Let us Summon thy Deamon! 👹 | Boneraiser Minions Review 💀

Top zombie games steamdisconnected from steam error mw2 BONERAISER MINIONS game Music in time longest departed those with forbidden power over thy dead were brought in as wretched bone razors such heaven were hunted hanged and burnt and staked and they remain sealed within sanctified mausoleums but thats but what thou fearful and foolish folk did not realize is that those whom are dead cannot be killed thou is one such relieved bone raiser now rise from by grave but tread carefully as the ungodly heroic forces come to hunt and slay thee once more fetch their bones in a muscle like a legion of dead and demon for the king of his domain crusades to demand thy head can thou resist gods poundings hello my little elf and cs and welcome back to another video today im going to be playing some bone marrows i am so sorry if that was a really loud im so sorry oh god okay um so yeah this is a game about raising an army and undead and uh stuff like that i have all of the characters unlocked um and this ones just to do you know thing but this one is by far my favorite the cinemalogist lets go so basically i have all of the upgrades already im just here to showcase the game on and what its like all right well do a tangler hold on one moment so sorry about that i just needed to make sure that all the audio was okay all right lets go back here so the green guys you see here are my friends they will protect me with all costs and we can actually combine them in order to make a bigger one but that comes up randomly and its a pretty rare chance for this guy however if you wanted to upgrade your guys with this character you actually have a chance of like a higher chance of getting a damon a damon flash demon or whatever how you however you pronounce it like you know um yeah but you know for if you wanted to get an actual demon type because like they can merge like so you see these this guy right here we do not want him right now though he looks better these the two that are shown on the um right side of the screen are actually very important so we do not want to do that but we will upgrade our tangler because when you get to the third upgrade um on the next um upgrade like on the next level up you could have a chance of getting a demon soul a demons soul merged with that one that certain thing so but the tankler is very useful when it comes to the demon stuff so were just gonna keep him on the pumpkins explode and i have all the characters i have basically everything in this game except for the cards and um um certain upgrades oh i should have gotten that archer dang it oh well um but again im just here to showcase the game im not here to you know start from scratch um okay and but i dont i also dont have every single thing like i dont know what every single like relic which is the exact upgrade that we just looked at um is so distinctive arousal oh oh okay so i think so now all thats left is so basically the skewer the guy with the bloody knife that can just dash everywhere he has a chance of becoming a demon also that guy is not attackable hes just kind of there so you know anyway so basically the object the objective of this game is to defeat all the humans and to raise as many undead as possible and also collect as much build yeah see so that is the skewers demonic possession right here oh the haunted trinket is very good oh my how many jeez okay then so now that demon right there he can teleport from screen to screen and like teleport whatever he wants so and if you guys want to get this character i would really highly suggest getting the beach character first because thats like the only way to get him well actually no you can do any but if you want to get the final character which is the vampire you need to deal the devils number amount of damage now i dont want to really see because it might make some people uncomfortable so you know ill just say the devils number you know you know what im talking about right you know im im never going to play this at 3am because i know nothing is gonna happen anyway oh its creepy im not one of those like fake copyright youtubers im not one of them im not like im not im no im not bad im im like im legit like if i were to do like a staying in a room challenge i would actually stay there for 24 hours i would leave like i did that with my dining room lets get the archer and im so sorry for keeping you guys waiting there and wash bone stench i love the music in this game its very nice um so basically theres this whole genre of the games and basically theyre all just like the same kind of abilities same kind of like game except with different looks and styles we have one thats called vampire survivors which i may or may not do a video on depending if you guys like this one so if you like this video and you want me to and you want to see me play a vampire survivors please be sure to leave a like lets see lets choose a spell i dont know well do pumpkin comments because i think they would be interesting for you guys lets do the pumpkins so dont worry they are safe because theyre yours oh funky turnip Music the order you see around me that is called the demonic hole and basically it will chill anything that goes next to the hole so Music and that red glue you see im not really gonna say it because its a little like but you know its um its it looks kind of like that one red liquid that comes out of your body um but its i dont think so it is why would that be like come on i always do so good and then and of course of course when i as soon as im recording i just have to mess everything up and embarrass myself of course Music right there oh oh there is such thing as a possessed witch with a hecking sinful soul whom spoils the grave fears with widespread texas okay thats very cool Music dude that kills them it is actually sick gems and the gems are pretty good oh the high wizard of frozen approaches oh get all of these get all of the gems quick before he kills me why does he have to be standing right next to them like come on well do batty swarm because hes right in the middle right now im gonna get into here just to get like im dumb this is a stranger mirror uh wait what huh boss meeting please dont hurt me ill do anything i beg of thee i just got a little lost out looking for various defeating alien sisters please let me be that we is hungry he takes a step back his hair Music up Music Music so that is also an upgrade that like in case Music that was so bad oh my god Music oh highway of course kill him guys kill him dont come closer what are you doing man hes dead he said oh my god okay we did it we did it people ow oh my god oh my god get that get this get the thing demons possession whatever its called theres poop were not gonna get the poop were gonna get this instead Music oh almost at 200 health oh lisa arrows no i hate police arrows i hate when theyre in this and when its in this phase its really annoying you have a better chance of getting hit and its just overall annoying wow Music and play halfway through something precious oh ive never seen them before thats cool theyre different theres a different type of bone and well get the sea breeze popping though oh minnie minnie bars Music wow with 30 000 gold guys this is awesome get that Music rain rain Music oh Music oh no doppelganger and well do that lets check our status so we have one two three demons one witch two little pixie things um a seed raised pumpkin bro um a giant uh skeleton giant and a doppelganger in the neck sneaky goblin cometh to swipe the knackers no i dont have any knackers sorry please get out of here bodily fluids oh i never knew that that was a person i always thought it was a flame but if you look closely its actually a little person Music the giant Music run run this is difficult archer um i need that were so bad right now oh what what does it do this must be snow rain i didnt no dang it we were so close to getting to the boss fight oh well thanks for watching everybody i hope you guys enjoyed if you did some smash the like button and i will see you guys in the next video i post bye you epic games launcher steam Today, we have a look at Boneraiser Minions, a game where you summon deamons, undead, skeletons, and even a Diablos!In this video we review the game, and overall I totally recommend it! 😊👍🏽✨ ---------------- Check out Nikkas channel! ▶️ - Subscribe! ▶️ - Watch more videos! ▶️ - ✨✨✨ steam wont let me buy games steam game time played steam adding friends without buying game best free games steam 2022 steam pirates board game