Payday 2 game of the year edition steamsteam sugar snap peas BLADE OF DARKNESS steam hello dear viewers with you nikita known as if you are on the channel of the same name and we are completing the severance blade of darkness barbarian steam version without interface we are waiting for the icy abyss a2 caress of the end point on the value of our valiant hero where we have to find and overthrow the lake then here and we party and he’s been vegetating here for a million years, the topic is taken out, it’s impatient to rise to the surface to plunge all of oz into us and now we go to him personally to ask him a couple of questions like inhaler kama look who the guards he set up was right waiting for your arrival okay guys have fun from here’s how he kept talking and we turned around and 1 and the fig of the trick went under attack and we like this and tsepanul walked away and that’s how wise and even it’s a long way to listen to this stage to survive but okay the bastards are against that’s why we have a sure bow which already all the groups follow our hero, but this is my choice okay come on come on come here vile creature in a simpler way, lets look at a heavy blow and hang a club on you without breaking it, it will still be useful to me, not the last one will be enough, I say come lunch at the US drome, and they are nice to die, of course, there is nowhere else to retreat, or even now we are not deporting the blade to go to the abyss in low-lying depths the minotaur you went still breathing and this is for a short time the branded miss ares paper clips load for vertim I even went and said went the next extras went shard as I did it I arrows fly until the son of trajectories is tough dangerous lets pick up the blade take the barbarian broken manipulate the jump lets red I for the sake of the offensive, I felt it, and yes, let’s apply a little Vova, I cut myself, I didn’t even appreciate how he died without seeing Valenda, the soul is free of mud, whom you haven’t heard chicken beauty for a thousand years, you just look at it in your brains you chopped off your head and what else and I’ll break away from here, we’ll be like and beat the level you don’t need to cut and you can see mi chickpeas bring down 100 hid behind the back it’s already worth the game and we’re like this for you and here abs maneuvers badly and the answer is the whole us exchanges your tour the crows are setting up positions I think we ’ll remove yours cut them thank you for your faithful service top we don’t expect other things about WWII wow that your hands are passing through them, the counter is being cut through, look that it was hit through so well, let’s go well screwed on 2 no mercy, the barbarian scared Sasha, I thought they were more than my advice Uchi Navela said it is created when we remove the gates, the enemies are unlocked, they fly like fluffs, the telephon shoots the sides, no one can resist the wrath of the goddess and the primitive power of the barbarian, no one can live, do not live, control well page, you know juicy so prom hung the goods with all my heart fought how we missed these words but for you insidiously cut through the mud, it hurts, the ribs are strong, beauty, they keep stitching on the backwoods pawla one inventory she slept on the other side we will not go smelly the right path of the final goal azeroth more I go and the barbarian look here will not break anything his knee the ears of the exchanges who will fight will be happy left angra mana than open the gate oak red corner is not a red hut corners what is it red let me ask you about this with decors to marvelous outlandish interiors, for example, look through the looking glass, we ran through the absences of ice and those times out 2 stop me if you can, well done, flashing take off bruising them stuffing me the sword does not change the world changes the mood when in advertising the mood to smoke a bit of a cutting blow like this and who enjoys the fight okay well reached out okay okay now I still don’t reach him or something, reaching out however the vampire fell under the meat grinder completely well I gave him a chance in the era of the USSR and before and after that, everything went down to the decline in life oh how the reverse they will only go forward and the cabinets swords shine illuminating the heros path in my well. some kind of barr can be seen to corrode us wants something yes barricaded a scammer come on and how many skulls I have 4 ladies a few in the shoulder well we compete come here vile creature stop me lan lan went he almost almost lived to death he was obliged it was so cool to know- he knows, of course, how he caught them, I discovered about the straw, the duet passed this one, they rushed, and look how we will arrange together the inanimate army with a step march, flashing in the background, it’s a sinful deed, it disappeared to become damp, well, let’s bow, this elite is not worldly, we must hold on very accurately, she too the hooking ventilates less here, well, well, 1 on 1, and the guys didn’t sharply tear for so long, so there will be some kind of competition, you can respect it a little and won’t mind, but look 2 tin cans at once the world championship hitting cashiers is a matter of relaxation there is that this account calls Baku this top lot shows it all lit up shone I even it closed you can see a short circuit call the electrician and what and what 2 also shorted and in general this lake is happening I want to start wanting to let him personally appear jumping on the next sword