Boneraiser Minions - First Look with Esty8nine

Steam 64 bitthe walking dead game steam key BONERAISER MINIONS game Music there will be capture Music in a time longeth departed those with forbidden power over thy dead were branded as wretched bone razors such heathen were hunted hang burned and staked in the remains sealed within sanctified mausoleums what thou fearful and foolish folk did not realize is that those whom are already dead cannot be killed thou is one such reviled bone raiser now rise from thy grave and tread carefully as thy godly heroic forces come to haunt and slay thee once more fetch their bones in a mass a legion of dead and dem dead and demon for the king of this domain crusades to demand thy head can thou resist king gold giggles poundings bring it back pro it shows the additional nifty things sure Music dude lets go welcome back for more baby 36 months misfits can we show some love for the homies coming back for more supports because of your guys contributions that i could be here to entertain you fine folks with all these amazing games Music thou rises from thy grave anew now bone rise an undead legion to resist king giggles crusade whom cometh to pound the up bring it the derived wretch that was a miserable miscreant of peasantry lineage but the cowardly soul has a knack for swiping unwarranted treasure okay collect enemy bones to bone rise a legion how do i attack oh oh this little guy get a little guy get him little guy help but you must attack faster good good im gonna im gonna gather them for you i got a new card bone rise from thy grave uh lets learn about this guy bone rise or gore rise is a fresh benevolent aggor minion to die undead legion whom casts his spells steadily increasing minion speed also hes going to speed up other people right this is also what i love about this game is that this dev gets it right he leaves room for experimentation like other good like roguelikes but then this time he doesnt make you memorize it you see how its revealed in future run so now we know what this does its the game is gonna tell us what it does in the future its not like hey did you memorize all of that im looking at you isaac im looking at you all these other games like its time to get with the times this guys been watching my shows oh look so hes getting sped up see the thing over him so hes attacking a lot faster lets go lets learn about this little wizard guy bone riser warlock rise is a fresh weirdo warlock oh my my type of guy minion to that legion who can conjure a sorceric piercing projectile oh haste that guy nice now just pierce the right way yes pierce them this guy always says cool music in his games a champion what is that like an elite lets see uh whats this or is this like an upgrade warlock bone bolster upgrades a level one weirdo warlock minion to level two oh we are upgrading his tier who more powerful projectile can home in oh piercing and homing chat piercing and homing and hasted lets go now were farming now were farming i think hes hitting for four as well oh dude thats so nice that stuff used to not be in the game he must have like saw feedback and like saw us playing and then added that stuff like we could see damage numbers now and stuff thats really cool that used to not be in the game thats very nice um lets also try on the second run well put on enemy outlines out of curiosity i want to see what it looks like help its like playing football oh wait i want that unlock im a master at dodging baby lets go you guys are looking i won the 1988 world cup for bullet dodging wait should i just upgrade him again and we just go like crazy maybe thats greedy thats literally okay it was cause hes back slow were gonna need like sustain you know rise is a fresh boomer ranger minion to die legion dude this guy makes such cool games who propels their piercing head to later return oh so he throws his head and then it comes back and it does like a boomerang effect nice so we have a lot of piercing on our team so far yeah wait till i get like bone attract is this golden guy the elite hes not on my team right can one of you guys attack this golden dude please help oh i got freud thou won a card oh this guy likes to include like different card games oh i love how it says buy meta um he hit me up this morning and he referred to it as dark meta and it made me so happy hes like oh when i was making i sent him a meme and he was like it was like a grinch making an evil face and hes like yeah that was me adding all the dark meadow im like oh my god hes been watching my shows he called it dark meadow yo what up sushi what is this spend gold coins to bolster the enemy meanies giving the extra resources to raise humongous bone legions tormented souls to fresh talent specific to my current chosen character whoa oh no he totally embraced it and he stole his self aware that he embraced it hes like he was cracking up i mean this is literally a dark meta genre and he fully knows that Music this is literally treadmill the game what else did you guys expect like the genre i mean thank you ludo why play game if theres no dark meta good luck on the bona riser treadmill dow shall raise the new clutching a random treasured relic but only if it is a relic v has already discovered when the boat oh is this the thing that we got from the elite when the bone raiser a fresh normal minion thou shall also gain an extra re-roll what does the gold do oh i dont even have points i dont have this currency that rises from that grave a new on that legion oh gold coins oh thou shalt sell sell my current bone raiser lore meta to respect pressing a when moving dashes uh yes all pickup shall take longer to fade away jaw dropping bone suck it oh oh this is like yeah this is the the this is the the juicy stuff that you want to get first im talking for games i like the graphics in this game all of his games have like its very stylistic wait oh is this the mario soundtrack Music oh i could dash now oh its a rap dude Music ow uh boomerang no lets learn about new people bone raiser bomber raises a fresh boozy bomber minion to thy undead legion who lobs flasks of fiery molotov cocktail concoctions by the way guys i dont know if i told you this game is like a dollar and 10 cents or something like that i dont know if i told you guys oh yeah this game is like a dollar and 10 cents or something like a dollar and 50 cents or something Music and he wants to and its only early access he wants to keep adding to it oh you should look at the little molotov ah dude that hit me raises a fresh tangler creep minion to thy legion whoms grow grassley roots to slow vengeful meanies what does that do snare oh okay a little snare trying to gather them all up for sword boy i really really am a big sucker for like you know arcadey dodge them up you know geometry wars so im excited to see where this goes bone razor witch raises a fresh voodoo witch minion to thy undead legion whom hexes meanies increasing the hurt they suffer okay a damage multiplier in the hex i think so we want to go to like her hex if i can help it but we also want people that like can actually do damage to them while theyre in it like damage faster what the mooc is that thing spider skelly little little daddy long legs theres so many minions raised in the fresh god skewer minion in my legion whom spirit charges this way piercing oh this might be exactly what we needed actually how do i get to these bones i needed to i need to get the loot thats half the battles like trying to get to these bones theres a skull thing in there and i want it skewer bone bolster upgrade a level one got skewer minion to level two whose spear charges become more deadly and prolonged okay hopefully that like just wrecks paths into here yup hes going crazy look at him thats the kind of piercing we need wait i get four choices this time uh bone warlock is insane what is this choose a corrupted relic lets go lets go um whatever this is