Army of MANY - Hutts Streams Boneraiser Minions

How to connect oculus quest 2 to steam vrdoes steam cleaning kill bed bugs BONERAISER MINIONS whats up you guys were back here in bone razor still have some locked things here that we havent even done buy all three bone razor lore and heroic Force meta buy all heroic Force meta at least level one whats the heroic Force meta meta progression class bone raiser heroic Force by everything level one so we just got it literally just we have 999 so we could do that and that and weve unlocked that thing that we havent gotten right what is this though mugger Bandits have arrived to swipe the golden coins they steal it from me peasant tree and and Beggars may be blessed by the celestious order oh bads with 100 bits gotta head out had a blast enjoy the rest of the stream see you cobass lets go back and see what we unlocked now what this is necromatic skirmishes thou shreds fractured land seeking a short inevitable death how long can the last against unending waves of meanies sounds dope um lets actually once again with this money lets spend the rest of it Music plus Heritage on Lich Necromancer whos this the new one that we just unlocked lets take a look at the Lich I subsist as a decrepit skeletal husk woven in undeath the very bones of weak will dead rattled eye at that approach um is that the one where we just want to have as many as possible it might be we want to go to the class heritage what is this each level one normal minion increases die Legions damage each and every Legion minion increases by Max Health By ignoring any smelly Little Barrel boners of course thou rise is Anew with an extra random minion friendo however thy Max Health was reduced by 10. that rises the new with an extra random okay same thing we can go hard on the Lich develop Music so its uh each level one normal minion increases that legions damage so we can just go level one level one level one get as many as possible each different minion increases dialysis attack speed so we want to go with random ones when bone raising a fresh normal minion all unsucked bone shall most surely be sucked right to be thy bone suckage abilities shall become a truly jawbreaking isnt it already pretty good well see what happens well see what it does and then well get the each and every Legion minion increases by Max health we have some money to spend upon dice seeming demise a random normal minion shall be drained of his life force thus revitalizing thy health or when bone raising a fresh normal minion thou shall also gain an extra re-roll so I just want to see what this bottom corner is thou shall rise able to re-roll six times in choosing minions all right lets do that and go back to this how much can I upgrade these almost all the way Im missing one and then we have everything unlocked for that all right lets jump in and try out the the Lich we could do the never ending waves I wonder I wonder wonder wonder whats in a Wonder Ball I wonder no um whats this flame head I like the ones that are kind of obnoxious so I can actually see myself more easily maybe turn up maybe angry turnip head maybe the eyeball lets Necromancer what is this choose thy place of skirmish forsaken Mausoleum sorrowful Sullen thats right we unlocked new areas you guys dungeon catacombs Royal Causeway a cursed Cathedral ravenous ravine just pick one and go if you were to lose a limb and the doctors would give you the option will you give the amputated limb bone to your pet you okay all right so this one is all about like I said getting as many different kinds as possible so I know that we already have times one bone arrays boomeranger and times two Warlock we could combine the warlocks though into a giant Archer that just means less we could level up our our bone or uh warlock which sounds also kind of dumb Im gonna re-roll that and get a tangler we want new kinds and all basically for now we want all level ones increases the the damage thank you this place is uh beautiful batty go its a new one immediately what are the what did the Baddie do it pushed an enemy into me good stuff dude didnt get a chance to place things around the map each time I wonder if youre not able to do that and maybe its just because of the the new area that I havent done anything with doppelganger thats a new one rats are quick get an item horoscope charm whenever these offer to Bone raise Relic or spell if thou chooses the bottom option to gains an extra re-roll whats your foot running speed all hearty painful damage that these suffers is reduced and then if one of thy melee minions kills an enemy then its Spirit made transiently accompany thy Legion as a spooky ghost Im gonna go with the let me do that Im gonna go with the shoes the damage reduction was good I mean I could have saved that one but we already got these mace swingers I dont remember the waves going this fast it almost seems like theyre just randomly sending waves at me theyre not really coming in in like specific gotta go that auger um before it was like the rats are coming and now these guys are coming now it just seems like a free-for-all must just be this game mode Music Arrow digger I dont think they counted bomber go like we bought we must have almost every single