Severance: Blade of Darkness #001 - Ein bisschen wie Dark Souls - Lets Play

Steam deck add game from sd cardfree steam games no download BLADE OF DARKNESS review he dwells the sun will darken the earth will be engulfed by floods the bright stars will fall from the sky will be sold over the clouds up side hello and welcome to a slightly very quiet home screen here because there is no music at all yes thats the way it is live sometimes he the game is a tick older here severins blade of darkness it says in german its not really german but in germany it says herr ins play off the batteries in other countries or is international he knows the way before no idea why you get it could have really made a German title if it was supposed to be German otherwise I dont know why they prescribed something else how must the whole thing is from Codemasters and from revel ax studios studios because they dont I have the packaging in front of me I have no idea from 2001 is quite a while ago is older than maybe some of my viewers d but that doesnt matter because its still a very nice game finds animal loud tui on my ears such a very nice game a bit like a bit like dark souls i just say madrid through the area you have earned character and bludgeon everything with your weapons broken what gets in your way is increased at least as often because the opponents are also reasonably strong here and its actually all very similar I would say lets just start I honestly dont know if its a complete lets play I would like that likes to play actually likes to play it again I already played it back when I played through the new hp then somehow played it through again later than Ive played through at least twice and thats why I know it reasonably well and I claim he doesnt see me at all so bad at will but I do not know if that is now as a display dur i think i will pull it even if it might become a hobby project again but i think that there is actually a game that you can play good ball there are different characters that you can choose that would be the knight we have here then there would be dwarf who is also really cool you can get some info here about living here for years blah blah clearer what I almost all weight his countless generations are looking for dwarfs what has been subject generation are looking for second precious metal and precious stones their hardworking but peaceful way of life has a strong but peaceful people brought forth city is nice when we read through the cinema theoretically because of lugworm I actually do we say is that it has a few other values ​​ a few other properties and you can also see directly that the different weapons prefer some swords 1 has would he have colin our whole mat ch attax and shields exactly then there is a lady in the field it is as far as small nice ones as well as an amazone or well but on the amazon amazones are adventurers the world looking for say to reach the shooter he prepares text is a bit weaker but has more longer weapons available so a bit of the first fight out and I dont want to be missing either because the only character with whom I prefer to play through the entire game in Melle is our little berserk uncle the toucan who is also on the cover of the game and i dont know says to me the most i do nt know exactly why maybe because its the lumpy muscle lumps because thats me of course in all parts of my body you know that about me but i still know it but i usually had it at the time done i also played a bit with ritter the other two were a bit respectful and therefore would I also never say again Ill take the church again strength two-handed axes and swords information to rummage comes from a proud independent people that no one pays tribute and no lord and as their rulers they only respect armed violence and world only wisdom of their shamans job im sure but typical for a team captain you can also say the game starts differently for each character that means there are four different urban areas but after the first region they all continue the story from the same place so ultimately the characters way of playing is different for did you use weapons you used how to play with them and but also the first half an hour friends a lot or maybe longer i dont know exactly the first level i want to play with democracy and lets start right away thats where i started Im sure, but I dont need to start learning like this is tutorial i hope the resolution is set from before the problem is a bit the game since 2001 back then it was not even conceivable that you would somehow have widescreen and thats why the whole thing is in 4 to 3 sees flu a bit through the black days but I think it all fits together if I give you the correct setting whether that 4 3 or 5 eats too much what I get here I could calculate Im afraid its a little wrong because Ive set it again just before I actually start here Ill start again just to have a look right away nothing has changed because Ive already set everything correctly it s unbelievable so we can start with well continue directly so the course would be a tutorial where you learn how to run jump what with aiming for victory can use weapons that you attack in sufficient completely flat do nt do it now t i just go straight on and that we i get it sequence the steppes of caracol lie far back far away are the lush green pastures the murmuring water in the streams in the lonely shadow of an ancient tree whoever wants wins and the free ones follow the days of travel through the ancient tribal land for generate trust but now before your eyes kaska the legendary homeland of his ancestors which riddles because fate awaits you in the shadow of its sacred rocks thats a good question and above all shadow is a good keyword because back then the game was graphical so already quite nice the most outstanding points but i think that the lighting system is pretty good and the shadows are quite nice and that the eleven later find out how pretty it all can actually be he just has to take a quick look here in terms of the atmosphere the control stars control are fixed if i assume that i just have to completely a quick look thats better something that s funny again beforehand you can set the atrocity degree here normally the child lock 1 is switched on when we have freshly installed the game you then have to enter a password which is in the manual and what is called together so if you give one then you can do the things here you can already see blood yes approvals year if you are still