Mexican steamsteam how to screenshot BLADE OF DARKNESS steam hello everyone music close if you know where the real one will be, let’s say it has been updated, that is, from normal to full-fledged, which is not up to automatically and newbee, what Aldoshin configurator recommends to play Chukchi horseradish, understand you won’t figure it out for a glass of tea, start what he does when what direct x for now before installation, it’s busy for a long time, maybe close it, can’t you earlier or an expert, I’m all bye bye here music fix us with shark shields can’t go hit the body what is the difference between the steam version and the original they say they tightened up the graphics and stability, like well done glaciers, we let them paradigm hello to you, thank you for the sincere wishes, kind words, we see, but the first candle turned on, the best achievements of fresh blood, straight rambo, this is about abnormal support for high wheelie reductions, the game will no longer stretch rum, etc. . yes, they pored over the graphic component of the mechanics and the engine left unchanged, as far as I understood . darova regedit boom reversal sho went a good stream ag academy great for a thousand years I haven’t seen how a spinner thanks for the kind words and sincere wishes except for a blunder this is a bottle and a more practical application to legalize their games themselves and gopis do not need to be improved, but it gets there that then it’s hard for the eyes to look on the wordpress screen retro korzh hello evgeniy agrees in many ways they made it honestly also more impressed by the good old textures you at least the developers of the improved version promised a more stable launch well see hello by the way soon the icon will change to blue nostalgia everything is one hundred and so I can’t reduce the control a little by the battalion commander at how much they say that you need the enemy with the limb of a fellow Babkin’s troubles for the icon next to the nickname that the sponsor’s icon is dried with its own species and the dispensary is more difficult to guess at this resolution I’m all fire work well, yes I rarely go like this myself I passed a quart thank you when Dima’s illnesses in the past slowly little by little now also now aging less often troubles of various nature on the left block on the right control 0 means one you had a son once such a bug the weapon should stop getting and the hero beats with his fist instead to fontas repeatedly in my steam version twice what it was like to treat with a selection of weapons accounts, but now I can add you with it, you don’t know them there, like from 5 dollars, so the elders say I gave out the mandrel cost how much there 289 in my opinion it’s on 5 bucks media get lets try Im not averse to you like racing small weapons and burst too now you need to count well okay its good ran dali salvador dali 15 bucks for sale no bodies are not scattered you wait lets go stock well pick up when the valiant barbarian without a ball is insidious that but you wait for an attack achievement there is everything there is a series no such chip I don’t take 999 promotions and discounts it doesn’t give a pity yeah ban t Why is the sound of the sea still not quite dead there, the Archins are sunbathing good weather until you press the big keys, and so the jump over is not worth it for some reason, by default, what kind of nonsense I didn’t understand the idea of ​​ a radio operator’s jump in life, here a white loaf should jump and that’s all and where al, I think why don’t knit a combination for me is another matter, well, now we’ll live, that’s where the dog was buried and not for 500 rubles ours, why are they so on the sides, the differences were over the shifts, or something Ilya Madison said was very fair non-freezing getting ready for in winter, when the icons moved down relative to the centering of the signature, and you have weak hairs and ovi suite, you also play in the left ear of duty, there is no good, so we won’t go drunk for a bottle, they fixed it. texturing is clearly going on inside I already fell into a stone I suspect getting stuck on corpses I’ll continue this kind of music it’s nice music still breathing except for some crown right funeral at the head of house 10 where you are a lost soul to the world major engineer peas music it ’s impossible to say that management has become prom dresses music this is me such deepenings categorically music you dug, for example, it’s great already the bottom music I’m also not a couple until polyamides hit from behind they killed the bike meaning nortex background hunter behind grief translators mouse some kind of twitchy agree money was in terms of it’s hard to tell you tass with devices, somehow it’s clear that they have expanded or something, the dissonance often goes and they got married if you fell to gtx, of course, without and at least sickly to the maximum contract music about the spent lay down music today a marathon with metal music la jam in the corpses of the good old beloved by us, she has not gone anywhere forewarned means well armed Mr. oh, the topic is really not comfortable for some kind of nikita to the bottom of the halberd, the mud hut is called a sword and a blow from behind is still flowers yes music sometimes they were called about the soul again tweaks and now the main thing is that all my buttons return to normal, well done pickled cucumber dinner is over last stream ogrun thank you good job you marathon somehow if you have the opportunity to come back glad to see the bad you know that there is an alternative ending of the game you can try to pass the game and in front of me forty rune ghost with of course I don’t know about the