Boneraiser Minions | A WILD Game Appears!

Games menu steamfulton steam boiler BONERAISER MINIONS foreign we hit the ground running my name is Joe my name is Ed were game soup and this is a game called bone razor minions and were gonna hit play game Joes never played the game before its played it a little bit and lets see weve got meta progression oh its just its just labeled what it is meta progression its not labeled uh the toolbox or the garage which is called meta progression weve got grimoire compendium okay its probably got demons and creatures in there Clash full cards that sounds interesting game actually is a card game mode which I havent tried at all okay well have to do that before the end but I guess Mausoleum Awakening is gonna be is gonna be game start it is so its funny they call Meta progression meta progression but they call game Mausoleum awake yeah this was confusing thats why I had to look through the whole menu to figure out how do you start the freaking game all right I can play as deprived wretch wretch yeah leech Necromancer or vampire Soul sucker or send demonologist is that demonologist demologist this game has a really strange sorcerer Hollow I think we got to do the demon one because theyre game super immunologist yeah all right start game enter architect mode new gameplay oh hes gonna start the game yeah sure sure I can I can walk you through the uh the basics okay are there are those enemies those things those are enemies yeah those are enemies all the enemies are outlined in white you can actually change the outline color which is nice you can change it in the options okay uh but you dont do anything in this game uh you can oh so this is Buster okay this is how you you damage things you you choose which thing to summon uh and Bone bolster means to improve something you already have okay bone Rays is to create a new minion bone raise Bell head bone race skewer well take bellhead bellhead is like garlic from Vampire okay so these green guys are my guys and the guys with the white outlines are enemies yeah okay and you can press a too or you can hold that even you just continuously Dash I think you get some iframes your goal is to collect bones of course okay because its a game about bomber bone Buster yeah we already have a bomber apparently so uh well bone raise into auger I gotta say maybe the worst thing about this game so far is not the gameplay it is the presentation theres too many words you have to stand oh thats kind of a neat mechanic you have to stand next to the treasure chest to unlock it so you actually have to stop moving theres a reason to stop moving yeah right yeah I I hadnt thought of using that design space in a game like this and also have you noticed that makes sense yeah all these gravestones most of them are different and do things because uh that is part of the architect mode its sort of like Tower Defense you can choose they dont directly attack enemies but you can choose which kinds of things to put on each plot of land okay something like restore your health some of the most slow enemies theres a bunch of different ones so its theres quite a bit of uh depth that I was not expecting I thought this was just gonna be a simple vampire Survivor clone uh my characters got a little Aura pulsing around him or he did have an aura was that damaging enemies thats your bell head which you summoned oh okay so that emanates from the player then yeah okay I think that is the only thing that you actually do as far as attacking goes everything else is just these guys and boner and Bone Yep this this dude this game is just one big boner joke okay thats what I was wondering yeah bone bolster yeah I was wondering remember when we saw the title bone rate whats it called bone bone razor razor minions yeah the titles kind of corny and weird what okay so they run with it so its pretty easy its pretty easy to tell which ones are the enemies because this would be really confusing if any of the enemies were green I know yeah they they Im glad that theyre all outlined in white which is the most obvious color yeah they they definitely should be um so I think I think their color choices so far have been quite good well those are the options you can change the colors of the outlines yeah well thats even better yeah thats even better green that you can change the colors but I think Whites probably going to be what we want to go with unless theres bullets in the game thats what I would want to be white but it doesnt seem like there are any bullets at least so far there if the things youre supposed to dodge are all white I guess thats still fine youll see its not too bad and boned giant Mage yeah some of these you like combine two minions to make a new menu oh I see oh wow this guys really chasing me yeah yeah that guys like faster than the player character can we get a can we get a speed upgrade I mean if you press a you aired at you dash oh yeah thats your basically your only method of getting away from things oh yeah we should have been doing that yeah okay uh demonic possession well we have to try that were game soup all right and all the descriptions of things are very long-winded and they dont I mean they need to be a little bit clearer in my opinion but yeah Im not even reading them actually yeah like theyre super Lorry and like I like how lore e they are you know theyre theyre full of description but theyre hard to understand dashing through enemies hurts them if one of thy melee minions kills an enemy then its Spirit May transiently accompany thy Legion as a spooky ghost like take that description for example yeah its really wordy but its also not