Boneraiser Minions - One Shot

Steam profile picssteam pressure temp chart BONERAISER MINIONS game Whats up people and here I bring you a One Shot of bone riser Minions another game texts survivors that are on steam for 34 euros in this case we embody a necromancer that Well tries simply to continue with his arts not after his death and the uneducated people of the surrounding towns its about preventing its a slightly different game because in this game we play at home ok basically we have some control over the graveyard where the action takes place and well people are going to be attacking us its also different in the sense that in general we do not improve our character as such during the game, but rather the game raises hordes of the undead and other things with which to face the attacks and this Well, well, it works a bit. How would I say, it works a bit like the attacks from most of these games but they dont come from our character okay but they come from other creatures on the screen there is a class that does that when they die you absorb the power is a story but well the best thing is that I show it to you and you see the roll that it takes you have a lot of classes to choose from not unlocked yet all of them Ive been playing for a few hours by default you play with the one from Pride thats good here we can see the improvements you have with what you are getting in each mission you have many things to improve ok lets start with good This is the typical Bowl razer lord Race this would be the improvements that are for all the classes you are unlocking each one has three levels and they are not simply this is interesting okay because they are not simply interactive improvements it is not 5% more life to 10% more life to 15% more life like many of these but for example well we have here and in some of these Look blues blues level 1 gives us regeneration level 2 reduces the damage we suffer and at level 3 it allows us to take out Berry Bros and fruity Bros if you look at the way it is written or this is all a bit it takes all the stuff there as a joke they also talk to you about touity which can be deactivated well having them talk to you about you ok instead of using old English lets say but well as you can see I have all this improved to the maximum There are a couple of them that I have not bought yet and then I have others that are without that are only with one level and others that are with two levels and well it changes after each mission We will get an amount of money and we can spend it here or we can spend it on improving the enemies and as you will see I have improved a few because in this case we are adding extra waves first then more things the same here each level does not necessarily have to be a roll iteration because more enemies come out but thats good Well, that, well, here we start with the fact that first bees come out that carry succulent honey, which is a way of curing yourself and simply by catching this from time to time, bees appear. As you can kill to heal yourself, its okay If not, if we dont buy it, they dont appear at level 2, we would be adding birds to the part and one would say why he wanted to Add more enemies Well, well, to start with, you kill them and receive experience, in this case the experience is bones and when you get a number of bones you gain a level no and you can summon something or improve something of what you have in the thing of course if you get more enemies especially easy enemies like all this First row Well you still get to the first Boss with four or five extra Minions ok or things like that so it s an interesting way to progress And finally we have the class upgrades ok in this case This is the base character as I said he has some pretty bland improvements ok these are crap ok I mean this class is not very interesting __ But well, what Im going to do is show you some of the ones that I have improved a little by the way Well here you can see that there is a lots of classes some of which have not been unlocked I dont know how yet Well it already tells you here how to unlock them but there are things I havent seen yet ok I havent been able to get past the first screen this game is quite difficult to say this is the character that absorbs the abilities of the Minions when they die its a bit Good when they die This is the character that you do things instead of having the necromancer running around is the one I was playing at the beginning a lot and now Im playing the Vampire Survivor that this little icon is here Well, its a purple light that I have Right at the feet is that its complete okay And they are very different characters okay This for example when you touch the enemies apart from taking damage you steal experience basically bones and you increase your maximum life worth different classes have different ways to increase their max life the vampire way to increase max age is to charge which is a bit co counterproductive but you end up having a lot of life we ​​ will try in the second branch we are going to start first with the Licey which is a little more normal and we are going to see exactly what we should do with this class No, well we have that each skeleton we take increases the damage from everyone else every Minion we have Not necessarily skeletons increases attack speed from everyone else but it doesnt count just buffing them has to be a new one Ok now well see when were playing good This is just we can we can We dont need to get too close to the things to collect particularly the bones because also gems and things that you can collect and Well then it has yes The more Minions we have the more maximum life we ​​will have but around here notice there is a type of creature that turns out good because there are various ways to make them come out its worth