Boneraiser Minions - You Cannot Kill What is Dead

How to connect meta quest 2 to steam vrsteam dota BONERAISER MINIONS Music i happen to be one silly student im playing some bone razor minions this game is only two dollars on steam so you might want to check it out if youre interested but its a somewhat familiar formula with a little bit of a twist so in a time longeth departed those with forbidden power over the dead were branded as wretched bone razors such heathen were hunted hanged burnt in state and they remain sealed within sanctified mausoleums but what you fearful and foolish folk do not realize is that those whom are already dead cannot be killed that seems reasonable you is one such reviled bone razor now rise from your grave but tread carefully as ungodly heroic forces come to hunt and slay thee once more their bones and amass a legion of dead and demon for the king of this domain crusades to demand thy head can you resist king gegalds gods gigaouds poundings yeah one can hope so bone raiser minions this is going to be an interesting one do we need to change settings as one of those you cant click you actually have to use Music your stuff dash and spells so up down left right no surprise there dsnw for status okay dsw all right well give it a try but yeah its interesting so we rise from our grave anew now bone raiser and dead legion resist uh king jedi gegaled im just going to protest in 300 different ways who come to pound the up Music i might need to change the adult rating for this channel i cant access anything but the basic stuff yet your misery his grant of pestering lineage cowley still has a knack for swiping unworded treasures okay so dont know what that means but well try it let enemy bones to bone raise a legion so he can move up down left to right and we have our little person who can attack for us but we cannot attack for ourselves and we go and collect their bones Music and then we can start rising people from the grave we have a question mark a question mark and a question mark hmm i guess we go with the question mark we have an archer so raises a fresh eye popper archer minion from whom actually snipes a bone arrow from afar and now we get to see what in the world this is on future runs so now we have one sword creature and one archer creature accuracy not the best i will admit but it is nice to have some range attack and we have even more options uh another archer i dont know if that is that kind of looks like an archer but upgrades the level 1 archer into a level 2 who fires more hefty arrows gotcha Music so yeah its very auto battlery arena survival very similar to your vampire survivors and all that good stuff but good didnt you watch my health but Music even better archer i do want to try other things so i like this archer level three okay champion arises Music wow thats a tall champion Music so yeah this is an interesting one weve unlocked a new hat well well fashion as well as upgrades to our army well i guess that makes sense who would want to have an army without a proper hat to lead what no archer upgrade oh thats rude lets try you a boomeranger propels a piercing head to later return Music you need to be careful these people are a little tougher than the rest Music and now weve died oh well but now we have more options because we get these little coin things and we can go spin them so we have upgrades so this upgrades the currently chosen class this is a talent of grade for all classes and this actually increases the enemy power but it also means we get more resources from fighting them lets focus on our current class Music gain an extra reroll okay stuff like that okay we dont have enough currency to actually upgrade anything but and learn a bit of lore Music get a dash ability hiccups take longer fade away pull in resources from further away can use a spell scroll and we can spruce up the mausoleum Music i think we want to increase the range we can pick up things ah we can increase it and get more items i think we focus on the meta progression stuff and get a dash an invincibility frame i like that all right lets try this again Music and here comes the peasants i want a healer is there a healer option Music i guess we should try these to get an idea of what they are i do like your hat a warlock they can conjure a sorcery piercing projectile sounds reasonable Music okay so maybe not quite as powerful as the archer but they do have a piercing attack lets get stuck on a tree and thats not true though thats a cemetery plot close enough i do like the extra range increase i could get a level two or lets see what you are a skewer uses a spear seems reasonable now it can just teleport a little ways Music hey yeah i im trapped there we go dont know who any of these people are well we can kind of guess who you are lets try you a doppelganger pass random spells okay Music collect all the bones definitely glad we got the upgrade to keep them from fading as quickly Music tangler slows enemies all right that makes sense Music almost got captured there Music tried to get this pick up i dont have the upgrade to increase the attraction radius yet a bone bolsterer so now the tangler can get even more people in its grasp my yep Music i get this unlock the peasantry of brawler okay Music suddenly the peasantry armor themselves well thats cheating im the only one thats supposed