particularly poetic so it kind of hits the worst of both of those that would pros and you know I tend to prefer as few words as possible I dont I dont really like creative writing I mean so I like it and especially if Im in the middle of an action game like this I just want to play the game I didnt sign up to read somebodys creative writing I signed up to play a video game so I would rather that I uh and like yeah I understand I understand like you wanna I understand some people do like that and it adds charm to the game Im not trying to on it entirely oh yeah you have to Im just speaking for myself I tend to very rarely do I ever enjoy the clever writing in a game I just want to play the game I almost always look uh forward to the clever writing in games I think so youre the opposite so I am which is why the this particular game is uh kind of um irks me a little bit it could just be an early access by the way this game is an early access I think it was I think its two dollars or I think it was a dollar seventy ridiculous and Ive already played it for three hours pick it up by the way bone raised tangler raises a fresh tangler creep minion to thy Legion okay its got enough fresh fresh things going on itll keep you busy for at least two or three hours its a blast when youre playing it and I havent actually beat this this run this round yet I dont know how high the clock ticks Ive made it to like I dont know maybe 10 15 minutes or something theres a couple bosses oh Im taking damage yeah no I didnt it wasnt too bad pretty unforgiving oh you see that scroll there you can grab that scroll and I think you can use I missed it oh yeah well I think I I think I know generally the location it would be based on where I was when you said that the only the other thing you can do is you can cast spells uh increase Site range of all thy minions all damage is increased by 10 spare leg muscles that increases the running speed uh lets get the one that just increases damage thats probably gonna be the best one okay and none of them is particularly interesting theyre just theyre just stat boosts raises a fresh voodoo voodoo witch to thy Undead Legion and like its not we have a bone rate look at the like the writing like the grammar in particular it says raises a voodoo witch whoms or whom evil spells casts hexes on meanies all the enemies are called meanies in this game okay so he does that thing where it creates a new term for everything yeah thats thats what we weve talked about that before where you want to generally you want to name things uh based on the the the thing that the the player is expecting to read because its its just it just saves it saves time and its less confusing and youre going to have less confused players and its your games just gonna be more accessible if its yeah if everythings named properly like if youre designing a card game or Trading Card Game specifically and theres a way to draw a card and instead of saying draw a card you say add a spell to your spell book when all you really wanted to do is draw a card just write draw a card yeah all right this I mean this description is pretty straightforward upgrades a level one tangler group menu to level two whom graspy Roots expand wider twin snare Twins Air Evermore I dont know if this is just a translation thing but theyre trying to get like midi like not medieval but Old English with it theyre using whom and thy and like all those old English words and I dont even know if theyre being used correctly but all I know is theyre distracting to read so its okay pumpkins okay lets try it its like a one-two punch you know is it a usable item am I a usable item um yeah so these two things in the top left corner are your spells I think if you hold RB or R trigger you can cast them if you just tap it you cast them weekly and if you hold it for a second you do like the the powerful version of it the triggers you said yeah I think just right trigger okay just right trigger yeah all right uh secure I have like a sombrero yeah you unlock the new hat I have not seen that theres a bunch of hats theres a Shovel Knight reference hat because of course there is did I use those items no Im pressing all the triggers oh is it the check the controls oh X yeah X just shows you your status here okay uh try the try the the dry all four triggers I forget which button it is then but its its very simple uh status spell B oh its B sorry okay its only B though but it looks like I have two spells yeah so you cast them sequentially if you want to oh okay uh the Spells are nice theres like a fair dive amount of diversity in the spell some of them will like spawn a treasure chest some of them some of them just create Minions that attack enemies okay so that was just the one time use so I used it all up but youve got a bird youve got a bird spell I dont know what it does and Bone giant borrower and everythings kind of a mystery in this game like uh none of the mechanics are really really straightforward and like laid out clearly yeah so I dont really know what they got These Guys these uh linked to the Past style night guys with their spinning Masons spinning uh morning flails here comes they call them the first boss yeah thats a boss yeah its its hard to pay attention to what my minions are doing yeah you kind of just ignore them actually yeah they they sort of just faded the background after about yeah about this time and they open this it doesnt matter anyway open this chest yeah oh those are those are herdy uh bullets there oh pumpkin head comics I need to take I should have probably taken something else but I just recognized it as something that was quite