sometimes you have I dont know if this class has it Music but for example there is at some classes and some relics that you can get that makes them come out flat every time you take out a new creature you also take out a barrowner which is basically like a mini zombie Okay and well then you can put them together and so on in this game you also have a combination of creatures and you have maximums of different types, its okay depending on each type of creature, you have maximums or you have others. Well, it has an online table. Im far from first place at the moment, you have to unlock hats and things, as far as I know, they do nothing more than have a funny aspect we can have one at random And well, they just fall I dont like to start with none and Well Sometimes it comes out you also have layers that you can take off and it changes the color of the character Im not going to wear this Well you can also buy them okay one thing a curious thing in this game all the things you can unlock during the game you can buy them are also worth e mplear joder I dont get this one Well if you save enough money you can buy any of these and thats it and that this is the same the capes are okay that is, you can just buy them and finish the inventory you dont have to play the game 10,000 times to get just that last object you have a grimoire that you go you go Sorry these are the these But hey this This is a bit useless to look at it here okay But you have a grimoire that you unlock as you kill the types of creatures okay You are drawing more and more cards are also being drawn that is first you take out the bestiary okay as you can see if I manage to kill 99 of these and I have 62 it will give me their intimate information but if we come here first we can see them you no longer have seven lives six speed four damage and they give you 30 points okay Music The more you kill Well, that will kill 99 of each one but if you come to the card collection Well, I dont know if you have this and if you have played Final Fantasy 8 or Final Fantasy 14 well, you will know what triple is not good Well basically this one has a separate minigame in which you can do that and you have several maps I have also only played in the first one because I have not been able to pass it yet she I tell you that it is hard but look, there are many maps okay lets play in the cemetery and the story of the cemetery is that we can come here okay and lets go first we buy the traps I already have them all bought but I dont have all of them on Okay then lets say I want to put a +5 life Ok, well, we put this stone and you see that we have a number of graves where we can place them, so I have put 5 points of maximum life there. Ok, I have some you can sell, you can change them for another, but not all of them are as dull as a +5% you have when you hit this explodes This good scares nearby creatures there are things that increase the maximum of something for example of this I have the four these that create bones that Its nonsense, okay because they give you a bone, its a bit of extra experience and they give it to you from time to time, but it increases the maximum number of zombie Bros that you can raise by one more, so with this I can raise four. Im telling you there are things that are limited ok for example you want more chupacabros Chupacabras ok then you have to get picky potato Cross ok like that and there are more pages of these ok but we have to unlock it some way that I dont know yet ok because I cant buy this I guess as you play in the game game It will be taking out we have this man with whom we can unlock extra relics apart from the ones you unlock during the game everything starts without you knowing him you have to unlock once at least to know what he does which on the other hand makes it interesting Ok okay it makes it good This costs us money we are not getting no and for example if there were not from here and this would have come out in the game then I would tell you I dont know it is what it is because you havent seen it yet its okay Music and once youve unlocked it once you can get it again I dont know its nonsense because obviously the first time it comes out its also coming out okay but the story is that It takes you to try things out, otherwise I have since the enemies are seen with a red border by default they dont have a border and need a border. Minions can hardly be seen so they dont get in your way, you can make things on the ground have less contrast. Well, thats less contrast. You can put a life bar, Im going to put it. And well, you have other things, you can put a more grinding mode with better not I know it tires your eyes less if it tires you How it looks I have set the damage numbers of the enemies that are removed by default and you can reduce things Okay Im going to take advantage of the upper left t we have the spells we have a maximum of them that we can carry equipped I think its good anyway these are the two with this class and three with the vampire I have by default the following is the life the following what the bone percent That is How much to how much we are about to level up the counter is when we were starting the game and the top right is How many points we have the points are not exactly gold ok we can change the music here if we want here we have the triple mode does this ok Clash full Card se call and Well youre unlocking things I do nt have this yet ok we need things that I havent been able to buy yet and this is some kind of mode ok you can enter and face a lot of bugs to play normal which is what we are going to do we just enter here ok And we start with all these creatures to start by taking the bones that I have put, okay but we start with a lot of creatures because I have raised the class and you start like this okay then as