Lets Play Blade of Darkness

Cyberpunk 2077 steam databaseplayonlinux steam games BLADE OF DARKNESS review hello ladies and gentlemen its your least favorite youtuber and im not pulling up on them now im pulling up on you yeah with another lets play today were taking a look at blade of darkness considered by some to be a sort of progenitor of the soulsborne style of game uh thanks so i figured if were talking about that style of game then i gotta take a look youre loyal i dont know if thats the right word its its more so like you know its just those games have brought me so much joy that i youre grateful yeah thats it you are a great listener dj khaled you really know how to build people up i appreciate that youre very welcome lets get started go buy your mama house Music Applause nagel far uh what the  __  did you call me i think im gonna pass on Music oh good lord Music oh no this jumping just jumping they got platforming with these controls Music dont go anywhere water dont go you gon get wet i spent 10 minutes thinking the water is going to kill me huh ugh Music Music Music the ancient and deserted city of malacana whose ruins lie lost in the jungle its very name evokes Music Applause why the  __  is that huh i have to restart the whole level Music ah these sounds are gonna haunt my dreams Applause damn who saw that coming what the  __  is that Music huh hey Music Applause my neck my back Applause why you bullying me i am not playing this game another second thank you so much for watching im outta here pick up steam Come for the soundtrack. Stay for the soundtrack. Leave for the gameplay. top 10 games to buy on steam steam games won't launch windows 11 cheap steam horror games how to change what monitor steam games open on grape juice steamer