Boneraiser Minions // $2 Steam Game Roguelite

Steam sales gamescan you steam clean walls BONERAISER MINIONS game Music all right yo what up amalias all right i just want to do like a quick stream show you guys this game its called uh bone razor minions i found this game yesterday its only two dollars on steam and its pretty sick so basically what you do is uh you just play as this dude who just raises uh minions and you just run around and collect the bones so yeah its pretty sick uh use the mouse uh not the mouse the um the arrow keys to move around and then you hold left to dash and you can hold dash while standing to do like a crazy dash and yeah so you just pick your dude yeah i pretty much know what to do so im just gonna do it um its kind of like one of those um one of those games you play on like new grounds oh sorry i was just checking the audi i did its a game that uh i think of maui would really like you know maybe should try it Music oh i actually um i have a lot of upgrades on this guy i played for like i bought this i found this game i bought it because i was like yo its two dollars and like it looked kind of cool i played it for like two or three hours so Music i dont know what to pick Music this guy i need to start upgrading my guys though yeah so its called bone razor uh minions if you want to buy its on steam it was only two dollars i um i think its a version 2.2 Music so they have this is what a relic Music paralyzes gravestones and uh embittered bone spike traps i think Music thats what i want Music like the musics good the graphics are good if i give this a rating like i havent completed like ive only just like been playing it for a bit but if i had to give it a reading right now at a 10 id probably give it a 9 or like a 9.5 because its its actually really fun its pretty chill i just been looking for chill games to play kind of getting bored off uh on wow might be playing some ascension later i dont know if ill come on stream i might just show off stream but i figured id make it quick easy video right here to show you guys this game see now it gets like crazy though see i want to upgrade my guys or else im yeah i just got that was a really shitty run actually all right im gonna im gonna try hard mode guys oh i think it because i wasnt using my uh my proper the right minion oh what is this invigorative fruits shall sweep the garden lands i dont know if thats what i want Music so that shall be shown when the dies okay Music so like you can upgrade um like your bone raiser lore or whatever bone raise lore and then you have like theres all their classes and this game is actually sick as see i think its because i was playing the this class but i need to upgrade so im going to play the um what is she called the deprived wretch the new one is the send sind demologist this guys pretty cool though he can summon more demons i think but this is the first one they give you i maxed her out yesterday before i uh started or showed you guys on stream and then you can upgrade also the um Music like the the army or whatever all right im going try hard mode so like im not even looking at chad dude lets go lets go lets go Music yeah so theres all this thats unlocked or locked unfortunately does show the let all seeing decide what oh its just random see its like it has all these cool its this game is actually really cool i dont even know who developed that i should probably look that up but uh yeah all right try hard mode here we go Music these guys are pretty good Music Music so like the phone is ringing Music i guess Music im just going to pick this one unlocking because i just want to lock everything like before you can select it like it just question mark so its just random what does this do uh like rotting energy streams a sticky mess whatever that is hurt trunk will now be revealed in future arms so it just says that so i guess its just like if i get hit i uh drop that sticky on the ground i dont know theres like you can seal and banish and reroll and stuff i dont really understand that too much im sure i dont use it too much i kind of just go random but i guess you could reroll your if you thought that you would need to but i kind of just stick with whatever try to want to kind of want to upgrade the uh the guys or else you get and then you can like actually i forgot theres like an architect mode or whatever you can drop down um like i these tombs or whatever these gravestones here they like start off dropping bones or i think i thought they were supposed to generate bones but i dont know and then um the pumpkins if i go stand near them theyll explode and kill the uh the minions i think i want another guy i like these witches actually they only like hacks these are like the assassins they skewer them um these are warlocks they shoot i think thatll probably be good like shooting missiles maybe see now im staying and because im not paying attention dude i swear i always used to get past like the first boss and now i like suck oh is there a chest there is a chest i want it Music oh my god i suck i swear to god lastly i was like way better what the dude maybe because i upgrade the um the heroic forces too much is what why lets get up this guy Music i have like