whenever choosing a bone raise relic or spell dye also receives a substantial amount of lovely invincibility frames when i when i pick something after i get iframes is that what im seeing here so am i immune right now lets go uh more warlock piercing how many iframes do i get is it gonna let me know i think its gone bro i just wrecked house though lets do um Music health one collecting bone pickups shall increase thy maximum health and i have iframes again too bad i cant tell it when the level up so i could choose when i want those iframes that would be really cool right or do you guys think you should auto level up maybe that would be too abusable i dont know upgrade the level one tangler creep to level two whose graspy roots expand wider to ensnare even more oh my god theres a scroll in there and i want it help oh my god we gotta stop leveling people up and oh my god what is that help lets just learn something new level three weirdo warlock who more powerful projectile is home and even more help theres a lot of im going for it because i can get iframes and then pick everything up maybe a wizard appeared oh no theres a boss i think oh i tried i think we did really good for our second run okay well take it i got another card buy meta lets go i really like having the idea of dodge me too any ill take any movement ill take anything i want a game like this com combined with like this game that i played a long time ago that never got fully developed unfortunately where like you have this car and like these other cops are chasing you and you can do like you get style points you can do like these crazy drips with like crazy movement mechanics so like youre like driving around dodging and stuff it was so good and it never got like fully developed i think i got like lost in like early access and just abandoned but it was like really good like it was actually abandoned these are you level up um enemies so in this game you can also level up like enemy meta and they get like stronger and you get like new variants but theyre also worth more its really cool here well try one out and then well go in here uh wait do i have any of this i do okay gold every second and then wait you can i can re-upgrade these right oh iframes when dashing if i upgrade it again oh mechanics now i have iframes on dash thats huge actually now benefits extra from uh iframes 150 um yes uh pick up further yes pick up further times i mean this is the one of the best things we can get right actually no i kind of want to unlock spells architect mode to spruce up the mausoleum the health ill slowly regenerate over time oh dude theres some good stuff here hold a when stationary charge is a super dash might as well wait okay this is cool theres a lot here this is where you get to see high score statistics discoveries okay cool lets run this back i love all this all by the way maybe youre new to the channel and the misfits know weve been following this guy forever weve done really cool shows for him hes really awesome um hes made an awesome um splunky like roguelike thats like more about like using gadgets grabbing items its really really good you get it for like a couple bucks um and he also made um skelly celeste which is like an arena combat game like more closer to like i dont know like your isaacs and stuff um this guy makes a really really good game so you get a lot of bang for your buck i cannot recommend it enough cannot recommend his games enough this game looks fun dude this is like a dollar fifty but yeah i highly recommend skelly celeste and somebody remind me of the other one that i really like spirits abyss spirits abyss did spirits investment make my game of the year list that year lets see what this little guy is raises a fresh grave guard minion to thy legion who swings his sword shaft with a spiteful smile oh im happy that this guy like he obviously like he you know he watches wait how do you do this he so he watches my commands right so he embrace the dark meta for the people that like need it or whatever and so far yes theres meta like youre unlocking iframes youre unlocking stuff like theres dark meta right but its not like oh im gonna do more damage or like whatever like they got the farm but hes also like put in like mechanics and all the cool stuff that we like upgrade enemies see new enemies upgrade mechanics right so he he pleases everybody so now hes level two who shall swing with greater range and ruin im trying to figure out how to use super dash here okay you hold it and then wait how do you choose the direction is what im wondering i dont know how to choose the direction no idea maybe you cant dev did you see the dead zone yeah we showcased that as well im playing with controller yes lets try not playing with controller lets see what happens Music i dont im not sure im trying to think because like if you could choose the direction maybe it would be too op anyway it charges really quick and you get iframes its probably broken maybe thats the thing a doppelganger minion in thy legion who has the miraculous ability to cast random spells ah theres a champion i dont know im just guessing here i dont i dont know whats the trick increasing the power level of all spells it casts so this guy casts random stuff and now its like even more powerful maybe its the last direction i was facing no i have no idea i dont understand oh that guy hits hard what is that im getting money doppelganger bone bolster hes level three now create a bull a bull futtleman aura confusing all nearby meanies runic r calls for destructive magical lightning to strike a minion that means oh the confusion seems kind of sick what the oh hes casting random spells thats him doing that right whats that raises a fresh eye popper archer minion to that legion who accurately snipes a bone arrow from afar yeah dashing like that is maybe its supposed to be random because its really strong dude get this guy away from me warlock i got a crown whats the fruit funky turnip increases chances of being offered brominion bone razor items what the mooc does that mean the bone raiser last direction it doesnt seem to be that way all the time here look im gonna move left or like here ill try to do it all right move up move left cast unless its stick drift interfering im really not sure it went down now like im not sure minions i need you oh that was a bad place to be that was a bad place to be this game would give me anxiety here lets try playing with them just to make sure im not crazy how do you go left and right is there wasde Music okay slowly regenerate over time yes by fusing min wait by fusing minions now construct one behemoth of bone yo this allows you to fuse units together smelly pots and spooky pumpkins shall sweep the land Music a barrel boner a burrow boner when bone raising a fresh normal minion buy all the new mechanics i love boro boners okay let me see if i can figure out the controllers on keyboard okay ready so hold yeah hold wait it does work i think its my controller dude isnt that op though because now i can just go get all the bones get all the bones like hows that gonna i dont wonder how its gonna balance lets go uh this guy raises a fresh jingle bell minion to thy legion who clangs that concocts a concussive gong emanating from v can i use mouse by the oh my god i just got destroyed not a tangler right now uh i get to pick like where it goes i think yeah i get to pick where it goes now its something with the controllers acting up or like stick drift or something i need to like increase dead zone or something i dont know how its really hard to go diagonal on keyboard additional and more he bangs the gong louder wait these guys are doing aoe yeah i dont know how they balance the super dash it seems kind of insane how do you balance that a new card which i should have read what she was gonna do our guys are putting in work oh god lets go boomerang minion music got a controller with some fancy uh fancy