VOD Boneraiser Minions - Raising Boners to Bear the Magical Loads

Black ops steam keyhow long to steam broccoli and cauliflower BONERAISER MINIONS game Music in a Time long if it departed those with forbidden power over the dead were branded as wretched bone Racers such Heathen were hunted hanged burnt and staked and they remained sealed within Sanctified mausoleums but what the fearful and foolish folk did not realize is that Those whom are already dead cannot be killed thou is one such reviled bone racer kind of weird to say thou is thou art or just R now riceef from thy grave but tread carefully as The Godly heroic forces come to hunt and slay thee once more fetch their bones and amass a legion of dead and Demon isnt that d-a-e for the king of this domain Crusades to demand thy head and thou resist King giggled giggled giggles poundings oh boy welcome to okay thats the title screen we get I didnt press anything bone razor minions I am ripping this straight off vine sauce Vinnie played this a while back and it looked really neat so I I checked it out its one of those you know 299 vampire survivor-esque games where you just fight off hordes of enemies and slowly progress with upgrades and stuff like that kind of roguelike action top-down game and uh when I was picking it up I noticed coincidentally I had no idea about this this game is made by caseware our good old friend and Anthony case who made if youve been watching my channel for a while who made elementia and Echo the Wilds I really love those games and also have some issues with them like its a bit of a love-hate relationship but for the most part I really really enjoy those games and theyre weird and the writing is very much reminiscent of that unlike you know normal vampire survive drivers type games where its like get this upgrade for 10 more of this stat this one is a lot more vague and stuff and it does a lot of new mechanics that I havent seen thats kind of interesting like youre youre not the one fighting you just summon Minions that fight for you as you run around and theres uh like you can buy additions to the enemy waves to get more extra stuff bonus currency and whatever and uh theres also a bit of a tower defense aspect to it where you kind of Base build different towers and traps and whatever so yeah pretty neat neat concept Ive been enjoying it playing it a little bit and Im probably just doing a one-off of this I would imagine maybe Ill come back to it but Ive been playing for a while I already have like some of the meta progression stuff I have like half of it unlocked or so theres tons of upgrades like now you can Dash and iframes during Dash and uh pickups dont expire and you can cast well Scrolls and you can have more upgraded like Evolution minions and all of that kind of stuff theres tons tons of upgrades and uh yeah similar to vampire survivors I dont think Im gonna be uh showing all of it but lets just jump in and show off the game so here are all the classes we have deprived wretch who uh just its its kind of interesting too the classes as far as I know have no difference theres no difference in either of the characters Baseline the only difference is when you get to the meta progression and this class Heritage where you spend your like souls or whatever to upgrade your classes so like this wretch guy gets money when he survives and you can like get more loot from uh diggers digging up stuff for you and you can get more of the diggers and all of that kind of stuff and temporary running boosts and then we have like a soul sucker that obviously will suck souls and get health and bones and all of that and a sorcerer that specializes in spell cards spelled Scrolls that you only get a limited amount of havent really delved into that much myself and this is the one Ive been mainly playing gangly grafted who focuses mostly on giant minions where you can have really big ones you fuse minions together into huge ones that like are way stronger but also you cant have as many of and all of that he gets like bonuses and Buffs based on having giant minions so Lets uh hop onto the sky its also a very fast-paced game like the first couple of runs I was dying in like three to five minutes max it is pretty rough to start unlike uh vampire survivors I mean I guess there youre also dying like 5-10 minutes but I dont think Ive even made it to 10 minutes in this game Ive made it to like the second boss wherever that is and then didnt beat him so since Ive unlocked it we can enter architect mode where we can place traps so these ones I dont know and I have to spend gold to find out what they even do like a cult pillar what does this do I guess Ill research it and see so a cult pillar an ominous pillar that slowly regenerates diet cult Health all right sounds cool but it costs a thousand gold to place so thats not gonna happen anytime soon we got some of these like flame AOE lamps and some uh the scarecrows slow nearby enemies and all of that these uh gravestones just generate currency like experience for you over time so Im not gonna deploy anything more and theres also shop