Raiding a massive CRACK HOUSE... alone... in Blood Trail VR

Best exploration games steammultiplayer horror games free steam BLOOD TRAIL game what kind of face bait do you have on this is not a KISS concert smoking crack is never a good thing like Hank hes so scared maybe instead of you know killing him lets just make his nose bleed a little bit I like how the video has graphics to low mid high in them killer today in blood trail were gonna go in a rage new game mode ready to go up here oh  __  select a level then walk up the stairs to begin boy okay right its still like we still Im like the crack pipe over here that we can just use up on before we go out on it or the killing spree dont look like it I think hes removed the crack by a cutting remember the settings its been so long Ive gone Ive gone through like like Oh crack your offhand is also used for reloading weapons how does one crack you can smoke crack once every 60 seconds hope I can smoke crack offer than that with empty hands you can reach into your crack plus ammo pouch yes wheres my crack hello have I always had a gun over here how does one even they go okay were just addicting bullets left and right here okay were out of bullets who is having a  __  well Elles my pipe wait wait wait over here just really pop thats a lighter and thats the crack okay here we go it wasnt actually me yeah you go yeah smoking crack makes everything just lighter alright anyway lets go straight to the raid maybe the boo buddy Im gonna scoop it I kill everybody alright lets go with lets go with wave one make sure thats the wave one okay okay the rest of the levels will unlock soon right lets go through level one then and if this turns out to be a long video if you leave a like of the video I will play a level two and level three as well unless I  __  my pants and die of diarrhea oh okay all right what kind of weapons do I have Ive completely forgotten how this game works oh  __  is loud are you freaking kidding me I dont have them I dont have a flashlight you guys will not be able to see jack  __  with this alright so we need to go how did I even run can I run in this game oh theres a guy running up there that is not creepy at all hi friend uh whoops okay maybe we need to do that there you go okay right I really wanted my flashlight to be better than this I can hear somebody hi friend can you tell me how to run Ive forgotten the ability of how to run would you guys be so kind how does one even run I dont think I can run to be honest where yall at you want a piece of the wack Master huh I can always hear your tiny ass footsteps when you run hey you are youre naked little booger what are you trying to do huh putting crack bastards just died how hard can it be so now were ready for the next one which is right over it what kind of face bait do you have on this is not a KISS concert better shoot him in the face so we learn stuff okay ride it right ahead that branch is moving okay thats creepy hey friends where yall at Im looking for your crack hideout can I please find it I would like to come and you know smoke some crack with you Im scared hey there can you just smack in the face with a pistol boom baby right so this is not as scary anymore as it was previously because Ive played bone works and that should just scared the crap out of me the wind is whistling in my ears I told you this is not a KISS concert get out of here with that crap I do apologize guys for the really dark video but theres nothing I can do about it this game is just dark at least they arent gang banging up on me theyre just coming one at a time Oh from behind I see you he brought a knife to a gunfight what a dumbass okay this is the crack hideout right here I can smell it from a mile away I dont know if you guys can see it but I can its right in front of my face we need to go inside and we need to kill a buncha crack crack guys oh he has a gun that Im helping you a lot oh this looks like a cracker ah alright here anybody home oh I cant stick my head through the wall what somebody behind me but how is that sound is he coming from inside the crack house this is a barrel this is what all the crackheads used to heat up their pipes what the hell okay yeah theyre inside the houses I can hear them I know how many rounds I remaining him a pistol but I think I have enough to shoot a couple of crackheads hes inside here running around not knowing what hes doing ah theres nope this is so dark hey there friend still not a KISS concert huh why will God okay need to reload I died how did I even die please dont let me run through the forest again I need to run through the whole forest again Oh God heres the naked person boom Oh God I need to actually do that first Sorry Sorry are you dead did you die he didnt die hes dead now hi could you tell me how to run I seem to have he didnt die I seem to have forgotten how to run fellas they just did I on crack they dont know they dont know crap this is so dark its very dark I just need somebody to shed some light on the situation if you know what I mean I need like a helicopter with with a couple of hi friend with a couple of us you know with a couple of lights on it so that you can help me find where I need to go this is such a long run back to the to the crack place I really want to know how to run like I just really I just really can I click like a button to run you should probably wear some