halifax sensor i never even heard of that dude but im looking for a goblin controller what is this a giant fister fused two level one minions into a giantess fister who swings a colossal knuckle sandwich of suffering a sorceric scroll imbued with a banishment sigil allowing thee to banish a single offered item to never see it again oh its called a mouse and keyboard oh my lord money bag upon the demise this pilfers cash bag gives 100 gold coins which bone bolster cast their jinxing hex aura more quickly everyone text you get a hex and you get a hex oh yeah its super quick al wizard boomerang guy another one oh a scroll uh pumpkins pumpkin comments a celestial offering of explody pumpkins shall fall okay whats the button on keyboard nice help new guy upgrades level one boomeranger uh to be more deadly and home in on meaning oh my god homing boomerang now uh boss im also about to die yes good kill kill this fool what is this guy again boomerang level three lets get this guy to hex if we can there we go oh hes gonna take a lot of damage now 50 60. wait we actually got like bullet health stuff in one of these games lets go i havent played on a keyboard in so long Music damn it Music its harder with keyboard more enemies lets go uh look at these little rat dwellers wizards start with two people also we scale faster in the beginning pressing w shall show thy current legion and relics oh wait is this the meta to look in the deck smelly pots and spooky pumpkins shall sweep the land the view deck button is meta hes definitely been watching my show melding minions now can merge one meldous minion oh four choices Music oh start with a minion this time definitely takes notes i know i know what is that oh look at my little army i start with now what is that he straight up called it meta progression i love it um fuse three barrow boners into a behemoth ah so three of the little regular little dudes turn into that guy they just turned super saiyan little bone guy does two damage actually this guy plus upgraded boomerang guy we could probably just farm early game right because now it has homing too look were straight chilling right now i like it like in this game its like you dont shoot and stuff like youre just like the little sorcerer its your minions and stuff that have to protect you your followers thats so cute uh yeah lets go like an aoe like warlock also gets aoe and then we have the bone guy to like stand here dude if we can get the haste person does anybody remember what they were called the little hasty dude that would be sick in this build uh okay these are one of the new meta people that we unlock so yes you can also unlock like enemies these are the beggars dont really know what their deal is doppelganger sword dude another boomerang guy he goes to level three um lets go random spells im fine with that nice kill this big guy please nice 10 damage champion i got a new hat uh is this him yes haste the agor what does a gore mean chat is that a thing oh watch out wizard uh bone baby spell discovered for a short time all bone pickups give double all right were not gonna use the scroll yet but when i find a cool opportunity we go crazy oh my god this soundtrack yo big boy sped up wheres the elite hes gonna mop him all right we definitely want to unlock uh upgrade speedy boy and we want to get rid of all the little guys because the little guys are going to be like more speed up targets that we dont want in the pool archer yeah archer wheres shooty built oh there he is wheres bone daddy get him away from me bone yep jewelry box a gooey box that inexhaustible loris slimes whose deadly essence coal less intake gems upon their demise slimes turn into gems on death Music farm these slimes oh my god the wizards are going crazy uh gifts each bone rise b has a chance of receiving a free relic oh my god warlock upgrade oh no its a new warlock oh wrong button yeah i want to get rid of all these little guys i feel like those are not good for our build oh my god these things are fast what is that fireball thats his random spell that was sick its hard with controller Music i made money sinful whispering of a corrupted tongue can be faintly heard what does that mean Music up to three behemoths this will get rid of the small people we gotta save up for that i didnt even unlock a new character yet extra treasure shall be occasionally all right lets get it how do you get these people you need 12 plus normal minions to unlock that person Music oh its a percentage to level up i see one more bow oh were good uh boomeranger start sure which seems really strong early oh lets do um enemy outlines lets try it out red pink uh red do we like that better or worse this guy dashing around okay oh we never even got to use our bone xp scroll in the last one upgrade the skewer guy oh no we have two skewers it wasnt an upgrade thats fine this early these guys are pretty squish lets get a level two now Music this is fun did i mention that this game is a dollar fifty champion keyboard is hard yes definitely make a giant oh it tells you who youre going to combine nice oh so this guys gonna use my stabby dude what you sold me got you baby make sure you leave a review my good friend esty showed me this game what would i do without him lets just go level two to level two dash dudes im gonna go this guy i think he does really good this like area around him three little people into them yes lets see what the shoes are spiritual footwear that increases my running speed lets go now im a football player oh my god theyre farming the dash dudes oh man look theyre going crazy dash into these guys oh this guy has a banner uh lets see what the new one is by rotting energy streams a sticky mess whenever im hurt oh i can like bleed and leave poison what is that thing level three i gotta know charges become more deadly and prolonged so he goes even further and he hits for more oh yeah thisll this is good oh were farming wait how long does that poison stay there thats really good can somebody remind me to put a hat on my character oh my god theyre actually really fast thank god we have the speed um Music more skewers they seem to be strong as hell uh Music look at them theyre just farming i wish i had that scroll that gives us more xp i would just leave everything on the ground for a while because were strong right now oh  __  wizard wizard wizard okay they got him got the scroll uh what is the snowman thing dude transforms into a lovable innocuous snowman increases the worth of collected bone pickups oh lets go im not here you never saw me you never saw me guys if you like this guys like kooky items and stuff you have to play his uh splunky like he has like a splunky like game thats so fun you can get like dynamites and grenades different weapons shoot magic powers and its like seven bucks or five bucks or something like its so fun dude there is a lot and a boss were caught up oh pumpkin head lets go okay do not snipe me im not close enough to down oh i have all close range units so i have to stay close hurt him oh wait this is not good for boss killing i just realized because theyre gonna follow me and i have to stay close okay good we know the weaknesses got we got him we got him we got him um another level three upgrade is this tier three yep uh so the bell head shout and a digital and more hurdy gong lets go see what these are a resting burial vessel home to spooky restless ghosties who may be persuaded to protect the carrier or thunder man okay we got a new scroll for thunder lets go well use that when were panicking yo farm these guys uh another level three lets go theyre gonna farm but my next big thing is not these hallway fights anymore like i wanna get like a good like boss killing unit or like hex or something wait ballista arrows fall from the east oh this is crazy those are hazards right theres a chest in the top right okay thunder okay were trying to make it top right here we go archer