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Steam cyber monday saledownload games from steam BONERAISER MINIONS game welcome back any lovers to a game that I have been looking forward to for a while now bone racer minions it is going to be a fantastic game youre in love this I promise so if you like it of course please check out the links down below Im like I promise so if you like it though um yeah definitely this is gonna be a game that I absolutely love I played the demo a little while ago and Im very excited to get into the full-time game now the demo is just the demo is just uh just you in the graveyard so Im interested to see how this works now as a full game got my master you spoke nice to see you finally awakened from a long summer Music that must feel weak and worry but fear not for each time the rise it rises die burn raising power shall become even more powerful in this Thou Art cozy and safe so feel free to explore however news of thy wretched Awakening has spread Beyond first the local peasantry shall surely cause the good eye head and the King Crusade must have far be far behind before gagging for the when thou art ready head down to the exit below and give them smelly peasants a jolly good pounding for me boo uh Dash spend the gold coins for all classes to learn new talents and Spruce up that Mansion Mausoleum grape crowns spend the gold coins to bolster the enemy and Mimis giving them extra resources to raise humongous bone Legions spend his snatched hero Souls learn fresh talents so a whole bunch of things View minion bone ways bone Rays undiscovered minions to reveal upgrade a pass Music change my hat on my cloak oh I could wear a Santa hat I wont wear a Santa hat screw it Christmas in March no leaderboard sins and then change carrots are class oh missile miscreant of peasantry lineage but die cowardly Soul has a knack for swiping unwarranted treasure so looks like theres a oh my God theres a lot of glasses holy bully thats how many classes there are okay Music lets show a highlight yeah red foreign Music okay that works inspect radio Music Applause oh I like that open remote company ah a lot of hands thou Chevrolet is able to rebuild the three offered relics okay so a lot to do lets actually get out there Music this game mode doorway this game mode door wave remains firmly shut to thee obtain 10 Clash full cards by killamini to unlock oh okay so I cant do anything there oh look at all the doors there is so much already to this game the demo does this no justice Music no no I guess Im just gonna go down Mausoleum awakens collect enemy mounts of bone raisal the gym get him get him get him my little man ow I got hurt okay an unknown necromancy I think I want to go with this guy Reys grave guard raise the fresh grave guard Skelly million to Thai Legion who swings their sharp sword shaft with a spiteful smile because Nick this uh necromancy will also be revealed of future runs oh cool gonna grab all the bones grab all the bones gotta run around in a circle let my minions do the damage recently grape guard or guard bone bolster upgrades a level one grave guard minion to level two who swings their sword with greater range of damage this uh neck romancy will also revealed okay now it gets really tough actually right now this is like you know this is the learning stages everyones killing the peasants Im gonna go this guy weirdo warlock raises the fresh Widow where Lex Kelly been used to that Legion who can get your blast of sorcerer brigettes house yes do it do I have lots of new cards stinky peasant ow Music actually you know what I want to do oh wait settings General there we go stinky peasantry arose a champion Music what Music I think this is an upgrade one upgrades minions at level two yes Music oh oh oh I like the Im glad I picked red for this it actually works out really well foreign Bowman peasant nice Music oh that might be the champion oh oh my gosh that was Champion I think Im almost positive that was a champion whats this guy fresh got skewerer Skelly mini should I Legion is Spirit charged to their way piercing multiple oh cool choose a corrupted Relic ooh this one Transformers all Hero so Ill pick us that his belly is here of Souls which give a spell scroll addition to the usual perks oh okay level three I have a little three game grave guard now nice oh oh oh no oh this is where it gets tough oh no theres Bannerman bannermen are difficult because they just lead this gigantic charge oh I got another correct Relic I didnt see what I did but whatever okay were doing it satin armor so as you armored themselves oh thats gonna reach level two for this one dont touch me dont touch me oh that Guardsman man that Guardsman its beautiful oh oh I was going to the corner there thats a bad one thats a bad idea as long as they line up I need my my spirit guys gonna kick their ass oh whats that big bold guy what the world creepy tangler who grows graspberry root slow minions oh nice a bully boy I look like a pimple right about a Bop oh no oh guys get over here guys guys get over here guys get over here oh Im nine Health crap oh a high wizard approaches shut your face what level two find them fight them oh oh oh oh my gosh oh my gosh I didnt ask about that wow I want a card local high score first online high score 63 63 63 770 nice and I Rise my master Rises once more I see that clutch shiny coins stolen from the peasantry I did here at this Blasphemous metal also that can spend it that coin to unseal new abilities that bolster thy Powers further maybe bolster the enemies these faces does give him more boner resources and theyll find hero Souls they may be both bestowed to unseal New Towns specific to a character class thou has chosen youre not friends Death Grips are so friendly for each time lets do that when hurt when hurt gain temporary boost or running speed one goal to each second survived thou shall rise above to re-roll up to three off-road relics