Boneraiser Minions The Demo Got A Huge Update

Sims 4 on steam decksimilar steam games BONERAISER MINIONS game Music welcome back guys today well be checking out bond racks for minions again so the demo got an update Music it looks like they added more minions but unfortunately my Music uh my pc crash so i lost all my saves basically my c drive crash because i accidentally f up my ram overclock so i lost everything so as you can see i have no meta progress right now Music because i lost everything okay lets start the game we already know what this thing is i think this is new Music this is sealed Music can we select this now it looks like we can only select a deprived witch gains one gold coin each second which is nice Music awesome for 100 seconds you get one gold coin its good you can rewrote can we roll twice when offered items to choose gains a temporary speed boots when hurt okay this is new i just want to see the new minions and looks like we dont have that dash yet Music and looks like my minion cant even freaking kill one come on kill yeah its so weak oh we dont have bone sucking thats why uh at least we can see the icons this is the archer im sure this is the the warlock yeah were definitely gonna get the warlock because i like the world up see how easy the world up can kill stuff so this is the warlock upgrade whats this belting uh razer slash jingle bell head minions to tie under legion this necromancer necromancy would allow ah okay so we can oh so thats what the bell does Music i like it so its an aoa attack near the summoner it does not comes all the time whats this lets see this this is you no its just a freaking bummer i just want to see the new minions Music yeah the bell is actually pretty good Music so if whats the level 3 upgrade of the bell will that aoe get gets it gets any bigger by the way i dont know about dash right now but this summoner gets a speed boost Music whenever he gets hit Music which is pretty good Music not bad for our first game so lets get some meta progress first definitely get success this will help us suck more Music and were also gonna get the dash because we thought the dash is really really hard Music yes finally we can dash Music uh something new are you new bone riser boomerang oh this is definitely new so i guess its a dude that can throw boomerangs so it must be an australian skeleton because boomerangs to be honest i have no idea how boomerangs can be a Music weapon so im gonna get the whats this so this is the level two boomerang so what does the level two boomerang do oh it can throw farther Music lets see so it can throw farther off crap crap Music youre definitely going to get more suck delicious uh i think this is here bone riser tangler razor flesh tangle creep minions to tie under legend so what does it does so does it someone tentacles i dont see i have no idea what oh crap im stuck Music yeah thats someone tentacles Music okay so it looks like that pentacles can slow down uh so this is the level two of the tentacles im just gonna get this so we can unlock i think this is the warrior oh yeah thats the guardian Music yeah we need more bones oh i need that lets get more meta upgrade uh cannot get sucky Music success longer yeah oh i dont have enough money for that uh im gonna grab this im gonna get that involved thats literally a freeway okay we agreed this now yeah damn it we dont have enough to upgrade our meta okay lets grab all the free bones uh warlock please so the new guy is the bell and the boomerang Music you need some way to heal Music is this new there is a flash malevolent ogre i still dont know what this thing does so i think it buff the other minions yeah i think thats what it does Music ah this is all level two well get the level to world up Music because i can Music now this there was actually pretty made they can actually sell this right now as is just put it on like an early access game now its this thats the other level two Music here comes the Music night uh thats the warlock level three i guess Music oh this warlock level two Music ouch Music by the way i still dont have any healing because i dont have the meta progress for the healing lucky Music uh do they have new powers what is this crap location greatly hurts enemies with their basically touch so how do we activate them oh i guess so lets get this thats over Music i forgot how to activate the Music activity Music thats the spell what is this thing of course we dont have spells upgrade right now you dont have that Music we need to get that Music so what we got earlier was the Music i believe that enemies get damaged when they hit you i thought that was a spell i was Music confused ouch Music this is good oh my god theres way too much theres no way i can get out of this unscathed oh my god look at this theres so much uh i read the succulents whats this spooky pumpkins so basically we are what do we want do we want spooky pumpkins or giant were gonna grab what is the spell uh whats this son okay its a borrow boner uh im gonna get is there anything you can this here now Music lets go hopefully i can see the new spells i think on this update they already have added the combining of minions we just need more meta progress to unlock it i think oh theres something oh this is the archer yeah lets just just unlock it Music its unlocked so thats the archer level two Music now im gonna get the boomerang thats an additional minion more minions shooting projectiles the better Music theres level two nope were gonna get the world up thats additional new minions we need to survive a little bit longer so we can get more meta progress okay here comes the beggars this is some freeway you can just essentially stay here