where you can buy stuff so you kind of want to have some like loose change when you go into a run unlike vampire survivors and other games such as that so we can buy relics here uh and do I want to do that meldus minions I think are the fusions theyre like Evolutions basically weapon evolutions this one is pretty decent you can instantly unlock treasure chests this one is a bit of an attack you can attack forward uh I can see these because Ive gotten them once before when you first get a relic and a minion you just have to get them and see what they do its just a question mark thing uh I do like this one I might take that and being faster is nice too lets get the knuckle duster oh you can buy more than one I didnt know that but yeah Ill hold off now because we might get other Traders and stuff in the run so I got this one a giant minion here we got a uh the guy thats giving me like this AOE around me that does a little bit of damage and knockback I kind of like that guy the guard bone bolster bone bolster means upgrading like I have a guard already and Bone bolstering him makes him level two instead of level one so he gets a greater range and uh I guess dude does more damage Bell head Bumble sir I might take here and then these ones bone rays are just getting new minions so uh a bomber or a guard I dont know why it says guard times one and here its just like getting it I guess because I already have one guard so its like an additional one I dont know but this one just means we get another wave if you see around me I get like two shock waves and yeah its kind of nice its like does that sound in the right its kind of like the garlic of this game every game of this Nature has to have the garlic power up there is one thats even more so like garlic I might just take this again just also theres even more so now I do like three shock waves and I can kind of do damage myself which is nice and I can Dash through enemies to do damage as well since Ive unlocked it I have the super Dash where you can hold down the dash key and charge it up and then dash for as long as you want until the very end of the the stage but now I cant dash for like a good long while like five seconds uh impling is really nice I might take that so these are all units that Ive already seen so the guard just kind of sticks around you and attacks the nearest enemy the impling will place traps and snares and when you level them up he gets like bombs and he gets different different traps I really like him like ballista traps that are really nice the tangler just like makes little vines in the the ground that slow people hes also very good he or its she and the skewer just does like a horizontal swipe through enemies so lets take the impling and you can see heres like a bear trap that he placed and then once we can uh upgrade him hell get some some crossbows and stuff and that I think just means weve entered the next wave like its the next minute of progression which changes the uh enemy types and so on yeah we can bolster the implange sure Arrow repeater ballistas yeah I really like this guy some of the music is very much not fitting its very calm and nice even though youre fighting for your life but I guess its like early in the game foreign I like these scarecrows a lot theres also this pot over here that I placed if I walk into it I make this goop that also slows people but it doesnt last forever so I think I like the scarecrows more uh lets just uh get this guy out again so now he places bombs as well like mines on the ground like this thing the purple boom pretty good this game also has a bunch of like really nice uh quality of life here we go heres some relics and some of them I dont know uh well talk about quality of life in a second so this one just gives me more for all Collective bone pickups I really want that but for now I really should just be focusing on like things I dont know so I can learn more about them I dont know if thats supposed to be a stopwatch or if it looks more like a toilet uh lets take this stopwatch Bernards watch whenever choosing a bone race A Relic or spell now also receives a substantial amount of lovely invincibility frames eh not terrible but I guess not not the the best Music upgrade screen in particular seems very easy listening music oh yeah yeah in that sense yeah its just like choose your calm upgrade what the hell is this I have not seen these so we got a hero Soul which I guess generally you get like rare minions and I dont know what this one is its like a fusion between the bone guard and the bell head I kind of like my bell head I I dont really want to fuse him this is just a straight upgrade of the inkling might do that and this is a straight upgrade of the the Bell head so lets take the impling demonic possession infuses a level 3 implant Trapper with a headline sinful Soul whom constructs booby traps crafted from bodily fleshy organs great no achievements yeah theres a lot of achievements you just keep getting them in this game wait knuckle duster again so we could do like Mega dashing damage and this one seems kind of pointless 