no gold Music you know what you know im getting um im getting up right now is because because i upgrade all the enemy minions or whatever i should place uh or at the start i think too im just gonna upgrade him like crazy Music whats this guy raise the goosey boo bro minion to die legion spook race boo bro whom spits a stream of spectral spittle spot on this i like that yo this game is only two bucks like this game is sick dude i love this game it reminds me of like another game i like uh dyna run xd which is like a sick pixel game but its like dude two bucks like its crazy youll spend like 60 dollars for a game that like and not even play you know what i mean and then a game like this is like rules Music i think im out of a good run right here if i just play it safe and dont lose focus its hard to like talk and play at the same time okay all right pewdiepie pewdiepie here ill show ill explode the pumpkin boom boy amalia i like me now amalia Music are you like them apples amalia Music Music oh so are these these are their scrolls or relics and like you just cast them by hitting right click or whatever hold down right click or you hit right click or you can hold it down be more more powerful um Music if i could speak properly thatd be thatd be sick proper proper papa amadia how many i can hear me Music i dont know which one to pick uh banished natures wrath draws additional beast birds and shrooms to the Music extra resources may be of use do this one even though its probably gonna be a mistake its gonna me up im gonna upgrade the guard Music yo sometimes like when theres so much on the screen i cant see like which whats the minion Music and whats like my my minions or my my ghouls or whatever my skeleton buddies Music i get hit see like i dont even know because these guys have bombs oh no oh im in trouble get away from me Music im getting up Music theres a chest i want to get that come on get it take them out Music thats sick Music oh what the was that oh whats this guy armor guy oh and this and Music thats like the best one like collecting the bones regenerates health i love that one but i want to unlock this one um so i get invincibility when i get a relic or a scroll or something thats like okay but not really would be better if i got invisibility when i pick up bones and be like unstoppable Music oh potato face i got a new skin yo what the i look um Music yeah so if you want to buy this game its literally two dollars and its only single player i think theres like leaderboards though and uh i havent really looked at it and theres other to unlock so i havent i dont even know and i think its um i think its only in beta or alpha or something i dont know which one to pick um skelly key Music as well just do this wizard apprentice what does that mean oh a new card yeah i dont even know what the cards are are for either i dont know if thats like achievements uh i havent even looked at it really i think im in trouble dude im gonna die these rats are me up oh here comes the wizard i think or no the peasants they arm themselves Music my guys will defend me then it should last long Music i dont know if this is a rogue lake or a rogue light but i think it was both or whatever i forgot its probably rogue light but i put roguelike in the title i if people actually watch my videos in the comment section they would be like its a rogue uh light actually rhyming and you need to fix it so yeah if i fix it then uh then you wont see it if youre watching this in the future a bone barrel boner sacrifice a barrel boner increased by max health my boner my dreams the boner by the way see i dont know like they did that on purpose or like something got lost in translation you know spooky ghostly soul challenge by the legion confetti this one ghosties will help me in the night oh i dont know which ones the best like Music lets try one of these guys why not that was sick actually just cast random spells oh i can cast right now oh here comes the high wizard here we go i at least want to beat this for the video come on come on come on oh i casted the ghost but that makes it hard to see whats going on no hes getting up wait where am i oh god oh im over there i couldnt see because i look like a ghost now hes me off dude this is the chest Music oh hes dead he said i want it oh my god that was yeah so i usually like ill usually kill him and then like ill maybe get like a couple waves after him thats as far as ive got so i havent even got to the second boss yet actually midas boners so if you guys want me like do another video this i i i will for sure and um because i could literally show you any progress that ive made at any point in time so im maybe ill do another video eventually like in a few weeks or if id be in it hunger for lenting dysentery stinky mess stinky Music sticky cheese meaning shall be hexed Music each borough means shell transform into gold coins Music all right see now it gets kind of crazy Music i cast the ghost i lay a pumpkin i should like move these pumpkins because theyre kind of hard now arrows are falling from the east you know theyll fall from the west sometimes too and you gotta dodge them like it gets pretty hard actually like i cant i cant focus on anything right now