type by now level one Music drain boner sacrifice the barrel boner to increase that Max Health Devils ball of Doom sacrifice a barrel boner to level up a random normal minion and meaning shall suffer upon them the curse of death and Im gonna go drain boner here cast it increase my Max Health get rid of one of our whatever dudes that dont really matter um we dont have a pumpkin bro Music absolutely guys we gotta get this Tower here please Music Sprout razor oh and playing is new too and so is the Bell head lets go ahead and seal the impling and grab the Sprout Race Free bro oh thats right we do have a dash youre right I forgot giant Mage Giant Archer theres the impling and giant Fister um I could do like a giant Mage and then I could be able to go back and get another bomber and another of the other dude I think the the giant Mage is actually pretty good so much for stealing that one guy but Music uh cider lets hear sight range of die minions each bone arrives the has a chance of receiving a free random Relic whilst charging and casting spell nearby minis are slowed Im gonna go with the new one here watering can increase the speed which Contraptions respawn their benefits I dont think I have any contraptions it did it did talk about the pumpkin heads but I think it was talking about the pumpkin head Contraptions and I never got the ability to place them on this this map this is basically prestige mode for bone arrays minions mistakes were made uh witch we dont have a witch sniff sniff chesty oh I need help guys guys guys Music the chest Music Blazer Rays we dont have a skewer either gotta go with the Blazer raise one of my favorites we seem pretty strong now with those upgrades and all different kinds of level one minions this is good bees give me Max health I like that we dont have a boo bro spit spooky sputtle foreign guys Music Relic oh and boned Hearts so good bone pickups increase Max health Music the chest skewer gotta have one Music its a Golden Bone foreign yikes Music dangerous dangerous Music I wonder if we still have to fight bosses or if there are no bosses and we dont even have an Archer you dont have a bomber either remember we we put the bomber and the doppelganger into the mage giant Mage which is doing that Splash damage heat-seeking magic shot I think its pretty good l -verging of Destiny shall bless thee with item rerolls I kind of want uh bone raiser rerolls smattering of bees birds and shrooms just cast it now Music foreign this gold guy wheres my ampling make the end bling Music can I rewrap the damn plane does oh sets the traps right I see them right now Music foreign Mage from a tangler and an inbling Music sure remind myself that I get to get more of those knuckle duster dashing through enemies hurts them ritual cabala increases the worth of all collected bone pickups arrow and a tiny bee with a little green Club Im thinking new one chat what do you think Music foreign Music the tiny bee little fly with the club a charge Dash knuckle dusters I didnt I dont even do I have any charge Dash I might I probably spent on it spent money on it finger poke finger poke 222 okay thank you fingerer dashing through enemies influx to death and curse huh okay Music right my there oh I did it I did do it I did do the super Dash um we dont have a guard we dont have a bomber lets take the bomber hey we Dash through a bunch of people then especially the ones that I want to die fast once I find the the biggest threat if I Dash through them if I have the ability to make that happen Music another Blaze no we need another tangler this point in time we might want to think about maybe upgrading past level oh my God past level one glitch skirmish endurer whos got an achievement Music re-roll we dont have the guard if one of thy melee minion kills an enemy its life force is drained to the increasing die health Music gooey box that inexhaustively spawns slimes is more gems corn sealment Scrolls knuckle duster I guess if were gonna go with the dashing combo we could do hurt them and curse them I almost died right there just from trying to get fancy Music re-roll re-roll theres another doppelganger nice spell attack up as a bare boner to level up a random normal minion all meanings theyll be hexed increasing the hurt they suffer nearby me needs to be transformed into Barrel bone or minions at least shes a vampiric bat swarm Barrow worn caress I use it right there and I died sit still for literally half a second and youre gonna die Music oh thats endless mode looks like no bosses and random mobs its very hectic I dont know if Im the biggest fan Music start with another random minion sure no F this chat lets do another normal run with the Lich Music architect mode what I want to see um this is a new place right so Music maybe chesties on the outside Music what else was like the most helpful lamp post to increase uh the limit on flambro minions probably also put that in the corner because I think they just passively affect the game Music uh you know what thats fine for now I cant really afford too much else Music New Game Plus two oh the plus itself is giving me the new Zone okay well stay here in the plus one I think well see well see what we get I put the chests on the far out so I