unlocking unlocking unlocking dude thats so cool they dig they took the one element that we like from spirit hunter the one unique element to that game nice thats so cool what is this archer upgrade yep additional more hefty arrow um lets figure out what this is oswald thank you so much for the follow i appreciate it if you guys are enjoying the channel it supports me a lot if you guys do hit that follow button if youre enjoying the time today it should be like right around here its like a little heart thing and all it does is let you know when we go live and uh then you get to join us because we do this like daily and we play all things indie games and roguelikes and check out 300 games a year so if youre like oh man i love checking out new games and finding out whats like whats the next game i want to pick up and this is a great place for you thank you so much increase that suckage ability overall pickups cool so we pick up from a lot further now oh look at that leap from that treasure chest that was a good spot i love these like new point of interest kind of things in these kind of games okay this is another level three but id rather upgrade the archer i think we want long range damage this is max level um eye popper additional fire additional arrows and more hefty so this guys gonna oh yeah you can see the arrow shooting out here we didnt even play the new card game in this one yet i wonder how it is yes this guy also has a card game in his game he always loves to do that thats like in all of his games its like a staple at this point oh god i dont have a scroll and this is getting a little scary lets stay by big boy oh haste oh im god i can actually look at my deck when drafting he has been watching my stream okay strafe is like the haste is like good on a lot of our units but we have like so many like mini people too but if i like fully upgrade him help pumpkin comment i need like anything thats gonna help us like right now im gonna die so i wonder if the dev could change it and so like when like because i dont know whats happening with controller but like its inputting crazy to dash like i think it should be like hold dash to charge dash and then whatever way you hit the analog stick thats the way you dash out of it which is how it works on keyboard but for some reason its crazy on on controller i dont know why maybe if we try the game keep control uh try the gamecube controller and support Music i dont know if itll work but well try oh oh so like when i hit up right on my controller even on gamecube controller i go down i dont know if its bugged or like what like both controllers are doing that like upright it worked that didnt down that didnt and went the opposite like what how does that work how is that working i cant get it on controller oh okay its doing that for you too okay its definitely just bugged on controller cool im not crazy okay i just want to make sure im not losing my marbles im sure therell be a hot fix out in like 30 minutes we have 3 000 gold from that run wait what is this you should find no death here only the marrying enjoyments of a playful deck card distraction okay we got the card game unlocked put a hat on thank you i have three upgrades or should i wait for a new character its the card game from spirits abyss gotcha i can unlock treasure chests faster should i also get an extra re-roll when offered a relic item each fresh bone rise gives a free reroll when choosing a relic barrow boners may instead spawn as burrow diggers cool pumpkins pots four choices when choosing oh here we go more behemoths seal off and offered bone rise oh hold up the three scrolls damn Music oh the digger guys shovel up people okay i dont know what this thing is i dont know what its talking about this is so cool very fun i cant believe this is a dollar i feel like thats like super architect mode Music i think i could put like stuff down lets try that uh player Music architect mode oh Music a possessed lamp post oh this is so cute you can like kind of like design the area as well Music oh im out of money i like the lamppost a lot i like the creepy tree a lot as well very adorable very adorable oh i forgot to put a hat on again warlock if you go warlock i feel like you really want to upgrade to warlock too early get that homing oh we can hold three scrolls warlock two okay now he has homing yeah thats really good triple kill right there nice um level three lets go another level one boomeranger thatll be our sustain we need more cat progression like atomic crops no much love and thanks for hanging out today its fun having you superstitious smelly beggars are revolting new soundtrack uh for vaulters all right lets just make him go powerful here lets make him go super saiyan we have a maxed out spellcaster now these little guys make it really hard because i want to go buff dude watch where youre shooting that thing first scroll uh check out something new unleash a vampiric bat storm swarm from thy mausoleum doors oh this is the one where bats come swarming out of those gates to the north like right down the middle its insane you guys are gonna want to see this its really cool lets get the archer too it seems like if we upgrade him it does really good like no oh boy oh my god the wizard one shot at him i have a potato head miss the potato head upgrade what what is that i really want to take this but im not going to pass up on that demonic possession infuses a level three weirdo warlock with a hellion sinful soul whom conjures huge in the mountable source piercing projectiles so we fused a max level warlock with a hellion and got an achievement and gonna get this fairy in a bottle or no lets get this thing ward amulet all herdy painful damage that die suffers is reduced cool shielding dude oh my god i want the haste unit dont we have reroll we do every roll and seal okay no tangler this run so lets seal it how do you seal it right this necromancy is beholden to a sealant invocation you will be offered this item again at the next opportunity what its like locking it is that whats going on is oh ceiling is locking i get to lock one item like an auto battler oh see were thinking outside the box here very cute i dont know if itll come in andy or what but i like it um what did i want to do oh i want the haste dude yeah so we re-roll oh ill take a giant dude as well since the other guys not here oh my god we made a super saiyan unit by using a max level wizard with another guy look at him hes going crazy lets not forget we have that swarm all right lets see what this is this is so cool spare eyeballs that increases sight range of all thy minions oh our minions attack further less traveling for us its like like we dont have to get as close to bosses for instance hes not here either okay reroll oh my god i cant find him uh all right skewer at least attacks fast and get people off me dont see a treasure chest this time dude hes insane okay armored people have more hp so we want like heavy hitting stuff now which again this guy is just insane another new guy blaze rays flame bro raises a fiery flame bro minion to thy legion who leaves a blazing trail of in furnace flames so he just like runs in and leaves fire everywhere one of those guys just got hit for 20. uh i did not know that i could blow those up oh that was scary pumpkin head our other guys not here anyway raise the right pumpkin bro minion to thy legion whom semi suicidally blows up his fetid boomy head cool we have a bailing on our team wizard okay we should be more than well enough to kill this guy and our minions aggro from further so im safe oh i think were gonna farm this guy yep we farmed them one cycle bro i cant find our guy that we need im gonna roll i cannot find him ill take another giant though get these little guys out of here oh oh my god we can go eyes times two so they aggro from like super far i dont know if thats a good thing though if they can aggro really far does that mean