like what the oh that was sick im im dead yeah but so yeah so i got one of these runes things now i can upgrade the class and theres all the stats i guess or i dont even know what that is how much oh how how much damage they did local high score third i dont know how to even check that um yeah ill probably do like one or two more and then well end the video i actually feel like right now like im like sick or something but like i dont know Music so i probably wont get back on stream ill just leave this video up so make sure you leave it like comment subscribe please thank you molly if youre listening this please come back to the discord we uh we miss you oh four choices these two sinful demon fiends i should raise a new with three i want that one Music Music oh i should have saved some gold for to show you guys how to build or whatever i might sell so im gonna move those pumpkins or whatever and i can upgrade this guy um Music thats a pretty good one like i think this dude is like more powerful if you just fully upgrade them Music and that too once i upgrade upgrade this guy a little bit more i think you gotta kill the bosses to get like the souls to upgrade them but once i upgrade this guy a little bit more im gonna start using them Music um all right lets go this is the uh the cards i dont know what they even do should we look at this just to show you guys what the is this like a oh so theres like a whole nother game in this that i dont even know what the im gonna put this guy on here i have zero idea whats going on is it what lets put this guy over here Music i have zero idea what what is going on Music nearby enemy car suffer minus one power uh whatever oh what the is going on Music oh Music tron i dont i dont know what this is i dont thats not really that that doesnt seem that fun i have to look that we have to come back to that one um maybe ill figure out another time and then well do more on this game i dont and then i dont know what this is the leaderboards will see where im at this one so theres another game mode that i havent unlocked where am i im 22 967. what the Music and im 38 000 with this uh wretch or whatever Music where is the part of the leaderboard when im high up whoa Music all right so im not even like on there will and bread loser and posit zero and cow moldy and bug they love this game more than i could possibly ever imagine i guess you could look at your cards and yeah i dont i dont understand all this but it will do like one or two more whats the bad progression use gold coins to torment souls until new towns fresh content find new friends along the way hey lets try this Music or is this just oh not actual friends just upgrades okay this is it um should we try the demon guy or Music lets try it it Music oh this is architect mode so let me see what do we got here jessie true in heels increases health by 25 Music oh i want these Music dont Music do Music do Music wait this is does this do uh damage spontaneously can must fire around it also then one of these also increases the limit on reasoning Music this heals me it seems like itd be pretty good oh it costs 500 though Music a spirited grave that spikes those who did across it let me put another one these fire posts oh you can only have three though let me get one theyre always coming from like over here Music we can like wall off this corner here Music ill cost 300. Music i can have six of these im gonna put these all Music like that but they cost more all right thats good i guess word thatll help a little bit Music Music Music Music these fire posts actually do like a decent amount of damage i want to get another one up in that corner Music spooky bro the smelly beggars are revolting yeah so the whole lore i mean i didnt read it to you guys at the beginning but basically it was just like youre all a necromancer or some or like a lich or something and you are like youre just fighting off the the village people or whatever and then the whole like the nation is trying the king is trying uh dude the way they worded it they said its trying to give you a pounding or something like dude the way this game was worded was uh very weird actually and im actually wicked right here you can also see how like this game is like super addicting because like i was gonna end it because i only want this video to be like 30 minutes long but uh i already want to like play another one after this so im probably gonna keep playing but ill probably end the stream just because uh yeah i kind of feel shitty and i dont know i might stream some wow later this week or something so yeah obviously subscribe to the channel because i do all my live streams on here on youtube um i appreciate it um Music giant minion boars bonaries items Music no one even watched dont even watch i think i had one viewer on the whole thing yep yep yep well i hope you guys enjoyed this video and yeah ill see you on the next next one actually i have a um well now someones watching watch people if he is they appear but i actually do theres another game i downloaded that i was going to show you guys ill probably do a video on or depending on if its like a streamable game i dont even know if it is um and then what else ive just been playing ascension