you can see we have creatures that we have a maximum limit okay we have a warlock that is already level 2 we can improve it to level 3 of those we have started this would be interesting for example because the warlock throws attacks well magical waves okay And with this they aim Enemies automatically pass through the enemy, too, by the way, with level 2 we can merge two of our creatures. but they are but then you can merge the giants into giants that are more powerful But the truth is that it would not be bad to put the trapper implinging it is quite good at level 1 it sets traps in which the enemies stay stuck but at level 2 for example, it puts turrets and at level 3 it puts bombs that have area when you improve a creature to level 3 you can me turn it one more time and you turn them into demoniacs okay they are with a super improved version but you are normally limited to one depending on your class what I am going to get is going to be the flam bro which is well a fire elemental we can have one and thats it Ok and just let it leave a trace that you can see Well, well, its damage is worth an area Music I ve been playing a lot with the vampire So I have to try not to collide with the enemies, which is what comes naturally, especially here at the At the beginning we are going to improve the lancer And you will see that when the next wave begins to see a little more enemies Because these are the Random peasants from the beginning who die on their own, the truth is that they play You only have one of these blue ones that are the little shits worth that They are to be sacrificed, as you can see, your allies as such do not suffer damage, okay Only you can suffer damage But hey, you can sacrifice them to do greater things, okay, we can help me jorar warlock we can become the Archer we can make a giant magician Im going to make the giant magician its okay because the giant magician you see those rather large bows I think that in general its quite good So we take out more as you will see also as I have consumed two two skeletons to take out a single enemy Well, a lost maximum life is worth it is what there is like in all these games however one could say Ah well well I am going to get a lot of levels one is a bad idea you want to have levels that is good you want to get creatures but you have to have You have to walk this rather fine line between getting more and improving the ones you have because there comes a time when the level 1 ones dont do damage. take out is okay because the implint you see starts to put these traps and it is a good improvement as you will see Okay I have three spell slots you cant switch between them basically The last spell that you have caught is the last one, that is, the first spell that you are going to throw, as you will see, now I have another life bar. You have a hidden life or something like that or occultism. okay here you will see we can improve the speed of my Minions by 20% we lose a little life but we get one more skeleton that this is fine because it is not maximum life okay And it will give us maximum life and we regenerate by time and then we have a couple that I dont know what they are but were going to get this one because for this class its fine you see we have now and our 120 and I havent noticed what weve got but its fine Itll be fine were going to improve its going to get the lute Ah no we already have one this the augurs throw speed and well I could have two Im going to get another better spearman if I already have one I prefer that and its not what I want to improve more we also have this one here the one that is improved These are a type of enemy go Minion very useful Ok right now Well well its throwing a wave that slows down which is not very for there but when you improve it it heals you Look we have more life here than occultism So lets go get it And we have this so I can improve it This is the implication again we can get another one these improved at a high level they are fine they shoot lightning bolts and as they improve they have the Lightning passed from one enemy to another so improve the warlock okay we are going to make it have the homing we are going to catch this that is on the ground ok you see we set up to improve the warlock to a demon The problem is that we are limited to one if I improve the warlock it is the end warlock ok I have not improved yet there are others that I think are probably going to be better but the same for this one we can improve the warlock we can also merge here to get another Archer to get a fister that is a man who punches in this case not whatever you were thinking and with this we can get r a vomiter ok But we would lose the level 3 warlock of this we are limited to three ok these Mel Ray means its different Mel raise from bondful creates giants Mel Rise creates The Wizard as they are called But hey hes not going to get this one Look lets try it This is the demonic warlock, a demon possesses a level 3 warlock, well, weird, thats what theyre called, and well, now well see exactly how their attack tends to be quite fat, okay, here we have relics, this is very good that Lightning strikes from time to time, this every time he looks at this this one is very useful for us ok because with this class we are going to get a lot of from we are going to make Bowl roots and Bowl roots specifically for skeletons ok if you summon something other than skeletons it is not it puts it in the en the ability but basically one of every four kilometers that we take will also take a barowner and then we can mix them another option is that when the enemies die L The Minis is what he calls Random enemies well all of them ok they have a 11% chance to do an explosion that slows down the enemy that Hey its not bad either And this isnt what it is but mushrooms is