Simply steamed sandbridgegama innova steam BLOOD TRAIL gameplay oh jesus christ im in here for two seconds well hello my friends and welcome back to blue trail the update of the game just yesterday they made the game brighter i think the lord but they also added something really really cool that im gonna be trying out in the survival levels and they also added raid brac thank you jesus that was a good throw so now we have footsteps in the survival mode and im pretty sure raid is probably the more likely scenario they added a stealth aspect to the game where now you can sneak up on enemies and if they lose sight of you theyll you know walk around searching for you so you can actually probably get some good stunt kills in which im super excited ab about did they re-add neck stabbing oh come down did they did they make stabbing more well thats back and yeah yeah they did next tabs are lethal as hell now they didnt say that in the patch notes but uh i can definitely tell its different come here yep its an insta kill now oh yeah boys the reason im in the sandbox though is because apparently they made the nine mil not as deforming or something like that yeah they disabled it for some reason maybe there was a bug in the game that they werent aware of but everything else still has the same amount im pretty sure i dont think they changed this no that ones so fine its just nine mil that doesnt do any deforming at all its just bullet hole which not gonna lie kind of disappointing but im sure they had a reason for it but still very disappointed  __  oh its its actually you know its more brutal when their skull doesnt explode especially with the pistol because then its just straight bullet hole and like you know because this is just like its a little overkill you know its just a little overkill its brutal as hell but like just just a bullet hole to the face like can you imagine if youre able to sneak up behind them and like here buddy stand up thats not standing up you know you like sneak up behind him in one of the modes and then you just like kind of pop well thats where the bullet holes kind of messed up because you know theyre split down the middle model-wise but you get what im trying to say here we are going to go and try out to see if this sneaky mechanic also they said they did they literally just released the hotfix today its something that i complained about that they said they look into which is raising the lights on these maps you know making them more visible because apparently it was some sort of i guess it was a sort of bug with certain peoples graphics or something like that all right lets see oh yes oh that is so much better now i can actually see what the map looks like now because they changed this whole map wow looks good this map looks much cooler than it did when it first came out all right lets do uh normal boxers only lets do a shotty boy and left holster what was that nothing you can finally do nothing in your holster oh wait what nothing nothing at all who cares stable stabbing implement popular new york citys outer burrows very stinky choice all right oh did they change the way the ice pick looks it doesnt look as bland and tasteless i like it so good sir lets find out if theres a sneaky mechanic in the regular game thank you for your time okay they just kind of know where you are never mind huh oh what the hell that was weird oh yeah you didnt like that did you oh come here come here come here really okay so theres no stealth mechanic in this specific mode im assuming because im pretty sure survival is just survival can i climb wait a second what wait i didnt know they had that thats cool the ice picks still a little glitchy and the hands are a little too wobbly for something this size i dont think thats how hands work oh my god look at this guys you can actually see the flippin map it looks so different its not a giant tower which i kind of miss the giant tower not not gonna lie i really miss the giant tower i still love that that works so well i dont like that its more open out here for the sense of like shooters hello is the round over excuse me sir nope damn it Music huh what the  __  just happened stop that youre twirling bastard oh my god that bounce man okay i gotta i have to hit someone off of this thing like i just gotta whap them right off dont take that out of context here we go Applause oh drill them straight into the ground bring out your dead hang out you oh you want some you want to become part of the dead oh yeah come on man oh yeah no no bring out your  __  dead i have the high ground anakin oh my god but you got the dance moves hello sir welcome welcome to the death pit appreciate your business just making sure youre dead thank you please come again right whos next on the execution list lets see timmy timmy come on now hello timmy all right thank you i im sure your parents approve of this and you know i we appreciate their business and the contribution to society because nobody liked you anyways one thing devs if you do watch any of my videos the rigid body thing when you toss them get rid of that please its really annoying and its super unrealistic a body doesnt rig a mortise when you throw them in the air after theyre dead thats not how that works its like someones dead theyre dead right no more muscle control like hes dead look at him flop but then right when you throw him boom rigid body they dont make no sense um this isnt supposed to be happening right here what is this anywho feed the blood gods all right how dare you oh my god timmy oh my god what in the absolute  __  oh thats unfortunate for you i was trying to make your death swift um sir die like what did they get rid of the bullets being more impactful they did didnt they they did oh my god devs why would you do that 9 mil is more impactful than that like if youre getting shot bro you aint just gonna sit there and take it like i mean come on like i tapped him on the nose and he goes down faster when i shoot him in the chest or the nine mil oh my god so i mean the devs added back raid mode but they took away 9 mil deformation and plus they still havent fixed the two-handed gripping crap like look at that look i cant like let me grip it there it is and then it still does this how is this how is this now wheres my last dude um devs what the  __  hey at least i kept the poop pit this is horrible to look at like these this is a true creature of nightmares right here im just gonna yeah im just gonna okay that makes sense that that makes a lot of sense well im glad they fixed the lighting in the map uh they need to add deformation on the nine mil back and they also need to add the bullet impacts on the people being impactful its a bullet man if it doesnt pass through you that shits gonna stop you i dont mind that they can survive six to nine shots but if they dont go down like after four maybe even six i dont want it but we are gonna go and try the new raid which might have sneaking in it Music hopefully Music you steam games discounted #Bloodtrailgame #Bloodtrail #VR #Valveindex #Shooter #Action #Gore #Bloody #VokunPlaysI like this update for them making the maps playable but theres a lot left to be desired about what they took away or broke. 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