Boneraiser Minions - Meldus Merger

Steam menusteam account with most games BONERAISER MINIONS game i happen to be a silly sunum Music lets play some bone razor minions sure well just do a random run is there anything we want to change Music i dont actually know if i want the treasure chest unless they give me a relic Music do Music well see if thats good enough Music do i want just to level up or do i want to go for a large number Music i do like the idea of increasing the level for our guards our skewer Music lets try the Music skewer level three one Music sure Music easy enough just need a relic Music get a digger going sure get a few bonus resources every now and again a few bones all the other good stuff Music sure Music and we finally get a relic Music better dashing better spells more enemies more resources and more health lets get some better dashing Music hard to go wrong with better dashing Music grave guard up boomerang warlock or a fruit i like the idea of a healing one thats like the idea of a bolster Music well go to the healing for now Music and yes the peasants are indeed revolting what a shock Music get a warlock going i do like the ranged attack on the warlock a new hat how many hats are there who knows i certainly do not you like the tangler i will get a tangler Music another digger a bomber a guard or a doppelganger i like the doppelganger leveled up they do some decent spells and they can distract enemies so that is always nice to have as well Music would you like to stand near the flame Music which isnt bad level two doppelganger is pretty nice level two tanglers pretty good same for the warlock but ah another relic more enemies more ghosts money we dont really care about repulsive face could be interesting slows down nearby enemies Music lets just go with the wanted poster more enemies but more resources from the enemies boss fights are our biggest concern in general so maybe just getting a few more enemies so we can get more upgrades so we can fight the bosses will be pretty good level three okay well that didnt take long could get a skewer or a possessor i think well go with the possessor meldus items increase picket range instantly open chests or faster minions i think ill go with the bigger pickup range iron dashing run speed up more likely to see giants more likely to see bro minions Music lets get our running speed up thats going to help a great deal against our friend the wizard Music i dont know is this worthwhile Music maybe i think i just get an archer low range crowd control a wandering merchant what do you have to offer me Music i think its just going to be increase the bone pickups that essentially gives me more upgrades Music i like the idea of having more upgrades Music uh Music better archer better tangler a bell head or a digger Music get that upgraded digging Music i see that chest i dont know if i can really get to it a better one a pot bro lets get a pot out Music so much stuff going on so much stuff going on Music try the flaming rain little two archer another flame bro witch auger we have enough unions i think an auger is going to be helpful just get a little bit of a hay spell going i see you relic i do want the eye donors but i also would like this gift box a free relic is pretty useful but better range in all my minions is also pretty nice take the gift box and hope that is not a very bad decision Music another flame bro level two archer level one archer or a boomeranger lets get another flame one out i dont know how effective its going to be but it does amuse me Music high wizard approaches now this is going to be fun Music now that didnt take long at all Music temporary ghost sounds pretty good um snowball snowman sounds fine too creeper up bomber warlock lets get this creeper upgraded level three creeper will provide some healing Music i see that treasure chest i just dont know if i can get to it Music okay Music okay pick up all the gems Music hmm get a little retangler so we can uh our doppelganger must have upgraded the bone pickups for a bit ill happily take that but yeah get this tangler going so we can get healing from it every now and again Music sure level two auger Music treasure chest where are you over here level three tangler level three skewer hammer could be interesting but i think i want the demo position Music more health more meldus rerolls lets try some melda stuff or at least increase the likelihood of trying some melda stuff Music Music sure upgrade to warlock get some better attacks on it it has some decently powerful ranged attacks Music i just want that giant ball of fire to stay there forever can we arrange for that cant see the enemy Music add another warlock a guard little two archers a little bit better at crowd control Music do we even have room for this smell Music Music level three archer level three warlock get a warlock going Music its Music all right level three archer so we get more area attack thank you Music get some hauntings Music theyll protect me against some of these enemies Music level three auger get some better haste Music considering i maxed out on gold i dont know if i really need to care about treasure chests but i keep seeing them and want to take them Music lets get this guard upgraded ive turned down its upgrades enough times dont want it to feel left out Music come the knights Music Music lets get a spooky bro going Music hmm i do want the running speed increase i like the idea of rejecting our health but i think im just going to take this increase in the value Music i want to get more upgrades because im worried our current composition is not going to be strong enough to actually well win Music uh im sure Music i dont know if thats worthwhile but were going to try it Music Music lord approaches once again im very good at charging Music ouch pain would you mind killing them a little bit faster just a little Music glad for that faster run speed Music your increase the guard Music ouch pain ouch barely survived that one Music about so i kill this league first oh no so close so close yet so far Music still not too terrible not too terrible especially for a random roll wasnt sure what i was going to get i like that battle setup better though pretty good pretty good just need to figure out the right combination to get i dont think it was a wise decision to take that random beldus i really should have just stuck with our head it was working decently well uh so it goes so it goes for now however i shall thank you all for stopping by Music steamed carrot recipes The vampire lord raises a horde to collect the blood of the living.Bonraiser Minions is a bullet heaven type game where you control a necromancer raising an immortal army of undead warriors against a kingdom. 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