probably related to well it might not always be something poison But theres a whole subset of things you can summon thats plant related its going to bring up Broken Bones because I think its appropriate for our skeleton licher and here we have this which is a corrupted relic we corrupt it this heals us whole and gives us 20 maximum life points is not bad this one in 20 will give us a random relic Music unlock it to see what it is okay When we do a day through enemies we put a curse on them that makes them die in one hit okay There are the ones I think they are the witches which is something you can also invoke they have that and look here we have won our first spell when I had one that I have not used But look lets go We are going to unlock this one we are going to take out birds we can transform Well we are going to catch this one this one transforms transforms minis into good the fearful blue ones those to take out one of these I can only have one worth a ghost and it is quite good There it goes You see it spits out its its sector plasmas and it goes very far there have come the bees that, as you can see, heal us and Im gaining my maximum and I dont know what but it seems good to me ok we are at level 3 these arrive I have made two voices ok what comes right after the second Boss is Its complicated, they start shooting cannonballs at you and some pretty bulky paladins come at you, at least for this point in the game, its worth 150, Ive been playing the same for 3 4 hours, okay, lets improve him, I want to improve him so that he can heal me, we could also do this mix, it s not bad but we already have one or we can do this and put them I dont want to I want to improve this this improvement this is more interesting I think at least at first its a fo Healing signature Well lets look What this spell is but I dont know speed for everyone for a while okay lets cast some spell for example Oops Thats my life I can charge it And then faster and further Okay we throw there This so all of them are going to go to full speed this well gives me the life of occultism it is that it does not have a maximum, okay, that is, if you have a problem asking for more or the maximum is the same as your maximum life it can be, well, okay, lets improve this and lets go to put the ballistae, as you can see, he is leaving a lot of traps, okay But when he starts to put ballistae Well, there are more attacks, be careful with these, they are a bit disgusting, okay And the first Boss who is a Highway comes, we have been lucky because an elf can also come which is very disgusting to dodge okay This one is going to do this first he takes a long time to do it so much that he died because we do a lot of damage then he had a better attack okay These are spells I have already one so we are going to be a little careful we are going to catch this I am not going to catch the other Wait for the enemies to come out if we go that these enemies I have also unlocked by default they do not come out and they are nonsense in the steam bugs you know that game of the ride is also worth this we improve it to level 3 and with that it cures us I do nt know at what moment we have removed that mask or whatever but interesting now the chompers that are something else that Unlocks also that they are super easy I have not seen that do absolutely nothing yet but we are going to wait for the moment to come out here where more knights are going to come out or whatever and it will be the moment where we will cast a spell and the next Music we have the stones Music ok Here are the most Music after this I mean now these are coming but now but soon they will change to other harder ones These are easy its still a good time to cast The spell you have to go learn going also okay And then each level Well well its his roll okay the crossbow arrows start to fall these can come out from the left from the right There she is devastated we are going to catch this one or look we could merge the barrowers Okay and take out one of these but I want I want to unlock this this is the fruit that cures us okay we can only have one but hey its cool that it heals us okay I dont know where it has been placed down here lets try to catch the bones Ive gotten used to playing with the vampire Im telling you and no it is not played at all like this is okay vampire for example when you stay still you heal faster but you have to be more aggressive with him to raise your maximum life okay the witch is by default it gives us 40% extra damage to the enemies that he casts his curse on the story I think that at level 3 he does the one touch thing and they die And that is quite useful we have a turret on the ground as you can see ok we have killed 99 of some no Music these are the halflings I havent noticed if haflis are also they are easy mushrooms ok Here are the Knights I dont want this gunslinger he takes it out several times and it has always seemed a bit of a turd to me but what I dont want either its spending my bat that heals me So I still make another giant wizard or this could be ok you see this is a giant wizard But we can change it to a giant instead of a giant ok good conjure barrow bonners And we have another relic flies are a little to take this out and we have taken out another benevolent augur Music okay These are a little tougher you see in fact you should raise the level of one of the bugs you go into combat but hey not even since this puts the curse at 5% the Enemies must die okay if you heal but you already have 25% max life it becomes occult life from this I think its okay in general were going to catch it and look were going to cast a spell to take it away because I it is scratching me there the pedrolos fall and we are going to improve here that is, we are going to catch I do nt know many bits come out