10 more damage on human enemies five percent less than beasts I I guess Ill just take the knuckle duster again lets just get dashing damage holy thats a lot of explosions uh lets go for a lets go for a boomeranger the boomeranger is kind of nice there was a boomerang down here uh like I was gonna say theres a bunch of nice quality of life things and like accessibility settings which Im really happy with in the gameplay tab you can like change so many things you can have uh item countdown so after you choose an upgrade you get a separate screen that like counts you into the game before it starts again in case you dont like just select anything and then immediately youre like dying to enemies you can have a health bar under you damage numbers which I do have on a player outline an enemy outline I do have the enemy outline on because if we turn this off then you can see like its pretty hard to tell what my menus are and what the enemies are so even though the enemies come for you so I feel like its its kind of nice to have an outline and I prefer the red one instead of the pink one and you can also make your minions like uh transparent so theyre easier to see through thats pretty nice honestly but I guess Ill uh eat them on normally for now what is this a question mark block Jack in the Box or what looks like a a key or something like lets take this one tinkerers toolbox now occasionally constructs trapston snare unaware meanies pretty good looks like were going for like a trapping build slows and uh traps and bombs and whatever yeah thats pretty neat lets turn that off and then declutter floor you can like turn off effects that are too annoying to look at so you have to stand near your chests to unlock them like that oh here we go uh yeah I probably want this I am playing the like giant character so you kind of want like as many Giants as you can so that is the uh is that the boomeranger and the guard I dont know which two that is but lets get him emboned giant Fister fuses two Skelly minions into a giantess Fister whom swings a colossal knuckle sandwich of suffering great how about them all right seems pretty like standard doesnt really do anything just walks around and punches stuff so we can do a dash over here in case there were any pickups oh thats thats a problem yeah I dont have my dash for a long time I generally dont use the super Dash much except for on the uh the boss well get to the boss yeah this music is so it reminds me of like Cave Story uh more Bell heads Maybe or auger auger is very nice its like a support minion the cast hey spells I think when you get this one maxed out he just permanently like keeps everyone speedy yeah its like Cave Story or Pokemon music or something it seems very unfitting its good though oh what the hell is going on here oh they were like trapped yeah I mean Im still like more or less a beginner at this so I know the basics but not much more uh yeah lets lets bone bolster the auger get that buff up heres a spell scroll so we get to choose a spell fleety haunting so you can only use these once so just like support from ghosts I might take this one thats kind of nice Music I dont think I I think I used this one you sacrifice a barrow boner to level up a random Skelly minion but if you use it when you dont have any Barrel boners its just wasted so uh lets take this one I think foreign minions yeah that is that is an issue but also just uh you can see I can Dash this fast but then if I use the super Dash Im gonna Dash as soon as I can now I can Dash again its like a pretty lengthy cooldown so you definitely dont want a super Dash when you dont need to its a treasure chest nearby uh lets lets get the Giant Archer it does get rid of my bell head but I do want more Giants and these are kind of rare upgrades to get so lets do that because Im the giant character I am a lot stronger than the normal characters I have like more than twice the health so here we go first boss this guy was kind of a pain to figure out but I kind of think I know how to deal with him and thats just using the super Dash over and over my minions are just killing him for me and then Ill just sit here and then when he stops theres a stash over here and then you play Toho for a second and then charge up a dash again this is by far the easiest way to deal with that guy that I found because yeah the bosses are very dangerous they like if you have Baseline Health they kill you in like three hits or something so you gotta be very careful okay we got a spell card Devils ball of Doom I I havent I never tried this one Music do we have like music overlap oh God unrelenting dysentery spell great all right lets get this one death and Whispers meanies shall suffer upon them the curse of death and okay I think that just makes them take more damage or something so now I have two spells I kind of have to use them echo of the Wilds look at that reference uh bees birds and shrooms shall arrive to thy Delight Im pretty sure theyre they like arrived to kill you and you have to kill them to get like a benefit confetti cannon confusion roaming Travelers