Boneraiser Minions ep 13 Liche NG+2

Is assassin's creed valhalla on steamheuck rice steamer BONERAISER MINIONS game Music hello there welcome back to fundraiser so that is a new update so lets go class heritage or this is not unlocked wait a minute uh uh going in I thought it was a new character oh thats cause containing five giants to unlock no I dont have it yet anything else in here probably not okay plus the labels everything is still enabled and we havent unlocked it yet so mausoleum lets see which one do I want Music wait a minute go back better class what is the this one pretty sure I want as many of the the East level one normal increases all that so I want a lot of low level units Im gonna play the niche okay so hold on you get plus two Music so Mountain Health is up we have those thats a healing also thats a hell of Hop so lets just place that here magical pace is slowly generates the random spell Scrolls that could be useful Music giant pumpkin Bros Music lets place a few of these Music oh this is so the ghosties lets just plays three of these I want the flamies Music increases the little pumpkin Bros I can have six of these too one two three four five and six producer frequency your beasts and birds are through Music thats the pots Music oh lets increase the limit on purpose Music this should be fine I think a compelled on a few of these I think that goes closer that he will die its okay this is a lot Music here is the unboned giant Vista so thats one of the Giants Music oh because I lost to uh basically I lost one level one unit so I lost health Music so I got a lot of the level bones so lets get this keyword so now I have wanted to help again Music I should probably open the chests yeah theres a pumpkin bro that should also be a level one because it only has one level so that makes sense so I think I get a lot of the like Bob Bros oh thats a new one think S2 box increases the speed with Contraptions but this spawn that benefits for example exposing pumpkins shouting grow more quickly alright does regrow well hello Music yeah Im dying get help also this is the max health so giant Orchard foreign Music Music chest Music and were able to get another Giant Music uh my controller might be out of power because it just turned off well see uh yeah lets get another giant fisted yep lets see the stable Music and thats another end that is Music on there we go Music I havent charged the controller for a while so it went down Music foreign wait that is a Hellion version of those um oh thats neat Music I didnt know the word uh giant Elliots Music Music which one do I want Music oh this gets me all that Alex it is running speed increases that I forgot my attaching Music lets get count on us and get it Music and I found a way to increase my next self Plus melders Macys rev traditional birds and other crazy um lets get Soul plates Music when you were killing the enemy with physical attacks it has a chance to drop a soul or uh lots of dolls Music it will generate the sword that goes around along the map Facebook rice Music thats a problem my least favorite enemies the shoes next to the uh bomb throwing uh annoyances early on Music this is a lot of score not that Ill need it bad enemy Music I look British Music Music its throwing the enemies at my face Stars alignments the converging of Destiny shall bless thee with item videos foreign Music Music foreign Music way of playing this yeah go murder them he is melting I think the damage of all this goes up by uh having more of them oh thats an evil definitely a Whispers minis shall suffer upon them the curse of death and theres a chest maybe I mean actually lets get this one Music I only do okay what that does yeah lets get a Music and dont take it Music oh I forgot theres a lot of thats a lot of hurt the bubbles go through every day Im not a Fisher like I dont want to hear one of the arrows lets get the Archer now I can see where Im going Music oh yeah that dont actually comes back yeah giant Orchard incredible the hell version of the Archer all right so it just gives you a certain amount of videos for you to spell yesterday that thats a spell oh my Beast Music mobile health I dont like the ballistas fire I should say lets see these giant bubrowski bro two Supra Bros into a giant Boo Broski bro most Pleasant sucks the soul the spirit of Soul of nearby and Bone giant demons a few Giants with alien Soul or medley grips are flings this big bird oh thats all I got oh it takes an Archer and the other one yeah lets do it and a box of Tricks is bone raised he has has a chance of receiving a free random spell I cant see where Im at Alabama Music I lost track of my character I still cant see Music look at that kind of need some kind of Health regeneration oh thats a lot of boats Music give me a bunch of these all the low level one so I can increase my health again Music the last update was uh all about the Giants Music oh these are all level three so Im bonus Music the shovel version of the uh Music thats a limit foreign Music effect Music with all the stuff only comes Music oh thats a level one to level two that