Myl Plays Blade of Darkness 001: Tutorial

A game of dwarves steamadd friends on steam BLADE OF DARKNESS review hey guys this is my Lander welcome to blades of darkness this game was recommended to me by THC Bob Marley so thank you to that cuz well thats all because he wants to see me cry but lets get started shall we and thats done a new game all right press arrow to choose characters so uh what do we have here what do we have arrows what do I do enter to select lets see what this guy is Sargon life 100 attack one defense one age 40 height 180cm weighs SMT 8 kg specialty one-handed sword and shields information mens of arms the success of the Kings at night is based what is based on their organization their knowledge of the art of war and their superior doesnt sing or ornaments both in attack our new armor Armin mmm whatever and both attack and defense are you sure yes or no no no lets see what else we have so we have a knight 40 year old Knight will do is this is Dorf nag nag far life 120 attack to defense of one age is 153 hmm I think he is yeah heres the door specialty one-handed axe and shields for countless generation the dwarves have sought the most precious metal and jewels theyre hard but peaceful way of life has made them a strong yet contemplative people no Im not sure yet one good where who else do we have oh we have a lady with arrows let me guess Amazon Zoli I like that name Zoli she has 60 life attack one defense zero age shes 19 years old 170 cm 58 kg specialty years but shes holding about anyway the adventurers travel the world in search of legendary treasure they are nimble will resonate daring and seasoned warriors it is not uncommon to encounter them singly or groups wandering the highways or delving among the ruins of yesteryear nope Im not sure I want this yet either what do we have we have what is this God this is this is Khal Drogo this is barbarian life 80 attack to defense zeros age 25 height 2 to 5 CMS pretty tall 130 kg of beefiness two-handed axe and swords information a proud and intimate people Taku Rams takarovs tribe pay no tribute to any power nor do they recognize any Lords as these period to themselves they respect only armed of course and the ancient wisdom of their shamans or am I sure nope okay who else no okay were back to you so its okay to choose a knight I love the dwarf Amazon or Khal Drogo no what no what no what I think I was hit Khal Drogo hes a fetus Ill take him yeah Ill take this guy into tutorial yeah sure so I heard that this game is pretty hard so lets see how that will work use the backward and forward keys to walk okay for backwards nice now hit the quickly hit the forward twice to run very good f1 to continue okay fast forward and backwards simultaneous to me garrison tendency to make a 180-degree turn there we go lovely now use a sneak as you can move stuff away the controls are a bit weird this game is pretty old um wheres it mm 1.1 1990 I dont know I have to tell check on that first attack wanted to punch here jump chop how do I jump lets jump oh God okay I jumped is it a joke yeah while walking forward press jump to leap over this small hit then walk to the next one okay okay very good at one okay now running forward press jump to cross this bigger pit and I move on to the first okay lets do it that is fun see shift is walking slow stuff right Im so used to a shift being walk faster anyway press the jump key while walking up to the step to climb it okay okay okay there we go okay very nice what we have to walk until we reach the gate so here we go I like this little step here that were doing he floats this guy floats oh Im getting dizzy already all right move closer to lever to activate it okay run okay lets activate this press the use thats my use button okay its a no-go very good continue thats one activate the two blocks to open the gate okay lets see this lets see that there we go very good gate come on Im not used to my a and D button its weird all right iPhone to continue listen for burning select a unit torch by standing close to it and pressing the select object select object okay whats my select object yeah okay I do not know what it is okay my select object is apparently space okay and then use the used button to take ah yes there we go okay select the burning torch lighting key tell it names okay Ive done that now what now oh I like that can we can we heat it up yeah I used to use button there we go to continue you have to burn through the grates great okay fill the barrels put the barrels ha ha this is fun come on break this break this well you dont break this stupid Drogo oh thats not his name but it is his name now drill go come on Drago okay you have to burn through by selecting selecting and then use okay Im gonna burn the box come on what okay here we go now we have to jump over this and open a door very good try picking up different objects in the room applies cheese are delicious okay were gonna go get some cheese lets run run barrels lets kill them all drink some water cool ourselves down shiny muscles huh those rough skulls oh no respect for a jet