now we are going to take out the murderous demonic ball okay we are going to improve this one that puts bombs now the part of the turrets and the traps you see there is one there and the area is quite large all the purple Minions These are from the summoner that other spell a milk we are going to take off the one I have down there this is funny this one you use Well we are going to take out the Joker yester this is a bit disgusting change to a human change the class so what can I do were going to get another one I could improve this one or I could get another one of these its going Were going to get another one of these we have a lot of them and were going to become a simple snowman and with this the enemies dont know where to go it lasts a while ok well start blinking now ok I had to unlock by the way the good thing that the things dont disappear the experience is ok from the map which by default ecto doesnt last long you dont have an upgrade that makes it last a lot longer and then the third level is what makes them stay forever ok here we have a treasure chest Music which is the way to get money and ok the real thing is coming midnights I think that after this comes the second voice that at times will always come out the same one that is called a shinobi or something like that who is quite an __ he has some pretty disgusting attacks to get this one out lets see if we can do a bit of cleaning okay we can get another loot we can improve one of these chupo with greenish we are going to get one of these electric ones we are improving the bones that give us more basically more experience when we catch them and we are going to catch the these are always relics 250 gold coins spells Music we are going to get the ring of the circle of fire and we are going to get more things or we can improve the electric one this makes it do a lot more damage and I think we are more interested now it should get Serious that the normal default melees are but well if we kill people near this we are going to get occult life from this and we need it okay because it is there I mean we dont have much life I tell you and the next voice has already come here the life bar Music we havent got any Pro x Pro yet but its a type of creature that when we invoke it we dont know what its going to give us but it always gives us an I mean after a while it gives an improved creature ok with this we can have two Ah Look well this one is different I dont know what it does the first time the bug comes out but it seems that as long as I keep my distance its going to die very well ok the attack is gigantic the enemies are really faster a 15% that they come with 40% extra damage this doesnt usually blow me up they give you a bonus to one thing you lose that is, this is more 10% against beasts less 5% against humans there are not so many beasts on this map we are going to catch this we go 10% m Faster is not useless Ok and lets see this one because I dont know what it is we can improve 50% instead of 25% lets see what it does this is an aromatic mushroom we seem further away and we can take other directions not that It was what I imagined We havent taken any yet but there are many types of creatures These are wolves do you remember when I said there werent many beasts ok look we can take them out these have a poison aura these mix two boners and make a digger and the diggers from time to time they end and they take things out of the ground we can improve this level 3 its going to get me a mess of these we want to fight close to that of this of this of this this well of life By the way in the things that our own creatures heal us okay They also count to give us a life of occultism if we have a lifetime and we have these bats healing us and we also have the other bug that has a healing aura the fruit and Pro is worth the 25% of Sakura also raises us, it happens to us here So we are going to accumulate enough we can take out five of these, that is, we spend five of these and we take out a skeline, a level 3 skeleton Generally this is income So we are going to do it a level volks 3 great and this one lets see now to start the cannonballs when they start to fly from the cannon Im going to do the spell Because this part becomes very __ up Ah look we have the bees that heal us a lot this time the cannonballs come from the West sometimes they come to you I mean sometimes they come to you sometimes from the West we are going to get a Bot Pro these throw or should improve another level 3 I think I am going to improve another level 3 these throw mini pots come on lets throw them because they can sometimes do things that is, they make areas and they generate these games for me the areas are fine okay we are going to launch this and we have caused death all that is okay here We have a book we are going to take it out and we have something else This every three seconds s gives you a bone but you lose two health if youre regenerating its fine but for this class I dont know I mean we heal And that but this is just catching things without getting close to her but were going to catch this one I dont know what it does plus 25% chance that Giants will not come out minimum and we can have one more is not very good But we already have 6 Maximum and right now lets see its still good in some build okay but right now I think its not too much for us there the creeplers are very good at the beginning they simply put a speed reduction area but at level 3 they put hearts from time to time and improved they put a lot of hearts ok Not of these but of the ones to heal normal life So lets go catch we already have 200 life is not bad that the vampire at this point I have 300 or so okay But what can we catch that we can catch another and apart from this we are going to catch this okay this gives us a tiny