Forsen Plays Blade of Darkness (With Chat)

How to uninstall games steamsteam mobile app BLADE OF DARKNESS review Music oh well all right uh lets uh lets try out Applause what the  __  was this  __  called Music Music darkness something Music light of darkness Music all right lets see what this  __  is all about Music the sun shall be obscured the earth shall be covered by waters and the brilliant stars shall fall from their sanctuaries in the heavens fire and smoke shall rise up until they reach the very skies Music Music Music is it a controller game or que pasa well considering i cant move the  __  all right i guess it is okay i dont know the enter key is on the  __  controller wait what you cant see why cant you see didnt you see for a second there Music huh wait Music all right one second Music all right lets just do mod to capture i guess right  __  it but i cant start the game theres nothing on my controller that starts the game like no button starts i have to use  __  space bar right like how can i move stuff but there is no equivalent Music on the  __  controller for for enter its not a controller game oh okay well say so Music square Music all right Applause we got a normal we got a door Music we got a helmet archer Music we got a barbarian looking Music all right Music Music  __  archer man Music live attack 2 defense age 25 very high 225 standard wait Music Applause Music okay sure sure sure oh my what up when i think its because Music use the backward and forward Music simultaneously oh my god Music press the stealth key as you walk to sleep are you  __   __  press the stealth key Music i shifted shift Music what is this Music is it this what what do i have five one seven one i dont  __  know what do i have two speakers what happened to the music all right wheres attacking press jump listen to jump press f1 while walking forward press jump was that my jump key how was that my jump key bro can they stop saying jump key and tell me what the actual  __  key is theyre  __   __  right button holy  __  who made who the  __  made this game and why have people played it all right uh then move on to while running forward press jump to cross this bigger pit then move on to the first step what the  __  first step very good okay Applause all activate right blocks open the gate all right very good select object a  __  torch Music press select object these guys are  __  trying to trigger me the  __  select object space Music oh i can see the name okay until its name appear and then what oh they just called the same thing oh my god this is gonna be  __  cancer all right you have to burn through the wall of crate use key i think this might have been like the worst tutorial ive ever  __  heard how do i run try picking up delicious things okay so Music oh delicious Music how do i do this again what key was it faith awesome this is cool i didnt know you got your far cry 6 save back is this the final part of the game i have to say the graphics actually look a bit better than the first half of the game ubisoft really acted themselves and it has less bugs too where is this potion oh press the cycle object key cycle object im assuming tab no tabs ctrl alt cycle options cycle inventory object c right and press use Music all right perfect try the iron key Music i dont have the  __  iron key where the  __  is the iron key you can rebind no there is no saving these controls no matter what trust me i dont i i i have the key Music oh its so subtle all right hold down the throw key throw key queue stay with me and stay with me they are fairly fast now im pushing this piece of  __  as fast as it can both what happened back there where scarlets we lost him oh Music Music the sign for dwarfs the sign for barbarians i dont  __  give it to me Music oh my god dude you know what this looks like this looks like the  __  backside of my mortal kombat 2 ps1 Music uh Music i didnt want that one i wanted the  __  hell bird thats why i stood on this side of the  __  thing and press the e next to the  __  halberd Music this weapon is not suited for a character yeah then  __  let me drop it Music Music oh Music drop how do i drop this drop it please Music oh my god all right let me  __  Music why Music why is it Music why is he not putting it in this inventory Music i have three weapons i have literally three weapons wait no i dont why is it not putting it in Music Applause what the  __  do i do with this how do i put this in my inventory f1 i have Music Music Music i have this weapon i cannot do anything more Music why why cant i put this in my inventory Music oh wait i know now i know now i can do this pick it up and cheat it Music throw hammer away why Music why would i throw it away Music they want me to have three weapons literally how do i throw Music im not pretending tell me what to do all of your suggestions have been wrong so whos not pretending here Music take another weapon take another weapon he doesnt equip this Music it says its suited for everyone like what the  __  Music this is not suited for your character you know what its fine were just not