take it one thing the chest on the outside because once you you get them then theyre done I should have planted the things that give me um Max health that would have been a nice move once again this character we want as many level one and as many different kinds as we can at least early game Music increases our attack speed and our damage pretty bro I love him but auger well probably got to go auger here pretty boat it has like a zone that if you stand in you get healed might have I probably should have gone fruity bro I think its a rarer a rarer bone erase minion Music not taken aback by any of these but I dont think those little guys that were sacrificing these little blue ones these takes three of them why dont they do anything for the the benefits that we have right now well take the Giant um new one installing Divinity and treasure once holy but now defiled by the send touch increases the chances of blessed enemies showing up last is probably just the gold ones that drop stuff relics Music maybe I dont know or it could have been that pink one right there maybe they drop phones that that uh are worth more you see some of these guys are pink level two skewer into a level three skeemer Music next imp Music so it might be the play here to get as many level one of different kinds as we want if we can get I mean as we can get and then pick one or two that we were really really stoked about and level them up to Max and try to turn them into the Demonic versions and whatnot and keep all of the other ones level one so that we increase the damage in this in the attack speed like I really want to pop off on this auger maybe well seal the auger and take the the witch we dont have a witch yet sniff sniff chesty but then we saw then we see a pumpkin bro also the giant Mage is really good making me make tough choices here wasting my concealment Scrolls Music yeah Im kind of getting the idea that were just making more Champion versions of enemies not more golden enemies Music the auger by the way the little clock above their heads a little purple clock makes them go uh makes them attack much faster which Ill say is a good thing dont have an Archer dont have a tangler Angler whats the roots in the ground slows enemies down these red roots we can level up the tangler then the tangler will start dropping um fruits on the ground for us to get embold destinious upgrades Behemoth Bearer into a random gigantous minion we have a warlock though no I gotta go with the giant whatd you get Virginia Beau is one of my favorites picking up bones regenerates the health that we have okay is it just the Punchy punch yeah its just a Punchy guy okay not the best but the best giant minion that we could have gotten Music you know give me the new stuff man oh another giant Fister I guess another giant Fister Im gonna go with the Sprout Oh what about the giant demoness though two giants with helium sinful soul endlessly grips and flings his big bones gotta go with the demon is when you get offered the demoness Music um lets go maybe Virginia bow again kind of like the ax and vampire survivors Chucks things and its affected by this weird gravity that doesnt make sense increase the max amount of flame bro Minions that can you can rise around a normal minion at the expense of Health we could afford that right now increase running speed of all of my minions would be really good two calf donors Music sometimes youre running away from the enemies and your team cant catch up to you sacrifice a barrel boner to increase Max Health Tempest of lightning potted come down Abracadabra heck so Im gonna go with the drain boner thing get rid of one of our small guys I suppose we could have checked to see if we even had one to get rid of use these guys right Barrel boner yeah we had plenty thats not 100 bits hey hows any upcoming games youre excited about yeah um got this Manor Lords demo this could be cool um what else oh dont look at that one yet thats for a different thats just for a special video that will probably get me banned on YouTube foreign upgrade Music trying to remember Music new favorite is the wretch though Im gonna play dead space remake uh I never played their first dead space but I heard such good things Ive seen the lightning in this game Music um oh its gonna take my auger to do that Music Music up here in the tangler could be good though like I said oh Jesus we get uh we get fruits uh theres a tower theres a theres a tower down here that we got to take out this one thats casting lightning on me its not mine Music I got this one like weird Shop game that came out and I asked for a code for Jamie too so its basically like what was that one shop it was like moonlighter was that the name of the game its like that but its got like combat where like people steal  __  from your shop and like bad guys come around and you have to like pick up tables and stuff and things that youre selling and Bash them over the head with it it just looked like a ridiculous game in another warlock perfect this new one over Watcher two you know I was gonna play OverWatch 2 today and um apparently they were getting like a DDOS attack so its taking people hours just to get into a single game then some people are like I get into a game