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How to install games on steamsteam open beta games BONERAISER MINIONS game all right bone razor minions lets check this out local peasants witnessed thy thou foul presence all right so this little purple dude in the middle hello thats us reading some hello lets see what we can do here and um interest a bit weird on games other than territorial that little dude thats going around attacking them with a little blue helmet is one of my minions also does feel weird using some on a controller might switch to the keyboard we the bones are your currency you use to level up to summon more minions to help you fight im gonna switch the keyboard real quick here um and at first you dont know what your upgrades are gonna be until youve unlocked them once for future runs but you can tell by the picture that like this guy looks like he has a sword lets get the guy the sword right a new necromancy attained bone raised guard raises a fresh grave guard meaning to the undead legion itll also be revealed in future run so youll know exactly what it is whoa whoa i wasnt ready all right get them my little dudes not sure my fursuits call cant go over the graves the bones do decay over time ive got kind of mixed feelings about that but i guess its whatever uh lets get some stuff here didnt need to take damage early on but well whatever its about which is my first time playing the game i only know a little bit about it because i watched some of those plates this is the same picture of that same guy so i mentioned its like a love love for them lets get uh you look like a like a is that like a wizard staff bone raise warlock raises a fresh weirdo warlock minion to thy undead legion cool we got a warlock i see him over there yeah go good job buddy all right also this game does have meta progression if you lose your run um and go back to itll take you back to main menu you can spend currency thats your game the top right these sudden peasantry arm now cells this is where they upgrade and the waves get tougher and theyre fighting the peasants here the lore is we are an aqua vancer and people hate the necromancers and they take off necromancers but the thing is that masters the seekers peasants dont know that necromancers never die hmm so these look like levels of this is the bone raised guard again do i want a second bone raised guard i think i do i think i do want a second one now ive got two of the bone raised guards chilling around here help protect us thats good lets go for just sheer numbers i want oh i need to work my guys speed or something maybe upgrade their speed help help me all right i need you guys to theyre struggling to keep up with them i need to like do circles around my guy so they can like take out more of them said sometimes like chase after them thats something you drop something good there i want it but theres nerds in the way dont touch me oh my goodness were struggling struggling already i need a level do it yesterday um hmm whats this one i dont know what this one is lets get this one i dont even bon bone raise bomb race bone raise bomber raise a fresh mad bomber minion to die undead legion all right get em bomb bomb dude so this one these games remember which way youre running give me this oh shoot is a corrupted relic lets get this one what do you do repulsive face nearby enemies are slowed by your revolting presence that seems fantastic im all about it all about it yes all slowing them down to get near me huge value huge money chill stop trying to hurt me got the magic number oh we did lets go on though stinky peasantry aroused thy champion oh theyve leveled up this is about a champion theres something on the ground that i want to pick up though you guys are very much in my way excuse me any more bones away from my bones net what is that what a hex is this thingy all right we picked up something i need to cut you guys farther away from the bones and then come back to get them but theres always dudes in the way its a movement speed upgrades or something another bomber maybe i should upgrade upgrade the wizard i think its not great for the wizard right warlock bone fusion upgrades a level one weirdo warlock meaning to level two so only one gets upgraded interesting its not like a everybody upgrades kind of thing oh oh were struggling were struggling man the bones just decay a little too fast imo a little hard to actually get the bones maybe thats intentional to keep you from like lasting forever i dont know um well see well see its an alpha by the way dont touch me its just a game demo were probably do multiple runs here in this video stick around and watch more of them it seems to get further each time and check out what we unlock oh boy its a bit dicey here we need to get through here and actually get some bones youd actually get bones would be good the bashful knights taketh steed does that make it i mean theyre move faster whats this tormented soul rise thy tormented soul and unknown necromancy uh lets get this dude new necromancy attained bomber bone fusion upgrades a level one mad bomber meaning to level two all right oh thats a really special thing we picked up there huh the magnets probably brings the bones to me better boned magnet increases thy suckage abilities overall pickups seems great oh man these games are always rough for like you have a split second to react like oh youre back in it like a little three two one would be nice gotta level up here um lets do this one guard bone fusion upgrades a level one grave guard minion to the level two all right sounds good oh man the the suckage is is huge value oh thats good oh thats good stuff love you guys with your helmets what not get them guards get them all right im feeling much better now with like