gonna use it wheres my there are no shields Music oh my god a forsen have you ever heard of the unemployment Music kenyan got  __  to death by a force his cause of death was a key peritoneal dues the horse entered his abdomen Music press the lock on key lock on Music lock on tap press the draw sheet weapon Music uh Music i dont know what the  __  caps Music Applause Music this is like more how but for boomers Applause Music Applause Music what the  __  hey hey hey how does it how do i lock one Applause Music hes not pretending feels bad man hes not pretending hes not pretending im not feels bad man hes not pretending feels good man hes not pretending hes bad man hes not pretending he is bad man of course Music oh my god Music oh dont make me  __  shoot dude i should have picked actually Music are you  __  kidding me bro are they serious so in order to hit that target i have to shoot here Music how is this chess aim Music this is 4d chess aim if anything this is you have proven your skill with the bow the tutorial is finished press f1 start the game i have learned nothing i have learned absolutely nothing i dont know any of the keys the steps of karakuma have faded into the distance behind you leaving only memories these days of journey across the ancient tribal grounds have been like a dream but now before your very eyes kashgar the mythical homeland of your ancestors what mysteries what fate awaits you in the shadows of its sacred monoliths where where Applause club welcome to the club Music uh i dont need it i dont need it yet yeah but its a  __  potion what do you mean you dont need it i dont need it yet can you not save a potion  __  barbarian immersion zero iq cant plan ahead Applause huh all right fire Music wait is that a bonfire its not a bonfire is it Music im not sure which is the designated i want to go to the optional area ill try this first oh my god dude are they kidding me with this theres no way all right i can do this but okay bro there is no bonfire i can do this i can do this i just need to set up mac setup you cant climb that how do i shoot the sword again i dont i didnt even move i just turned my camera angle and then it didnt fit anymore i didnt even bro what legendary sword have they  __  hid over there all right forward and s at the same time all right you know what well never know well never  __  know dude i cannot my blood Applause is boiling i i have to i cannot do it im very good at the terrain abusing but this this these controllers are making me want to tear my lost remaining hair out Music Applause crust uh Applause Music imagine playing this with the  __  arrows wait do i have it no i dont know you have to save manually why are the bonfires then everywhere i guess cosmetic reasons where do you save jesus all right here we go this  __  boss is gonna be insane im already losing to these  __  plebes hmm Applause Music Applause dude all right what the  __  i had to die because i forgot theres a secret route over here hmm hmm like my swings dont even  __  like hit him in  __  melee dude like what the  __  you missed yeah that was my point in  __  milly how the  __  do i block with the sword can i do that left control okay oh its a parry only all right here we go im just gonna im just gonna say one more time here i know scum saving but im just like until i  __  get it all right here we go i powered him and it did nothing all right im just gonna chase these  __  Applause uh  __  all right well have a love gladius hmm this is useless where Music Music hmm Music why cant i  __  climb hmm Music Music all right thats fine i feel like theres something here besides that potion but um chaos sword all right how do i know if this is better than mine all right uh drop this how do i drop this chew oh i already had the ks sword i guess we had a chaos sword fresh wait did it have horsepower Applause i just want to see if theyre different wow hmm all right heres the bigger guy okay Music bro can you back off hes drinking careful not to break them also if you press the escape key you can see all the special moves to all the swords in the game f1 its  __  auto reload or something Music oh huh can go uphill  __  Music Music Music Music f1 oh youre right all right chaos sword i dont know what this means i dont i have no idea what this  __   __  means level five im level im level two or something oh my god Applause all right Applause wow i dont know he could  __  drink i had ill play you see every time i die i found and i find an alternative route all right bow cant use that Music huh bro what the  __  is happening wait i cant  __  can i use the bow Music bye uh Applause Applause huh hmm uh Music Applause i want to decide hop and he does some stupid  __   __  man oh my god this guys a  __  embassy oh oh my god all right victory for the horde do we care about the torch torch doors uh nothing here all right i can uh mace 19 power i dont know how to pull it out its what i told your mother but also oh yeah can i have a shield at the same time no i dont know how to equip the shield Music i feel like its not doing how do i can