to get any upgrades id love to pick up you whatever you are but i dont know if i can get you uh sure the tangler level three oh we can get a health healing from it ah okay and i dont any of these do so well get a fairy okay so the fairy heals us and gives us a little bit of invincibility Music could get a warlock or upgrade our attacker yep Music spears now are more prolonged Music another relic get the heart increases our maximum health well we need that what are you double gengar level two can cast more powerful spells well we definitely need that if theres a heart there but i dont know if i can get to it Music oh we barely survived that probably wont survive this though Music i can already see theres going to be a fun fun kind of angle where you try to figure out to upgrade or get more enemies yep hmm interesting interesting got nice little bit points but we did finally get one of these burning skulls lets go see if we cant get something Music the current lore meta to respect okay Music one behemoth i dont know what that is i guess these are spells Music lets try to get this spell stuff going but also have architect mode journal familiar show relics health slowly regenerates our time yes please and thank you in a your running speed Music extra reroll when offered a relic gain a gold coin each second you survive up to 250 Music you can have a random treasured relic but only if youve already discovered the relic Music i like that but i think i want the gold so we can get more upgrades lets try this again Music so we can get traps ah during its bones always starts with one i have to find out what they are a spike trap rather expensive though Music okay okay so we can sell them for the price that we buy them good good all right lets lets see what this does for us still cant walk through it or anything Music we can get so close to the enemies i was trying to see what my trap does Music a guard swings his sword shaft with a spiteful smile okay hows that compared to our already existent little minion friend over here Music Laughter it seemed to be fairly similar though it does have longer range Music okay so our guard is now a level two even more range on its attack Music oh run hide run hide right well lets do you level 3 guard even better range even greater damage Music all right so weve got a champion on the loose Music you know boomeranger Music is the boomerang just throwing its head Music does feel that way Music i can see why you would want lots of traps put down that way you can uh hopefully just leave them on a merry chase i want you i think level two boomeranger im probably going to choose the question mark early on just to get things unlocked in our journal so we can see what these enemies are what they do new necromancy obtained level three boomeranger and a relic well dont know any of you are so well just take you a trinket Music theres flaming oral souls that hurt nearby enemies okay once again lets take the question one raises a fresh bomber minion fiery molotov cocktails well why not Music another relic that we have nothing of sultan kills the increases melt health by 25 okay max health by 25. Music bomber bolster lob even more explosive fiery cocktails everywhere sure Music wizarding powers are no match to my Music whatever this thing is oh pain pain suffering Music again we have no idea what any of these are take the ghost looking one fleetly hauntings ghosts accompany the legion okay but what what does that do i was hoping it was something that would scare away the enemies for a brief period or something like that all right level three bomber even more explosive ordnance running about and mace swingers thats certainly not what i wanted to see new hat now thats not not what i was hoping for i was hoping for something more productive than a hat truth be told ah well and we have won a card huzzah all right lets see what we can get here start with a random rail like that seems like a good idea to me Music could banish something interesting i want to see what this is just because it sounds fun a behemoth of bone Music dont know what that means but sure well take it Music by melding minions you can merge one into a mel dust minion dont know what that means but it sounds interesting so we get four choices instead of three infuse a demon beaned you can seal an offered bone bonrise okay and banish one and still dont know those yet interesting very interesting Music i dont quite have enough for that unfortunately but thats okay we can use this to upgrade our uh mausoleum Music right one more time then i might make a cut here and save the rest for later Music ah okay Music so we can some explosive trap but also allows us to raise a pumpkin bro minion Music oh is this just purely decorative Music hot bro various bones and lets try you Music you already have a pumpkin down there lets give you a friend right there another one over there man lets put in a few pots as well theyre far cheaper so i assume theyre far worse but i guess it doesnt hurt to have a few around Music cant quite afford you lets get a tree just to see what the world it does if it has any positive benefit beyond just looking scary im hoping im hoping to find something thatll keep the enemies away from us writing them away from us at least temporarily well see all right lets Music get to the work Music i know what all these