the bone suckage thats mandatory mmm lets get this warlock bone fusion upgrades to level two weirdo warlock we need level three nice im not sure how much value its hes doing for us were down to seven health i a way to heal be good you have wizards youre upset at me for doing necromancy when you have wizards oh oh oh were in trouble oh my god one health one health one hit points in a dream the one chip in a dream oh boy oh boy no no no no no no no no no no any levels need them yesterday whats this what is this thingy i dont know i think thats oh i think uh those arent like in order to like do upgrades to the menu oh you need to find those first um lets get this guard bone fusion upgraded level two graveguard means level three all right thats good hmm i wish i was able to like oh the real mc knights to create shall be war oh thats another upgrade these guys i was already on the struggle bus so like it feels like they look the same but theyre moving faster maybe i dont know hopefully they havent brought the new ones in yet i dont know get in my minions get them oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god dont hit point in a dream one hit pointed in dream its a dream for an alpha demo this is actually quite good having a good time all right so oh no no no no no no all right were dead stick around were gonna keep playing 1090 gold there score 28 800 meta upgrades um see how current bone raised lower upgrades to respec um pressing action moving shell dash the about ooh dashing is good i should rebind the dash key if thats the case um all pickups take longer to fade away yes please i want that i can upgrade more thats good um we need suckage definitely um yes um the lacks brains upgrades further more uh maybe standard or longer thats thats like the biggest problems getting the bones on there action with that when not moving shell cast a he a held spell scroll oh theres spell scrolls bone race lore heroic force uh what is this set all current force upgrades to respect oh thats how you reset everything um superstitiour beggar shall be uncommon what does that mean im gonna get it i dont understand but well check it out uh well go back um ready to exit the title please dont break it okay were good here im gonna go real quick here put this over here to uh i think shifts no uh maybe space you know what im just gonna use my uh no no i thought we were using controller um this is like i want e for uh i guess i guess space for i guess space all right fine just like just weird having all in one yeah i dont like uh i dont like that at all ew um i dont like it at all all right fine just play control and get used to i guess having one button for everything for dashing and picking up and interacting its no bueno oh wait all right so what are the i the thing i spent on the right the 50 yeah ill use controllers get used to it um the thing i spent on the rights what does that do is that why theres more bones on the ground with the star here nice um lets get um unknown necromancy what is this bone raise auger raises a fresh malevolent malevolent malevolent auger minion to thy undead legion all right what does he do lets see um hes just kind of running after him whats hes oh oh oh he he he put a buff over the head of my other dude so hes hes like hes like im buff your team kind of guy all right lets get a lets get this here auger bone fusion upgrades uh them to level two okay so does he like but is his buff better does he buff more frequently he was able to buff more i dont know probably not the guy you want to get right away and just stop taking dumb damage early on be smart or if theres a way to heal theres like spells let you heal i dont know well find out we need to level up again and get another minion one auger is not enough to really clear these guys the pickup range was is like just so good um lets get uh lets get a guard in here oof yeah this game definitely needs to like uh the game gun locked its on my other channel i played together a little bit has a nice feature where like after you level up ooh theyre revolting oh its different its random this time theyre is that the upper grape of the like is that like the upgrade we got or is that just like is it random every time you play i dont know they didnt do this last time with like the the little uh fire would you guys actually take out some dudes im noticing you like i need like an archer or something a ranged one theyre arming themselves maybe this is maybe this is like the revolt thing that that we paid to get not sure if its good or bad it seems harder um lets get this auger bone fusion confusion level three all right thats fine maybe hell make my melee dude move faster i dont know i think the bones stay longer is good yeah all right so maybe those upgrades we do on the right just add more guys for us to fight so we can like level up the early game faster which if thats case its actually kind of a brilliant game mechanic because after you play these games for a while like the first five minutes gets kind of like you know always the same but you can keep adding more in to make it more spicy early on thatd be kind of cool um lets get a bomber and get the bone raised bomber maybe theyll do some exploding oh whos this dude dont remember that dude maybe he was there before hes forgotten about him getting minions i need to think that makes him slow when im ouch im not near him its definitely a little bit harder to control with the thing here if i use the d-pad now it feels gross definitely i control better on the wasd i just dont like the fact that like i dont want to use using space to interact with like the menus feels gross e felt better but using e to dash is just oh my god were dead all right fine not using the controller controller sucks all right controller