shall be brought forth to thee sure lets do that and then just use it hello ah please dont hurt me Ill do anything I beg of Thee I just got a little lost out looking for berries to feed my ailing sisters please let me be lost Maiden though lyrics hungrily at the Buxom Maiden by his Maiden misspelled she takes a step back as Terror and tears fill her eyes scram out of here before I change my rotting mind kill the Lost Maiden we are evil after all thou bids thy minions to surround the crying Maiden who Mack her into Teensy tiny itsy bitsy pieces encanting a sorceric ritual thou smears her bloody innards over thy open mouth face fully healed and 10 Max Health great amazing I love being evil come on so uh I guess I want to save my curse for like a bad spot but I definitely you can also store them in here to like store the curse and then I think I can take it out again yeah so if I want to use the other one first I could like hold this and then use the Slime one and then pick up that one thats like a thing uh Tower you have to sort of Buy in place in the world ah lets I kind of want more minions at this point so I can like combine more lets go for the Warlock he just like shoots spells oh watch out for the ballistas lets use it now then we get a bunch of gems from all of these enemies lets get our other scroll out here oh watch out Music God that sound so many gems I dont even know what gems do it seems like its a score and I dont know what score does I guess it depends it like affects how much money you end up getting from the successful run or when you die I dont know Giant barreler Maybe embold destinious thats from a giant random giantess minion ah yeah lets do that demon hole thats thats the garlic of this game but it is very small I remember bone chemist slab crease thy Bones from gems gems are fairly rare I guess I have to take this I kind of want the demon hole lets get this one just to see what it is funky turnip increases chance of being offered to Bro minions when bone racing I dont know what that means but I I like bro minions I guess Music did we get any Bros no lets bolster our Warlock oh Knights are coming after me Music yeah sometimes that can definitely help you also get a bunch of hats and stuff this is basically TF2 as far as I know the hats do nothing its just fashion you can also change the color of your uh your character Music spell card if Im in a pinch I need to remember that uh thank you maybe this one you can dig up goodies now lets lets bolster our warlock again I have no idea about like builds and things like that if you want to aim for something lets curse here do they offer CIS minions too maybe we might have killed all the maidens so uh no sis is available Echo the Wilds again this one is kind of convenient you turned into a snowman you cant move but everyone just ignores you but this one this one just spawns a bunch of chests but Im pretty sure they can also be like mimics or traps and stuff but lets take it and use it amazing chest ahead nice nice reference I didnt realize that last time oh flam bro Blaze race flam bro raise the fiery flame bro minion to thy Legion sure lets get the bro Music where are these chests here we go cant really open that right now here we go protect me nice and theres a spell what is that a heart thats sticking out his tongue sure suckage Extravaganza all pickups shall shortly be sucked no matter how much they hide it doesnt seem like that great of a spell you have a lot of like look at this this normal like suction range because Ive Ive upgraded them thats the max amount you can get theres a new minion whoa I should get the giant Mage thats kind of why I leveled the Warlock but curious about this five normal like bone diggers wherever whatever theyre called sure normal is destinius she uses five Barrow boners into a random level 3 Skelly minion not like anybody else was using these boners I see Music so I got a level three implant Trapper neat oh I I do want that eye donors increase the site range of all die minions yeah for now Im not really worried about like winning runs I just want to unlock as much as I can so lets get this one colossal tooth thatll have an extra chance of being offered giant minions oh and increase the maximum amount of giants now can raise perfect thats exactly what I want hey we have like two two giant archers thats pretty good and you can see the little clock icon above them like theyre most of the time they remain buffed oh God I dont know what I just did the like suction spell that did nothing uh Music this looks mean is that like a skull with a gem or something no magical bum bag a fetching garment for storing an extra reserved spell scroll okay thats not that great for me lets get the auger bone bolster off now he should be buffing pretty much permanently as far as I remember are these shovel Knights or do they have like they have Cleavers I guess I did see there was a Shovel Knight reference theres a lot of oh bomb chest troll bombs from Isaac yeah lets get the the oh but theres a pot bro theres a lot of references in this game racism alchemic