i two-hand this  __  or what Music Music Music press f1 what do you want me to do this one and no one knows what this attack symbol means forward and back forward and back Music all right all right all right ill take that oh  __  oh this attack is op look at that off off with their heads Music Music all right if theres a bonfire i can say i see Music was there nothing behind this Music Music theres something up there Music how do i get up there im taking think i dont need it yet Music stop being so  __  weird all right this guys a fat eyes Music me god Applause theres a secret behind this waterfall you see it how do you sneak again oh bro what the hell is 500 life potion save that one for later Music oh wait i can go up here oh wait now i can take it without drinking kids i  __  get it Music whered that come from Music this one i drink Music Music all right bonfire equals save fighting axe Music oh this is a maze just like dark souls Music wait is that where i came from Music what the  __  Music Music we cant climb here Music what is the point of this  __  area  __  im running small guys Music Applause Music Music no Music awesome have you been watching the daughter team awesome for some person for some force and force enforcement force and force impossible force and force important forcing force impossible please Music Music oh my god Music how do i potion i cant do anything because Music what Music nice save at the  __  Music Music huh Music all right totem polem equals actually ill  __  this up huh huh the god gamer bosomed the god gates forsen the god gamer forsomed the god gamer awesome the god came porcelain the god gate forsen the dark game awesome the god game thats me and thats a  __  save dude Music this is a bonfire that i cant  __  Music Music oh my god its  __  that camera  __  what does the audio sound like its coming from the other room how do i drink the potion pressing c and then use Music Music rusted lock reminds me of your mother for this skull i eat the skulls of my enemies maybe the keys in this one a bucket any water classic lol all right well i have no  __  rusted key so enjoy your life i guess oh theres a rusted key Music all right the tumor is growing from these controls we are progressing so thats something credibility art is then move on to ms sing sing welcome welcome back senoras okay im gonna save because theres a bonfire here you know how it is Music left or right i think left is optional okay five hundred going once going twice theres nothing here  __  useless another one face Music bro how can you do that Music Music no no Music its one thing i learned from this game dont get  __  greedy doesnt matter if he has two hp you can  __  take a hundred of yours before you get that  __  down eclipse was a shield shield imagine being a shield abuser in this game how pathetic would that be i wouldnt be able to sleep at night thats the weapon minus six what the  __  weapon eclipse what does this mean minus five d the  __  does that mean minus five damage or what oh minus five defense okay okay okay im gonna try it im gonna try it im gonna im gonna try it im gonna try it im gonna try it im gonna try it all right im trying it now how do i equip it oh really  __  i dont know i still dont understand these  __  controls man do i have to throw my  __  sword for for this  __  to work use all right Music i can do one attack bro back and back is that the attack im doing wow no im not doing the attack oh its level seven oh well what level am i three how can i do the chaos attack then im level three oh you cant oh so i was spamming some normal  __  oh thats  __  awkward but it worked i was like oh this is good this thing is good hes super fast bro i cant do one attack level four abilities two-handed sword two-handed two 200 swords in access right dodge slice 200 access forward attack shredder attack shredder level four oh three forward left dodge slice forward i dont the fact this means running left dodge slice  __  dude hmm Music Music i see a bonfire thank god Music Music im just gonna let them kill each other because i have no damage Music Music Music im stuck into his  __  guy im stuck into his  __  guy Music Music uh Music hmm hmm Music  __   __  Music who the hell Music get down get down again Music imagining im uh arnold Music im gonna save this bonfire here again i should probably drink this since the dawn of time the shadow of evil has lain in weight down through the ages his power has grown only the light of the righteous can resist it evaliant have faith and persevere seek the isle of the dead find the temple of light and enter the gate to vallaskaife there you shall find your answers Applause you have cleansed kashgar but for how long the spirit of your ancestors spoke of a grave evil which is surely the source of the troubles back home you must continue to search for answers on the island of the dead and the temple Music in a  __  glass Music mines fortress which one do you think is less cancer i go fortress is the principal fortress of the knights of the armenia region for generations their dukes have