Boneraiser Minions Gameplay Overview

Steam dlc refundshark steam pads BONERAISER MINIONS game hey team welcome back to the channel and welcome to bone raiser minions were just playing a demo build this was suggested to me by someone apologies cant remember who uh essentially its got a vampire survivor sort of thing going on but an undead raising thing which is cool because you know im im a big fan of this sort of spring up wave defense rogue-like leveling up systems that vampire survivors kind of pioneered and it also has um aspects of necro smith i suppose you know with thats thats when we covered recently where you construct undead bodies to fight autonomously for you i think this is a little bit more just summoner base but regardless its in our wheelhouse its very similar to a lot of the stuff that weve just been covering previously um so yeah lets give it a go controls are really weird straight away um im using arrow keys here but s and d are confirm and back and if you go like rebound you can see weve got status is w so its all right i can handle three weird buttons thats fine i mean you you are breaking my mental bank to be honest but thats okay deprived rich choose their bone raiser class all right everything else is bloody locked bone raise a legion of 12 plus normal minions to unlock thats cool yeah again i like pit builds and stuff in games even though i have a bit of barbarian dwarf built into me things like diablo i will play uh you know as witch doctor that sort of stuff i never actually really got got into the necromancer in diablo to be perfectly honest but i do lean towards pet builds like autonomy which you know i guess thats the engineer in me okay so whats going on here v gains plus one gold each second survive well that sounds pretty good thats thats a good investment strategy uh they can roll thrice when offered items to choose im assuming thats more than normal the gains a temporary speed boost when hurt okay all right okay i can get around this ill have i press the wrong button i press the wrong button all right look at me collected any bones and bone raise a legion all right here we go i got a bone how do i make dudes oh look i think my dudes are getting made on their own maybe okay okay okay okay all right its very vampire survivors i get it rise vo die from from grave okay Music unknown necromancy this bloke will do i can reroll i like the music its very you know sale of the century phone bone raise boom boomeranger oh there you go we found the australian class already raise a fresh boomerang minion to thy undead legion this now will be revealed in future arms hey all right okay im picking up what youre putting down ill be honest i dont i dont like having to use the arrow keys i want to use wazda because i played so much whats it called vampire survivors i just am so inclined to use that hand um Music fresh boomerang no no give me something new wait what is this boomerang a bone bolster upgrades a level one boomerang a minion to level two oh okay well that sounds cool doesnt it Music get out of here you goobers look at them all in their bloody underpants Music so im saving coins or something oh the sudden peasantry are armed themselves no we dont want that all right this one will do bring a ring a bone bolster oh wait hang on okay cool so it just keeps upgrading my boomerang man no theres a night dude oh theres a lot of them so the bones fade after a while that makes me very sad to be honest but i cant just take my sweet bloody time going and getting them yeah this uh this is going to need a rebinding this will not do my brain cant handle the arrow keys with my right hand it just cant do it Music in fact can i do it can i do it now lets see how easy that is rebind controls um Music confirm up all right here we have to change action lets make that space bar that sounds reasonable Music yep special is d Music i dont know what do you want to make that q status e yeah that sounds good down can be that left can be that there we go look at that i fixed your game Music all right resume now were off to the bloody road oh god hang on Music what are you doing boomerang man do your job Music bone boom wrangler no no give me this bloody thing bone raised warlock raises a fresh weido warlock minion to thy undead legion yeah okay that sounds good lets get rid of this mouse i guess im dead they are died all right i get it i understand um its very specific like the picking up that there is even at vampires like vampire survivors is what were going to compare it to but you know this things like 20 minutes to midnight as well or to dawn or whatever its bloody called but theres a lot of games and those are great uh off the bat immediately there is no tiny even radius for picking up the bones whereas it would be in something like vampire survivors you dont have to be pixel perfect picking it up you dont even have to have the radius upgrade this i find it to be a little too precise to pick those bones up however weve been playing it for a couple of minutes like i might soften meta upgrades look at this theyre using the terminology no one calls it that except me im glad to see it because thats exactly what it is thats what i call it but you know im not so bloody ego driven and arrogant to think that thats because of me i think anyone that stops and thinks for two minutes would probably call it the same thing right all right bone raise law what is this see your current bone raise law to respec sell all oh god okay you gotta be able to read scott you all right dabber dash press space bar when moving shall dash the about oh okay hang on all pickups shell take longer to fade away Music the shell gain draw dropping bone suckage over range oh well there we go thats exactly what i was talking about boys pressing q shall cast a currently held spell scroll all right now its getting interesting all right give me bones suckalicious now whats uh oh its its smoochies its smoochy lips i know whats over here on this other side biggers revolt a small group of superstitious beggars shall become unwelcoming extra flag wavers shall really of thrive to uplift command comrades ratty attacky i like all these names so these are enemies presumably right heroic force so i can scale up what the enemy brings i like that that actually really appeals to me um okay play game now how do i unlock you bone raise 12 plus min normal minions hurtfully suffer the devils number in health right uh simply summon a simple demon to unlock okay yeah cool okay stuff to do things to do all right on andrew weve got things to