effective before oh I died you die almost instantly in this game you have 110 health and Ive walked into a guy and died within like a tenth of a second oh so it gets a little goofy all right but its one of those things you can upgrade you know okay the 10 most destructive minions oh this is actually really I only had I had I had more than 10 minions and no uh uh apparently so okay this makes more sense now because when I was playing this a couple days ago this screen didnt exist okay so they just they just ran an update it seems like yeah lets hit play again lets try it lets try go to architect mode you will like this actually oh I will all right just hit a right now because youre on the inspector mode and you can you can see the things that Ive already plotted on these plots of land here and they all have yeah they all have certain effects and you can I think you can reclaim them for free and you can put your own stuff down if you want to chest uh Graves these bikes thats kind of like uh what is that oh Orcs Must Die kind of like oh okay so so I wouldnt be running enemies over these probably if you can yeah but there are many other juicy options to choose here uh because these generate experience for you oh okay passively these will fool okay so thats where all those bones are coming from yeah slap pot a stinky pot of rotten remains that breaks upon Thy Thy type thy touch because of course also increases the limit on raising pop bro minions like its combining different ways of speaking it combines Old English but with thigh and whoms and then it says pot bro flame bro how do I put something here oh get out of this this is just the inspector and then you can just choose whichever one you want to put down ginormous pumpkin okay yeah nice all right so now its there what does it do I dont know see what it does oh you have to go to inspect no no no just leave it here uh it bumps oh its okay well it just explodes okay when something bumps it I guess thats cool does it regrow or is it just a one-time thing uh most of the things that Ive seen are one time use okay well lets just leave it there and see what happens lets try it out so yeah weve got a bunch of things giving us yeah items oh yeah yeah giving us uh experience experience points here now that ones just pushing them away one of my minions is just pushing them away I actually kind of like I like this game more than I remembered it was only a couple days ago it was Giant Archer its its kind of Addicting in the same way you know vampire survivors but uh I quite like it I quite like it especially the price point it is unbeatable like I think were were like a Renaissance of of gaming where games are so dirt cheap theyve already been dirt cheap for years but yeah people like all right I think theyre too cheap but the only way to make heres what Im gonna do to sell my game Im gonna make it a buck 50 and Im just gonna get a million people to buy it instead of making it 20 and getting 2 000 people to buy it I feel like thats the more competitive thing to do right now thats gonna have yeah thats gonna have a an effect of uh having um oops having more uh more games rise or or less games rise to the top the one its kind of a race to the bottom theyre gonna be the best games that are also the cheapest games right that are going to sell millions of copies and then games that cost twenty dollars will sell very little in games that which is uh are cheap and not good will not sell very many perfectly viable strategy because there are more games than ever before thats the way to do it you know thats how most I think thats on most things most things work like most creative Endeavors really like only the only the top 10 are generally able to make a living at it and only the top one percent really get extra Ultra successful and become uh rich off of it for uh for lack of a better reward a better description of a reward I will say this game is kind of inspiring though just to see I mean its not super complicated in in any particular way its its fun to play its enjoyable I mean its Charming its only Buck 50. I feel like anybody could do this almost anybody oh I cracked that oh yeah I think enemies get damaged or slowed or something okay so yeah this is this already has a little bit a little bit more strategy or at least different strategy than vampire survivors yeah theres the things on the field have different effects so you want to keep in mind what what items you have on the field while youre while youre playing so that you can you can remember where to bring the enemies so theres a spike trap so it should probably be hanging out down there with the spike traps because thatll be giving me extra DPS oh I havent Ive known necromancing yeah all right sure bone meldis well bone meldis transforms the level 3 minion into a random meld I dont know what a meld minion is exactly most of these things are just uh figure them out figure them out yourself but you know theyre Big Bad Boys whatever Spike Im gonna Spike them well these guys are getting theyre starting to come out pretty fast yeah yeah Music its very different actually I mean its its not even fair to say this is a vampire survivors clone I think I think its fair to say its its inspired by the same gameplay its like heavily inspired by but its got enough different stuff oh yeah I must do you think I can unlock this yeah I can unlock this totally thats a lot of gems what do the gems do oh those are those are meta progressions Im assuming right I mean yeah yeah but you also collect it I mean youre getting gems right now so I think theres some like you know just default amount you get when you kill