Music what lets try to get the world up to level 3 Music because i love the warlock oh i think we cannot get level three because we need a meta upgrade for that yeah thats why we cant get level three because we need a meta upgrade for it Music whats that thing oh so thats the boomerang oh my god so hes throwing his head his head is the boomerang Music yeah we really need more about second issues upgrade thats going to increase our suck range Music or not more warlock i guess lets see whats this i didnt get a destroyer ornament okay so this is the ghost that is circling us not really my favorite thats okay Music i really cannot count on the damage enemies Music oh yeah we dont have access to spellbook this level three Music also thats a level two archer Music i thought we already have a level 2 archer Music i guess thats a level 3 archer Music maybe they changed the archer levels uh so thats upgrade to level three or yeah okay lets get the boomerang Music oh theres a golden knife ouch freaking tombstone and lets get so suckalicious already at max level Music uh pressing x allows the current legions to like current legions and relic i dont really want that you know what lets get the giant Music and the haunted burials Music oh so this is the random friend though yes i do like the random friend though so what the pumpkins are they are explosive pumpkins if you hit the pumpkin after a few seconds they explode and also we have access to the pumpkin minion pumpkin bro which also explodes as soon as a pumpkin grows they do a kamikaze attack they are pretty fun but i think they dont have any upgrade lets get the warlock yeah so that that pumpkin bro they dont have upgrades thats all they are right now maybe maybe the devs will add that pumpkin bro level 2 that will be fun with increased aoa i guess uh lets just develop our warlock just upgraded world of his homemaker Music and here comes the freeway like actually i just call them freeway because they are pretty weak Music yeah give me a level 3 warlock Music they dont have much armor theyre just spamming way too much Music but they can be easily killed thats why i call them a freeway ah yeah lets get the tangler i wanna see whats the the tangler is actually range so they just slow enemies you dont damage them well thats disappointing the thunder can only slow enemies lets hope being more like tentacles than tackles that can damage enemies dangler crippiness level 2 thats a bigger aoa range oh my god this thing is annoying uh yeah lets grab this whats this wanted poster more enemies shall arrive to stick thai head in the box what the hell whats that so does does that mean its gonna spawn a lot more enemies thats a restart right there Music uh so this so is three thunder lets see whats this heart thing ceiling oh my god the level three is really huge it snows a really big area guess its worth it uh im dead lets use the pumpkin get stuck almost near the random brenda Music picab yeah lets get this Music ill also get the so we can use spell scrolls oh so heres the healing we need that stir Music 12 plus normal minions minions Music okay lets go Music theres really nothing new here of course were always gonna get the world up this warlocks attacks actually homing it homes to enemies to a certain angle making it easier to hit enemies but were gonna get pumpkin broth if pumpkin boys are available because i like pumpkin bro Music they actually clear maps a lot better with their exposure i actually like the pumpkin bro more than the bummer Music and lets upgrade the warlock the level 2 warlock right here Music right now i would like to get that random friend though upgrade metabolic Music so that that will give you a random upgraded minion yeah lets get a level 3 warlock this is where the damage starts to really progress and were not going to grab that tentacle steam we need something that can deal damage oh yeah were already in the beggars wait because the bigger sway was way too small yeah lets try to get a level 3 boom around ive not seen a level 3 boomerang yet Music thats a level two boomerang uh gestures such as jewelry box Music lets instantaneously lure slimes what the hell oh so slimes just randomly spawns right now Music uh lets try the pumpkin exposure publication walls oh my god its raining its raining pumpkin thats new Music transform a level three three minions into random meld minions what thats new thats a minion with a gun i never had the minion with a gun before so it requires random three level three to get a minion with a gun wow okay im dead thats you and i like it lets get this Music uh yeah the random friend of Music i think this is the final upgrade Music lets see lets go and also thats meta with the slime thats also new nice to get a free archer that you can upgrade to level 2 archer instantly now we just need a pumpkin bro if only this goddamn archer can hit something thats why i always go for the world up because the world up and this is the world that has homing missiles between projectiles Music this thing look it shoots five arrows but sometimes doesnt even hit anything yeah and also thats a level of three were going to get the word up warlocks are cool i just like them because they have homing projectiles i mean homing to an extent Music they dont really home that much but they have homie angles if theyre in that angle its gonna hit them of course were gonna get the pumpkin bro the pumpkin bro its like a level 4 level 3 minion instantly Music because its pretty strong then in my game thing i think i only got like two pumpkin bros thats a level two warlock right there yeah good job look at that killed everything thats how strong the pumpkin bro is come on you know what