ghost that throws his s stories we have to avoid the wizards ok Obviously he drops his ectoplasm as well but it allows us to have another ghost these with legs that are pretty good unlocked the paladin card for the card game we are going to improve this this they make powerful charges Music we are going catch this lets see what it is okay this puts a curse that we are going to use directly which is a Dodge another dysentery spell okay lets try this a lot of creatures should come out Be careful with those pellets its worth life goes down very quickly in this game its worth a answer everything lets get this one and see we can we can merge you see now we have 7 Max I can do a Mel raise here for the vomiter Music get a serious level 1 gard the same I guess late but ok with this we turn enemies into slimes what was there when they die they leave little gems little money is very good Music thats how the egg hatches there was an enemy there are not the arrows there are many Lets see, many archers, I dont know what I have here but Im going to use it, its okay, he has put it XD I dont know what but I dont know what we can give ourselves a 22% crit for those from a distance Music we are going to improve the speed of our Minions so that they are on top of the enemies I would like Oops to catch that chest but we are not in a position Now you are going to improve the Guard the default das By the way it does not have it does not have It does not have invulnerability ok You just move faster further but I have vulnerability unlocked you cant dasa through your own tombstones which is kinda horrible ok look this is cool lets us draw another one no this is horrible this spawns mimic chests and the mimics in this game are are gross i mean have i ever done it tried always they kill me ok So its like its better not ok And this allows us to have another Bot Pro apart This is about to take out his chest that is his chest his sights here we are going to take out another glass take it out his heart Damn it is in fact the dollmaker is being removed ok I think we are doing well Music Yes well let me know now that the cannonballs are coming even though it was on screen for a while and now we have fat cannonballs thanks Music ok we can torment Well look at this I have nt taken it out yet not take it out damn its fine Music sometime and they take out some attacks which is the typical attack of these games that orbit you okay but lets see how this is a Big bro that throw mini pots We also have that I can put Music we are going to put the extra damage because Music I think we are going to need the first Boss good the first Boss is okay No not the first Boss look look there the poto UCI Music it has regenerated me very slowly Applause luckily we are bursting it but the bosses are changing as their life goes down they turn, well you see the same attack that we have done before now it is much more screwed up to dodge ar But hey, thats it and yes, __ , you have a second phase and Im still in the __ Music okay Anyway, you see that the plant is in the East, okay, it puts out fire, thats because of the improvement that we have, first make a sticky explosion and we have said that it turns into fire and that has saved us there a bit because the boss has bathed in it with that we passed the first screen Congratulations king gigalf killed and nothing is done with this the first screen did not pass it is the truth is that I got it step ok I had been close again before but but we havent drawn a card and Well here we have the stats we can see I think something else boosted This ok we can see these stats during the game which is the same ok what more has been done in the end has You see, the devilish one that we have taken out at the beginning is doing Well, not at the end. The improved Magician, this summoner is that he takes out many bugs, okay, he has done more, what happens is that we have this one from before in the pa rtida So the maximum number has been higher but you see this fire bug that we have taken out at the beginning that seems to have done nothing, just run around, well, this is quite a year, this one also hopes that it would have done more, let s go and with that, well, here we are. the crown and were going to get little things as we go along so now for example that weve passed this on to you well Id be good to start with, Id still like to Well in fact I think weve unlocked some more This is the random one its funny This is the one with the dollmaker plants this we unlocked during the game Ok so if we look This is ok the dollmaker Music we can convert these watches but I think this is basically how to use the creatures The Minis ok we turn them into our troops ok No I know exactly how the class works but interesting This is the one about giant things if Im not mistaken Yes in Minions and Its a bit the same as what we had with the skeletons but in this case its all about Giants and you can go inflated. Weve taken four souls out of these. Okay, we can catch this or the same thing. you can buy any of these you can buy it for 3,333 coins its okay So the same thing You dont have to do a million games youre doing a lot of damage youre spending the games And you dont have to say that Oh its just that I didnt get four souls okay because If you get a lot of money, well, you can you can get a lot of unlocks at once. I m not. I think that with this, this improvement, you can have an unlimited number of demons, one of these Ultra-improved creatures, for example, it would be interesting, okay. And then, well, theyre trees of skills ok from this one we can move on to this one we cant unlock this one until we ask for one of these two were going to unlock this one until we get this one Music Im talking about monkeys Music we reduce 20 points of maximum life Music I dont