like theyre just gonna be grabbing people from like anywhere and they wont be like focusing around me that might be like bad if we increase it too much reroll i dont know what this is though give us three three re-rolling when offering any item wait like every time i get three rerolls for a brief moment he becomes a destroyer of worlds um Music um i have three um oh my god oh my god i cannot find the guy that buffs people like no matter what a ballista arrows from the west okay we got this i cant find them but i have rerolls now here we go anybody that we want to lock yeah well lock arrow guy and were going to pick agor oh my god this is so cool we have a lot of artifacts that give us like a lot of three rolling and stuff so we can like find what we want now suzy here again archer uh this thing this is so cool hes the buffing dude pronounced like the startup argument our gore we just found him lets go increase his chances of being offered meldus minion bone raise items i dont not know what that means but our guys are getting hasted and he hasted the wizard and like look we have like all good units if they like buff a big dude great if they buff the wizard great im gonna try to keep hitting that guy oh wait theres somebody new here oh no thats him thats him whom can cast their speedy hay spell more quickly lets go were maxing that guy out ill use all my rules but if we do that like if were growing ac dude we really want those hates to count so we want like like our party to be like not like numerous but like all leveled up like vertical more than horizontal and our boomers still level one oh my god he hasnt the boomer it looks like he could sustain like three to four people being hasted at once yeah look hes going nuts yo ill kill those guys kill that guy thank you oh suffer not dude we miss you whats up hows the guy didnt you start a new job too last time i seen you i know its been so long whats up man but thank you so much man whats up yeah lets lets we gotta upgrade these people okay dont kill me im so scared give me one sec guys i i just casted two spells i also got the destroyer of worlds whatever that is what is happening guys are those big energy balls against us or for us level three oh my god oh theyre armored we hit really hard though we have a lot of heavy hitting dudes yo zee got it um this thing unrelenting descentry all meanie shall erupt an unending stream of sticky mess i cant believe this games a dollar new job and been living away from home dude hows the new job treating you i mean it has to be an upgrade right the old job was like working you to the bone help sticky mess oh my god oh my god how am i gonna open this Music chat hurts enemies that dare physically stray too close to thee oh my god i need help i need help i need help i dont know if im gonna open that chest chat okay maybe nows our time this guys insane get away from me more enemies shall arrive to stick thy head in a box i just want to open that dude okay i got an idea bring him over here and we go over here money i am so weak got him kill this fool i didnt make you guys strong for nothing our second boss oh Music a new person bone ma bone meldes destinius transforms a level 3 minion into a random mel dominion behold for it shall most surely be melden time cha what does that even mean what up dragon thanks for joining us again hows it going poops all the poops only day five only five days a week and the work makes the day go by fast so much easier i remember what sleep actually feels like dude im so happy for you lets go you deserve that a way to highlight your character yeah its cool because you have a way to highlight your enemies but i i dont know if you can do your character yet we can check and again all this content is a dollar fifty and this is just day one of early access and it already has more than like a lot of these other ones in the genre so we lost one of our units we got something random what if it hit our like wizard im gonna cry we could reroll lets see what this is alone some heart anchoring for another which fully heals the and increases that maximum health by 25. so what did i lose oh my god did i lose haste guy no wait wait did i lose haste guy chad i lost haste dude this is so bad im trying my best chat i have one im one shot yep oh my god that was such a good run we could have just checked our build by hitting w Music yo we have to be rich right that was such a good run should we get a new enemy as well extra champion shall rarely arrive to bully yes i didnt get a new hero yet right wait maybe i did that run thy minion legion stat shall be shown when he dies unlocks a variety of specially specialized contraptions oh we can set up traps for them can we allows us to banish all pickups get further uh we get pickups from further oh you can cast spells while stationary to cast super spells thats actually sick Music ghastly ghost sleeves shall linger across the gravely land that should be able to infuse two with sinful demon friends lets um lets get some more of where are they these guys because then we also get to kill stronger units as well good wait we have a new unit right Music each demon summoned increases thy running speed he can summon extra demons beyond its limit what is this thing dude Music i think we have a new person yep a follower of blasphemic rituals and occult incantations thou has made a forbiddable soul pack with the helling in realm itself uh all of his games yeah he has his own language that he created lets go see what this guys about lets go um every person i summon i also get faster maybe this guy wants like more because he also increases his max hp per person he has out so i think this guy wants more like horizontal scaling rather than vertical but i could be just saying things i dont know oh my thing kills them early lets go uh bomber as well i actually have time to do stuff now oh yeah the arkham thing hell yeah dude dude im so happy thats sick man thats super sick thats so cool more time for gaming what is this a giant archer fuse two level one minions into a giant archer okay oh this is the new guy that we bought upon thy seeming demise this item shall be used fully healing v and increasing maximum health by 25. i get faster the more people i have right what is that raises an alchemic pot bro minion in thy undead legion who tosses out many pots of strange shifting sorceries i did hear about the legacy collection yeah i didnt even get to play the last ninja turtles yet the new one i really want to play that i just gotta be careful i gots to chill out what are all these little things oh bomber bro level two oh so his pots can do all different types of things they could shoot out spirits he can tangle people hes like a alchemist dude like he just does random things as well these guys would pretty much farm for free which is nice what is this little thing is that the digger guy about burrow digger fuses two burro boners into a burrow digger cool they can dig up stuff for us lets see what this is i have no idea what that is another hybrid oh no hes going to level three another scroll i discarded ornaments fused with an angry spirits which lord flamey orbital souls that hurt nearby meanies oh my god uh this thing were trying to see what all the new things are oh this is a seal thing so we can see it again right infuses a level three boozy bomber with a helly and sinful soul who lobs their head brimming with envious inferno jealousy okay we just found an infusion for the bomb guy i love this its so cool so it lingers maybe slow down synergizes with that really well tangler it was such a blast in nostalgia it looks so good ive only heard great things about it what the thats new oh flies tangler level up sounds like a good idea right now hes kind of useless butterfly thing collect bone pickup shall regenerate health okay oh that was an artifact i dont know what the midas boners do should we try it 160 gold coins i think maybe its