i i hope the pumpkin bro gets an another a upgrade thats a boomerang okay we need a level three warlock maybe i need to upgrade the dash Music uh lets get something you know whats the heart salty youre not some heart increase get some more maximum health oh yeah definitely pumpkin bro all right the new magic whats this oh so thats the bat swarm never actually like the butt sword Music so the bat swarm it comes here on this aerial traffic bait the bats are gonna come from this area Music thats what the bat swarm is its not actually pretty effective i really dont like it i just grab it so it will be unlocked now were not going to get another lets get the boom around i dont think i have a level 3 boom boomerang before Music also this is the upgrade Music whats this all hurt hurt potentially that software okay so this is reduced damage you take reduced damage Music oh i think this is the level three boomerang what does the level three boomerang do oh the boomerang bounce it bounce off enemies thats pretty strong i guess thats even better than the warlock bouncing off enemies is a lot better uh lets get the older you i know what the albert does right now the ogre buffets buff your minions i dont know what it but maybe move speed or attack speed maybe i already dont know Music even reading the description so vague what it does im gonna default i dont know what he does maybe it speed up their movement speed or attack speed maybe im not going to get a tumbler im going to get another world up we need more damage per second Music uh it is getting crowded here comes the our armored knight yeah look at that pumpkin bro instead of the killing at night uh were gonna get the unknown this moments become strong pair of words what oh my god Music is that what it does Music lets get the guard Music oh my god thats a pretty strong spell and i think thats that is also a new spell Music that was not here before thats a pretty new spell Music i really need that healing upgrade Music oh my god i can go please please kill something were dead a thousand points thats pretty good i dont think i like this wrestling election show the current legion and relics why do i need an upgrade for this poor choices were gonna get the healing but this is new this is new uh three shall Music be able to infuse one sinful demon friend sinful whispers of corruption done Music yeah okay so this is not yet in game i dont think i would need more choices Music yeah i have no idea what this is Music deprived ordinance corrupted shall prevail your mind i have no idea what it does Music okay lets start one writes minions 12 plus normal minions to unlock plus 12 theres this plus 12 we need and lets just play Music whats this this is far underground oh my god my random friend is a dangler doesnt do damage the thunder doesnt really do any damage i wish it was anything else were gonna get a pumpkin bro its a pumpkin bro its really cool Music uh im never gonna upgrade that Music i am never gonna agree that thunder yeah it just slows enemies its not really that useful i kinda gives me option upgrade the tangler more tangler or an archer of course im gonna grab the archer i really dont like that angler Music yeah it slows enemies but why its just gonna slow my head i want them to kill the enemies not slow them Music Music i want another pumpkin bro give me another pumpkin bro please a bell so the bell is actually Music were gonna build the world up the bell is actually a lot useful than the dangler at least it can deal damage Music around you which is pretty good Music uh an upgraded archer im gonna get another warlock the archers i really dont like the archer only shoots five arrows it doesnt even hit most of them at least the warlock hits lets get something thats whats this eggnoplasma Music fertilized stones to emit bones bone spike trap Music i see so the gravestones can kill people can kill enemies now thats the thunder i played Music lets get a break the world up crap lightning storm thats what exactly it is lets just shoot lightnings Music not at least they map the spells you know previously you can only activate the spells when you stand still and press the dash button at least now the spell as it has it on delegated button yes im ready to level the place oh my god lightning storm is way too small i was expecting the whole screen to fill with lightning Music uh so thats a level three you can get the guard yeah just give me the limitless archer with this much enemies okay so this is the part where we can get super upgraded minions i know this is the level four warlock but what is this Music oh so thats the Music archer magnet of course so i know what the market does yeah i should have just got the look at this i can suck bones at this range Music we should just cut the koala update whats this uh transform three minion three minions into random melt minions oh yeah so this is the artwork and Music fuse minions what the hell i got a weird looking minions uh what the hell does it does its huge the minions can heal artists you can deal still it deals damage Music at least i lost the tangler i really dont like Music lets grab a bummer ah spell ciscos friendly hunty yeah give me a friendly hunting right now the problem is the ghost is alive the enemies the enemies are also white and i can easily get confused with the ghost in them and the friendly hunting yeah we really need that upgraded dash right now oh i think this is the giant whats this small one ah so thats the level two the level two bummer Music we should be named the bummer to a molotov throwing ducktale minion because its not actually turning bomb its throwing a molotov cocktail oh my god im gonna be dead im dead im dead wow