an enemy or something yeah yeah and those are just you know big prizes ouch demon hole hurts enemies that theyre physically stray too close to thee lets get the question mark one though its an unknown Relic a magpie monocle removes the darkness found adds a chance human meanies may drop a gem okay on their demise oh were killing humans uh these are this isnt what I signed up for Ed were a bone raiser what do you expect Were not gonna be killing other bone Racers were gonna be killing humans look at these guys I guess they are human arent they these are like Imperial guards big noses yeah look at those giant you mean you know theyre serious when they got noses like that yeah only the biggest noses for their biggest Romans from Asterix service bell calls upon wandering Merchants whom occasionally appear yeah well theres also a merchant unrelenting this didnt Terry all meanies shall erupt in an unending stream of sticky mess okay lets have that happen sure yeah oh theres too many of these guys oh theres bees there are bees yeah theyre yeah there are waves their waves are different things theres a theres like a slime wave whats my time right now uh youre up to almost three minutes okay theres there were constantly interrupted by so many upgrades theres a lot of upgrades in this it almost feels like more than vampire survivors the vampire Farms is a lot yeah its like its so much to read I dont want to read the description of everything because I wanna I wanna actually play the game more thats whats nice about vampire survivors well I mean especially compared to this is that all the text fits in that tiny little window when you level up theres not much to think about theres nothing to like parse I feel like theres less upgrades in that too I think theres probably theres more unique upgrade okay okay yeah yeah see thats thats kind of how it goes were gonna try to go down to that pumpkin I was headed for that pumpkin that was with the thought that crossed my mind maybe we can explode that pumpkin and get rid of some of these guys that are on my tail but just didnt didnt play out there all right were gonna let Ed all right give it a try here Eds gonna do a run and then were gonna check out that card game oh yeah I like that so far in this game weve seen at least three different ways to refer to the player character weve seen thy vow uh have we seen you probably they gotta have slipped up at some point I mean those are all slip-ups these are definitely not made by uh this is definitely not made by it look how look I took almost a lot of damage yeah not worth all right Im just gonna start raising guys I dont really know the best strategy yet youre healing slowly I think and heal slowly yeah youre healing yeah is this the blood sucker or no this is the demon yeah each class has a some sort of special passive I think the blood sucker if you stand still you start to recover health Music it must surely be uh melt in time morbidden jokes morbin jokes morbidden time uh yeah Ive been taking the guard hes got a big sword here Ill try to pay attention to the minions see what theyre actually doing here so it looks like one of them is growing some kind of uh some kind of a damaging plant out of the ground these little red marks coming out of the ground which one its doing some AOE Music we got a bomber an Archer tangler tangler thats gonna be it those it looks like little vines coming out of the ground yeah sea raised pumpkin bro oh this this is neat this is like an AOE oh okay collecting bone pickups restores health um more enemies no you dont want that uh were gonna take uh I would restore thy Health yeah health is I mean if you if you took a hit and didnt die thats a great option it doesnt always happen okay so we got a little Archer he just seems to just do a straight shot there was an explosion yeah so weve got youve got an exploding guy however you think its that guy with the orange head running around there if you manage to upgrade the I think its the Archer you can uh eventually get a sniper who has a gun its very powerful oh a gun A gun 50 caliber sniper rifle imagine being a warlock and the first thing you do is take out your your gun yeah you really dont need warlock Powers if you have a gun its probably why magic technology has not been increasing at the rate that it once was right with the world no need for it because we have guns right guns solve every problem they never cause anything so they call them the problem solver at least in some rap songs oh yeah in the 90s at least they probably dont do that anymore hey grab my no Im not even gonna say it Im not even gonna say I heard myself in the headphones and I was like no no just dont even say it yeah just dont even say thats one of the one of the benefits of being able to hear your own voice as youre recording you get that like that extra warning like are you sure you want to say that yeah Im sure you want to uh for everyone to hear dont kill me there we go so we do have new audio equipment here we do at game soup so if you guys have any suggestions or any comments about the audio equipment uh Weve weve recorded this is probably the fourth episode maybe that weve recorded with the new audio equipment no weve recorded more than that because we did a bunch of those magic the Gathering oh yeah AI generated things but those dont even feel like full episodes because theyre a little shorter we usually keep those shorter I think thats better though but if you have any any suggestions or ideas Im kind of amazed we are still getting it to work consistently it took uh it was really hard to set up because it does sound good though yeah Ive listened