like it gives you gold per enemy thats on the board i dont know upgrade a level 2 tangler into a level 3 whose roots expand wider and grows a health heart i thought i heard from someone i could be wrong that they were gonna add a like arena battle elevator type thing is that not true i that could have been about a different game though i could be making that up dude hes burning hes on the fire farm them we dont have consistent damage we have like feels like we have burst what is that infusing the level three tangler creep with a helium oh we have a super tangle dude Music oh my god look how big the tingling is now destroyer of worlds lets go skewer Music and whatever this new thing is increased chance of being offered giant minion bone rise items these slimes give us cash money oh my god theyre like raining down wait look at our build this is kind of crazy okay i think we want a build where we could just like sit here and shoot people because of all the slow and burn we need more heavy hitters too Music here comes arrows Music uh boomerang lets seal archer lets banish nothing at the moment i see regular soldier will banish him help wheres that heart giant im in what is that a new relic draws additional bees birds and shrooms to thee these echo of the wilds are a short pest but the extra resources may be of use okay so i like extra like little enemies like somebody was saying earlier that we get to farm another giant um okay we already have a super pumpkin bro uh im gonna banish this actually so it doesnt show up again well take giant new soundtrack new uh new track we need more people that shoot i think you know where we melee everybody to death because we have like slow down i dont really know actually oh boy nice lets go more slow down also means more people will pile up which means that the guys that go in like a long line get more value right i need help all enemies shall melt away to become gooey okay gooey youre all slimes now can you imagine chat like preparing your whole life for like some crazy wizard battle and then their first ability they just turn you into a slime and like none of it matters might be so messed up Music oh buffing dude i dont know if we need buffing dude on this build actually like what were gonna cast more snare im like yeah i dont think so actually i think id rather have skewer guy id like more damage output i dont think we want pace dude here that would been silly too much investment too little return i never seen these guys oh reinforcements Music how you guys liking this really cool right he did a good job this is day one early access for a dollar like man i hope he gets the love he deserves more fire bombs i mean like a fire bomb on a fire bomb is just fire right like its just doing the same damage its just more area like we dont necessarily need that and then like if it hits the snare guy more snare the snare everywhere already it just doesnt do much in this build oh the keyboard i usually dont play keyboard but unfortunately all right lets go skewer guy upgrade new relic lets just keep getting new stuff nearby enemies are slowed by oh we dont want that we already have enough slow our movement is sick right now oh my god this is crazy less damage on us uh lets go magnet or suffer less well go magnet i whoa and fuse a level three god skewer with a helium i dont know what a helium simple cell is whom scythe charges its way slicing up mobs of meat meanies when you level up in the middle of a dash im pretty sure just like lets you out of it and its like really bad all nearby enemies are transformed into burro boaters okay oh my god the destroyer of worlds dude that guys going crazy scythe boy hes going nuts oh bellheads probably really good in this build increase thy dashing length and decrease dash and cooldown oh this is good Music i think we like have only like burst damage but hopefully well be okay oh my god i got stuck this guy does 40 a swing were fine we have a guy that makes hearts our snare dude drops hearts as well which is like so sick so we have a lot of sustain in cc we just need damage damage damage damage like look at our damage its so pathetic oh my god hes really fast oh my god he got really fast before he died okay chip damage does not work well against him he goes super saiyan before he dies Music that build was godlike it was so good ah damn damn oh that build could have been something so cool were just lacking damage a feasty rabble of beggars adopt boomi explodey tech electric orbit totems Music oh lets get the hp one increases maximum health that receives an extra tormented soul upon the dead of mars oh were farming i still dont know what this is now is able to summon a single depraved diablos demons what the mooc does that mean Music yo were about to farm okay so this guy also scales hp and movement do we have new arc wait oh it costs a thousand limit one really cute idea that you like set up traps and stuff i wonder if the blazing flame bro can set up crazy stuff we never really got to see him in action yet but we could also get like a really early upgraded dude maybe here well just make him get like come up again well seal him and then take like archer like early i could just kill everybody myself so we might as well get high tier units right okay level three archer about the level good what is that infuse a level three eye popper archer with a hellion and greedy gaze spreads multiple lasers yo holy piercing batman i wonder how much damage its doing what the what the wait thats really good with hex person right like its guaranteed to hit the hex person i dont have i have no rerolls lets go guard not this time instead of skewer and well just complete well band skewer lets see like what guard can do oh my lord whos causing bombs like that oh those new guys can draw bombs at us now i think we upgraded them the enemy laser kind of crazy well it does at least four we know that oh my god this guy just shredded me turn two little guys into somebody yes um always have re-rolls im in dude didnt spider-man come out or no because i know primer was really excited for it that might be why i havent even barely seen them today i think volt was excited about it im not sure if its out all right were gonna go some kind of like rangy build i guess uh guard level three we can see what he turns into absolutely kill that wizard please uh pumpkin comet ball of doom ill go ball of doom wait there was just a totem what was that i think ball of doom is good if we like lack like dps but i think wait theyre summoning like turrets at us level three grave guard with a hellion pernicuous claw hands murderously mutilate the near boy lets go lets see what he can do oh my god he attacks so fast okay thats our close range damage and i just want to go like heavy on ranged and im pretty sure we have infinite reroll now like not infinite but a lot i have three every draft i think yep so more archers all enemies become gooey slimes thats more money whats that increasing the potency power of like cast spell scrolls yay scrolls are stronger oh yeah lets not forget that we can stand still when we cast them um to make them even more potent uh archer more shitty shootie we have a shooty belt oh god oh its like people that are right next to me pots okay i think we do well against the sky okay so i could actually get a lot of free hits by stan oh my god hes dead couldnt even get to attack yet ill take hasty dude wait another laser guy do we do this wait can i seal it lets fantasy never Music i got a new hat look i look so cool Music i look so cool what did you just drop bones guys our whole rotation this week is too fun man i need like six more days in the week Music this build is coming together look how much max hp i have now that we have that talent um buff dude but i wanna upgrade mom what is this oh there he is didnt we get a level two haste guy before though why was that uncovered or whatever why is that undiscovered whoa