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Refund steam game after 2 hoursdetroit become human steam deck BONERAISER MINIONS Music whats up everybody were gonna jump back in send demonologist again I feel like theres a lot of potential in this indianologist lets go ahead and change up our hat we go Randall Rando a random one youve got this thats not the one I wanted anything but this one new game plus minus h plus increases enemy amount Health by 10 percent yeah I have to I have to win once I could wait to get the heels for the max out I just think that the heels is gonna be a new its a good thing right now uh what do I have right now times two demon hole so the demon hole does stack to give you a larger demon hole lets go warlock this time I really liked I really like the the boomeranger actually we already have one Music weve gotten another one the Demonic Boomerang are should be more specific got the garlic I can just basically walk into enemies early demon warlock is funny Music Blazer race lets get some uh Blaze demon give me the blaze demon Music foreign Music level 3 warlock shoots piercing homing shots Music magical bum bag storing an extra reserved spell scroll voodoo doll enemies join The Fray have a chance of being permanently hacked so they take more damage dummy bugs stymies May release a sticky mess of soggy bottoms um that could be really good for crowd control maybe the unknown one must Ascend it calls forth destructive magical lightning to strike meanies you guys were staring me away from this one the whole time this sounds great Music superstitious smelly beggars was that AOE too the lightning Music there theres my demon theres a demon right there and fuses a level 3 weirdo warlock with the helian sinful Soul whom conjures huge indomitable Source surik sorceric piercing projectiles so what what is exactly the Hellion sinful Soul how do I get them arent they just that theyre just talking I walked into a bomb I dont know what I just hit I must have walked into a bomb or an enemy uh red outlines is not working so well for enemies now that my demons are red and were quite dying were like really dying the badly Music Im not gonna make it Music level three boomeranger lets get another one you missed some stuff earlier Music Im trying to Leo now the installs are dropped from the golden knights okay and thats what I was thinking but it just doesnt I dont know its not adding up in my head Im not physically noticing that either of telling me about it eyeballs go eye donors increases sight range of all thy minions I dont even I didnt know sight range was a thing what about this this was supposed to upgrade one of my dudes have we just not picked a new dude yet I think we might not have picked a new dude yet were just rolling with our OG crew just upgrading them we just pick an OG dude or not an OG dude a new one another boomeranger demonic bomber could be good maybe its like a really big AOE yeah see now I took the skull the skulls from the totem demonic boomeranger another Rune Arc look at that thats interesting I gotta go with the uh kapala though XP up leveling up more sounds way better get those donors out of my eyes I have special eyes pin bro oh thats exactly where I wanted you to spawn to finger bone thing chastity belts freaking dice extra one to six times when offered any items rerolls and then that whatever thing Ive seen this so many times how many just take it Im gonna see what it is I want to drink it an ornament suffused with angry spirits that shall protect thee also increases the max amount of flam bro yeah those have been some of my top dudes nice look at this we got the shoveled helm Shovel Knight I like that were still able to just walk through the enemies with this level two whats it called upgrade level three bomb bolster see if we cant get a demon Music no longer just walk through enemies with our Aura but we can sit still looks like well take care of most of them Music clambro eats bosses increase the amount of giants you can get were not really getting Giants were getting demons look at this first one see what it is incandescent cast whilst charging and casting spells nearby minis are slowed could save my life Music echo of the Wilds Devils ball of Doom suckage Extravaganza confetti cannon the ball of Doom is good it just wasnt good on that other boss or I should probably I should probably Dodge the uh the attack first and then hit him with the ball if thats possible Music doppelganger maybe we can get a a demon doppelganger its just cast a spell there to turn some people into the uh gem slimes oh foreign Music doppelganger I mean look at the Giants they really did pack a punch and I probably should get one of them I dont even think I can make demons out of these guys if you look behind my head you can see Im turning these three into them mocha did I not announce your six monther Reaper of Shadow did I miss you too 39 months or if I missed you guys and fluffy car