do all right there we go thats the little radius i was looking for mate okay well that fixes everything i like that its kind of a fixed arena as well um you know pet peeve but its also a game like just because a game doesnt uh pander to you specifically doesnt mean its bad but a thing that i dont love about vampire survivors is that like the the maps are pretty much almost infinite in a way in the in the 2d plane so like you can forget that you had a shitload of coin uh gems in one corner and wander off however i guess thats addressed with the sort of the pickup that sucks everything in anyway bone raise auger raise a fresh malevolent orga minion to thy legion itll be revealed in future runs okay right where is he oh there he is hes hes hes is he trying to explode or something are you okay mate hes doing his part you love to see it little timer above my dudes head whats that about okay bone raise boom boomeranger no no i want to learn more okay upgrades my dude to a level two so i dont i dont have him listed on the screen or anything like that i just have to use me bloody eyeball okay hes changed color hes sort of a brown skeleton man now hes like is he like a skeleton ghost looks like he might be floating oh how much health do i get oh its out of a hundred okay oh oh stop doing that scarlet all right whats this do orga bone bolster oh it levels him up again all right cool look at him hes pink now sword and peasantry arent ourselves scum Music not having that all right this is so much easier to drive now with this hand i wonder why im not left-handed i guess its was done movement right you thats what you usually use for everything you think about it bone raise bomber raise a fresh batty bomber uh yeah okay that sounds good to me lets see if we can get eyes on him yeah why they got little timers over there here i dont know what that that means that might be like your attack cycle or something oh god the headstone is getting away is pretty inspired to be honest get stuck on them and its over oh whos this bloke get out of here hes really keen just leading the charge Music upgrades the bomber all right okay i understand oh look they got a bloody wizard throwing fireballs whats this about piss off mate stinking peasantry aroused like champion cant sam about that choose a corrupted rally wanted poster more enemies shall arrive to stick their head in a box well thats that sounds really good thank you its more things for me to kill i guess but im struggling to kill what ive already got on the table who is their champion hes in there somewhere surely oh whats this give me that oh i dont even know what it was i died too quick god damn okay this is this is good this games crack i like it meter upgrades um whats this currently selected spell scroll maybe thats what i was picking up whats this these shall be able to construct one behemoth of bone that sounds particularly cool takes longer to fade away yes i like that and the dash probably wouldnt hurt either 200 250 100 dash cooldowns better that sounds good the lacks malevolent mind to upgrade this further okay yeah yeah i understand that all right whats over this side of the aisle 50 bucks lets go Music explodey tick i dont know if i like that bugger it all right cool lets go go again again again again give me give me more in the words of the warrior poet britney spears Music oh theres my dash okay cool bone raised bomber bone raised wall another give me more stuff oh bone race tangler that sounds cool beans oh the cool down on my dash is significant oh does it give me iframes no i dont think so all right whats this tangler oh loves up me tango i cant even tell what he looks like in there because im too busy not dying ill do these these drop bloody tangle bits that makes sense i think i see him its hard to tell shes sort of like brown and blue oh that was unwise i shouldnt have done that tangle of bone but re just keep leveling them up lets go the superstitious smelly beggars are revolting oh look this is these are the ones i bought so it changes the event and im your event sort of triggers that i was buying and hes got a bomb some days you just cant get rid of a bomb name that reference oh my god how old are you dear audience oh god oh god the smelly beggars Music oh oh yeah dont drive into the bombers they pop immediately Music all right whats going on here i got 200 bucks what am i going to do with 200 bucks cracked hourglass thatll do oh this is punchy this is fast this pace im really really warming up to this game quickly Music yes i am loving i i called this when obviously vampire survivors came out because these games all had to start development and i was like jump forward a year or so lets see what the market looks like and and its almost like every day were getting one of these and theyre all pretty good im really enjoying it bone raise archer okay cool Music now those guinea bones start on the graves i dont think we get to spawn more of them i think that might just be a one and done levels up the archer thats right we need to unlock all these question marks we just need to im enjoying the discovery process its a little bit like you know attack of wife where you have to identify everything you kind of hate it but you kind of like it as well god i havent played taco in forever i wouldnt wonder when the next swipe of that is maybe ill go check it out all right archer another leveled up archer just standing in the center everyone up hes hes hes good i like the archer like this is really quite cool because if you want to do a sort of pretty flat comparison to vampire survivors instead of having the abilities tethered to me im the im the income point of fail and im tethering the abilities to obviously other characters right phone race guard yeah i know that sounds obvious saying it out loud but its just sort of interesting observation oh look at the guard hes just getting in there and bashing people all right you get that little speed boost after you get hit oh oh oh i avoided that narrowly Music oh oh cant say i like that god bolster lets go oh god its a lot of exposition and bloody heroes all right im just going to keep cutting mad manies god bolster yeah we can handle that oh look at this all of a sudden things seem to be a bit under control Music but now Music oh bloody headstone all right now whats this i can lets get an auger all right lets diversify our portfolio and they got their bloody standard bearer now but how many bars do i need lets go all right olga bone bolster ill give you another archer all right i will say all this meme