not old enough in fact here it says from 18 then the game may not be for you or you think that we can stand it then i think everyone has to decide for themselves well see that at the latest with the first opponent why this thing has a bit of a child lock on lets say water effects 2001 also quite nicely set dietz earth-shattering but at least it reflects that theyll soon be a bit around the initially kept the area a bit simple here, but it doesnt fix it and wobbles d a bit I also once that it wo nt be too bad for the viewers could be hard and long up there is someone and as I said the game is a bit reminiscent of dark souls if you put it that way from todays references friends kind of game that means there are opponents who do nt like you and you have a sword or an ax or what it doesnt and then collect the people a bit and you see youre also affected yourself and have a few problems even smokers you can also see exact numbers how many lives the opponent has you pay them how fills you have yourself you can level up you get more stamina for every action the market power attack again there you can see the stamina below there are different ways how to you can attack with the direction keys with the mouse and you can no longer have any stamina, everything goes to milan just gese hen here so atonement its going to be bloodier now you could also say come here hes already on the ground I lay it down I think Im too high yes its possible even if its slightly increased then well Id say yes a game is on the 18th yes you could beat them up with his own two or throw them off as a distraction its just not anymore you can get past the buddy clever is nice that was then of course the first opponent was still a bit weak and can really jump in and then intervene I mean, but there are some really cool things that I personally also miss a bit. Missing ballacks is a bit difficult to say because its actually a pretty good game, which is also really cool. I dont know that the right button with very small straight there are a lot of different weapons here too, these are all weapons that are specially used by our wars here can be developed by our barbarians because as I said there is a whole there is really a whole lot of weapons I dont know how many there are more than 100 unique weapons each with individual attacks advertising texts these are all things that the barbarian prefers to use can not only use at all but before to use and you can see very easy combination that is there, that means you can do some combos here, there are combos that are special from the weapons, so that is special for this weapon, that means it would be me chaos is quick death hot thing that means attack grab forwards and then press backwards ok on the arrow keys here so play with keyboard and mouse and then it would happen with because attack you can also do your own things here but only with later levels unlocked the things from the swords never or v of the weapons and axes and all these combos are weapons independent so halfway weapons independent you can see very small byd hand heavy deed there will soon be hand swords and axes continue swords and axes ha ha ha forest has ax there is also that means we are mostly the whole time two-handed on the go at least at the moment execute the strongest attacks and all these things here if you share them correctly if you use them correctly then they are quite powerful objects there are also here you can see all objects this sort of the picture just packs a bit around in the background thats unfortunately no longer with the original sorry drivers here at the time when you cards and stuff like that didnt work so well anymore there are a few things that you can patch into the good old games version that I just installed here, although I also have that on cd was there everything is patched accordingly and everything works so it fits You can still look at the texts of the level again. There are also specials, but there are also specials. Thats why all games come again you get experience for each enemy you kill and you dont level up a bit, thats also quite nice and also makes you feel good, but you cant have properties yourself attracted to many villas here and two pieces, but thats a good example of bad timing that should only come back in after the readout dodging is of course also possible here is again like in dark souls and related leaf drilling and what not everything is very important timing timing timing timing is how do i attack how you actually do it i cant get there because then its locked up there Ive already seen a button here again beautiful Schattenef effects you have the whole shadow of the character because on the wall and that looks nice i know which ones are coming up to be honest there is another spot where you can look i can only put the weapon away i can definitely do it i can do i can press the button here sometimes there are graphic errors for a par but that shouldnt be a problem overall im really happy that its running i cant move it but thats bad just what was the fastest fast speaker keyboard layout save picture one does nt exist no idea apparently not then ill just say it like that save the game here whats really funny about the memory are system you can save anywhere but its always in brackets after the name so first of all you can see when youve played and which one time and which level it was or which the character respects and at the very end there is always how youve done so far so how you how often youve saved that means thats great for them that refers to the fact that they havent saved at all so far hafner than if you walk along and save twice every three meters then youre so bad because before I go in dont go in there is another place where I ca nt think Ill find everything there where I wanted to go and you can theoretically follow the water theres another cave I dont think there was anything useful there I dont want to now either far Ill go then just like that and you can fall under this I hope blogs or time deducted life deducted that the unfavorable I still have no income here and nothing at all I cant get there it wobbles the image of the mouse is not quite as good as i would like it to be, but it could be even better, partly because of the recording and partly because of the game itself the whole thing was done quite atmospherically and of course not only running here all the time through the wilderness quite the opposite, there you are quite often actually at which abandoned