kept the peace and ensured free passage through the district lord kerman paladin of the order governs the garrison with an iron fist holding off an ever increasing threat oh Music no Music can i open this  __  chest somehow bottles meet nice to meet you coyle the selected object cannot be taken all right theres a broken sword here did i kill this guy i remember killing him its because i didnt tell him wait was that crust i did not kill these people i did not not hit her spade Music oh Music all right little guy take out the big guy hit him wait hes involved hes balding about the guys im dead Music is the principal fortress of the knights of the armenia region hello all right we want the small guys to attack the big guy okay am i getting eggs for one day kelly did i get x there no oh thats right why cant i do this all right how long am i poisoned for orc sword its gone i really need that bonfire now there we go thats close hes wearing high heels can i  __  turn around Music oh it sounds like a doubter you hear that what why is he dead why is he dead im gonna pick up his bow here too many objects of this type i guess were i think its a secret all right someone time how the  __  to open these chests Music i gotta smash them and then the whatever it is is rude Music Music hmm did i do this like they have shortcuts but what is the  __  point of having shortcuts if you dont have bonfires it literally makes no sense at all Music hmm hmm what the  __  this  __  camera  __  off Music oh Music all right cant wait for level seven Music i ate some apples combos and rhythm xd welcome jesse a b the panda badger spring shock ld wasnt that more it heals for five was that an arrow i feel like were severely under leveled oh  __  and i havent saved oh oh hmm wow im gonna be on the level oh a right now my  __  life oh oh this game is so  __  laggy  __   __  controls  __   __  camera Applause my  __   __  does no damage thats right  __  i think i wont  __  abuse i always find a way hello or sword maybe the poison is good for me it seems kind of slow though what the  __  i cant i just whats up hello hello Applause Music hello Music Music Music hello uh hello Music huh Music Music hello Music oh my god all right level five that means uh i get the thingy with the chaos weapon Music thats exactly what i did before Music wait i dont understand when am i doing it am i doing it now Music i dont know what the  __  im doing its game how am i doing it Music what does this mean Music speed kill Music Music i dont know how to do this im tired how the  __  do i do this Music am i pressing attack and then forward or attack forward at the same time where am i pressing attack and then forward and back at the same time what what the  __  Music m1 plus w and then s thats what i did m1w s im just doing that Music i did it one time i just dont know how to  __  Music faster oh slower okay fps3 hi i told you im playing on the  __  hardest difficulty here i didnt but i am i can tell something is wrong im not capping my  __  fps you cant it doesnt help Music same one move yeah youre about to see same one move versus the same one mob Applause im so mad um war axe cant wear it okay Music how the  __  do i enter that Applause  __  the scythe Music nice special attack for ants all right Music do you think this site is good going to throw out this club wait what the  __  oh my god what the  __  is broken yeah we read thank you sir sir thank you welcome to the worst game on uh this planet probably maybe not released in worse current year Music Applause Music my headphones it has all the power in the world but at what cost i just have to drink this potion Music this is dwarfs only ah i have found it all right should i go back the other other weapon i think i should oh no not too late im already dead in my screen run hello all right lets try the special attack on this guy lets see how much damage it does oh  __  you Applause this is  __  dead because im greeting and the person is killing me i have to kill this carry or level up whenever Music complaining worthless limbs i am a subscriber i make the wheels turn i put food on this table and for what your endless entertainment no i dont think so foreign Music go relax meet what the  __  88 health its not enough but all right i feel like theres a boss coming up unless i get hp here were  __  hmm Music and a super sword all right what the  __  oh my god please if theres any mercy nice stop dont do it stay there i might go pick up this potion now Applause and this death sword and then youll be sorry Applause Music Music death sword it does nothing alright you cant enter here its my domain Applause get in there Music Applause Music Music me five Music Applause uh oh my god give me health cheese crust Music full life potion you could not have can come at a better timing Music all right so my idea is that im thinking you know there that this big guy has the key all the keys in the crate next thing seems like an appropriate place yeah thats right nice oh but i can show everyone the barbarian i am im true i truly am wait i already destroyed