in 12 seconds I dont know what to say the controllers doing that thing again where Im not pressing anything and my controller is guys hes just going off into the weeds I cant control him right now and then Im  __  dying Music I dont know if its my controller or what Music Q was tens of thousands of people I would expect more Im being honest um trains thy Health to raise a heart of temporary Barrow diggers nah were gonna probably go our Wrangler and just maybe even use it right now prompt cult Health heal all minions shall benefit from haste increasing their speed Music spells are temporary usually most of them whats the difference between heart Wrangler and occult Rejuvenation theyre both heels right sacrifice the bare boner to increase my Max health so that ones permanent Im gonna go for it Music I could have gotten into the GamePad but it literally like takes off and chooses random directions okay that was a bomb that was a bomb chest it was a fake one Bandits I think these guys are new whoa I dont know what that was doing a good job though Bandit survival gun achievement for that I dont think I touched a single Bandit we get nothing but gems from the bandits I did want to go pop off on the auger reflects like a haste on our units Music why the heck did I get this flambro Tower if I didnt even get offered a single flam bro here watch out for the ballista strikes Music we didnt have enough to worry about giant Mage is pretty good were gonna lose our imp and our witch we cant always get an infinite witch back blue candle capable of manifesting ectoplasm in the direction the face is already hurt the suffers is reduced dashing through inflicts enemies of the curse increase thy suckage ability over all pickups Im gonna go with the ward amulets decrease the hurt I get and theres another impling you can go with the level three tangler though and blank every level one unit I have does one of the two things I was either increases the damage or attack speed of everyone I think it was maybe damage it was different kinds of units increases the attack speed something like that top three minions I mean they they would all be demonists oh an extra re-roll I picked I picked an extra re-roll up thats weird I didnt know I could do that zombies Music why are the Dead coming after me were on the same team bro level three tangler Music okay I didnt see what was hurting me there guys I would really like to Jimmy gems become honey that sounds like a super good curse but that was a bunch of Jammy jams must have already worn off Music um Music re-roll that honestly Ill take a new thing if I can get a new thing Music otherwise Im gonna go for upgrades another giant Mage you dont have a pop bro I believe that was our doppelganger that cast that the ball Doom doppelganger can cast random spells Devils ball of Doom there it is foreign Music level three auger but we dont have a well head I gotta go with the auger level three while we get the opportunity pretty much has the ability to cast taste on everybody sneaky goblins cometh to swipe your knackers Music foreign Music ghost washers summon their play things spook bro new one whoa Music and these guys are new as well Music yep an achievement for surviving that pumping Lots I think I am the guy just cast extra large bones but it was very short-lived the doppelganger whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa that was a lot chance of being offered bro minions and Bone raising Music split handle again ectoplasm in my face Im going to re-roll this I dont like any of these new one lets say aromatic mushroom The Dashing length and decreases Dash and cooldown that sounds good painful damage that suffers all herdy painful damage is reduced its good but the new one maybe disease to meet arriving meanings have a chance of being weakened by a hex foreign bosses no ones probably not going to be too meaningful Im gonna start ripping through these rerolls Music I need a new witch I wouldnt mind leveling up the witch Music foreign Music I think we need to be worried about this Music upgrader witch I know I tried to dodge that Dodge okay that one worked nice to relics scabie mitts each bonerized he has a chance of receiving a free random Relic I dont know if were gonna get a lot of new ones at this point in time here by enemies are slowed by your repulsive presence that ones a good one money bag pay for cash bag immediately gives the plus 250 dont need the money picking up lovely Jimmy Jams also increases like bones not too many Jimmy gems we boxing and exhaustively spawned slimes I actually throw enemies hurts them Im gonna re-roll that colossal 2 000 extra chance of being offered giant minions and increased maximum amount of giants Music sure Music thats the one way that I think that well end up getting a bunch of new minions is if I start turning them into Giants Ill have to get new ones to replace them so we have that type and More Level One minions of course Music suckage extravaganza pumpkin comets unrelenting dysentery Abracadabra haste Im gonna re-roll want something better here sacrifice the bare boner increase up my Max health traveler to The Traveler hey oh that was here not unexpected as it is just as I foresaw okay its the one to tell this