ruins and erected buildings what I what everything the story of the whole game is it so irrelevant there is here always the overlay at the beginning and at the end of the levels what happens there so rather unspectacular spiders are also these annoying works here you meet so we can poison you thats unfavorable because poison is usually a bit stupid i have to see that you get it carries out a lower attack that means exactly that so character here you can also attack forwards from the left and intervene on the right-hand side of this attack you can also hit the top once that will be interesting later on depending on what the company is doing some opponents have, for example, in one hand somehow start the weapon you have to egg just go away so you cut off your arm and thats best done by telling a little but it was worth it friedberg but it also works very well from above it works too and its very nice for a lifetime I dont need it yet I know I also use it I use it can you switch through the inventory a bit bow can i use too damn that was total works the beautiful life man oh lord bow you can have here too because i wanted to how did it go that was ok everything there and just had to remind myself of it so that concludes hello you also need a quiver that means you also need parts but you can only carry up to ten parts but you can also collect shot arrows again if you find them, which of course I am totally doing now because I have no idea at all of course i know i was able to save money with this excursion that was the attack of the wrong people hit yes the area is not particularly exciting up here but we have in arches is good there can always be opponents who get on your nerves in a match and arches are always good if you donate them directly ray spin and level up skillfully that is also very good every level that we climb is actually very helpful especially on at the beginning you can see here we just had 80 lives now to 180 there is a whole range more and you see we are where we were before where I tried to jump on top it worked wonderfully it was that long the trip not down again now this is a bottle there is no special area so theoretically we can also hit it I dont want to because I was just there again you never know Im in such a bad mood and so we can now continue on our way in the end its about just getting through the level so halfway and its not that easy lets say theres this heres everything so there are little things en opponents actually do less what saw the red that was a particularly strong attack that would be something we would do ourselves as an open combination as there are basically two different attack variants or two different combination strengths that you can do a light white swing like that a white sheep on his swing can if its yellow then thats a medium strength that while things that are directly related to the use of weapons that here are all red loop that means the viruses are particularly strong efficient and they ca nt be blocked in places or you can we put them with the attacks then also interrupt other attacks the opponent had to learn here is very important we also have combinations of each opponent like the attack in china they dont really make a lot of 120 rush and its really just for later for the stronger the larger opponents it is w really important that you look at what they actually do a lot they attack how dodge they attack two times in a row they attack three times in whatever direction such things there is an opponent that you can dodge pretty well but if you if you dont do it then you die within seconds thats why it has a higher level of difficulty its not that hard maybe nothing to do with it because Ive done it more often later its going to be difficult we have to do better thats why I thought I had sound from it feeling the feeling you had the feeling you had the feeling from the left someone else comes but finally and he is always blogging diligently that means there is also the correct page which supposedly plays a century is just not from the guy but that is done quite nicely in the form it is there nobody is the sound is coming from the right camp is difficult just have to make its quite cool gemac ht because they really all have different attacks so we are entrepreneurs first of all we have called la douce here sees the different strengths the different powers power means as much as attack power defense means as much as i can also defend with it that means if i blogger here what she has done really well so far I have also never done it before that fits I should get used to it then I should get used to the bells the problem is the swords and all the weapons all that nobody has with you you also have a resistance or have a here also means a durability here too when I say here Ill take a radius with it I cant block I have however you then the comet shield its even a bit broken it only has eleven of 20 left I could do everything with it I didnt need the town sign, the blood sword, because they are weaker and its not m a specialization i have my specialty i have to look at something here far hand swords that means information to the right attack right thats not bad at all dont be angry the combination here first of all this is the first combination the first attack which is a bit stronger you can see straight away youre recovered further out thats very practical because it gives you a little headache when your head is a few meters further twice third too wild on it so we have to go up and have to go over the little door here I hope its good because its been played more than once should the progress be fixed a few times in any case there will also be moments of frustration you can tell yourself because so in cash its always nice blocked now no more stamina thats great after all that you do no no no me too much damage so also boys or b so the sound is nt quite so honest next you have to see if I can set it differently sooner how different graphics drivers will set you up different sound drivers will it all be calculated for junk thats all shifting should I say so you can also see here there are boxes that you can destroy there are definitely not destroy On the contrary, he cant, I think you could burn them if you take a torch, if you poison one alone, you can take fire from the walls of the overrun and then everything is fine a healing potion 150 you would have to put it in immediately here depends on the entry decreased are the little ones the 50s and the 