonna take his torch hello sir im kind of really digging the environment so far really dungeony i love that i love dungeons maybe i can sneak up on him hes got a big potion it looks like oh no oh okay wrong button oh god im trying to i cant get my get get that out can i not oh there we go there we go okay how much of my shield that i just use there a lot a lot can you repair items or no okay full life potion were not gonna use that though right now ill just take this torch thank you no repair phooey you reach around 100 defense in your cool heavy armor but then equipped above it and youll have 130 defense negative 130. thats very strange yeah my torch went out that didnt last long i think i can light it again play it again on this what was that hello whos there who goes there give me that sounds growly i think i have to do it on a torch Music can i do it on this oh thats not good uh thats this is a large very large man Music um thank you thank you for that uh oh youre stuck are you oh no youre not okay who is this guy whos he think he is who the heck does he think he is im gonna loop around and get some more heels Music okay run miss the cheese though sadly all right so uh i could try the new weapon but i how do i Music damn it no sometimes it switches and sometimes it doesnt switch switch there we go okay so negative two defense huh im gonna this should hit him for a lot of damage but im probably going to die myself ow oh yeah it does take a lot of stamina um luckily he missed me though pow pow pow wheels switch hes very slow and so am i though so you know did i oh he broke my good shield too oh no oh no oh no all right well were probably gonna have to do this over again but lets see if we can um oh never mind i was gonna see if i could do like a cool strafing situation yeah i figured that out its kind of just annoying that it takes a long time okay um definitely need to go get some health back fleece waste Music im gonna go over here and get this stuff Music there we go hello what the heck is with this running animation okay oh yeah meats really good okay why did oh because i dont have a weapon out oh thats why so i can run faster all right lets save here Music okay gosh it takes forever to like react ah fudgies fudgy nuts okay just circle around him nope okay uh stop locking on Music i need to use my ill just eat this cheese delicious i wish he didnt have to take his item his weapon back out after he eats the cheese is that food nope hmm Music oh theres some bread too lets get that crust excuse me crust oh did he give up what no he did not give up all right Music oh there we go that was an epic dodge Applause im very almost dead god but if i kill him im gonna level up so if i use a potion its such a waste i can do this i can do this yeah more were dodging thats what we need what get him get him no god damn it i got cocky i shouldnt i know how to dodge properly now though so i think i can do it pretty good i think i can do it Music where are you where is he okay i got this you guys i got this i got this maybe maybe again maybe okay so oops said that did not hey you were too Music okay i only need to dodge one time Music damn it i have its so built in to me to uh to just double like spam dodge such a bad habit such a bad habit Music oh god i thought he was gonna get me okay im learning i am im definitely learning okay just dont get cocky with it just dont get cocky yes the blade of darkness has been unlocked apparently excuse you defeat who did i just defeat who did that say okay okay i just just a second good grief rude i was trying to revel in my victory okay thats a mace uh so i have a club lets get rid of that piece of  __  get out of here all right 22 only minus five defense this time lovely what about my shield situation i still have my ram i still have my round shield i might as well pick up um another shield though okay we did it thank you thank you friends yeah its all about the dodging instead of the blocking its all about that i am im realizing that now well also i dont know who what that guys name was but i missed the achievement it said something no nothing new wait i didnt unlock a secret oh the library holds the entire history of our people since the gods departed this world perhaps in the manuscripts i will find some amsoils nagel ours my name so do each of the characters have a different story because if i start in my dwarfy town then one would assume that you know are you able to monk yeah the running counterclockwise strategy is nice usually oh just the first mission okay gotcha cool do i still have that torch um no oh i have a full life potion Laughter bonk so weapons dont have durability refreshing hello black abaca this is a very cool game i really im really enjoying it ah hey quit being so dodgy and  __  i dodged jerk yes too many objects of that type is it just a regular axe yeah okay then i want this no oh no oh i wanted the wind moving i cant have two of those sad i guess i guess it would make sense for me to oh secret somebody gonna come and kill me hello ominous music hello do i need to light this other torch they do they just take longer to break oh well fooey buckets i shouldnt be using this one on little guys then um so like what did that do i guess it just opened something else where oh hmm that looks suspiciously like a trap that will saw me in half or something of that sort i knew it is it timed or oh its a trigger okay well then oh oh its the library of the dwarves the dwarven archives maybe surely this book that is set out is what i need yeah i will read it i will kill people with it seven power with a book death by knowledge bronze lock fake book hmm suspicious Music someones gonna attack me someone someone coming to attack me whispers i hear whispers evil whisper is this a chest or a stool oh hi block blank blank block its really bothering me what that button did that i pressed though really bothering me um that sounded like a few guys dont like that noise oh is it just you making all that noise hey stop it up jerk wood