Обзор игры The Blade of Darkness

Steam pudding recipesbest steam otome games BLADE OF DARKNESS review blade of darkness is a classic slasher in its performance, there is a main enemy with its minions, the hero and the artifact are basically divided into several parts that the hero must collect in order to defeat evil, no girls lost in the forest and other secondary quests that slashers like to supplement today, Thai rock only hardcore to fight evil, 4 heroes are given to choose from gnome master account this is a couple amazon prefers a spear and a bow barbarian loves two-handed weapons and a swordsman knight with a shield each hero had his own fate so the first level each of them has a different dwarf returns home to his own and finds only mountains of corpses, therefore, dreams of a place, the Amazon is looking for an artifact that connects her with the struggle, and the barbarian goes to communicate with the spirits that prophesy for him about the struggle, and the knight, having gone to negotiations, ends up in a dungeon and, having got out, understands that he has fallen between a hammer and an anvil, but after the first level the plot becomes more linear where all the heroes are waiting for the same thing, the choice of a hero should be approached carefully, as already mentioned, each of them owns one or another weapon, if we allow the knight to manually give his head, then move and drink to her very slowly and clumsily, while with his own sword and shield in chopping enemies it will be like a vinaigrette from this changes and the style of passing for each character where the dwarf knights will prefer the network to hit the enemy on the shield and then counterattack the barbarian impostor rely more on the first blow where the Amazons have an advantage in speed 2 not weapons and the barbarian prefers to hit like this so that 2 times and not needed for its time the graphics were at their best the wallpapers were generally amazing yes now they look good we polish the enemy’s blow and attack ourselves then we catch the moment when the enemy swings and removes from the bottom up and cuts off his hand with equal gushing blood and the severed hand flies away together with the ball against the wall, the enemy sway something majestic falls to the floor and this is just With your hand, you can beautifully chop off the enemy’s head and look at blood splatters or even a series of blows about quartering in general, maniacs will squeal with delight, of course, in the options for dismembered blood, you can turn it off, but you need it. all corners will find the best weapon or artifacts of it and monsters, we grow the level by raising which increases armor, damage and health, there is no other way to earn experience, so it makes sense to clear locations completely and not run or slip past enemies if films like rambo are classic action movies where it is present the hero and a bunch of enemies the blade of darkness is a classic slasher how it should be bright as the sun seasoned like good cognac no bows and slobbering you love story only a hero and only evil on it all good luck and subscribe to the channel steam cracker JOIN VSP GROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: euphoria game steam steamer for clothes near me tabletop simulator steam key steam 2022 nominations cardfight vanguard steam game