i just created giant bones additional bees and monsters yeah more monsters i think thats good we have an aoe build we want all the things so oh so i turned all bones huge i think is what happened there for a limited amount of time that was sick we almost got like a level what that was here not unexpected as is just as i foresaw for i have power to witness the choices of futures to come i may offer the a reading for a small donation yes no its okay ive already foreseen how this will how you will answer me Music hmm dare i spare a fistful of gold coins to influence the future choices i make Music do you foresee this punch to your face sure heres 25 gold ah yes my third eye gabes wide for the the waters are muddy yet i see fragments of choices whisper whisper val gains two rerolls for when choosing any item bro give me that back if i didnt have a reroll build sure id be happy slow down nearby enemies um yeah some cc could be good here we lack we have zero cc sure Music oh i got thunder as well yeah this is this is probably really good to get some safety uh more ranged oh no we could re-roll here never mind were taking more ranged im allowed to have one more giant right or no can i only have three Music those red guys are hellions right maybe i can only have three hellions at the moment and those other guys are probably a different category right wizard i dont know what i just casted but im in oh dropping pots everywhere nice and well take lightning nice sneaky goblins commits okay goblins are squishy i am not worried uh warlock or giant giant were gonna go giant here did i have a seal i should have sealed the the wizard but now that we have hasting dude yeah i want to get rid of some of the small people okay these knights are super tanky this parts gonna be interesting like do we do enough dps im gonna use a scroll here just in case i know theyre gonna get a little crazy i may have been a little hasty on the scroll use but played a little safe wizard here they come the damage i suffer is reduced and i have a lot of hp it goes a long way im in you get hurt so fast in this game dude an enemy on top of you shreds your hp its kind of like um Music rotato in that way if not like that force but you have more ways to kill in this game were farming not cursed dice again thanks uh more lightning yeah more lighting sure run wild lightning will create pockets for us oh dude we are farming oh yeah and enemies are also slowed down when theyre next to us new relic ectoplasm poop fertilizes gravestones into um brittle bone spike traps oh so every tombstone is now also a little trap oh my god the boss is here uh which which is really good right hex them maybe not for this guy but okay were doing way more damage than we did last time though everyone was hitting for one last time these guys can actually do damage look hes dead already whats the difference last time we did no dps everything was snare and burn right this time were actually doing damage oh its super wizard wait im allowed to have four hellion dudes what is that no i just picked up a relic but i auto-clicked real quick i didnt get to see what it did oh wait we have deck building view an abandoned key that instantly unlocks all treasure chests i dont know about that one our build is all hellions oh my god these guys are huge i turned them into slimes i need more hex power they slow down when theyre next to me though so we could slow them down at least oh they drop golden bones though uh which i need you gas faster please increase our dps please dude this run is in set what is that sacrifice two demonic minions to summon as zigzith diablos i had to give up two red units for that i think who monster is ocular maw emily its all it shall gaze upon which got like a super unit wait should i take my third lightning im in haste him haste him hes worth it hes worth it hes worth it putting haste on him hes insane Music wait did we just win get this wizard out of my face please uh this is a spell spell spell lets go um Music lets go slime wait i also want to try something i hope this doesnt make me crazy we have so much max hp because of people we could summon what are these infuse a level three voodoo witch with a hellion sinful soul whom despoils the grave fields with widespread jinx hexes batty swarm oh my god theres hexes everywhere okay what the mook we want to go in the middle um bomber i dont know get to the middle help more slow down dude hes insane help bones worth more why not paladin survivor achievement what is this oh no well i dont know whats happening i have so much max hp lets go this character is crazy humongous bones um we should probably get a dps spell if i wasnt as greedy as i am wait okay not ivory rolled ball of doom thats it is i need help so bad i took too many hits trying to use my spells kill him i dont know which one is their lasers and what yes the hex because hes like purple on a hex too oh hes not dead dude no uh comet pumpkin i dont think ill do anything dont blast this guy he sniped Applause me look how many coins i got Music wait online high scores 160th what are these people scoring oh dude i took so much free damage in the beginning of that fight for like casting the scrolls oh my god i got so much meta lets get another vanish i almost have all the dark meta yes dude oh that run was so good i did get a new person vampiric soul sucker oh dear ggs Music 1.2 available now what a vazzy of this wait what wait what just wanted to give a big thanks to those who give great feedback during the alpha early alpha test the core game loop is pretty much the same um batter meanies rubble on bone raising spent coin on meta the early access release build on that adding new bells and whistles to play around with more challenging and variety the main difference is theres now three game modes the main game mode has a new proper final and boss dammit to contend with as well as some new challenges to get through before meeting the king himself and also now has an architect mode allowing you to place traps and contraptions to better your defense theres also a new endless game mode where you simply rack up score pounding enemies and finally theres a new collectible card game just a bit of fun if all that bone raising has worn you out other main changes are each class now has their own skill tree very nice uh theres 47 achievements unlockable hats online leaderboards um and lots more to come throughout early access holy god do i have an update for it uh do you even get to all the other stuff i wanted to play today there is an update i wonder what he did oh wait probably because the game is open no there was like another update pushed today or like while we were playing Music dude i appreciate all of you guys hanging out with me today so i can show you guys all these cool games um is there people here that still stuck around from like cult of the lamb we also been playing turbo golf racing and i have so much more games to show you guys that are just as cool as this one dude im so busy Music its crazy Music baby maybe they fix the controller thing i dont know it is 1.2 now demon dude so hype wait gamepad yeah sold you on this game Music easy sell right for a dollar i didnt have to work too hard on this one i cant believe i died on the last boss dude demonologists oh wait no no i played this guy i play this guy whos the other person we you vampiric boy okay wait lets get unlocks for vampiric boy wait wait oh vampiric this is him right touching enemies sucks them giving them giving v bones i swapped and started posting ravita stuff on twitter recently so maybe soon when is ravita yeah hes working on it he didnt do the alpha yet so its not probably our beta yet so hes probably not coming out soon but im really excited about it touching enemies gives bones uh val regains health when standing still and not hitting enemies now running speed is boosted when near maximum health and thy running speed is also