stuff that theyve got written down it kind of makes it a little bit hard to read like at a glance what what exactly am i picking up you know oily feet thy embalmed tootsies whoever wrote these is right on my level these are very very cheeky and funny leave a trail of fire when dashing holy dooley yeah lets go Music look now were bloody cooking with flammables the boys are starting to build a little defense archer bolster bolster bolster bone race just just keep giving me more guys i just want more trash dudes so i dont think they ever attack my dudes so the the timer must be this sort of attack pull down because my guys dont die but they must just go on cooldown between attack its really clever actually okay we must have some bank after that give me this just just pound this oh ive run out of dollars okay thats fine what else is this we should probably get this because we picked up a spell and i didnt know what to do 250 300 all right whats going on over here 100 bucks mate ill drop 100 bucks on a what did i buy anyway standards unfurl i would have been another standard thing okay cool again again all right im really really enjoying this this is this is scratching an itch oh that is a that is a radius that is art radius all right ive got my guinea bones warlock you give me a warlock you shoot those fireballs mister oh mate mate hes doing some damage oh god im stuck on a bloody headstone yeah yeah yeah all right this will be an upgrade for the warlock right but i should unlock it so i know oh look at this oh these things sort of look oh he seeks after a little while ah thats cool is that part of his upgrade or was that his base kit i dont know theres a lot to learn Music well upgrade him again i probably should have stopped and read that oh well oh look at this look at him Music oh mate hes jacked to the pits Music the super tissue smelly beggars disgraceful disgusting yes good good oh mate look at this this is great bone raised bell head raises a fresh jingle bell head minion yeah good what is that oh whos throwing these bloody bombs is that mine i cant even tell oh no its the enemy they actually throw them after a little while you little bastards oh i cant even tell where my bell head dude is its too busy i cant see him i see my will off Music well there he is there he is hes just oh my god hes almost invisible upgrade level two jingle bell head it doesnt say specifically what he does differently other than just be more awesome oh whats this increased like suckage abilities overall pickups yes look at that oh Music jesus you know how to treat a girl right game Music all right bell head boomerang give me a boomeranger get in there son show them who you represent Music oh now were causing damage this is good even over the course of this this start the the the power escalation in my experience over multiple plays is very very cool you know we went from struggling to make any headway to now were actually building momentum um bone raised boomeranger give me an orga i still dont really know what they do haunted trinket fused with angry spirits oh yeah oh yeah look at this like a big bloody testicle swinging around me its everything i need Music oh now i can have a spell no thats not oh wait bodily fluids all enemies shall melt away and become gooey slime right thats if i press q i literally turned him into slimes thats so good all right i guess that spells gone now right like a one and done uh warlock we like little locks around here Music im not sure what exactly thats giving me pick up those things apart from you know stiffy i dont actually know if the currency is what the currency is makes a cool noise though i guess thats cool dude look at the champion hes in gold i dont like that i dont like that put him in the ground boys bloody jamie lannisters here whats going on here spook rays flambro a fiery flambro minion from the mausoleum of torches mate go get him go get him Music look at him he looks like a furry pink fireman the bashful knights take its steam good bring him on uh give me another archer oh whats this cracked hourglass great increase invincibility time after choosing items okay im flashing i think maybe im invincible there yeah okay Music uh give me a guard lets go more dudes more crap level one dudes were gonna build flat not tall Music yeah look at him look at this this is my bloody suburb boys i have taken over this electorate and i shall lay down the rules Music yeah miss them up mess them up mess them up all these little fireballs and yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah give me another warlock i like the warlocks Music whats this snow blow snowman transforms into a lovable innocuous snowman oh i gotta do that oh look they ignore me here go cause trouble boys im basically that sheila that fat chick from uh overwatch made she can turn into a snow block ice ice block or something Music all right Music now give me this boomerang i refuse to upgrade any of my dudes i want more guys more points of damage oh no i have boxed myself in no oh that kills me that kills me how much money we got i could have sworn we made like thirty thousand dollars do i get to keep a tenth of it or something is that how youre gonna do me again there these shells sometimes gain a borrow boner Music when bone raising a minion yeah thats its good haunted burials spooky pumpkins with a boomy surprise shall make the welcome yeah good these shall be able to construct one behemoth of bone that sounds pretty cool thy health shall slowly regenerate over time yes oh im down all right 300 bucks okay okay hang on whats going on over here 200 150 ratty attacky oh now the bloody skavens involved all right well thats were gonna have to stop there otherwise i wont stop cant stop wont stop um this games great bone raiser minions again like i said its only a demo build but it doesnt look like its running out of content anytime soon so you should check it out yourself its on steam you can go and get on it now uh i guess i look forward to the full release and im enjoying this influx of these sort of Music more smaller smaller punchier roguelike games with an auto focus um it really caters to what i particularly like its nice its kind of its kind of cool to see the market turning in my direction anyway team might just leave it there for the time being and ill catch you guys on the next one Music you when do steam decks ship Boneraiser Minions is the new game we are looking at today with an Overview/Review of what it is and how its gameplay plays. 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