ha ha how now Carl Im sorry alright cow lets lets go mr. Rogow alright what do we have we have some cheese lets lets eat some cheese try picking different objects in the room cheeses pizza that is some crunchy cheese what else do we have meat lets go for the meat crunchy wheat what is this alright now food and ocean pick up when did these appear they werent behind me anyway get another potion alright okay press the cycle inventory to select the potion and they use it how do I do that okay thats like all my objects we go and then use to drink it yeah just toss it onto the ground like that go go now go test other objects be sure to pick up the iron key okay wheres the iron key is it I dont think shiny iron key well take that and just snatch it off like that yeah climb on tables clever tip oh yeah climb on tables can we pick this stool up oh we can thats what were supposed to do okay were gonna pick up a stool pulled the throw key until it launches and yeah and its toss it into the fire all right lets lets throw it lets throw it launch and then the attack rage throw remember the yellow bar represents the throwing strength youll use a launch - launch the object I want to continue the key you picked up will unlock the exit well this is room nice lets do that now Oh God iron lock now I have to cycle through the up here we go No here we go its so far the control kit what happened pick any weapon take any weapon okay I like pick up a weapon designed for this is not suited for your character you use it becomes cook plumbers la I dont want this I dont want this design for it I want this I love this I want this yeah this weapon is well suited I dont want that how do I psycho psycho psycho psycho roll up roll up yes there we go how do I use it what oh god f1 no take another weapon you need one more to collect to complete your collection I cant use any of these design for everyone lets use the one thats the design therefore everyone why not alright its gonna be used by any character but Anu will fight better with one your characters preferred weapon okay its fun 50 barrels oh ok hit the walls yeah alright um f11 okay take another weapon you need how many weapon them are gonna need cheese what else itll gonna take lets take this hammer level not high enough press f12 continue ticks shield um you know what Im gonna Im gonna take this I think this is useful yeah come on how do I have to change my weapon yeah there we go yeah this is more like it a slice what is that okay lets take a shield and then f12 continue take another shield I need another shield to continue if Im using a two-handed weapon why do I need a shield kinda throw a shield like Athena alright press the lock-on key to face the enemy lock-on there we go press the draw and oh god I dont know which one is this okay here this ones interesting now a lock on to my enemy movement I will start circling around it okay press f1 to continue dodge sideways press the right and jump or the left and jump oh nice okay this is nice haha all right now you try some basic attacks press attack key and a movement key simultaneously all right oh hi slice hello slice left slice right slice okay oh no theres a guy okay okay okay what am i doing yeah okay thats one okay if I kill again exp okay thats obvious okay yeah - oh no no no dont hit me dont hit me dont hit me oh hey oh well his head fell off and roll the way look at that you have proved yourself a skillful fighter now lets see how well you handle a bow and arrow can I can I loot stuff okay I think I can pick it up oh there we go okay that you pick things up is this useful what about this head nope all right lets continue take up the bow and quiver the quiver pick up a bowl to many objects of this head what I dont have a boat I have a bow half a bow well I dont I dont okay lets lets lets throw this away how do I throw okay cue and then Oh goodbye alright lets see lets see if I can pick this up there here we go cycle through to get okay I have it already so its okay now what oh oh Im gonna fall okay now I am going to shoot how are shoot okay here we go there we go there we go okay well that is not where its supposed to go how about here okay nope okay a little bit lower maybe a little bit lower not bad at all you have proven your skill with the bow the tutorial has finished press f1 and start the game congratulations you have successfully completed a tutorial level now you are prepared for the adventure okay thats not too bad I think well the steps of CARICOM have faded into the distance behind you leaving only memories these days of journey across the ancient tribal grounds have been like a dream but now before your very eyes is toshka the mythical homeland of your ancestors what mysteries what heat to ensure were the shadows of its sacredness okay well I am going to end it here its a tutorial tutorial is over and next time we will be starting the game actually starting the game so thank you for watching and I will see you guys next time alright bye best vr racing games on steam The game begins. 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