in it im sorry about that that could have been a much better run space uh settings uh controls i guess just keep it on uh e whatever um can be hard to use dash with ease a problem this developer if youre watching this high priority is to have more than just one button for everything i want to be able to have e to interact with menus and then like shift to be my dash you want separate keys not one button for everything thats a very important incredibly important keyboard customize ability is often neglected by small indie devs and it always hurts their game success whats this pressing actually not moving shall a held spell scroll um dash abouts i mean i should probably just get it right um were fine lacks brain to upgrade this further oh okay you know you sometimes gain a barrow this is a poor choice of words to use your game if youre trying to like eliminate children as your target audience and only have adults uh when raising a minion sure well gain a barrel individual um when raising a new minion sometimes or often gain uh get four much helps here uh dash well first lets try it on his default right here uh i feel like also jeff if youre watching this um when you press escape it should just go straight back to title from this menu i dont i should need to confirm going from met upgrades back to many escapes just do it just you know constructive criticism here the games good great potential just you know des always need to hear these little things because the difference between a good game and a great game a game that does poorly game does well is the little things the little touches that make the difference give me these little bones here nice lets grab this bone race archer nice yes fresh plague archer get them yeah thats gonna be huge i think archers gonna be like one of the meta ones because its actually got range the melee that may like die guy is always like running after him struggling to get them yeah look how much easier having the time to start here with the arranged one um lets actually upgrade it bone fusion leveled up okay great things happening here get em boys get em boys man im super excited its gonna come out its going to probably be like a like a year or two before it gets put out how long games take to make usually but this is just this is like this is like alpha one theyre literally first playable demo as far as i know so its gonna be a hot minute before it gets released but it is even the demo itself is a pretty good time cant wait till a year from like a year from now itll probably release maybe like two years now ive forgotten that exists and then all of a sudden ill come out like oh this is amazing although not necessarily some games can get developed pretty quickly ive seen developers make games from start to finish in like three to six months before it doesnt they dont do it often but it is possible uh oh theyre revolting so i think this is the one that like i paid to make like coins to make happen so we get like i guess its im not sure why youd want to do that i mean i will just upgrade you yeah just shoot all the arrows shoot all the arrows youre amazing yeah doing great things for us here get them all out of here so i guess upgrading the the side the path on the right side of the screen there in the main menu there is just for uh just the like level its yeah see now were now were on these guys but im like ive got extra bones so its its a way to like level up better for the harder waves so yeah that is a good way to get yourself going there huh um boris archer i mean yeah i want another archer bone fusion weights how do you upgrade i like ive already got it at do i have two do i get a bonus one ill grab this one like its its all for me to upgrade one to level two but i only had i didnt have a level one archer so im like hold on maybe thats something that that needs to work on is theyll to make sure it doesnt offer you upgrades for things that you dont actually have so upgrade your level one archer to level two i dont have a level one archer i had a level three archer maybe one maybe it meant up to level four or maybe just you know just an early demo and these things maybe work out which is fine excuse me you work around these hello um Music give me this one shy haunting a spooky banshee ghosty offers to join that ranks cool another minion oh its like a oh thats gonna circle around me protect me oh hello um rise from thy grave archer bone fusion now i will upgrade archers i feel like the archers are might be the kind of best one so far i think the warlock would be kind of decent but not that great upgrades in the main menu are like big game changers i think its not that big of a deal that the bones kind of ooh the champion huh stinky peasantry i dont think its that big of a deal that the bones kind of faded pretty quickly to start if you have like upgrades that make him last forever so thats fine actually um archer really wants to give us lots of archer bone fusion options a little two level three it keeps giving us that one two to three do i have like a third arch im not aware about when i do oh im i do have a third archetype so i did have level so its not a glitch i just had a a level one guy didnt know about i it must have been from that upgrade thing we had got a scroll there um im not sure how you tell you how to scroll oh maybe this unlocks thats the thing oh that locks things in the main menu thats right theres also scrolls you can use yikes getting dicey bro skin dicey bro this way ouch stop hurting me the ghost is not doing a whole lot for us lets be real its kind of like avoiding them really whats the ghostie do hes not doesnt seem to be hurting them oh wait were its falling apart um level up the uh archer ive got a dash need to use that lets unfortunately bound to e