things are that doesnt feel right doesnt feel right at all lets get the archer i did like the range of the archer Music bomber skewer lets get the archer up Music it doesnt have the best accuracy but when the waves get bigger just being able to hit multiple enemies at once seems like itd be a good idea Music now do you regrow are you just gone forever Music do want to get that level three but i also want this which hexes okay so it weakens the enemy i assume we do are we do more damage to enemies when theyre hexed is that what happens champion thats rude does not appear that we get back our pumpkin unfortunately so that is not as good Music level two which okay so pass more often Music someone kill this champion for me that would be lovely Music level three witch okay so just even faster casting not the most amazing upgrade but every little bit helps almost got caught there and will get caught fairly soon yeah seeing these enemies pop in from the bottom is i wish i didnt have this in the bottom so i could see in the side so i could see further away ah well lets go spend some more money Music get more dashes i should use my dash more often i barely use it at all i do like getting all pickups magnetized lets go with that ill pick up stay forever okay never mind were going straight to that one were were taking that one right now all right lets try one more time i know i said i was gonna that was gonna be the last one but Music i want to try this out yeah well just start we do now know though that those pumpkins dont come back so we may actually want to move away from them get the archer this time yet again Music i think we keep up with the archers Music might should why wont you i want you i want you fine bellhead clangs a gong Music so does that just what slow enemy nearest what do you do gong what do you do push enemies away from me a damaging aura tell me your secrets Music i guess i should unlock the journal just so i know when the universe is going out with these things Music those seem to push enemies away dont know about damaging them but does seem to push them away Music as random spells or piercing projectile or just upgrade the archers lets get one doppelganger running around Music look at that tried to dash and dash right into them instead filling in this not sure what it does but hey were filling it in Music more invincibility frames wouldnt be the worst idea in the world Music get a super dash interesting i wouldnt mind having it all things being picked up lets do that yeah okay one more time one more time i promise this is the last time unless im lying in which case its not the last time um Music probably should try to keep them closer to this trap up here Music an auger cass hay spells ah okay Music yes or hey spells even more quickly and they cast haste on themselves i want them to cast haste on themselves all the time this is probably not ideal you should probably try to get more offensive grades early on and then get the support but again were just trying to figure things out here were not trying to Music get everything right right away okay thats the level three but i think we take the archer this time we need some more offensive capabilities here Music Music fine well get the level three can cast the hey spell even more hastily truly what else could we want from life Music didnt dash as far as i thought we would Music Music trying to get them yes thats what i wanted what are you a giant bearer okay uses three single barriers into a behemoth okay so three the little ones like the one we start with becomes this big one i begin to understand and we get a relic now that looks like a gift box chance to receive a free relic okay not the most amazing option in our current circumstance but Music ill take what i can get to be certain Music get a guard as well Music unknown relics all other place calls for destructive magical lightning to strike meanies like all the time or if they damage me or unlike the hockey jason i say i get the reference i get the reference and the new archer upgrade the archer or get a better boomeranger lets try to upgrade this boomeranger trying to lead a few up towards our trap to the north Music not as smart as i think i am with that move where i took one thing with lightning do we want another do we want this bone our fiery orb thingy uh guess we take the lighting Music lets go ahead and use it slowing tangler another haster or level two archer lets get that archer up graded Music maces theyre going to be fun and by fun i mean horrifying Music a high wizard approaches well that doesnt seem good that isnt good at all Music guard up to level two another boomeranger or another auger lets upgrade the guard Music thats not good Music ah try to dodge it didnt quite make it okay okay this is it were actually done this time Music but yeah it looks like a pretty fun game and again this is only two dollars so if you are so interested in it go buy it for yourself and give it a spin ill probably try another few episodes of this because it does seem like a fun game and im still learning the ropes but for now i shall thank you all for stopping by Music non steam games disappearing Bonraiser Minions is a bullet heaven type game where you control a necromancer raising an immortal army of undead warriors against a kingdom. 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