clothes its cold outside right I think Im closing in on the crack house again such a slow process this guy said you apologize for the darkness of the video I really do if you still enjoy it tho give us the creeps to you maybe give us the creeps to me Im actually slightly scared yeah to keep quiet as well when Im talking cuz if I if Im if Im if Im talking all the time I cant hear the the tiny little footsteps of the crackheads the crackhead footsteps slides right there its right there I can see the silhouette of it okay can I climb up the like the rocks here or something huh its not a thing hold on no okay so Im supposed to go that way alright I didnt I dont know how to read compasses guys dont shout at me I think I see somebody down there with a white shirt on okay whats just a trash pile are what are these if I take these back to like a place that recycles them I can get money for them hes the crack guys news but they would have more money for crack I need to teach them a lesson and how to know how to get cash what is this fragile oh please can I break this okay were smoking some crack but it does not share white on disease on the situation Oh God somebodys shooting at me hes right in front of my face boom baby get dad get dad huh you want some of this you want some of this huh whats of this if youre gonna shoot my face you need to learn how to aim better oh theres a guy coming running at me no I thought the other knife it did not have a knife you should not wear white shirts yeah you see you should take a note from Deadpool right he wears red outfits to hide when youre bleeding its a great advice why do you have trash bags on top of your shed hello are inside here maybe oh hi die die die die die die no no over there for the help stop it okay I need to reload where you guys running from I cant see you anywhere hes still inside there hey there hi get dad get dad and theres one over there oh he has his hands up I have a feeling that this is a trap do you have a feeling of this he looks scared as hell all right Im just gonna reload my pistol in front of your face I hear somebody outside theyre gonna sneak up on me they are and you know it and what about you are you gonna sneak up on me as well where the hell are they coming from over there no over there hi friend you have a pistol as well do you I would say Im a better shot oh hes still alive no hes dead brilliant hi friend um you should really take care of your teeth a little bit better you know that dont you I dont want to do this you look like youve might have come around from the whole from the whole thing you know now you see what happens to your friend when they tried to kill me right I have some more people here hi there now you see smoking crack hes never a good thing okay smoking crack is never a good thing hes so scared maybe instead of you know killing him lets just make his nose bleed a little bit were not crack-smoking guy get dead Oh work no away I need some crack like right now yeah you go oh baby Im all cracked up man aint nobody gonna defeat me anymore hes already that one my friend what are you gonna do about it get dead are you gonna get back up I dont think so theres somebody over here no theres not theyre gonna come from the back today today - boom boom boom get that get dead I almost died from that I dont have any more bullets dont get close to my face hey I have a shotgun now and Im not afraid to use it I heard somebody I swear to God I heard somebody all right hi there Im just loading my shotgun cuz I know that theres gonna be some somebodies right over there man this shotgun just takes kids and so easily done it well yet I know youre here somewhere stick your face out then Ill shoot it off hi next one Im trained in the arts of shooting faces off over there its fine its fine yall got some sleeping oh my god you you people that are dead over here what happened ah did I no way did I die theres no way I died from that that is utter bull crap theres no way I died from that huh theres absolutely no way guys Im actually gonna leave this video here because Im starting to sweat quite a lot and that guys coming at me with an intent to kill oops let me just reload this pistol real quick there you go Oh another one hi friend or is this like a new place is this like level to you how do I know if this is level 2 or not I dont know what this is you guys can go get a room or somethin Im gonna quit the video so just just go back to your habits or whatever theres a guy coming at me hes so happy that one smack I gonna get back up Oh another one please dont have a gun boom boom this is not a KISS concert hey hey hey even more incoming this has to be waved level two or something there is no way this is level one I heard somebody screaming the distance yall need to stop harassing me okay I have a pistol you have a couple of cracked pipes and a knife theres no way you can defeat me anyway this is where I live the video how to add minecraft as a non steam game This is not going to end well...FEED ME: ► MY DISCORD: ► Subscribe Now! ► ──────────────────────────────── SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS! ► n00bl0r14n ► Zoidi ► LuchaBara ──────────────────────────────── YOUTUBE MEMBERS/SUPPORTERS! ► Sn1vak ► dd oh no ► kasiakubit ► Cecil Hanshaw ──────────────────────────────── Thank you for watching this video. 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