reduced when on low health oh my god bats emerge to celebrate when bone raising a fresh normal minion what the mook is this guy on about sucking enemies increases by maximum health bats emerge to defend me now gains plus 50 extra mausoleum bats whenever they emerge yeah wait so this guys like melee close range kind of stuff okay one more run to rule them all we didnt even get to freaking crypt of the necker dancer yet dude Music i dont have enough money for much a gravestone whose spookly ghostly owner is unwilling to leave also increases the limit on raising boo bro minions this is really cute this little addition here Music maybe touch to re-bone raise level one normal minions useful if he doesnt approve of the starting minions generates bones during play and always start with one oh wait i have to go like pick them up im pretty sure its not like an auto generator thing i think i got baited right yeah it starts with okay what did i start with wizard giant archer wait they started with giant archer okay wait this guy wants to be near people all right wait what do you mean what do i do i dont get how you work he said like suck bones and hp from people right or something yo hes really fast by the way okay this wizard is going nuts what is what does this guy do im here from the last uh here from the last patch notes note theres still an issue with using the gamepad analog stick to super dash he dashes in a random direction difficult to track this one but you should get it next patch yo duplex good looks they even posted about it yeah i noticed it right away i was like what the hell is going on yo thank you so much for that im glad that hes aware again uh this is also like a very powerful thing and i like that this dev is very like vocal um a lot of times like gamers are okay if they just know that the dev knows whats wrong right like its like oh my god fix this right now im gonna be angry its like okay its gonna get fixed they know about it theyre working on it right now its like ah okay okay you know im healing really quick when theyre near me oh so with this guy do you guys think we want a lot of close-range minions or do i want long-range minions and i deal with the people that get to me or like i dont really know whats the trick here what does this guy want he also kills really quick when youre standing still apparently hurt enemies that dare physically stray too close thats like literally perfect on him even though theres a new item im taking that i dont care i pull up another pumpkin how did we start with a big archer this is so cool double bellboy we have a close range build wait oh god that was a bomber guy all right heal oh yeah when im hurt we release bats wait what just hit me yeah these guys got upgraded so they throw bombs at us we got to be careful with that um another warlock because im crazy this is gonna be a funky build guys this is just day one of early access of the game what the mooc what the luke can you guys all do me a favor if um since there is no affiliate link you cant support me through buying it if you want to support me one you can leave a review for this dev and be like yo really cool game right even if its just like two words right it supports um and two if you want to go the extra mile youll be like hey i saw i see playing it thats why i decided to pick up this game this guy shows amazing indie games or shows tons of indie games or however you truly feel um that also is support like word of mouth is a huge thing totally dont have to but um the review part is the important part im just gonna banish archer were not gonna archer this run or is that dumb ill banish boomerang boy all ah you got annihilated oh Music super saiyan wizard super saiyan god wizard wait you can seal relics as well increase sight range Music im gonna re-roll here nearby enemies are slowed why certainly so were running double gong wait can i go up to show you guys them no oh we have double gong guy gong head to do like damage and cuss around me we have slow down we have the double long range wizard and archer for our long range capabilities now we want like snare and like close yeah snare would be really good in this build what is that oh yeah like repels them or something yeah thats it raises uh it calls it concuss raises a tasty fruit romanian in the legion who exudes an s and spiriting aura that heals thee i dont know if we need more heal but we didnt know what that thing was so all right well we have a lot of sustain we might have too much humongous bones equals more leveling up yeah we greet out in these early spirits this is so cool this is really fun theres like so much going on the worth of collected bone pickups or hurt enemies more that get too close okay lets hurt enemies more that guys uh turn three dudes into a giant yeah lets get rid of these dudes i should have uh sealed i should have sealed what are these things i dont know but im about them yo next time if we farm and get max money on this one were maxing like all the enemy things i want to see what they got because we could also double upgrade every enemy meta as well okay wait two bell boys into an archer no no no no no no no no no no no no you leave my bellboys alone uh do i re-roll here like i want to upgrade bell boys but thats i dont think were theyre like not really getting near me right now so we re-roll and like we also need dps for the balls the boss im just gonna run up to him lets stop picking up stuff because i have two humongous uh scrolls where i can make the bones big so we like dont want to pick up bones for a while if we can help it hey look now were playing vampire survivor and well use our first one in just a second here okay here we go were gonna level up a lot what is that raise a goosey boo bro minion to thy legion who spits a stream of spectral spit spedum okay were missing a lot of our dps on this boss but im using the opportunity to level up whatever wait double giant wizard okay and lets figure out what this thing is they embalmed tootsies leave a trail of fire when dashing embalmed tootsies leave a trail of fire when dashing is it referring to me am i the oh my god it almost killed me okay maybe i outstayed my welcome oh i bought a stat upgrade thing so we can see how much damage theyre doing Music what is the thing 14 minutes they were out Music oh that that could have been such a good run and i ruined it oh my bad Music did he always have a health bar on the right of the screen yeah i think so like when he spawns in and it always shows the health bar yeah i just never pay attention to it what is the 14s thing Music oh we learned a lot so true and we learned about that guy Music dps oh like kills oh like average damage per second oh Music oh youre probably right yeah and the other guy has like more but thats because he was out for like a limited amount of time and then the stat is skewed i see Music dude this is so cute Music very fun very fun game looks so good im so glad you guys think so this dev is awesome hes really cool extra champion shall sometimes arrive and believe me yes extra wishes theyll sometimes arrive and blast them blast thou with magical loads im in as you guys can see this game is so much bang for your buck this is like day one of early access and everybody has so much content and its a dollar hope you guys enjoyed that card steam games Esty8nine plays Boneraiser Minions!Amass an army of deamonic undead to fight endless waves of heroes intent to end your boneraising ways! In this gothic-horror auto-battle roguelite, use the bones of slain heroes to raise your minions, collect powerful relics and spells, and unlock meta upgrades, all to survive King Gigalds crusade! Join the Misfits and watch live daily at: Join our Discord to stay up to date on everything Esty and Misfits at: Pick Up/Wishlist the game here: shark steamer mop pads target steamer clothes steam beauty and wellness spa how to play steam games game won't launch on steam