hot bro minion to thy Undead Legion whom tosses out many pots of strange shifting sorceries yeah I have to take that the Bros are rare oh God here we go I have never beaten this guy be like dashes at you and then slashes and you have to really I dont know if I I want like Dash through him maybe like power up and then charge away that might it might be the the best way to deal with this guy as well same as the the sorcerer yeah I think thats the way to deal with him go with my minions yeah last time I just died because I couldnt Dash away from that I tried to like Dodge it and then just got hit over and over here we go nice furthest run Ive gotten so Legion blades and thats pretty good but lets go for the watering can uh-huh increases the speed which Contraptions respawn their benefits oh also like the pot that just puts goop on the floor that actually does respawn it just takes a while exploded pumpkins neat okay calf donors this thing looks weird Im gonna take that crooked dice oh its a dice or die I thought that was like two eyes at the top and it was like a weird imp creature allows Lee to re-roll an extra one to six times when offered any item okay four rerolls not sure thats so necessary because Im not really like re-rolling for anything specific oh boy no scrolling Music nice music were getting golden boners amazing chest ahead Id love to get the chest there it is uh lets get the tangler just for the slow theres a lot of slowing going on well what is happening oh that was a trap chest Music things are getting a bit chaotic now oh dear half HP oh this this is a problem I might be dead here uh doppelganger is kind of nice just cast random spells or we could re-roll but yeah lets take him I cant Dash I wish I had theres a relic that increases the uh dashing distance and lowers the cool down I would like that I mean that would be nice to get Music but that is like my permanent gold I might just not take it lets not take it okay Heros Soul again uh Ill take the Giant Archer does that say like I get oh I see its just showing I already have two of them so I will get a third one not that I get two of them now service Bell puzzle wandering Merchant tummy bugs sticky mess of soggy bottoms great and this one and see lemon scroll sorcery scroll imbued with a sealment Sigil allowing thee to seal up to three offered items to see again soon I see lets just unlock them so you can like lock one and pick another if you wanted both like if I really wanted doppelganger bone bolster I could seal it here but yeah I dont really want that lets just take another giant Mage why not we have like four giant Mages oh no we have a three giant archers and two Mages was that the last the first one slime haladini questers you can see the effects get a little crazy in the end it gets pretty hard to tell what the hell is happening uh lets get the impling again because I did upgrade my impling into something else midass touch foreign just a bunch of coins I like a bunch of coins this looks like a pot row of some kind all right whatever lets take it potted come down peculiar pots of Shifting sorceries shall fall from up high Music lets just use it there they go oh watch out Music and more spells this looks like a debuff of some kind whats that stars alignment the converging of Destiny shall bless thee with item rerolls okay I I dont really need that but sure two rerolls oh boy Im just standing here hoping for the best uh lets bolster our Inkling ow ow help help Im dead yeah okay well that was my my best run so far we got three like character upgrade things 6 500 coins nice I think the most Ive gotten before this was like 2 000 something there we go three thousand eight hundred and third in the the world crazy theres also like a weird card game like Tetra Master triple Triad kind of thing I dont even understand it I dont know why you would play it it doesnt seem to have any point but its its in there so yeah now we can like upgrade stuff we can go in here each one of these has like three levels of upgrades as well so uh like this one we can get two demon minions sure and then the final one is three demon minions sometimes they uh they change this is nice like more choices and then for spell as well re-roll Im choosing a bone race like more rare starting minions I guess start with three Music during an Awakening the ilaki can offer to duplicate relics I dont know what that means Music oh yeah thats the thats at the start ah so thats just like that can just happen every now and then I guess like depending on at certain waves yeah the Awakening is like a run I think oh lets lets get that giant minions I guess thats for healing so yeah like these are the The Beneficial upgrades for me but then theres also you can also uh like Get Rhythm if I if I dont want this again then I can just sell it and I get the money back just like in uh in Vampire survivors you can also toggle them I think like forget them yeah just to like deactivate them if you dont want them at all which is kind of nice and here is where you like bolster the enemy forces to get more enemy types which I guess