tells the future with 92 25 gold here you got you got that eight re-rolls when choosing items sure weve been using those giant Mage again lost our Warlock and our doppelganger was it giant Mages are pretty good though get all these blue blasts Music the hex I think that goes well with the hex right were gonna hex them so they take a lot more damage and then just spray them with these Mage blasts its just wiping out entire groups I do like the idea of getting Level 3 witch past death and curse where One Touch can kill Music so there are our Mage blasts are guaranteed to get them theyre standing inside of the hex area hit by the cannonballs okay demons we want the giant demonists for the the guy whos flinging the big bones again do we want the auger permanent sphere of haste demonic witch Fields with widespread death and jinxing hexes or demonists um tangler Roots performance her permanence spread with numerous Health hearts Music hmm maybe the auger permanent taste when youre inside the zone and decrease my heart he hurt s Music lets get a new level one auger or Warlock Warlock Im not sure if the Haystacks it probably does not stack if you have multiple augers casting hastes foreign ER just in time smoked over oh I hit by both of those traveler again that was here and unexpected so I first saw this uh well give you the 10 gold one this time three rerolls when choosing any items okay sure could there be like something better but fine downpour Deluge of flamey teardrops drains I hell to raise a horde of temporary Barrow diggers Amy rain I suppose another mage telling you theyre good especially with the hexes look at this I dont have to move no move challenge weve seen that guy that does the no move Challenge on vampire survivors theres a vampire Survivor step game yes it is oh there were getting real close to me Ive never seen this before in my life unknown necromancy its gonna take my Warlock and My Level 3 tangler which is giving me health bone meldus my melds two normal minions to form a meldis manic mime whose whom mischievously mimics other of the legion Music okay I mean if its gonna mimic one of our like really big demonis dudes then yes Travelers over again me blah blah blah blah killer 10 Max health Ive never let her go okay this is not gonna end well okay so well get a new bell head minus boner no we survived were good were good to go Baddie swarm Music Cyclops arrive to pound the upright good and proper are all the projectiles blue bears and mine normalist destinius five Barrel boners into a random level three normal minion foreign level three grave guard okay screw you two bats I release the bats Im not sure were ready for this new warlock new bomber bomber AOE we gotta really stay inside the heck zones intro out of it and I just dont think our minions are gonna have the ability to catch up with us A and B kill things the build kind of is giant Mage hex draws additional bees birds and shrooms Music hurt enemies that dare physically straight too close socket ability reroll Bondi demise this items to be used for ring a grateful fairy whom heals thee and gives substantial invincibility frames lets go with the bottled Ferry I think were probably gonna end up kicking the bucket on accident another new Warlock Music the mimic chest it got rocked Music is what happens when I wander out too far Music follows the face slowed even more when theyre too close to me I think thats really good another giant mage hexones make you do so much more damage I mean enemies die in one hit as it says when theyre when theyre hexed Music so thats why Im going heavy on the the shotgun Mages and kill so many units so much more than a melee unit would new demons gets rid of my whatever guy my one level three guard uh if it was a level three grave guard with a Hellion sinful Soul who per Nick pernicious claw hands murderously mutates mutilates meanies thats tough all relics currently offered we get them all no I dont really even want any of these a lonesome part hankering for another which fully heals the increases I maxed out by 25. probably do better than that was an extra chance of being offered meldis minions we dont have any meldis minions lets do it I want the fire guys theyre so good especially with the Hecks they just walk into enemies King jigald is already here never mind thats my face he just sat on Music stay like too close here just so that I can guarantee that my my haste guy is gonna cast haste on everybody because Im pretty sure the haste guy follows me around like a little puppy dog so I gotta drag him Im gonna drag him real close that was way too close thats my bad cast the fruit oh God oh God oh no pretty good pretty good team I dont know why thats so tough to dodge Music its the healing thing but I dont Music feel like it did anything Music we got him anyways lets jiggled pounder achievement unlocked thou pounded King jiggled right good and proper is thou fancy continue thy game for a further Loop by minions Relic score shall cometh with me oh uh did we get offered a loop last time thats enough for me thankies yeah sure king jiggled would should be pounded once more Loop Im assuming things are gonna get tougher Music thats new Music I like how they made an endless mode and then