with a 23 monther thank you thank you thank you the Giants were up there at the top of the list on that one really long run that we had we know theyre good but heres a real test how much damage youre gonna do to this boss dont wait until he comes towards me and then oh hes not coming towards me I was gonna oh hes already dead though Im gonna activate the oh the thing maybe the health maybe a new one whats this sacrifice is a barrel boner to level up a random normal minion okay I didnt mean to pick up the other one so were gonna bump out one of these spells that we have Music if you dont we could take another one of these try this new one humongous gems all gem pickups give double to delay okay thats not really that good I might just rip that and then rip this one sacrifice a dude to upgrade another dude Music Skies is a dude playing another dude and now we have our demon ball well see well see if I can dodge the first attack from the boss and then hit him with the demon ball lets fly in my face Music yes demon Music which one is that though can I see what that one is it wont let me see what that one is I dont remember which one that was but the auger Music I gotta read them before I press a it only tells you about them later if you dont know about them and yeah were probably gonna go with that thing that was the bomber yeah yeah oh two demonic minions to summon an ASG death Diablos homes to monstrous sword is suffused with malevolent hungry Souls two people had to Die For This Virginia bow for more healing yo look at that Arc look at that AOE ouch chest Music this fly needs to stop bouncing off my face before I literally lose my  __  lets level up that doppelganger I want to see if I cant get a doppelganger demon Music I guess I could have used no I was gonna say I could have used a huge gem on that we already popped that long ago oh man thats a good one so who did we who did we sacrifice we sacrificed two demons in order to summon the super demon which kinda sucks right didnt we have more demons Music its really good all right its not like its this is a bad dude we we got like special what do you call it stuff we got a special thing in order to get this demon Our Heritage points or whatever hello activate the super bomb fruity bro for heels Maybe Music whats this daddy swarm unleashesive vampiric bat swarm from the mausoleum doors foreign Music were doing well against this wave which says a lot Skelly key instantly unlocks treasure chests free random Relic foreign wandering Merchants who may occasionally appear I dont know what that means no what that it means auger Music God that the demon is good Ill give it to the demon its good smell treasure chesty wow that is a large wave after owners Music speed Skelly key tummy bugs sticky mess of soggy bottoms dying meanies the AOE maybe but we really need to be able to kill the boss I might just re-rolled us chastity belt save me thy rotting entered stream a sticky mess whenever these hurts foreign Music bro probably gotta go with it Music Music cast your bats no oh we got him Mom another Virginia bow Music more healing um Footwear that increases my running speed another Runar for more lightning an unknown Relic and an unknown Relic chat go we gotta find this ethereal whatever dude the shop dude I dont even know what it looks like Music the bullfang 444-3233 Rune two three it looks like a goldfish in a jar I see a lot of three there horoscope charm whenever these offered a bonerized relic or spell if thou chooses the bottom option then D gains an extra re-roll banish or seal eh Paladin order deems the a threat whoa now the music starts now were getting real were dropping golden bones yo giant inflaminous bro Music Numero Uno on that list is still not even were not even killing them with the the stomp on this guy were still making it through look at this look at these spells coming in from the side I dont even want to know how much damage these guys are going to do to my face lets get that level three auger so we can get that hey spell on everybody and get this inflaminous bro to stop faster what is that must have it magic doppelganger thats the one that I wanted confuses meanies and casts super spells that may emulate B and boneheart collected bone pickup shell increase thy maximum health yes Music yo yo yo yo yo yo yo dude theres so many things going on right now foreign auger level three go speed up speed up the inflaminus Bro Wizarding Sears Were The Wizarding Sears more like Wizarding Piers I got um bro get wrecked uh um auger theres the the permanent sphere of haste and it even hastes me up buttercup is that Mage please Tom is Whispering we upgraded something to give me the whisper Tome thing humongous bone cast it now a new class weve unlocked the new class um honestly maybe a tangler slow everybody down so we can just get that AOE through I dont even know if we need more damage right Music angler sounds like a pretty good idea right now I feel like at this