back to it on the laptop and on uh and on headphones and it sounds good on both yeah Ive yeah Ive been uh very satisfied with the sound quality yeah I think its better um there was one episode The Midnight fight Express episode I think that that was my fault yeah I think that the audio on the game was too high right oh it was so it was only high for the first like two minutes there was a song playing and after that because what I always do is I always scrub through videos I just choose random Parts I also look at the Peaks and I did that for most of the video except the very beginning where its the loudest so I felt silly uh no no no thats just straight up damage reduction fire but that was a really good episode and yeah yeah not a lot of you guys watched it but its a really cool brawler and its called Midnight fight Express you can check out our episode on it and decide if you want to pick it up for yourself but I actually played through that through the whole game and I dont I dont do that that often anymore play through a full a full release where were busy working on our own on our own projects and um just experiencing all kinds of different games just uh wow jumping around between games rather than focusing on one I feel like its easier its better to learn more about designed by jumping around the games and not necessarily finishing everything it seems to be a better use of time if youre a game designer ectoplasm poop um so its like a lure offer giant minions hmm okay so I I do I do tend to uh I dont know its hard for me to make choices sometimes and this is one of those games where its hard to make choices yeah theres tons of thats why thats why I was just kind of kind of randomly picking not reading everything yeah because yeah we want to see as much of the game as we can so those red things are coming out of that theres that red guy in the middle you got some kind of a mage guy and hes shooting these red heat Seekers that have a really wide Arc yeah hes seeking yeah hes on our side I think he definitely is so those red things are fine basically anything thats white is what you want to avoid which is that is the thats the correct thats the correct default at least I dont think you would want I dont think you would really want to change the the color of the outline to the enemies because if you make it green or or red or something theres a lot of the friendly fire things are going to be those colors I think you should just leave it white yeah I dont really think theres any reason not to its nice that the option is there but I dont think anyone should really be changing it away from White come on come on come on it does get a little tense well youre youre almost four minutes in it seems like youre picking better upgrades than me Ive also done a lot more dashing thats all so these these little blue guys youve got a lot of these little guys with uh blue yeah blue faces those are the barrowers I think yeah they have little little stabbers they have as they call them the daggers but you know yeah those of us in the no comb stabbers of course you know also music bone bolster it should just be called upgrade I think it should be because its its like and its after and its like the same color as all the other its just a word right yeah so if youre looking for an upgrade or maybe it should just have like an arrow next to it to indicate that this is an upgrade of that minion so theres just reads faster because theres so many upgrades in this game and you want it to be fast paced so I think any any number of milliseconds that you can save the player from needing to read something or you know not even necessarily read the words but read the images with their eyes I mean just look at how you read images look at your eyes yeah theres so much text right now that youre expected to read choose an in scrolled spell Barrow bone booster okay first you gotta parse these two words you gotta understand what theyre saying then you gotta look at the description sacrifice is a barrow boner to level up okay theres just so many things and nothing it doesnt really flow in the way uh you know that it probably should I know Im kind of oh all enemies create gems you know what I mean like yeah Ive said this a thousand times already I dont even say it again but you know you know what Im saying I I guess I should say this is probably not um a game made by I assumes with uh you know by somebody whos whos first language is English I dont know that for a fact thats just kind of the impression that I get but maybe maybe lets try this one well only something like 33 of the population in the U.S can read and write at a high school graduate oh yeah yeah like I didnt mean to no I dont mean anything against the developer theyve done a fantastic job they just you know just like the text in the game just needs like a good editing pass thats a boss thats a boss that youre taking damage youre taking damage really fast I would just run I would I would get when he gets near that pumpkin blow it blow it get near the pumpkin get ready to blow it its all right I beat this guy many times no you have yeah okay so its just a dodging thing yeah yeah this guys doing that he only has one attack he does that first thing where he where he shoots in a circle and then this is the only attack he actually has okay he just gets slightly close to you yeah and hes dead oh hes almost dead oh no he actually we did this for another attack thats amazing so if I stand near this purple guy I get healed oh yeah you need to do that yeah oh dont stand near him now its risky paid off though drain boner are you serious I mean thats like thats not even