yeah that that just happened uh lets just unlock everything fifty percent of one riser lore allows so thats gonna be the final form yeah lets grab the necronomicon and lets see what is the minions that shall be shown Music okay then Music oh we have unlocked a new summoner each demon minions increased high speed and maximum health can someone demons without requiring herotic souls online demon minions have slower attack speed i see so is this the meta upgrade the demologies oh okay lets try this new summoner but i really dont like the that has a slow attack speed Music uh level two were gonna get the world up instantly this warlocks are cool theyre probably the best minion Music uh Music yeah lets just upgrade the boomerang Music i wish it was just a warlock upgrade that should have been better Music of course were gonna get the pumpkin bro the pumpkin ball shows up were gonna pick it always Music oh yeah by the way you can actually reroll the peak but i dont do that but you can re-roll it its an option ouch those tombstones wait this is new unknown necromancy uh melts to borrow boners into barrow diggers Music oh my god it takes bones for you the soy big bowl it makes bones instantly thats pretty good look it digs it can dig up bones uh lets see lets upgrade the world up first at least we have more dps so now we have a constant flow of bones wait what the hell is that guy up there thats new i have not seen that Music what do you do thats new Music ah lets see thats a level two boomerang no were gonna get the level three Music uh now Music yeah jewelry blocks even more slime actually the slime will give you meta progress yeah i think this is the level for warlock wow pretty strong shoots two projectiles uh lightning i guess also this this is the one that shoot up lightnings at random pretty good upgrade oh george dont die uh weve not seen this whats this oh so this is the one that turns them all to slimes which is also pretty good yeah lets see the boomerang Music no no nothing youre the warlock level level four warlocks actually killing them oh lets turn this off to slime no just because they are slime does it mean they can kill you Music uh thats a boom around lets get the guard what is this vegetable collecting bone pickups Music you can regenerate health from bone hiccups just pick big good disrupting level 2 card Music by the way the slimes actually gives you meta progress Music this is all for meta progress they dont do anything or this kind of game but they only drop meta progress lets look at the level 3 level 3 guard Music not instead of a guard just give me more pumpkin bro Music yeah see the level 4 warlock is actually pretty good we are pretty strong right now uh more boomerang Music and get more warlock lets get them lets get the bummer Music yeah i do enjoy that slime always its showing up comment give me a comment Music actually let the pumpkin combat more than the lightning storm Music yes pumpkin breakfast Music i think that pumpkin combat is much more effective than the lightning storm Music oh my god im dead im so dead Music im good im dead uh Music lets see what is this confused three three three rerolling Music okay so we can get all items now Music im good im dead i think this is the level two armor yeah the level three bomber is actually killing them whats that golden bone right there of course i went for the stupid golden bone ah okay lets see lets get that max you can upgrade the suck delicious we shouldnt upgrade this not suckalicious Music spooky banshee giving spooky bunch and also the max dash Music okay lets do it one more time Music can someone demons without recording erratic soul thats actually pretty strong not gonna go back to the bright bridge yes at least we have spooky ghosts right now on the tombstone Music and this guy is still here i have no idea what to do with that guy spooky bro spooky boo bro writes as a ghosty bow minions from thai miscellaneous Music so this spooky bro is like a warlock oh i see so i reduced the number of spooky bro nice we roll really roll again whats this spooky rice flame bro rice a fairy lamb bro mina and the mausoleum torches so what does it oh it burns enemies Music it is pretty strong Music lets reroll again Music yeah lets get the bell head i have not upgraded the bell head to the maximum yet you know that minion that can burn enemies is actually pretty strong because it doesnt have attack cooldown just bump them and they die thats another boomer whats this lets get the boom around Music here comes the bigger wave uh uh no necromancy were gonna go for the necromancers can hip a giant archer thats new Music the last time i played this there is no giant archer theres just a giant giant warrior i guess now we can have a giant archer i wish we had a giant warlock did we lose anything whatever you lose that ghost we still have the flaming Music as long as we dont lose the flaming dude were fine were gonna get the unknown first is this crack increase in bonaire with yes i like that uh boom around level two Music lets get the world up Music wait wait a minute what is this thing Music uh snowball snowman transform a lovely transparent lovely and Music transform the snowman oh nice they are actually ignoring you now thats a really good spell Music thats a pretty good spell actually Music why cant i develop the bell ninja Music ouch Music ouch oh my god so we need Music can you get a power ticker lets get the level 3 of this thing another rally whats this oily feel leave a trail of fire when dashing Music yeah the trail of fire doesnt last long its a map Music lets get another guard Music since the only way you can so much giant is by using two level one minions thats