shield comet shield round shield comet shields i cant drop shields for some reason whatever look and up an oop way hold q and block okay try that oops why did you jump that way that is very mysterious to me there we go a secret book room okay before we go in the secret book room what is over here i dont know whats in there and eclipse what is this just another axe two-handed axe oh they oh they do have durability some of them do these normal ones dont so just these these big ones do cool Music thats awesome chronicles of the ancient kingdom i found it yes the evil that settled on earth was destroyed but its seed remains hidden and shall one day return uh-oh thats interesting that were actually on earth but like it must be like a fantasy version of earth i guess because im a dwarf city has been attacked of a group of valiant defenders are scattered throughout its passages Music press left and right to select your next destination Music yes i need to get back from my morning tea you know mines or fortress mines are fortress mines are fortress mines are fortress um if you want to go to the mines type mines if you want to go to the fortress type fortress and whoever types whoever whoever theres more of in chat ill go mines or fortress fortress of tel halath remember youll run faster with your weapon yeah yeah yeah oh to drop shields hold down throw and press block Music thank you game tell halaf is the principal fortress of the knights of the armenia region for generations their dukes have kept the peace and ensured free passage through the district lord kerman paladin of the order governs the garrison with an iron fist holding off an ever increasing threat from the north really so just a second um oh i cant go back and see the other one was that really slow boss that i killed at the end of the last area the kazam guy or whatever his name was was that that was that that guy all right i just for some reason had the impression that that was like this like the main story thing like like the end game but apparently it was just my current mission also were gonna save here start at the top can we mine the fortress maybe um let us switch to oh my my thing got healed up good lets use this mace youve got a bag of loser so this mace does a lot of damage um and its not actually it doesnt have durability it doesnt say it has durability so thats awesome huh die pot stables can i take this rope it could be very useful selected object cannot be taken pick Music its not a weapon apparently okay it is a shovel wait it was a weapon wait what Music its just a random thing i can use okay cool shovel seems more fun lets kill someone with a shovel Music crest that sounds like a glitch Music what you telling me i cant open treasure chest whats this excuse me sir would you like a bottle uh-huh i thought you did can i please equip my i would like to equip my mace please thank you thank you should have threw the shovel at him that would have been more hilarious Music i dont know what i was thinking Music hey look some crust and cheese perfect perfect snack on the floor of a stable definitely not rotten or bad in any way and i can use these now travel rations okay continuing onwards Music wait this is definitely blockaded did i miss i must have missed a direction this way because thats where i came in oh yeah i just went the wrong way after i exited okay here we go some nice beautiful fountains is there anything to be seen from there no okay is there another stable shot how am i missing so bad when im locked on bonk oh damn it stopped him in his tracks okay lets look for more cheese on the floor more shovels uh-huh cool bucket Music who killed these guys please attack it thank you Music bonk hmm someone has killed these men and it wasnt to me or was it no it definitely wasnt it oh god that was a mistake there we go thank you Music meat meat is good i have too many objects of this type what thats a spear what are you talking about oh is it because its a two-handed weapon you only have one two-handed weapon is that one is that what it is Music oh for max weapons oh okay well then well just drop this one Music what is it 50 pow oh 2 000 resistance holy moly potatoes oh god it costs so much energy to swipe with it though but its got range yeah i could poke people for days so thats like the only attack i have with it though wait no i only attacked once what are you doing backwards attack thats the only thing i can do okay great i will not be using it right now speaking of that level four um Music hmm wheres the one that i actually have i dont have any of these Music killer axe the chop Music do max all right whatever so thats all that was up here can i go to sleep next person who looks at me funny gets a stool to the face never mind all right uh i guess that was a dead end then Music unless im dumb which is entirely possible wait didnt i come did i come from down below yeah i did right right this must just go over to the other room that i was already in unless it doesnt pretty sure this is the same one though yeah this is the blue bottle room okay theyre just linked together and i totally missed that whos there who goes there oh 200 health huh well arent you special whoa what did you do to me no we i cant hit this guy im gonna die when did i say glass oh i broke his shield though thats really good except now im also not having issues im going to die im definitely going to down he might be one to block he might be one block um mace is still good though i think and then im gonna use my sexy full shields did i already do this up here i dont even need to actually lets stamp this guy uh that was a mistake that was the gog overlay i was gonna butt stab him but oh oh whoa oh thank you wow oh freaking hell man i a really is a you know bad thing thats happening to me if i could uh appropriately use this thatd be great nope didnt do that right didnt do that right definitely gotta kill those other little guys first that was a bit chaotic okay so theres a dude upstairs here that comes down to attack me wait