150s you hit it right away the 500 the thousands and all the healing potions i dont know if there is another blender over 1000 and between the action very close the come the comes in the inventory that means you would be able to take it with you and store it if it was only a limited number of ga nze only take a 2 with you i do nt know exactly its limited so opening the gate doesnt work unfortunately sometimes you can destroy doors by simply hitting them with skin its not always and we probably would nt be facing anyone a new heavy chaos ive already been 13 ive got that already used here normally that would break it if you lure it with it i blog but like a butterfly is a dam or really sneaking up on known knowledge sneaking woman is not mine either who has seen me in the game knows deleting is not like that mine doesnt mean that it does nt work at all but its not exactly if I know but that it fits then it doesnt even try both be the way lolled the rum hello the sound come the day before the channels are distributed again the attack no interrupted but I wanted to try our great gagging attack and would have had to dodge it first en so precise that it is nice that the first episode is always a bit longer so that we can get a bit of an impression of the game because, as I said, I dont know if you want it to be completely complete, you would then after the first episode now first of all on a few reactions from you were that means if i want to see more of here if you want to take a closer look and or even played it yourself then a moment moment moment then hes just a bit bigger guy then definitely the video could be i will I noticed a different reaction how many people looked at each other and then probably put a display on it anyway because Im having a lot of fun again right now but I totally ran in anyway a hello I was filled out on the side also a healing potion 3 and the other side colleague doesnt really help new music a small wall of his comeback which you can also mutual friend one sits racist become halter so has far too little life and feels a moment of calm then it heals itself power now but attack no or put a sign on it career almost so a sign is you can but also birth so we often redeem skin on it we meet media meeting sometimes very theatrical we have reached level 3 there is a new combination now with the swords and axes dodge right okay except for the ID chip on the left that means jump to the left and then hit but not so hard both actually already look today I was aware if thats right probably its only when you have the opponents path in front of you i left the healing potion extra there are apples here too so there s some food you can use to heal yourself there are a few tricks you can keep like said torches we can also take with us burn and we can burn things down no box box it burns then meat little to himself thats nice and the perfect opponent thats how you do it the expedited ugly can now also fight with a burning torch but first see what he had with him an ax a small +4 power I have now is the am10 power every +5 power is the advantage is the axis is a hannover can only take a limited amount of swords and weapons and does not get up secretly you can take three pieces here on the right can take four things with you something like that unfortunately cut off here that means then Im over but it doesnt matter if you can still be seen here and I have to say as a small summary now here as a small impression here I actually find it so you can see of course it says its quite a bit older but this one in particular is whole lighting this very slightly foggy story like the colors here then suddenly see a distance such things d it just looks pretty cool looks very atmospheric lets call it that its all this slightly gloomy slightly foggy mood but I still think its pretty pretty in some places especially later well see about that later turn your will on top of that there will be some very nice places if other cathedrals are in there and then since we dont land through the windows also on the bike accordingly character on it thats pretty damn cool up snow landscape there are also a little bit firmer and much bigger there arent any things there are still a few some walls theres quickly a fabric snow landscape tilted there are also lava landscapes again and the fact that you have a hellish area wine comes into our whole stuff is definitely a nice thing there is actually a lot of variety here and its pretty fun game-wise though once you get used to the controls i think the combat system and all that stuff is why i have bucks on here if you have that too then i’m of course very pleased that it’s very advertised i don’t think i can say anything about it i saw roughly how it all works here he was still flesh that could have brightened me up as well. the levels are definitely very interesting. sometimes you have to find keys sometimes you just have to find them. you have to collect which items and then here you have a boss and what i what all there are a few things that are hidden he will tell you later which ones so to create the game you have to sort of tinker with a very special one through different roles you have to find he someday will be undead tomorrow okay moment moment moment is broken whats going on and waiting for us who must be because they dont mind if you have the broken d the only thing you can do is take your head off so not both degrees it does nt matter at least the arm crash didnt bother you because he didnt have enough life when he had me the funny you can break down in both arms and if he has no more work to attack then stop half full so for example take a look at the smart works they bring unfortunately very little experience berlin places because they are always exciting so our weapon really weak what should nothing at all here so terrible here helps head off actually still the most under birth concretely done me white yes infinitely welcome I dont think at the moment not sure I dont think you do nt find the game pretty pretty cool by making atmospheric and that s why I would be happy if you find it good now and well see each other again next time here at servera in the play-off dates is still whats in it well then I want to say Im out of here see you next time and adieu and bye ss and anyway until then indian steam locomotives In Severance: Blade of Darkness kämpfen wir im Stil von Dark Souls gegen eine Übermacht an schweren Gegnern. 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