BLADE of LIGHT v1.0 - Blade of Darkness Enhanced

How to go into desktop mode on steam deckhow to transfer games on steam to another pc BLADE OF DARKNESS review online free games steam BLADE of LIGHT - Blade of Darkness Enhanced. Modern Graphics upgrade for the game via ENB ( Enhanced gameplay where lighting plays a part in the strategy. ENB 0.242 ( Graphic enhancements: HDR, SSAO, SSIL, BLOOM, DOF, GLOW, FLARES, PIXEL SHADERS... Blade Of Light mod. Use the light bearing blades to slice your way into the heart of the Darkness. Cast a light on your weapon (or any object, bone or limb you are carrying) to help you explore and fight in the dark. ---Blade of Light Description--- The use of color correction and image post-processing techniques bring a new enhanced look for the game. Upgrade the already amazing lighting of the game with modern graphic techniques. However its not just a visual update. Now the light itself is a factor to account for in the player strategies. An archer standing against the sun will be hard to see. Circle your enemies so the light doesnt hit you in the eyes or youll be fighting silhouettes. Fog is really dense so watch your step, its a long way down... The intention is to create a strong contrast between light and Darkness. Increase the immersive aspect of the game by enhancing the lighting quality while preserving as much as possible the original color palette and lighting design. Sunlight is bright and intense but most of the interior areas where sun cant reach are really dark. Torches cant illuminate very far. Is very hard to fight your way trough the darkness so all weapons now can glow in the dark (and not only in presence of orcs like the old blades of Gondolin). You can switch the weapon light on or off. That creates spectacular fights in the darkness. While you are circling your foes, the shadows dance over the majestic environments like no other game can do. Enjoy again this timeless gem from a time when games required actual skill and pushed you to the limit of your abilities. See the skeletons relentlessly beat the crap out of you in beautifully animated fighting choreographies . Orcs move so fast that...well, if you think, you are dead. Move, circle, jump out of their reach. Be patient, look for an opening, find a weakness, study their fighting patterns and... you may hold a chance. Off to beat the darkness, Light-bringer! //////////////////CREDITS//////////////// Rebel Act Studios for the timeless masterpiece that Blade is. ENBSeries graphic modification tool by Boris Vorontsov ( BladeOfLight MOD+ENB concept and settings by Piltrafus Pixel Shader Code by: Boris Vorontsov Ceejay gp65cj04 Kyokushinoyama Matso Unreal Warfare and many others I guess... Thanks. how long before you can refund a game on steam apex coins steam filipino steamed buns steam breathing games not showing up in steam library