rise I do clutches development only if the if I Relic now has already discovered lets do it Music okay thats that one and now these are gold I can sell any bone raiser Laurie meta to respect Preston J will move it dashes oh Music Miss only frames when dashing holding Jay while stationary charges a super Dash can bone raise pot bro pumpkin bro and chesty bro minions all pickups shall take as long as they fade away yes and Bone suckage over range yes please Music thank you thats what I needed right there so Im amping myself up what does this do Music foreign well Im upgrading the peasants thats what that one does okay lets go again telling you this is just Mindless awesome fun oh I love that drag look at this look at this drag so much better oh new one Crapper constructs claw traps okay Music Mega trash this is nice lets go with the weirdo Warlock get some range on these people you know Music oh yeah Im glad I upgraded this this is great this is love my minions do the job you know and how to suck up the rewards Trapper to level two nice eventually I think you feel like hes gonna get enough traps on the board where Im not going to worry about anything you know are those traps where are those the traps as well oh hes trapped stinky pezichia Rose a champion oh I got hurt Ill try this one lets try to land mines okay oh those are landmines I like it oh oh my god when they say big boomies theyre not kidding laughs I guess I gotta drag them over the landmines sometimes yeah like over here oh yeah death oh 100 death I love it ow dont hurt me stop it volt Skelly minion when does Electric electrical art I wonder if I can get that one to level three that wont be oh that was a nice bomb oh God ow go away go away go away big bombs please big bumps and slide in and slide out choose a corrupted artifact terrain the life force of those they killed that regenerate one health for every five means they murder oh thats a good one level and vote for you yeah its greatly greatly increased Music Music oh no oh no get out get up get up get out waste look in get that waist looking there we go there we go there we go go go go go go go go go I havent seen Health yet theyve definitely killed more trickery transform humans into another oh nice oh God I just ran through the Death Pit there oh God oh God no transform him back transform him back he was better before Music the hell is this thingy yo what is that thingy no transfer it back no no oh my gosh I I was I couldnt help it I couldnt help it it was with the help yall want a card nice Music Im learning the pathways right now I like this hat I love that its a random thing about the Hat have we got a carrots class yet a new one yet nope all my same phone raise the Legion of nine Skelly minions sell for 600 help loss to unlock phone raise a simple Damon minion simply casting spell Scrolls Music idiot control now I love that cant sell any selected heroic forcement to respect Music this one right here all pigs be sucked are breathtaking distances yes I like that press K shell cast it currently held spell scroll oh thats nice press L opens the status screen showing that Legion open the artifact mode to spruce up died Mausoleum awakens theyre mostly awakened docusab came from more difficult maps that may give the game a borrowed boner or raising their freshly national race starting with one random Skelly minion friendo how can bone rays of a human giant minions Music Imagine Dragons Music theres a lot of upgrades Im gonna do it one more time lets go for more run I kind of want to change it to space for some reason whats the schedule Bella Baddie who shrieks the sonic wave for us in Minnies back oh but it doesnt do damage oh dont push him into me its time to blast off the damages any minis with it there we go I messed up I didnt mean to walk through that they damage him much say that much ow stop pushing into me infant number three does anything oh there we go see now youre useful Music oh kill this guy kill this guy hes a hat I like hats lobs oh my gosh Music 2D Fez yes Music the heros on my butt man oh new people jingle bellied a fresh Jingle Bell Aid skillyminn who claims a consecutive from the oh wow Oh wow was that it Music or is that me oh its for me Music pumpkin especially offering exploding pumpkin shall fall a gooey box that exhaustibly spawns slimes every four to six seconds their Body Essence kill us in a valuable gem upon death oh Jesus that was gone more explosive fiery ones yes Music what does this one do again both the chance opportunities to Bone Rays magic minions this is dude each bone race has a 25 cents to raise a bone boner minion so many boners in this game Music wheres this guy oh yeah Music yeah For Whom the Bell Tolls oh theres a theres a magic Visa over there Im not a fan Im not a fan foreign Music Grace with random spells how exciting raise the fresh Jinx with Skelly menu the legion who hacks his minis boosting the damage himself by plus 40 oh thats gonna be good for it thats gonna be good for a uh boss like this guy get him guys oh that was a good Dodge I thought full HP and my minions are just wrap it into him ow what hit me oh the stupid balls flying around Music get him guys oh my God oh I did not expect that holy what was that last hit Music okay I know that last hippos was whatever but all right folks thank you so much for joining me for this amazingly exciting game hope you guys enjoyed it thank you so much for checking out the buffet also this is a four or five dollar game by the way just so you guys know so this is well worth the investment the the developer improves this game often so please go check this game out love it to death hope you guys enjoyed it thank you so much checking out Indie Buffet where well help you find your next favorite Indie peace guys steam new zombie game In one of my favorite anticipated games, raise minions to combat the revolting peasants. 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