uh innuendo thats not even hidden look I mean look how how am I his owners see they get pretty uh they get pretty you know what Im saying uh chest they get pretty uh on the nose on the nose on something else Hey wheres that chest that I oh I have to cast this all right oh I think he just got hit by uh by a bubble did it freeze you you couldnt move no no I was testing spells oh youre casting a spell chest was a mimic is these guys are blowing bubbles oh these theyre supposed to be like bubble wobble guys yeah thats what theyre supposed to be oh really yeah oh yeah youre right so these yellow bubbles are bad yeah youre supposed to dodge they think they should be white they should be whiter they should have a lot more they should just basically be white I dont think they should be yellow actually because the bosses projectiles were blue and white they should not be yellow theyre white the white is the giant projectiles that are white in the center I think those read well enough but these bubbles I dont think they read well enough I dont think they should have so much yellow I think they should be maybe like a very light yellow on part of it like where the oranges you could put a very light yellow and I think the rest should just be white like that touches yeah just basically be a a white Sprite in my opinion I think itll breed better is that you really want to be able to read whats damaging you because it feels so bad dice to die to something you dont even know what the it was yeah and you dont even know what hit you and you you drive so quickly in this game that is that does happen sometimes yeah its got to read real fast yeah and then theres these these these arrows that just start falling and I think the hitbox is the entire Arrow even though it doesnt make sense in perspective for that to be the case no but thats thats how it works okay so this is wait are these different okay so just which one you have to sacrifice not sacrifice which one youre upgrading so the entire arrows if you like Dash into the back of that Arrow as its moving it hurts you lets try it I mean that was my understanding of like touched the back of the arrow that doesnt seem like it no oh my God maybe maybe the hitbox is only on the point the tip of the arrow then thats thats where it should be I dont think the whole Arrow should be damaging the player just should just be the tip I did find that the the hitbox for the arrows was pretty big but Im in the case with everything in the game they might have a small in it shrunk it and its all correct a word yeah no youre right no in this game its called small end no that that I wouldnt I wouldnt put a password yeah all right seven minutes seven minutes is the game ten minutes long it feels like its pretty hardcore at seven minutes it is this is also with all the enemy upgrades when you first start the game you dont have like these these waves of slimes and theres actually a wave of Hobbits too that well see but the only enemy in the game is just like the basic Soldier and then eventually you unlock more enemies thats one of the meta progression upgrades is more challenged by more enemies oh but you can also turn it off you dont have to do it like that but you probably get a bigger reward Im sure for killing stronger enemies so you probably want to do it at some point and I dont actually know how far this goes I think it goes beyond 10 minutes but Im not exactly how uh how far okay these slimes how do you feel about slimes you know this game has everything its got slimes bats bats have bats I dont know it does have some birds its got Birds mushroom guys um mushroom guys are fine yeah all right lets go with see like I how do you make an informed decision about which one of these to take you cant you cant its hard to pay attention when any of them are even doing yeah youre just dodging youre really its really just kind of a schmuck disguised with a bunch of minions yeah I mean at this point this game has very little in common with vampire survivors like right now whats happening on screen this is not at all like like any other game its kind of like vampire survivors in my opinion you think yeah I mean the the action is complete like the the flow is completely different all Im doing is running away from things yeah youre running away from things youre definitely yeah its this is more about successfully dashing away from things yeah while while occasionally leveling up and choosing an option I think thats like what vampire virus is like though well a lot of it is a lot of it is getting away from things I guess I mean sometimes youre sometimes youre more aggressive oh man I mean depending depending on what weapons you choose oh no no no no keep going keep going yeah keep going and the difference you got it my man you got this to me is just keep dashing you really need to just be dashing and dashing and dashing like dashing your ass off oh that theres that the the pumpkin oh yeah in the bottom left corner the exploding pumpkin you probably want to get near that thing pretty soon because it would it would be really helpful to clear out some of these enemies yeah it would lets try it did it work did it work yeah you set it off there you go look at that okay now theres goblins yeah thats okay though I mean goblins are pretty weak compared to these night guys that have been chasing here they are actually really weak compared to the night guys that were chasing you they got big watermelon heads these goblins look at all this text look at all this text okay you guys can read it to yourself Im not gonna read it no dont read it uh all of that was do you want to give me some money