know exactly how this is applied an extra demon another 10 points of life ok you see now the next improvement if I dont play a game it would cost me 3.33 ok But well Music it s not a bad thing Its worth spending it on that but probably well you want to first get the things that improve everyone I think that in general I have well I dont have all the all the interesting ones I have quite a few of the interesting ones here it is with this we can have three hell and I dont know these I want to put level 1 because I dont know what the next ones will give nothing this just better they wont insist Music ok its not Who is this ok we have taken power to do the tunas these I dont know is this game has a million things, its okay, there are relics that you have to unlock from here, otherwise they never come out, okay, for example, this makes you cast better spells, theres one of the rel iquias is a melee attack, its worth hitting your cane and you do a lot of damage and its the only way Ive seen that you can do it. Well, its not the only way because I feel like a vampire, for example, touching the enemies hurts them, but I mean, I dont know the game Its very dense with things, its worth unlocking and this is if you have if you like our game Generally you like numbers that are bigger and bigger, its okay This more than big numbers is unlocking more things and doing with you than I think in general at Less until you have a lot of stamps and this is the combo that you get in the game, okay And sometimes, well, funny games come out more than in other games Music A lot of games really do this in the end Well, what am I going to do? I dont know about areas and everything, you take all the daily improvements or I go to attack speed and or the number of projectiles and I fill the screen with projectiles and thats it and they give you whatever, although you have a lot of options in Initially, the combinations tend to be quite restricted because even if you go with projectiles, it doesnt make sense for you to take anything from the Arias branch, its worth it because the projectiles do not increase their area. goals ok they are quite like that I suppose that here at a high level we are going to say they also have goals no but but how you can lead the game can change a lot especially for example what creature you decide to make demonic because that changes a lot how you play ok we have released one that It has done a lot of damage but I could have taken one that would heal me a lot or one that would put death curses on a lot of enemies which makes you do a lot of damage with all your creatures, okay or I dont know I mean if there is each one en Its his own his own build basically here we have what is past and the next one gives you an extra soul to improve classes and 10% extra dough what I dont know if you get this I understand that Music is okay if you have a different map and you have to buy the traps for this map again okay And we still havent unlocked this but well you can unlock these things you also have to Okay so they contribute has their stories its okay that this game has a lot of content its been in early access for a long time and oops with this one we havent taught ourselves But these are the this is how it goes today how you unlock creatures no Music This is the base skeleton with skeletons you can go to the giant skeletons ok and mix it with these dont mix with a soul sorry of course this is a demon weapon and you take out giant demon skeletons if you cant take them here this is level 3 with a soul you turn it into this and then you can improve it again somehow ok I think its the __ demons that we had in the character generation there is no generation level up Well, that is going to spend the points that I have taught with the monologue, but you can also mix one of these with at least one of these. level them up But I imagine that there will be with one of the classes that you throw around and once you have it unlocked, you can still use it with other classes there is another one here that you cant see it is worth something that has not happened to us in this game But it can take out zombies and the zombies are quite interesting because the zombies create other zombies on their own ok you start with zombies that we hit records and then you have zombies that vomit and the vomit also generates other zombies in the end you have enough zombies there is their other way of doing things we have seen here the improvement between the plants two plants give you another plant and the same here What happens is that you need two demons and since I only had one I have never been able to get this yet h oh this I imagine it will be the same I will need two of these to get this one and then with a soul you make the demonic version and good sense you take out the weapons During each time you kill a hero you take out a weapon for demons but then you have the maximum number of demons what you can have Music and what else Music I dont know, I think thats all I can tell you about the game like this, in an hour Ill tell you 34 euros, these games come out by weight, they always always come out very well, okay If you are one of those who says how many hours of play can these three euros give me, a lot is worth it, that does have to fly. Obviously the roll is fine. Anyway, I hope you have had a good time and see you next week with some other little thing and until then how always goodbye Music karambit marble fade steam analyst Sobrevive la justa cruzada del Rey Gigald con un ejército putrefacto de criaturas reanimadas.=============== Consigue el juego en Steam: =============== ¡Sígueme en Twitter! Pásate por mi Discord: steam update taking forever momo game steam steam join game button missing good survival games on steam best games under 25 dollars steam