they made normal mode have an endless option Music well I bought the game this one bone Raiser Music doesnt seem like it got harder but sending loopy after pounding the king huh we got a loop without any punishment I feel like a lot of games nowadays like for example ravita punish you for looping um you can Loop in voidigo also punishes you makes you get rid of your some of your items makes you shoot for it Music its going to take a while for us to level up like this were only at 69 percent Music sniff sniff sniff sniff chesty chest Music Isaac removes items too right oh Isaac doesnt remove items that I know of does it Music Im a sucker for vampire Survivor type games theres another one that just came out actually a couple and I dont remember the names of them I have them in my emails that I was gonna check out but time Music Music Music barometer took away my Baddie and my my witch which is probably the worst possible thing that we could have done because the hex zones wow were fine Music increase the max amount of flam bro minions they can spawn if I can just get one Id be happy were gonna want to get another Lich faster movement yeah I kind of want to do that I kind of want to see if how fast I can move the mud oozes with gooey carnivorous slimes let me get in every item is mod for this Music foreign Music Bandits mugged me stealing 20 gold you dirty Dirty Dog Music to this guy the the demon is guard is popping off seems actually pretty good Music spell another Traveler hey oh well well a filthy hideous wretched bone raiser whatever a customer is a customer no matter how stinky Music we cannot buy any well we cant actually you can buy the watering can speed which Contraptions respawn Music and then the money bag I guess well say the money bag for more gold I dont understand like I clearly have lots of Golds right wheres my gold how does it calculate how much gold Ive accumulated and why was I only at 50 right when I have 384 thousands currency how am I gaining gold I want to explain the money system in the game called after the run I just maybe spent it all then Elven well thats a new one never seen this boss before boss is getting absolutely  __  on oh thats that was cool keep doing that and I might have a problem oh yeah yeah yeah that was good okay its just okay its just shooting more and more arrows Eye Health could be shooting more arrows the lower itself gets too might not be a timed thing achievement Music caft owner speed of all my dudes go if Im gonna move fast I need them to move fast bubble  __  Music I dont think I ever could win a run just by standing still strictly because of the bubbles although there is one of the Minions that um gains Health by standing still is that the vampire I think it might have been the vampire Music the bubbles Drop Bones did they smell a treasure chesty Music we dont have a doppelganger or we could upgrade our Barrel Behemoth Barrel were into a random giantess minion doppelganger Music curse of what we dont have a sprout raised we also have never even seen this before ever so probably Gonna Take It mucusums mucusums news merged two meldis minions into a giantess mucusum Music spreads meld rot that explodes enemies upon death AOE sounds nice achievement smeldom Afflicted on ceiling Music dude I involved tootsies leave a trail of fire when dashing nah Music theres a diet dashing length the worth of all collected bone pickups yeah Ive probably gotta go with the ritual cabala because were just not leveling up fast enough Music its XP up bouncy blue guy its got this Aura around it so it seems like anything that dies in that aura will do a AOE explosion Music golly Im terribly sorry to bother you Mr bone razor sir Im something of a reviled bone raiser myself too look you see alas heroic Knights found my Crypt and duffed me up along with and my little rotten Barrel mob say could you help me out spare me a stunty barrel bone or Papa please Music here you go bestie ah saw it off you stinky Muppet Music SS bone erasers have to stick together all right here you go thank yous ever so much Mr bone raiser sir now them Knights are gonna get such a hard pounding hee oh Im gonna I guess you could have this uh give it a shiny Diamond worth a few Bob sure sure I had a Snowman for a second turned into a gun Music dirty stinking gun I should have grabbed those bones when my doppelganger cast giant bone Im not impressed magic chest sure foreign Music Music do do this is a good team even without the hexes were gonna be in trouble later I think so if I can get a wedge back Id like to do that Music nearby me still be transformed into bare boner minions its a good one its tough to cast its a good one I want to kind of run away loop back to where my minions arent and then bam I probably got two or three in there maybe have done better maybe its just a very short small window I just I like any of the stuff that are more permanent lost Maiden God Papa please dont hurt me me Ill do anything I beg of thee Im gonna let her go this time and turns tail and fleece screaming loudly upon hearing the pleas a group of would-be heroic Knights charges these shouting for thy honor my maiden alas thee is maidenless I let her go she was supposed to date me Music this group