yeah give them some money one game one re-roll thats not useful because I never use them because I dont know if I should be using it because I dont know what anything does snake thanks for pointing that one out yeah youre you know I wasnt sure youre right yeah that is a snake it looked like a bone dragon like from Castlevania is that what theyre trying to do here but it would make it a bone dragon as an homage to Castlevania but it doesnt look that much like a bone dragon it looks like a living dragon with skin maybe they felt like they couldnt make the homage to Castlevania because thats what vampire survivors is Music at least if it were me I might come to that conclusion wouldnt you no would you also feel like you could go along and make the omash to Castlevania yeah while knowing the fact that your games based on another game which is based on Castlevania yeah youd be okay with that all right thats thats fair I just love Castlevania oh who doesnt man I got a hankering to play Dawn of Sorrow yeah we can do that should we do that no were not gonna do it on the channel we oh no we we always we get on these uh these kicks where like we should just we should play them in the channel but were not really its going to take 12 hours and its gonna eat up the entire the entire uh roster of the channel for weeks yeah and months on end thats okay yeah months long look that guys stuck its like a month-long project even for a short game last year we did Castlevania Symphony tonight though for Halloween that was pretty great that was man that was already a year ago so if you guys uh if you guys havent seen that LP on this channel it is a great LP get out of here this is the last big LP that weve done on the channel weve done a few short ones we did the Ninja Turtles game and we did what else did we do I think we did one or two others in the last year we did that trivia game like look at this yeah yeah oh yeah we did that yeah uh so weve done weve done some stuff some uh some LPS here like everything is almost as fast as you so yeah yeah like it it gets crazy it doesnt this is getting a bit yeah youre done youre yeah oh wow that was a nice dot yeah because I was thinking were gonna go right there if you went right up there whod been finished you quickly thought though to go left I didnt think go left if the situation aint right its the only thing I got if youre asking for advice so Im definitely weaker than I have been in the past I its not too hard to get to this boss without having any other media yeah but oh okay were at 10 minutes so the game is longer than 10 minutes that bomb does grow back thats nice yeah I didnt know that this guys a little bit hard to dodge actually I dont know if you get iframes when youre dashing but I know the Strat used to like I think you do I think you get something like he hit me there and yeah I think its I think youre supposed to go at Angles like youre supposed to go like uh like there you go yep that was definitely iframes you yeah you gotta Dodge I think this is just a Dodge Boss Yep this is a Dodge Boss this is you just gotta time it for when he gets close to you and then you dash so go yeah oh I think you get hit there yeah theres also not enough feedback when you do get hit yeah like it plays that sound I dont know I think feeling I mean getting hit in this game feels really bad not because you screwed up but because sometimes you dont know whats happening and you dont really understand why maybe thats just me though I dont know if thats fair criticism when you get hit well yeah it should there should be a lot of indication like the way that we wanted to do it um was uh in a van if we were to make a vampire survivors clone type of game what we would uh possibly do is we would um have the entire screen go Gray for a short a short amount of time and also maybe half a second to a second and slow down the action as well yeah for that same amount of time and then fade back into color so you know youre hit like you absolutely know your hit and that might be that might be Overkill and that might not be what you want here but or having some kind of a very large effect like the biggest effect uh in the game some kind of a yeah a red or a bunch of blood like in Vampire survivors just a bunch of blood comes out of the character which is fairly indicative that youre getting damaged but you still do get surprised sometimes in Vampire survivors that youre getting killed I watched something last night play and they didnt realize they had died yeah I honestly dont think theres enough feedback in that yeah when you get hit and theres even less here I feel like just just from like a feel game feel perspective all right we need to check out this card game lets do it uh why dont you take over on this one okay sure theres also uh well this is I I guess its like skirmishes everyone knows what that is well yeah you know if you want to know youre going to have to find out yourself by paying a dollar and seventy or three dollars for the game uh where where is it here we go this is all up to you man I love card I have no idea whats Happening Here select thy card to the play all right uh I said to play on purpose we have four of I think we have a four of this guy okay where shall it be deployed were just gonna throw them down right there and see what happens is it triple try it might be triple try yeah it looks like they have a facing I mean it looks like yeah theres eight directions but I can attack enemies over a distance interesting okay whats this Ill project all oh some of them are projectile some of them I guess are melee if it should say well I guess if theyre not