these Music i cant fiesta Music i think the key is down here Music this camera angles i cant Music did i come from here Music where the  __  is this key Music i cant find it chad Music cant find the key to uh dukes bedroom Music Music must be here somewhere Music dukes bedroom dukes bedroom probably over here actually Music Music uh everything looks the  __  same  __  dukey Music the hell is this sablasso oh my god i throw the scythe away it was weird Music oh no  __  that Music im gonna do that one from now on its most damage but seriously wheres this key who here played this game seriously who played this game Music too long ago i never got past level one shut the  __  up dont make up excuses about not remembering maybe here i cant find it i am uh im lost previously on lost we had to get through the door jack Music but where is the key kate can i glitch myself through that i feel like with my skill and this level of shite its on the dead night its not though Music this guy you mean the big guy theres nothing i checked Music uh Music me Music Music maybe youre yeah to go ahead somewhere i i cant find it man im  __  lost Music its on the edge all right i was actually thinking you mean on the edge outside of the uh pretend bridges i was actually looking now just send just google it and send just google it and send just google it and send just google it and send Music anyone with adhd will play this  __  game goddamn  __  mind hmm real Music Music Music Music Music huh Music so uh  __  finally what the  __  Music there better be a full potion here is there any potion my potion is far too strong Music howd i open this  __  chest i can i rest in this  __  bed or what alright heres a bonfire Music oh elf sword Music is it a one-handed one because i dont  __  with that Music yeah some role-playing  __  Music all right im pulling the lever secret chamber secret labor Music i have 17 hp blue august pepin the writer again duke its to see wrap wrath mug ionian mode afghan season objective sticky voice mechanics with one minus one yell nice thank you razorize the red horror thank you i know what this is look at this secret dark souls right here wait try though or wait wait for it wait for it okay Music hello Music friend we have been betrayed the orcs fell on us during the night my lord the duke my life ebbs away my lord the duke has been taken prisoner rescue him please he is our one and only hope take this key to aid your escape and read in this parchment the final orders of my master hello chad im here to do commentary Music god damn it this game controls like  __  Music ill just use this Music Applause yeah much better this is the force and build Music  __  unlucky never lucky cheat game Music thumbs it up Music where do you want to  __  put this key Music all right bonfire Music i dont know why the pets Music i dont know fortress has been taken by an army of malevolent orcs however their chief was no symbol but some more powerful being his attack has not been decisive it seems that his aim was not to conquer the castle Music did i beat the man Music no boss Music the key was the boss Music the mines beneath mount kel bagan form one of the main dwarf settlements in this region its principal sources of wealth are weapons-grade steel and the obsidian used for carving sacred objects it is a very ancient site known to all races and peoples from the central kingdoms to the far peoples of the sea unlike the other cities of the worlds which are generally secret places oh so  __  since i began the dwarves have struggled against evil safe beneath the mountains theyve accumulated hmm Music mongolian throat singing Music level up wait everyone  __  relax all right theres something on level six theres nothing on level six theres something for every level except for level  __  six unless Music attack thunder smash attack thunder smash Music thunder smash Music Music  __  wished that i could force him build this Music oh boy Music hey dark souls stole this thats right i made you my  __  huh nice we dont use one hander Music do we ah im fine with these unavoidable death traps i am i really am what im not finding with is the  __  no safe  __  and you have to  __  remember to  __  save every  __  five minutes its like im playing  __   __  morning boys good  __  mornings ladies today we are going to play here mario with the obstacles oh  __  parrot lets go base right stupid  __  front pills awesome get a barrier and fix your order no i will win with carrots is that what its called the one where they jump out of bushes i dont remember uh its not cat mario i just remembered so Music all right how to play steam games on mobile without pc Date of the stream: 10.10.2021Forsen Plays Blade of DarknessEnjoyed video? leave like, subscribe and turn notifications on Forsens info: ►Twitch: ►Twitter: ►Youtube: ►Reddit: Editors info: ►Steam: ►Twitch: #forsenplays #forsenBladeofDarkness #forsenplaysBladeofDarkness best games in steam summer sale how to upload game saves to steam cloud steam game is not available on your current platform steam join what is a steam cd key