Boneraiser Minions ep 2 Chests

Can you return gifted games on steamgrowing up steam game BONERAISER MINIONS game Music hello zeda here and welcome back to burn rater so oh i hit the wrong button again so lets go oh wait thats my progress this one i dont get why it started meta progress for their skins oh with these things well we can change the color lets get the dark one Music lets see which is not useful lets get archers Music think about the arsenal and the wizards early on a level 3 wizard Music lets just add another archer the two level one largest oh yeah i have like three diggers im guessing theyre randomly giving me stuff now bong raise bomber thats a new one doppelganger who has the miraculous ability to guess random spells so your gas spells im guessing unlock that with the spell calls this is the power level all spells it casts i was not straight into that enemy uh thats powerful im guessing the charts time is a bit long that now getting way closer lets actually get this one a level three creating a befuddlement order confusing all nearby enemies Music what the hell is happening um Music yeah lets get the bumper to level two all hurt painful damage that these officers reduced oh basically seal oh yeah oh yeah when they come close to that wizard or the doppelganger they get confused ill get three of these and boom the better digger if you stew better diggers into a better oh better bonuses the better digger more hurty spades also dig up goodies come on kill well those this i want the poster more enemy shell that i just think i had in the box uh thats actually worse well it helps me level but can be useful uh level up the archers Music do lets level up the bumper whats this short time all both pickups are double oh thats the spell im dead Music more spell slots i could get that moment or actually try to get more melters oh regeneration Music oh it can banish some of them any hood these sofas shall be reduced lets do this that was able to bone and merge up to two melted minions Music well see lets see class heritage Music lets boost running speed each fresh bone race yes they are hero when choosing alex when the voters have president 1 million he still have extra real offers Music oh yeah its a uh thats a really good starting i think yeah we have this one lets get the warlock at the start oh theres not flowers all over the place Music i wonder if its because im getting stronger level two that should add a homie to it it should help a lot i also have an army of the small ones lets get level 3 on the wizard and then hopefully get like a male that is ovulated um lets get i actually get the skewer its all jason Music wow that rapid fire yeah the scooter just appears behind them so its two into one Music that levels it up lets say get it bigger that shotgun gave me more dudes at least kill the golden idiot there we go lets get the answer i have no clue what this is a single scroll source direct butte with a seal and schedule allowing me to seal up the three offered items to see again soon ill basically putting it to stasis if i can get it again what should Music lets get another warlock magnets both magnet increases stage sockets ability of all pickups basically that happy bit on the map im guessing almost what was that oh i accidentally activated that Music lets get another archer isnt already affected no that enemy no he died whats this only fluids all enemies shall melt away to become gooey gem add it again Music oh thats way too easy to trigger lets get bone raise guards Music i just want a bunch of minions and maybe fuse them together if i can if it allows me at least but i do like that they cannot regenerate instead just die immediately if i get hit a few times yeah level up the archer out of theres a chest Music wow i have 11 000 coins double gang so this is my first boss this is getting the hell it just wow that went fast i didnt even know that i got hit that much just died class attitudes fighted maps extra thousands shall occasionally be on earth hell yeah and that increases the speed Music allows you to sell any of the heroic force method to respect small group of substitutions beggars will welcome me like stuff like wavered so rarely arrived on the comrades Music exhibition show rarely applied to blaster magical notes so whats this magic treasure chest for plunder the birds and the beasts theyre getting one gold coin for each piece survivors so its not just those so i kind of want to get those as well Music i can both pretty melted minions Music my damage reduction so that is stuff that regenerates you as you start able to penis and often bone rise thats boogie pumpkins unless you go to europe force Music and actually get these at least the double bag of the dub dummy exploded attack so thats slimes Music the pleasant opaque dewalt shall be prolonged now lets level that one up and see what happens i was spotted one with one of the diggers that helps lets actually get an archer Music and the guards Music i dont want to get multiple the same unit lets see what that fusing does that i havent seen yet so thats level up level up thats the auger Music upgrade orchard Music maybe i should just increase the amount of arrows it shoots as a tankler yeah thats a plus one guard Music i have two guards Music it should protect me quite a bit yeah now we get the beggars that we just added okay i throwing explosives times two bro basic arts i think the bombs are an issue almost a guard again this might have been a mistake so they immediately rushed you lets get a bomber im going to regeneration Music oh like 5 000 or something doesnt get scored lets calculate think that into like coins to the meta courtesy Music wacky Music level that one up and lets just get Music another level two oh yeah burn the bastards another dressing chest but i probably cant open because of the amount of enemies jewelry box a gooey box that inexhaustibly lowers slimes whose body essences colons into gems upon their device got it uh bomber boneholster so aoes and now we have armor units for the armored enemies i should say looks slimy and thats a wizard bad wizard more bone holsters lets actually get a warlock and see what this is play media holy that hurts this guys already can someone kill these uh im about to die yeah im dead thats so fast that wonder cards i have no clue what those cards do but uh so that 1500s oh the score is similar to so whats that minus the saddle on the score equals to the model gold you get or something lets see class heritage Music degenerate out four shows by choosing bone rays darcio rice are new with a random minion friend though yeah lets get these whats this one that was able to infuse one sinful demon friend oh thats a new one Music i thought that even 20 more minutes so yeah thats it for this episode so thank you for watching and ill see you later steam can you refund a game Amass an army of deamonic undead to fight endless waves of heroes intent to end your boneraising ways! 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