which is awkward to uh use while im using wasd but i guess we can figure it out and get used to whats this thingy who gives me a freebie upgrade another archer uh im down um corrupted relic um shy haunting doesnt do anything as far as can tell ooh repulsive face i do want i do want repulsive face um whats this spook race boobro raises a ghostly boo-bro minion from thy mausoleum graves okay there he is oh he shoot hes he does range stuff too oh little dash he get remember weve got that dashy huh and were blue while were on cooldown thats good that they light you up loose you know when you can actually use it again yes yep thats good thats good attention to detail that because some games will give you a dash but but no way of like telling when your dash is on or off cooldown so yeah this dad knows what theyre doing they know what theyre doing auger the auger yeah to buff my uh my ranged dudes so they shoot faster fantastic value doing gray here chill my dudes the dash is actually surprisingly useful for dicey scenarios i mean maybe i can just get used to having the dash on e but the first time played a game where like key lines are wonky yeah were doing right here my guys are clearing nicely all right where i mean its a little bit dicey here and there but were doing all right do i take damage my dash i dont know give me that scroll what is this thingy i dont know um yeah lets uh make our the auger stronger seems like a good thing oh excuse me its im getting used to doing the e its weird i have to like use weird fingers to press the e sometimes the real mick knights decree it shall be war im not sure how good the boo guy is hard to really tell im you play games like this im like im mostly focusing on moving and dodging and not getting hit its hard for me to like also gauge the effectiveness of new boys in the meantime eat the dash is good i need to upgrade the dash i just want to try it once on the default dash even the default dash is actually helping out quite a lot excuse me oh boy oh boy all right listen i need you guys to its not with all this help me i would really like to have dash on shift and uh interact with stuff in the main menu here on uh e would be nice um bomber uh another archer uh ill take it more firepower the better excuse me uh were dead how low is my hit points all right well were gonna go getting some having a good time um that upgrades the upgrades was this thou shall rise anew with a random minion friend also we like we start off with a freebie yeah um oh oh oh no oh we dont unlock these by picking up spells we unlock these just by like getting ones near them ah yeah must buy meta to reveal the lore i could try something over here lets uh extra flag where shall arrive to uplift comrades ill try it and um maybe like upgrade this as well to make more of them coming increase our enemies and i could do well well wait on that for now and get ourselves stronger um make the dash better more distance more cool down and uh sometimes i get a what is a barrel all right so well often get a bonus whatever the heck this thing is um pressing action will not move shall cast a health spell scroll ill take that i dont know how to tell if you have a scroll or not ive got to go down to here but um good to know look at that bonus one oh we got a bonus as an auger got a bonus auger i mean ill take it thats fine um you can buff our guy im not sure if he makes him attack harder more often move faster its kind of like a like i dont know search me kind of deal would have rather started like an archer or something but its its better than nothing its literally a free minion um i guess well go for the warlock and observe how lets see where they do this are they so they shoot a they shoot a little spell from a decent range okay all right so warlock seems fine at the start shoots a little bit slower than the i guess its spelled pierces lets upgrade you again i just want to see how strong you are now you do a stronger one that has a seem to have its got a little bit of homing it stays on the screen so you get a little piercing okay the warlocks actually all right maybe maybe its better when theres like maybe the warlock screw theres lots of them maybe the archers ones appears to i dont know the dashes it cools down very quickly it does go a little bit farther um make you level three when you do a level three you shoot it out and its all its much more homing and it just like just goes through and pierces bunch take some unnecessary damage hmm the pulses face is tempting i need to check out more things here what do you do demon hole greatly hurts enemies that deer physically touch thee i mean thats fine i better not get hurt in the first place but yeah its good to do that all right so this is the upgraded um thing here im not sure if that means theres just getting more of them here almost feels like it honestly feels like theres less because my wizards kind of like sniping them off screen um lets upgrade the auger guy get that out of the way right im not sure if theres more here or less here about the same oh its hard to tell i guess my wizard is kind of cracked mean level three wizard dont play all three wizards aint playing around its just just getting bunches of them i guess the archers did good too as well right um lets get the thing level three just to get im not sure if the thing the auger makes them move faster or attack faster and maybe the higher level is the more people can buff i dont know i couldnt tell you maybe its probably what it is the higher levels the more they can buff i didnt really notice much of a difference when we upgraded the uh little revolt thing not sure they sent more or less or they dropped more bones or couldnt tell you archer i mean ill take a ill get an archer go for the range ways i