projectile they should be melee I feel like it doesnt need to type out the entire text at the bottom every time you highlight something you know its like typing it out here yeah it should just display it it should just display it I think in some cases like if its dialogue like a character speaking to you it kind of makes sense because it in it sort of uh mimics the passage of time right but this isnt dialogue this isnt somebody explaining something to you this is just a tool tip so thats just that should just appear Im pretty sure thats thats a hundred percent right that it should just be uh you are 100 it should not yeah it shouldnt be typing it out whens the last time you saw a tool tip that that played out like a typewriter that should never happen so I guess gold beats what was it gold beats whatever color you were just now purple and then I dont know oh my God okay now were gonna add a proper tutorial soon I bid the welcome to clash full cards each player takes it takes it in turn takes it in turn to place card plan tape the number on each card represents its power level whilst the arrows represent represent the directions you can attack him when a card is placed it will attack nearby enemy cards and if your power level is greater you convert enemies to your side a gold Arrow doubles attack power okay all right so theres something to this I dont know how much but there is something to this okay so this guys a six so if we put him here will we get them on our side okay we got him on our side now theyre ah oh almost the entire board yeah oh I see because the gold flips the full board okay so this guy is weak so we can just kill him with our three nice uh so we dont want to attack his two so what whats on his side I dont I dont think we want to do anything we just want to drop this here and then he drops his two which does nothing and that wins thou wins thou wins all right lets try it again now that we know how to play the game a little bit better all right so what does he have we dont even know what he has we cant tell you cant even tell yeah we cant tell what this the numbers are coming what are the numbers yeah we cant tell what the only see the guy on the bottom yeah all right I dont I honestly I dont know why this is in the game yeah it seems like it shouldnt this could just be an entirely different game this is like a this feels just like a scope creep like an extreme scope creep I dont know if I want to throw my best guy down all right lets just throw this weak guy down lets see lets see if thats a good strategy but we know hes Gonna Take It but oh yeah heres what we want to do we want to attack behind with a pretty strong guy here right and then well take the board were gonna take the full board here oh it didnt work wait what happened I dont know why this guy didnt why did that for number four not attack the number three I thought thats what was supposed to happen I thought that was supposed to happen is the yellow the only one that it yeah whats what whats with the colors though did we did they explain the colors oh a gold Arrow doubles its attacked power and can Cascade attack so only the gold arrows Cascade right attacks right so thats why the oh no that should have happened yeah that should have happened yeah thats right and also I dont know why some of them are purple and blue well the six the Pink Arrow was the one that attacked the four so maybe all of the of the cards in the Cascade need to have the gold Arrow so maybe that was why it did not Cascade but we have a seven power here with a Cascade knowing of if we save that seven power um we can just use our sixth power but that will not beat his will it beat a six will a six beat a six yes okay okay so matching number the attacker wins so now we can play our seven and just crush him oh yeah but its not gonna cause a Cascade um yeah the twos not gonna do anything either though all right well just well just drop the well just drop the seven here so it beats them and uh it doesnt matter what we do here really and we win yeah okay I think I understand how the game works I mean its an extra its an extra bonus yeah its an extra game within a game yeah like you cant really complain about it no were not no were not complaining about it and the game is basically free anyway yeah this this game has a lot of content for a dollar fifty or three dollars or however much it is bone raiser how come wheres the wheres the title of this game theyre so worried about everything else happen theres no title logo on this game how do I know what its called yeah there should be a logo somewhere on this on the screen you could put it in a corner even it doesnt necessarily need to be right across the middle I think it would be cool to have have the logo though somewhere on here yeah I feel like right in front of the Moon there would be a great place to put it yeah yeah thats that would be fine too or yeah like I said in almost anywhere on this on here would probably look aesthetic probably not in the top right where theres that building I dont think I would put it on top of that but just about anywhere else it would still look pretty aesthetic so whats bone razor minions the game with a hilarious title and a lot of text and uh I dont know it differentiates itself enough I think its worth it its worth two bucks three bucks whatever it costs check it out yeah it seems fun it seems like theres a lot to explore from even just trying it out for this last 40 minutes or so yeah thanks for watching yeah thank you for watching and uh we like you Music steamer stand iron We also develop games: Game 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