wow and taking a break from retail kinda um i mean you know they tell sucks but um such its kind of weird like because its like bc so or burn crusade i mean i think theres zk spells also so its like brain crusade like wrath kinda and um because you can only get to level 70 i think but theres like a bunch of i think its scaled i dont i dont think you can go north run though but there are dks so its i dont know its weird its like its like wow with different rules so theres like a lot like i dont understand so i kind of like im actually gonna die right here because these rods oh if i kill that guy get up super mario yo lets go its a plumber lets go im stoked im stoked on that yeah so i mean ill probably play this game on stream too but i actually just want to have a public video of this game just to show everyone and i thought itd be cool um this is kind of like what i want to do with the chat right now like besides like you know any like random funny on wow its just you know rant like random stuff and just cool games i dont know ive just been sean spooky ghosty show transcently accompany thy legion that one like up because theres like too much going on midas boners though im just going to pick my ghost thats probably the best one oh this wizard me up dude im actually gonna die like Music pump gains casting all the spells god actually saved me yeah guys bone bone razor minions just one bone um not sponsored obviously i dont even know who though i gotta look up who the developer is i feel like stupid for not knowing that ill by putting the description after oh this video goes up or like in the hashtags or something what is this melts to level three managed to form a mad medius who flings his persistent balls of discard balls of destruction so this game is like you know balls pounding uh species flash like its really cool im just going to look it up who the developer is right now actually because its i gotta i gotta give them a i gotta shout them out bone razor minions were googling it mass an army of demonic undead to fight endless waves of heros intent to end your bone raising ways in this gothic horror auto battle rogue light oh my god use the bones of slain heroes to raise your means collect powerful rugs and spells and unlock metal upgrades to survive king gilgalds crusade and it is developed by i have zero Music idea because it just doesnt tell me Music i have i dont want to say if its not the right thing um oh my god bro and theyre in patch 2.2 this game is sick um where do i find it oh my god were never gonna know were never gonna know Music were one well just never know i guess guys its developed a developer is anthony case why is the same name as me well anthony and then its publisher is caseware c-a-i-y-s where yo this game actually gets sick who is this guy anthony case were gonna look him up oh he has a bunch of cool ass games though i want to buy Music oh theres also a free demo of this too so if you dont want to you dont have the two dollars and you just want to try it see if you like it let me look this guy up do we dox him do we find out where hes from Music he is from Music slightness he lives in he leaves it says hi im some bloke called anthony case who lives in the sunless north of the uk and likes making homebrew video games sick dudes sick so hes like from the uk dude hes like super british and so everything every i should have read everything with a british accent i dont even know how to do one though drawn in the fray have a chance of being permanently relaxed thats pretty good um im about to die so probably in the video molly amelia oh my god the wizard its gonna run away oh he just watch on me okay its all right well all right this is bone razor minions guys if you enjoyed the video please leave uh a like a comment all that good stuff subscribe let me know what you think call me a fat drunken call whatever the you want have a have a wonderful uh night and or day im i mean its night where im at its like one in the morning but uh yeah love yall and stay safe and yep amalia if youre hearing this uh please unban me from your twitch chat and i want to do here Music this one and uh i hope this message gets to you Music um all right yeah im just gonna end it there all right this musics sick so im just gonna let play for a bit Music do Music do Music Music you steam controller config Amass an army of deamonic undead to fight endless waves of heroes intent to end your boneraising ways! In this gothic-horror auto-battle roguelite, use the bones of slain heroes to raise your minions, collect powerful relics and spells, and unlock meta upgrades, all to survive King Gigalds crusade!Developer: Anthony Case Publisher: Caiysware Like, comment, subscribe, and share! Donate: (Text to speech) or (No notification) Venmo: @rhywyn (Rhywyn X) Merch: Facebook: Instagram: Twitch: Please comment or send me a message on here or Social Media if you send a Donation so I can give you a shout out. Lost Ark: Rhywyn, US-East: Aldebaran; Guild: Rebel Squad Nintendo Switch ID: SW-4618-5525-0501 Discord: #BoneraiserMinions #Caiysware #AnthonyCase #rebelsquad steam can t find games why is steam not working steam rice in a steamer stream steam games steaming carrots in the microwave