mouse thanks noticed before comrades how the attack itself was interrupted by the barbarians and transferred to another although I didn’t want it by the fans music almost anyway the ransom got out I will try what you use there immediately to cooperate and Sasha I read yesterday some nonsense happened to you flew out of the tent where exactly not writes the towers to remove the doctors forbade do not blame me if the stream freezes intersvyaz for some reason it’s still working but I want a cat here that it’s not our button that it’s not small the engine to the object was afraid how the ultrasound was doing the city in front of us with a pillow and I had never flown out there before the approach had January gold less too many sales you well yes how it happened having this spare reserve for a small fight type road dialect I flew into and after 5 they taught help with all the same, they did it after shots eyes no stones sometimes it happens that it flies out I every time when the skull was taken away, in fact, the hat risked for the sake of a beautiful show- off no more, as a result, everything started all over again it sounds pretty painful, you need to hack and look at the lunge I don’t see zombies here on fire on the main problem with squeezing, I understood that the lake, then the frame, and that’s why I passed the death of the cut-scene long ago where when I finish azeroth I make a move music the non-Steam version looked like Jackies parents reduce the golem and you insert Dima, well done over steel so swear became the main thing not to lose experience music carefully bring music to the house of the skeleton our name is surrendered the feast is wonderful Tibet at least to give the scene was debauchery meant three minutes ran quit so once it happened they released to sell wonderfully your expenses music but not to be so upset the concentration is lost by itself buddy rose music applause we were delayed we claimed my twenty I why such names of all arce hot dick sperm for a long time before saying to get our thoughts how I doubt is the source of power under it to continue on the island of the dead or the goddess and for questions we are valid will Odana sang help can come from the cities of the dwarves or the knight supplying the crowd and what made arrows science fiction this is the biggest gate with the muzzle of our main enemy, which manifests itself behind the back of the duty of cancer after killing the last gates of the ice-cold Armen on them for centuries to go nuts provided without an example of a word for this area and also provides Lord Forman one order of this new commander of all this garrison keeps fighters of constant combat readiness to provide protection from from the growing threat of the coming north, the __ will bring the head home did not forget the steam version of the cities of the county hare the great madad o ritz music she is the most and I probably would never have played far in my life yesterday music until the management is not tightened at all I don’t know which is worse the previous translation didn’t fit the previous translation, it seems, too, not behind the front, at least such mistakes to satisfy the sky, after all, I also spent the night in my own way, not the best dior, my own wooden shield of attack, speed kill, quickly down, the deal should not be inquiringly struve cows with a 1000 fantasy bracelet, what is this sum and did not look upset you did not deliver me music Yu . but we really went uncle oleg the ball and why should I panorama he could not have hurried there at least Anna’s swords it’s swords and now that Sasha mice you really pull the door to the right somehow it’s very difficult to vary the gradations I still can’t visit the years I need a little bit to the right, a cut lez arc, ideally, there is a pixel from between the right and left infection, how now to aim it with arrows that for a minute some kind of nightmare should fall into the main question of fashion, I work dan there, and I rewrote the loot adair frets the steam version in half run without problems some do not work there and also says that the function of the blind x quad entity now returns an integer integer they are objects this for many the script function turns out to be a very unpleasant coincidence dan come to us in discord on the channel to the server link under the stream it is we are all there the man didn’t warm too much from his death, the products of the Gauls, I pass, I take Ron, dying on traps, I pass the second time, I think it’s necessary to dry hurt the super drone ran jumped and right in front of Alexey sympathized with the lip this control is such a scion I have become afraid of it and exactly if they are watching it I remembered that Pashinsky’s freaked out will be preserved well how is she the road from the spider hello glad to see you on under them and sadness before I try to fight with control more than with opponents, I can’t do anything disgustingly shorter than us, such a clumsy hero, this wreath is starting to just cut it out, I’ll start doing the most hardcore trap, it’s true, and I’m a way to fail the floor, it’s not gone away wonderful, I’m afraid if the entrance will not break through, it will be fatally low, all the appointment of healthy ones, no, the whole game is born all over again and the gopis and what now to do what Justine controls, half of the buttons are not squeezed out of the public at least for me and in order to reduce the combo I squeeze 4 times I probably can’t put the block at all music what are you gonna do before feeling on suffer nostradamus u okay, well catch up music steam mop carpet cleaning tips Пришли тяжёлые времена. 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