somersaults fulfill their joy parents are overjoyed I need a baton I liked the armor baton please just for now lets ride while Im looking for a ride, were going no way we won’t arrive when there are depths that need to be understood the depth of all the ruins of the land, and the truth settled buried like an umbrella for some kind of acting family or maybe it happens there I can’t understand that it’s not this deposit that it is some kind of male or female even if they are combined together those two pathik older brother supplies complained to kill me brother boxer we dress not my brother you are me but I dont get along badly count our garden you in the square in the bad ah-ah-ah-ah lets go. to be honest, it doesn’t squeeze out, and I would be glad to hit him, but I can’t give his body when you’re hungry, your mother again, he gave up, and you won’t take it with you. this is what beauty will be like they probably ran into the light as if the microwave chat made heard this Steam version is so indulging and there’s a guy and you embroider from the microwave in my opinion you didn’t get ready for the jerked leg well dragged, got to know other things, I haven’t known you for a long time is it true wow how he claws masha a tough beast what are you doing there again shone a potion of strength chopped steel and I don’t have energy broke I know I ’m mad forever and generations are on very marks and it suddenly became fan art don’t cut your apartments as if nothing else was conceived to swing more you want to swing prom and I don’t believe you they are preparing a ring there that the percentage is about to be in another I would say I was talking about me I lure ring by ring as a memento of what a simple good night you take home how kindly for the first time the bridge fell to the end it’s not even necessary now even to jump well thanks for such a high honor azeroth but the kind team of parachute descent zation this is the main ones shared a dick with you you only have an underground fortress here look at these scope and you seem to be healthy or your fortress compensate for the lack of size music in certain places and from below the abyss of hell are still red our blood red rise at the hash hamstrings are shaking scary you can be seen a man of the lake unkind such a strength in truth azera if you are the strength of a blade you over yes, well, here’s a blade for you, from all of you, breathe the floors, well, for a long time, finally, how did you arrive to show your humanity before your death, azeris are the sickest fantasy in the world, and bon appetit to those who eat, by the way, stuffed bream stuffed peppers full of minced meat music of course there were 5 somewhere so here it is the lake you wait dont go right now, I’m not going to take a cup from how we can talk like a man and from you, and like that, wave your arms, well, you immediately load the lightning on your cursed one, okay, you gave me time to get ready music listening to some kind of aggressive I look at him throwing himself at people music I don’t believe you, a man believes and with the handles of the car with his arms and legs, he blushed the guys from anger or rage, I don’t know, maybe from shame, it’s true, he’s up to no good, so that it means flatulence, he has a thing about until the evening so he finally showed up and that you will fight so well and now like lightning I’m cunning now I know him yes well in figs who would have thought for the time being about and finished me off I don’t carry energy almost to cut but I don’t know how painfully I hope I’ll cut you with a killer of chaos, the arc dried with my paws until robustly so machado listened, he holds on, doesn’t want to ditch, he directly promises closer from me, he calls only well, here I am standing in front of you and that I understood that, but I saw he changed his mind, he wanted to right and then decided to leave the boxer for some time, we can see it for a while, we’ll stop for a smoke, we’ll wait for us to hurry, there’s nowhere to disappear to, unless the stock meets the guests adderall, let’s go to the light somewhere, the eldest of the new bugagashenka, we’re conjuring up some bad while he himself is where there’s another one sent me okay, Im not going to meet with such a top, I like some kind of packages that are not so beautifully cool, but something does n’t feel right to me, like he wants to kill me, is there such a suspicion, but I hear you making noise here, how much you can play hide-and-seek lake Im here alone in the light showed the club hua meteor shower the phone makes noise hear the clatter of credits. teddy bear show me your faces so that I can go there with a blade clearly younger you yourself will give more yes what will you do with it and in this buzz in your ears there is a lake show yourself van he disappeared again so van damme that the conjurer the summoner conjures only again with red balls on me she thinks she will play bowling she was a zero now we will lose azer from being embraced by Anna and expelled from this world, isn’t it wonderful that the barbarian fulfilled his destiny, slew evil and laid the sword back nova florida days and now he calmly goes to the cabot to miss to live a couple of circles of strong and won the war on this is war and you and I were also Nikita wealth of blinds once steam version without interface varva having gone through all the best and brightest see you n new recordings and vespers streams by game by r undecember steam deck Всем привет! 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