is good like it makes it harder but also you get more more XP in Golden score I suppose its like lets get extra Wizards that rarely arrive to blast their magical loads there we go sure and here we can upgrade our character I guess I can try and go for a different character maybe Mel them afflicted oh thats a new one I havent seen this lets try this one Music single level 3 Skelly minions can become meldas mellos minions and then what do we have each meldas Minion bolsters Attack speed more of them acidic blobules start with a Metals minion but start with less HP Music get more running speed I mean it seems like just for right now I would want to just get more of them so lets do that and Music I guess Ill get something else in here Music this one I dont really feel like I need these but maybe I should get them anyway this one as far as I know is just like it does nothing here and then nothing here and then here you can get demonic Diablos whatever minion Music not sure thats worth it Maybe and lets save some money because we might need it during the Run so lets just do that sure so if we uh go in here I think it is card collection uh no no yeah Music Clash full cards Thou shalt findeth no death here only the merry enjoyments of a playful deck Deck card distraction of strategic valiances you can very much tell that its the writing of elementia in Echo of the Wilds Music so Ive just you just get random cards I guess and I dont know how this works I dont know what theyre like orange or pink arrows mean like this guy has two so I I tried to like do the the Tetra Master thing where oh I I pressed this and put it here but then I dont think thatll thatll convert him lets try it it does I was like trying to do that before and it didnt seem to work so now he has a six I cant really do anything about that but I can do like this I guess or is that not gonna work because if I do this as well I think I think it will take over yeah it basically just seems like Tetra Master as far as I remember Music so like we can place Music ah Music like how is this gonna work maybe I want the the Golden Arrow up left if that matters didnt they take over the the Knight yeah I dont understand this I have no idea whats going on that did nothing think I lost thou lost well I won one game before this and lost this one and as far as I know it doesnt seem to do anything theres no benefit but maybe there is if you play enough no idea because its pretty confusing so uh lets go back in and do The meldom Afflicted I also have one more to unlock dont raise a legion of 11 Skelly minions so we just want like many minions just to unlock that instead of just constantly upgrading and melding them but lets lets go for oh wait hold on stop before we do that lets go for skins here we go heres all the hats I have we can have a skull hat a hockey Jason pumpkin treat Santa hat for Eiffel d a fez youre a wizard hat I do like the meldis flame one I think that looks good but lets go over the the wizard hat I guess and then we can get like this one or something that would fit more if Im playing the the spell scroll dude but sure lets go for that so maybe I want to play something like this maybe this one lets see how good that is and if I have to be like near it or how that works lets please here here here lets do that treasure chest so you just like get a treasure chest for free at the start I guess but wait does that respawn lets go for that too okay this is kind of a Im just using all of my gold but lets do it lets place a treasure chest like here early on or something and then maybe that respawns well see so I cant buy anything here oh I can actually exactly buy this one so I can have diarrhea thats good or just running speed of minions thats good too no yeah I think Ill go with this one lets take that I have a no gold whatsoever great lets see if that ever comes back Music look how weak we are now gotta build up my minions again Music I actually want to take damage to see how the like regen works uh I guess lets try and just get like a bunch of them just to see if I can get that unlock so if I take damage here I am regening but I also have regen like inherently from a skill upgrade or something so if I stand over here is it like more region Music no Music all right I guess that just passively adds a little bit of region I guess I wasnt regioning quite as fast as before I placed that I mean lets just passive you just have region I guess uh lets get a barrow Digger oh no that that fuses lets not fuse lets get the guard Music kinda wanna get up where I have this like slow stuff and the grave spawning bones and this flame Tower as well kind of helps out this tree is supposed to like luring birds and bees but Ive never seen it do that so and I did unlock them as the legion so I dont know what the hell is going on with that uh yeah I mean this is probably the wrong Strat but lets just go for many many minions and see how that works suddenly very chill like trance-like music almost Music back to Cave Story Music it just reminds me of like grass town or something dont raise Baddie shrieks ball