point in time the thing thats going to kill me is the thing that I cant see this guy just cast another spell Flames from above haste Music spooky ghosties Im gonna go with flam Iran and use it now immediately I bet you the Kings after this level two tangler Music I should try to unlock this stupid what is this wandering Merchants well well the filthy hideous wretched bone eraser whatever a customer is a customer no matter how stinky I have pristine relics you might be interested in spend some of those gold coins you pinched I dare I dare into trust you so pick only one what are you buying Jammy gems increase the bones ectoplasm the direction the faces garment for staring storing an extra reserved spell or another in bone Tarts and more max health yes Music absolutely 230 Max Health right now Im just playing playing with death right now opening up chests unnecessarily an unknown spell we dont know what that is nearby meanings are transformed into Barrel boner Minions that one can be really really powerful if youre able to get close enough I dont want to get close enough Im gonna go with this vow transforms into a lovable anaki with snowman I know what that means were gonna use it level three tangler Do You Want to Build a Snowman bro dude you need to stop you need to do more stops here fire guy please Music Archer Music whenever were choosing the bone raise Relic or spell receive substantial amount of lovely invincibility frames I like that one so when Im done picking if I come back in I dont just die immediately its the stupidest way to lose the game guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys I need help nice spell good one that was a good one Music you just you cant wander too far away from your minions Earl guard arrived for the noble thrashing its not the boss its not the the final boss yet Archer level two Applause Music thank goodness Music foreign balls too the spells coming in King giggled thirsts for thy head jiggly wigglies Music am I gonna get one shot again oh whats that sacrifices two demonic minions to summon a Zog zyke diabolos lumps monstrous ocular maw emulates all it shall gaze upon foreign minions thats just the flame Bros Im not sure were gonna get the opportunity to actually do anything with that lets pick the last one here thats actually just re-roll lets just see if we cant get something thats good like this maybe this black heart I want some hard hankering for another which fully heals the and increases that maximum health by 25. thats yeah thats not nothing for this final boss oh my God that that was my attack not his I was like oh Im supposed to touch that bro oh God its scaring me every time I see that Music okay I dont see I dont thats probably not thats not that thats probably him and thats the king hard to tell if Im being honest oh God every time I see the freaking laser I jump Music theyre just inside of them sorcery tone Whispers The spell upon me you guys I cant see whats going on I cant tell which freaking lasers are mine theyre homing now we got them we got him my head shall swallow thee whole phase two his head oh Music Im having such a hard time telling what the frick Im supposed to be looking at I got hurt from something there what Music I got him Music congratulations thou pounded King jiggled right good and proper thy sacred Mausoleum lies in silence and safety for now news stirs of a kings Heir as chaos engulfs the fractured lands may be hankered to suck fresh Bones from Beyond thy graveyard Adventure it waits Adventure awaits but for now thou rests in peace Music yo yeah okay you know we had Earth we had our gripe about the the demon absorbing two of my other demons 66 damage per second on that sucker 56 on the the other laser guy pretty good 51 on the fire bro and then it jumps down real quick 66 51 22 56 down to four to the the mega boner your gold is maxed it looks pretty maxed that was fun just get everything Music I mean that costs a lot and does nothing but well unlock it for the future I guess there we go bone razor lore level three and then upgrade the enemies Music bees flock of bone Birds Music anthropomorphic shrooms Music small rabble of warbles arrive with intent to swallow v-hole lets maybe upgrade the rats to Max pleasure of the Rowdy attack he shall be prolonged the extra champions for sure extra slimes that sounds pretty good they drop the gems pleasure of the goopely Slime shall be prolonged start buying whatever we can then we just got the warble rabble grows and brings along their bouncy Brethren probably gonna be super tough but I think that we can come in here and and take them off it says sell or forget Music if I could sell it right I can get I can buy it sell it Music if we if you dont like it cool cool cool all right thanks for watching let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below and Ill see you in the next one sharing a game on steam 9/15/2022 Stream. 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