Chi no Wadachi Lost The Plot

Steam handheld release datesteam action rpg games BLOOD TRAIL review almost perfect id honestly believe that itd be chuzushimis second greatest work after all the man has left an impression on me changed my world view he got me into making youtube videos akane is the basis of my username after all the flowers evil is not just his magnum opus its my favorite manga of all time it goes without saying im a big fan i had faith bushimi would see things through to a satisfying conclusion simply for the influence hes had on me i truly felt comfortable with that however at the end of chapter 88 there was a shift in priorities was supposed to be the chapter that would lead to the end only just continues on with no abandon with that the tent is clear given the papal chinook to use in japan as well as overseas they might as well have the man himself exclaimed theres money to be made integrity be damned maybe your fan is still enjoying where the story is going maybe youre aware of blowing tracks but havent made the jump to reading it or heck maybe you dont even know what im even talking about and this all comes off as a ramble i hope to make my point clear to any one of you with this video no one else is bringing it up its not just an opinion either its an objective fact gina wadati has lost the plot Music the foundation was at first solid the summer is a story opens following the day of seichi osabe he wakes up to a darning mother thats plans to eat out with friends hes even old cheeky with his school crush everythings peachy just the regular life of a teenage boy however its all an illusion of assad hiding dark undertones the cracks show early the allure psycho has to her son how hes so obedient to her these notable concerns carries through to chapter six where both of their lives change forever from there to downward spiral for both safetys everyday life and mental well-being the cyber allows you to lay on to dorito from mother and son dynamic thats at times sexual controlling parasitic and everything in between you feel for the young man feel for his fight however his shining light was always his aforementioned crush fukushi they both have talks relations with their parents both seeing the way they are treated how it shaped them into the broken children they are today they completely and truly understand one another spies mothers attempts to keep them away they are both drawn to each other and saved by one another climax of a simple hug that to them alleviates all the baggage theyve been carrying based on their entire lives by then were 82 chapters in the ending is in sight but then chapter 84 drops Music by the end of the previous chapter seitu remarks the fukushi thats begun the snow following suit chapter 84 starts of him awakening in the middle of the night looking out the window he sees the splendor of the snow-covered sky with a smile on his face said she heads outside to take it all in the sightseeing is cut short soon after after the appearance of shige lets pause here for a second a few things to note one shes the cousin of our main character who is severely handicapped both physically and immensely due to the events of chapter 6. shiggy lives quite a distance away with seiji and his mother seiko having to take the train to get there yet we were made to assume he walked all the way to the oscar home under the nose of his mothers watchful eye its four in the morning its snowing heavily and the boy is severely crippled with all intents and purposes this shouldnt even be a possibility the sentiment within the community at the time was that this all had to be in sitzis head which goes in line with the events to follow story back where we left off shiggy walks away towards the mountain with safety close behind he tries to stop him i mean of course he cant just walk to that mountain but whats this she wants to go here this isnt the man heres where seitu was thrown off as a child by his mother how would shigeru know about this spot i was just calling sekko for a moment of time hed be unaware of in the midst of alls in here and yammering seiji cuts him off shiggy i wont leave you behind i cant turn you back but i dont think like that about you im broken too you dont have to stay half dead and speaking the word say is thought to himself hmm the surrealness of the situation as well as the conversation on the hillside only makes things clear as to say that this is all in safetys head it means it tackles internal baggage both with the events of the past and present all a means of moving forward of his life the rising climax of a character arc the boy vents his pain and frustration not to the mother in his head but the one thats left scarred into his heart relentlessly he goes on years of suffering washes over say literally and figuratively having said his piece he sits in songs with the twisted view of his mother before him but then a twist of fate its revealed in chapter 89 that sages view of his mother was a trick of the mind hes not your average kid either but rather a child of a face that has fittingly only one a mother would love of course he built up his mother in his head as this goddess he has no one else that cares for him of course the events of chapter six are altered because its from his perspective hes an unreliable narrator right the problem with this complete 180 is that its just that a retcon if we accept this then nothing makes sense hes not like say he was the only one made a witness of how his mother truly was fukushi was made aware in chapter 33 of her bizarre nature let alone the other family members unless were supposed to believe that they too were made different through seitis warped perspective what about say being thrown off the railing did that even happen okay heres the kicker shigeru was actually there what as i mentioned prior that wouldnt be possible do you see what i mean none of this makes any sense it was clear that this was all in safetys head that this is all done as a means to break away the shackles of his mother and to live his own life a story of surviving abuse now its all just made up to drag the story forward in the process retconning even more of already stylish truths as it goes along ill save my thoughts on that after the story is complete however this was an eye-opener for me despite what chuzuhimi has left for me for us with akanahana hes still just a man you know nachi is way bigger than the flowers of evil ever was if you make more money dragging on the story power to him i cant stop them my opinion has changed though and blind tracks will never be the same because china wadachi has lost the plot thanks for watching where can i rent a steam cleaner Pinning down the exact moment Chi no Wadachi (Blood on The Tracks) lost the plot.(Socials) Twitter: MAL: steam decky move steam game to another drive best scary free games on steam best free steam games for low end laptops steam games on amazon