I dont want lets get this keyword and travelers Lord Adobe Travelers shall be brought forth oh thats neat so lost Maiden um well the last Maiden fully healed and plus 10 Max HP Music Im pretty sure thats the best one you can do on that random encounter at least over the last Maiden its killer get maxed health or let it live and get like a army set after you but its not be useful but uh stay nice Music more parts Music thats a lot of goblins Music did I went to snack yeah thats something I dont like foreign Music lets see lets get an orchard Music all right do I have the uh whenever I get a unit I get the magnets lets get to repulsive face so just to scare people away I did not want to trigger that I dont like that it comes back after a while so you can keep using the the stuff on the map uh its become really dangerous foreign yes every time I get a unit I got that so lets see uh oh thats your ceiling loot box so I got thinking of lovely too Jeremy James show and you also increase type bones it looks like we thought another toy box a box of tricks so thats not too bad and theres Lord of The Lads which is a pain in the ass actually can I just yeah I can activate that oh hes gonna melt quickly but it should be stuck now yep he stopped between the chest and the grave hes dead oh thats a nice way of sealing him in foreign lets see Unholy blue oh that was more useful against humans lets lets get the uh revive and yeah more enemies so I can get more units lets get the bomber Music oh we got a bunch of spells 40 euros wow we have a lot and then I have the pets yeah I want the fruit bro Stars alignments Music lets just read all these Music Whispers foreign Music lets get the Warlock and all the bones on the field amazing Chester hat Music foreign looks like I lost a witch uh yeah actually lets get Long Beach and then get all the gems Music because it should increase the bones I would have cannonballs and even realize and the blazy got Skelly key Music lets get scary myths and another place thats a lot of bullets Music that is way too dangerous foreign so these are all higher levels so lets get the time left Music Music I do like a place the moment they stick to an enemy theyre dead go to spell schools Music well giving something useful thats healing lets get that one and just magical chest Music yeah thats also was trying to kill me is the chest I got stuck lets get an orchard Music and a massive Army Music travelers law actually lets use Travelers Lloyd clairvoyance oh that was here not unexpected as its just as I foresaw for I have power to witness the choices after your futures to come I may offer the a reading of a small donation yes no is it okay Ive already foreseen how they will answer me then I spared A Fistful of gold coins to influence the future choices yeah lets get 25 coins lets see what this does ah yes my third eye gained white for the the waters are clear I see that I choices are for whisper whisper now getting five zeros for uh when choosing any item I have a lot of riddles now Music well actually lets look at the Betty foreign so lets get a no I will never use all of those three rules vegetable chest oh Im by one Im dying Im dying Music lets see I have 33 rerolls well time to figure out what I want no yeah see Trace oh that is way too many bullets oh were going to cyclops Music I really cant see whats happening oh turn the path yeah these are the bigger problem Music foreign Music Music like every vote on the map foreign Music with the amount of units I have another move Ranger yeah this appeared onslaught but I do want that yeah that was reduction that should help a lot let me actually lets read all let me see there is Music these are the massive pain and yes okay bro I cant move what I like boom camera slam picking up lovely gems shall also increase like I think I already got one of these somebody says its a new one I dont know Place race Music more blazes and the boss about repair guard Music thats the massive pain in the ass boss Archer oh I got hit Music lets just get a Music but thats first phase and all the batteries should do a lot of damage better life Music its really shouldnt live long yeah is that yeah this combination is saying just getting only level once mostly levels Giants congratulations Music and safety for now Music scales and goals the fractured lands made the hanker to soak fresh Bones from Beyond the graveyard Adventure awaits but for now that would rest in peace I think that never changes however that makes uh amount of money again so yeah that should have unlocked the new class yep oh yeah but thats for the next episode so thank you for watching and Ill see you next steam deck exit game Amass an army of deamonic undead to fight endless waves of heroes intent to end your boneraising ways! In this gothic-horror auto-battle roguelite, use the bones of slain heroes to raise your minions, collect powerful relics and spells, and unlock meta upgrades, all to survive King Gigalds crusade! nespresso machine with steam wand steam in game players oculus quest how to play steam games cast steam games to tv steam replay 2021