a second come on oh there you are hey okay maybe theres some cheese in here this time please nope damn okay so those guys are dead save here i like how it selects the next one down for you automatically but i always like screw it up okay so im gonna test something oh i didnt get that weapon yet yeah its gonna i do have an extra attack with this its weird he always does two attacks it seems like but i havent got that um get him just hit him one time oh that did not do anything oh wow not the way to go not the way to go i gotta go back upstairs and get that spear whatever the heck that spear was okay um kill this guy Music okay uh dont dont dont dont stagger me um unlock run away i not use this in potion how do i use this wait nothing selected there we go oh i dropped all my loot okay i just have to treat this guy like a boss i believe uh and just be like i just take it really slow im thinking ah the gladius is fast but i dont know how much im gonna try the gladius i know its not nearly as much damage but it might help me react a bit faster or not okay his shields gone i mean thats something im gonna run upstairs oh my god oh no this guys here forgot this guy was here oh he completely missed me could you still wipe your beard off theres combat you dumb dumb just kill him kill him oh my god horrible dark souls flashback hitting the wall horrible all right Music meat yes Music okay lets grab this thing all right then switch back to this this Music save game no save game oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy Music lets see if he got his health back no hed not okay he did find another shield though damn it i was doing so good oh god it just doesnt it doesnt like put me in the correct spot to hit him after i dodged he sliced my knee off hmm i wonder if i could dodge at him and not be hit is that a thing im gonna try that um are we escaping our sieging Music i think were sieging i dont know im not really following the story very well to be honest i can jump well its just jumping i dont know it might work you  __  would you stop that what a jerk dude get me out fight you in here i dont know it feels like the whole dodge youre immune but theres no forward theres no forward forward dodge so um its just jumping although i dont know if jumping gives you any frames didnt not really seem like it did when i tried it this there come here you oh okay sure i mean i guess why not how does he hit me every time after i die i need i need some reach man if i had some reach that would be better i can do this though i can totally do it its just maybe i should go back to the mace get a little bit extra damage but the mace is so slow though how much balls ah what the heck i couldnt do  __  well at least then hes taking more damage oh he heals too eh well thats great all right oh my god Music Applause oh my god orcsorn 39 okay well i need more energy for this attack it seems pretty good seems pretty darn good okay uh we did it um it was a bit sloppy but you know whatever you just you do what you got to do right friends also i need to end the stream very soon but we will play more tomorrow probably cheers i like how much life you get every time you level thats quite nice now Music i know there was a lover there by the way im just trying to see whats going on theres another lover there anyone up here Music ow oh now ive got the poison ha ha jokes on you all right well what did this lover do that was down here Music just shut the front door Music yeah probably probably but its broken we already beat dead space last week Music you Music whoa that was a trap okay so these levers are just door opening tools doesnt seem to be a lot going on up here are those apples light edge man its really sucky how theres so many weapons and i cant carry them all ow stupid ah too many objects of this type no i dont uh okay so uh i dont even think i should keep this Music i really dont Music its not really my style so what is this probably probably would be nice um to have the bow though Music lights edge this is an axe yeah that is some serious damage Music so um Music interesting i should be able to do that morning star attack but i think im how the heck would i do up and up and down at the same time is that what that is um that just seems like the same as that all right well i feel like we should keep that that seems really good this is nice its really slow though and i just dont know i dont think its its the damage is not that great for what it does so Music see ya wouldnt want to be a Music give me that bow i feel like the bow is has definitely not that bow but this other bow has utility and we could use that for many things and stuff so wait this doesnt have a durability either and it has 99 power this game is so confusing so confused i mean it does take more stamina for me to do attacks with it so ill probably just use the sword more in case im trying to can i loot these oh i can only have ten arrows okay save now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb Music all righty then Music are we ever gonna get some armor because that would be cool can i climb on this bonk that is nothingness okay and this was a dead end nope nope theres a way down Music all right lets switch to the walkward Music let me out hmm does this link up the other area yes i believe so hello oh say bye to your legs how many shields do i have not that many thats okay drink some water oh yeah good call i do need to do that i also need to stop streaming uh skilled ah glue some cheese to make cheese armor that would be amazing this is a new area right i just want to make sure im in a forward progressing situation yeah i am okay im gonna point myself in here save uh 1920. did that is that numbering the saves yeah okay so save 21. okay tomorrow well play more today i have to go get my hair done tomorrow hopefully i will have better hair thank you all for watching Music you how does borrowing games on steam work Im on the search for the best Soulslike Games! 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