the only way you can get giants lets just stay near here Music unfortunately here you dont get the balls so thats a boomerang lets get another guard i think the giant is requires three three level one minions to get one giant theres a spell right here pumpkin comments of course were gonna get pumpkin comments Music does this firebird damage enemies i think it does uh whats this thats a boomerang Music yeah lets get more minions i just want to see three guard minions hopefully they have Music yeah the pumpkin comment is pretty good its even better than the ouch Music whats the ogre yes steamroller ouch ah lets get this thing material shows speed footwear that increase the running speed yes running speed is pretty good Music uh were on level two level two level two boomerang Music that was not worth it okay got some level Music whats this trickster and yeah random two random friendos thats good thai minion legion starts stats can be shown Music when three dies Music yeah lets get more giant i guess freshly constructed their mods to bones and we have a hundred we can get this extra flag waivers now were going to get the rat no we cannot get the rat yeah keep just getting extra flat waivers lets do it so what do we need this Music okay lets start this one more time Music ah give me a word up Music nice i actually started with more minions this time which is pretty good lets see how far we can get this time yes definitely give me a bigger you know what im gonna start re-rolling i would like to get the fire the dude fired with again and im just gonna re-roll oh we roll the roll Music oh my god we can get the flame bro or the giant archer now were gonna get the flame bro the flame is actually pretty strong Music of course were gonna get the giant archer the only problem with the giant they cannot be upgraded Music theyre i think they can be agreed maybe we can upgrade it in the future but right now they can Music Music yeah nothing get guard level 2 i dont think we have a guard level 3 yet Music i think this thing can damage enemies yeah so this flame thing can actually damage enemies lets just increase the world yes of course i like that so were getting more from our bone pick up which means faster level up thats a pretty good Music upgrade Music spooky bro ah no Music no more faster running speed its always good Music you think i dont insert this uh snowman hurt more animation attack discards an ornament suffering with english spirit Music oh stuff ghosts let me grab the bell head so i have not got a belt at level two yet so im curious just the bell head does not have any upgrades Music remember you have the snowman so youre pretty much invisible right now if shits happened no we can get the level 2 ah see all says twice Music whats this also this is a process magnetism and a level three belt Music uh Music this place is actually safe i got two pumpkins right there when happens and i also have a snowman Music let them come to me uh upgraded orla please dont have no pumpkin Music bro kill the goddamn research Music oh god damn it i lose my i lost my snowman i lost my goddamn snowman Music just because i accidentally got that spell i lost my snowman Music youre the burning good its not actually still pretty strong the enemy dont die instantly but mistake they can get constant damage Music im actually doing pretty good right now Music oh so this is the screen Music so we got two magnets Music uh upgraded bummer bro or another bell head im definitely not gonna get the tangler Music it pushes the enemy Music this would give me more help Music awfully rolling Music more enemies i dont like more enemies you can just give me more help its pretty basic upgrade more help means im less likely to die so the bell is actually pretty good because it can push enemy back Music it falls it slightly stun them or push them back Music which is pretty good okay its getting crowded Music get a boomerang Music yeah give me this this is a giant smell three bar horse bones into a giant borrower thats the mate the Music melee cursed dies Music so thats the mainly darter they lost archer now Music uh give me another bell Music oh my god here comes the dude with the golden sword wait they trapped golden balls i think this is a bonus round i think the golden bones give you met up after it i think i have an idea but thats what i think uh level two Music level two i think the bell loop is actually pretty good greatly increased invincibility after losing items no legion legion front bones lots of feelings Music other flaming bro yeah give me another flame bro Music not really a good flame bro right now jewelry box which means you can get slimes Music is this the last wave Music uh another explaining Music okay now now they get access for fall apps i think its fallouts and theres a lot of them i mean a lot a lot of them Music its probably Music i need something i need something to kill them faster Music rice vegetables minions Music dont need more level one i need stronger oh crap oh crap okay lets get some meta progress and were gonna end the video Music thats a little bit useless upgrade im gonna get this any hearts off or a shot okay so thats reduced damage i guess ah whats this Music its already max Music and we can get rats Music slimes and nothing else hey this is new this is a trend daiya i also have goblins right here so thats it guys this is bone riser minions and the update is pretty good as always the link is in the description like and subscribe see you again next time bye guys best controller steam games Amass an army of deamonic undead to fight endless waves of heroes intent to end your boneraising ways! 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