okay that wasnt so bad Music lets try to level up our witch and get a demonest witch Music again we already wait a second what do we have right now no demon a switch Music could I have one when I turned it into this gigantis demoness I dont remember Music how do we get rid of our last witch Music thank you Im pretty sure this game gets updated every Monday I see an update on Steam mischievous Monday less trying to get witches increase the worth of alcohol did bone pickups or increase Max health or more enemies to arrive more enemies bring it essentially the same thing as an experience as a bone up but harder gamer freak eight months whats up hey Dad I just started work at 6 30 a.m and youre still streaming best day of my life youre in the end but yes 19 rerolls so I say we just go for that witch Music rectangular pretty good too though then we get rid of our tangler and our witch Music or scope charm whenever these offered bone Rays Relic or spell you choose the bottom no new one go Magpie monocle die Discerning sight removes the darkness Veil and adds a chance human meanies may drop a gem upon their demise Music Im Gonna Hurt by something there Music maybe I sit still until my my dude casts to Mungo bone then I collect them all one of the main approaches and I almost died because of the explosions yikes oh God I got hit too tough tough stuff I dont have the timing down anymore I got it once now when I dodged but I think I was outside of his range I dont think it was a timing thing that one had dodged Music that when I was outside nice phone pickups increase my Max health foreign Music Music heart for Max health Music coming soon big old tree coming in gotta go uh spell Music drains thy hell to raise a heart of temporary now Barrel boner minion shall transform into gold coins no its not what I want dont want something permanent or maybe a ball of Doom seems to do a lot of damage on bosses Music foreign do seem to have a lot more Health in this one remember the first time that we thought that uh heroic night whatever dude he died quickly that was not mine that was my doppelgangers smell a treasure chesty oh God he was he got to me were fine were fine were fine um once again I just kind of want to upgrade my witch and thats just the way to go right now or get a flam bro I would accept the flam bro thank you maam Music more which please Music there it is wanted poster more minions bring it two wanted posters Music oh God that treasure chesty was filled with balmy bombies sweet steamy whos got the sweet steamy skin here its not me nothing sweet or steamy about this skin pumpkins are mine dont have to worry about those exploding Music all enemies shall melt away to become gooey gem slimes sure um occult Rejuvenation this is the one that I cast it didnt work calls upon the veiled Realms to deliver an occult Health heal I used it in nothing to my knowledge happened like I said play me Rainey go turn into gem slimes and you die go or it was just not even when you die it was just right now we turned into that humongo gems past that too and these these guys drop a bunch of humongo gems that was great good combo all right this is where Im worried Im not sure were gonna make it past this wave right here as I go for a risk it unnecessarily for a treasure chest transport plays what is up thank you so much for the four months welcome back I need a vomiter thats taking my witch again Im gonna go with the level up Angler the wizard get the wizard okay a heart Wrangler just for heels when I when I need him we fight the boss or now Music or now damn turn into slimes there we go thats how we survived this wave Music foreign Music Music hey that was here not unexpected as it is just his iPhone saw oh nine more rerolls sure Music all right Music you still awake you still watching Netflix pops up yep Music 20 rerolls kinda Music level three tangler sounds nice be here dad do you like bone razor or vampire survivors more amazing chest ahead finger actually is more amazing than the other ones no this is dicey awfully dicey vamp Music Im gonna die bone meldas hammerer look at my own hammer and increase the worth of my bones healing healing maybe something with healing possible healing another bottled fairy sure we have two respawns Music I might be using one now my goodness what to do I dropped a juicy fruit in the ground whered it go curse of greed ultra generation becomes a score well big balls from the West Music King jiggled weve made it error in activation number one of create event for object power hero variable king jiggled move speed not set before reading it at gml object power hero creates zero gml object power hero crate zero Im sorry I missed a couple of lines in there #Hashtag hashtag hashtag hashtag hashtag well what happens if I clear Music errors gone follow me for more coding tips at oh its nice to know that we got all those points I just feel good about playing games and definitely not having them crash when I try to win big like crap hes winning pull the plug all right thanks for watching on YouTube let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below and Ill see in the next one karaoke games on steam 10/4/2022 Stream. 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