noticed the guards at least when i was looking at them the guards tended to um is there a row of like graves missing over there it seemed like it was where are the graves over here is it like randomly generated were definitely missing four graves over here its always like that am i tripping am i going crazy oh boy listen either chill i notice the archers missing a lot of shots give me this here we go um magnus whatever fine there check out something new what do you do someones soul a miserable spirit serving as a flaming protector all right so lets get protect me what do you do oh i see yeah like the circles around me and up dashy and hurts them i mean thats not bad doesnt insta kill them but i mean every little bit of damage helps right all adds up um archer bone fusion upgrade to you theres a run eventually where i uh do uh a lot of uh oh like dont let them up just do like lots of them except tons of minions i dont know were wrecking face spell here shoes oh yeah oh see you cant pick the spell until so this things meaningless to have the ability to cast spells now you get to choose your spells whats this humongous bones for 10 seconds all bone pickups give double delight okay i have to stand still and press the button to use it so im going to press uh on e and oh look how big they are oh theyre huge quick dash pick up more big money value lets get a maybe maybe doing a bomber for like let me get out of control oh thats cool spell you like that big value all right that was neat i like it thats a fun spell you always time it properly you can probably only have one spell at a time so dont hang on for too long no careful here surprisingly get hit there get him a little like the fire guy is taking out the yeah the fire guy hits him twice i think it does take him out so a little circling around fire dude is helping us out here need to oh stay from the edge yikes get this thing um archer bone fusion i will level you up and just to check it out whats this one ritual kapala increases the worth of collective bone pickups that sounds amazing like thats thats like a take every time kind of one lets upgrade our our bomber dude uh fortunately our uh the game does suffer from the same problem vampire survivor has were like as soon as you fish your level up in the like click off its like i got you know sometimes the emmys right there forget where theyre at you take damage um check this out was this bomb fusion level up okay phone fusion not bomb fusion and take its steed huh my boys are doing work here the bomb dude might actually be all right for when theyre clustered up actually might be good oh were doing great here were doing great things take my boys take them out thats fantastic value yeah this this is going to be this this games going to be great i can already tell this is gonna be a nice little uh twist on the vampire survivors genre where you call that um another ill see another bomber but theyre kind of doing all right for us its hard it is kind of hard to tell whos like hard carrying you but i dont want this would you guys not be there though nice um another flaming one tempting um yeah definitely i think our pickups already like pretty halfway decent like i think were kind of okay oop chill my dudes chill my dudes my dudes and we got two flaming boys protecting us oh thats theyre actually doing great things for us theyre actually doing great things for us to spell for how long that was there attempting to get that again weve got trap new things lightning storm manifest a tempest of 9 to 12 powerful lightning strikes cool so if youre like in trouble just press e and like get splatted well wait for more get on screen right then use that once you see another spell lets get out well just use if you find another spell right um the decree shall be war um bomber bone fusion level up yes level that up sounds good i feel like the bomb i just you think the bomb guy was gonna be good because you know these guys tend to cluster up in this game a lot of noticing so having them be able to like just do big booms useful right i think these little soul guys running around us are also like pretty useful for hitting the crowd a little bit the hit points is getting uh pretty healthier without the change heres the health maybe its time to stand still press e there we go get him lightning strikes oh thats satisfying me like that thats good thats good value yeah thats pretty good its not instant but its cool um guard another one no level you up love you up my boyo give me this um check out the new one rune arc magic magical lightning periodically strikes nearby enemy sounds amazing what theres some damage there oh well thats the problem oh god uh yoink yep thats the problem of uh ah dang it man all right well its pretty good im having a great time im definitely gonna make another video out of this um and leave me a comment down below if any other thoughts or ideas and let me know how you like it smash that like button if you like bone razor minions and you want to see more of it on this channel lets go and actually before we end the video im going to uh spend these things before i forget right um collecting bones shall slowly regenerate the health absolutely i want that um only only one period of time these shall be given four choices instead of three absolutely and um spooky pumpkins with a boomy surprise shall make the welcome cool and uh whatd that say ill shall construct one behemoth of both my minions sounds awesome cant afford it sinful minion fiend feminine sounds cool cant afford it um a small pack of toothy radish ill burrow to know on my bone ill check it out and uh yeah well call that good and uh yeah um again smash that like button if you like bone raiser minions and 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