forcing meanies back sure its a bit of a rare one theres like a cone okay not sure how good that is but maybe when you level it Ive only had it like Baseline I think yeah spell lets do humongous bones Music foreign I have like a bunch of Bones on the floor this one is nice dashing lengthen lower cooldown I wish I had this like earlier Music I mean I guess thats the only one I really want it is nice even though I dont have damage I can still like Dash faster and slightly longer its just barely noticeable but itll help out kind of running away from my minions Music ah I guess lets just get a skewer yeah lets just keep going for this this is probably a bad run but again I just wanna just wanna go sea Rays pumpkin bro hes semi-suicidally blows up his fetid boomy head and it like respawns after a while I assume this is just like increased vacuum range but sure lets take it yeah not really super useful I would say lets trigger this I guess uh this seems interesting like a swarm of flies flesh larva by rotten skin reads plague flies that confuse nearby meanies sure Music that seems kind of nice just when they get close to me they might get confused and just run away with unwashed bone stench oh Im stuck yeah you cant get stuck on these Graves and stuff so you have to be a little careful about that I dont want to do that I want more minions so lets just get the uh the guard again surely I have like 11 now right I think it it should pop up in achievements if I get it I guess we can check uh I mean maybe the the normal dudes dont actually count see I have like eight of the other ones right no nine yeah okay so I should only need two more special minions as far as I know lets see if we can Music oh hello wizard I dont want your magical loads I guess Ill take this as well even though I I would like midass touch what does this one do permanently Arrow boner because that sounds very good if its permanent but whatever lets take the unknown one Abracadabra haste all minions shall benefit from haste increasing their speed probably just for duration lets just use it its a new one oh thats the Baddie bone bolster I havent done that so lets lets hold off lets get another inkling should just need one more and then we can start like fusing and upgrading in case I can actually survive and I dont really understand the timing of the first boss because sometimes he shows up at like three minutes and then other times he seems to take longer fake chest fake chest oh boy HP region does help foreign Archer really Music Elven Wayfarer this one is quite a bit harder than the the uh the wizard as far as I remember like dashes around I mean I think just the super Dash Strat kind of works yeah just turtling like crazy and just running away is definitely the Strat for many of these Music maybe I have to stay around a little bit so my minions can actually attack because yeah later on this will be harder and harder like that now it shoots three arrows and then later itll be like five or something and seven I think Music but I guess you can just Dash through them if you do it correctly yeah like that time it right you can just dodge through attacks since I have like iframes upgraded yeah I guess thats not too bad this might be easier than the the Wizard nice no problem all right Relic no thanks no a wand lets get the wand oh its pin penitence pin a random Skelly minion shall rise at expense of draining thy Health okay thats fine I guess Music uh upgrading relics I cant but yeah so I guess thats the upgrade I got you just randomly like I guess maybe its once after every boss here you can buy an upgrade would make sense Music ow yeah that took half my HP but thats fine Ill redone it up but seriously we have so many minions what was that what do I need can I see that here uh Music uh I dont remember what it was called did it say 11 was it not 11 minion Music no I dont know what that upgrade was for for that character I mean surely I would have it by now right I have wait 7 8 9 10 11 12. including excluding the like normal ones so I guess Im just gonna start fusing maybe it just doesnt unlock until Im like done with a run or something or maybe its 11 different types of minions or something whoops I just used the spell didnt mean to do that pressing the wrong buttons what the hell is this thing its from like streamer I think stream my ninja yeah I havent played streamer because it seems more like a local co-op party game but I do want to play Spirits Abyss or whatever it was called another game by caseware all right so lets just like bone bolster some things this bone bolster the the boomeranger that like gives him uh oh oh there we go wait is that it Oh weird so you had to like bone bolster to cash that in or something thats thats odd I dont know why that didnt unlock earlier maybe thats a bug it is early access after all Music yeah again very good music but sometimes not very fitting Music thank you Music also Im not sure I like the Baddie that much because it knocks enemies back but if the baddies like behind enemies itll knock the enemies into me which is a bit of a problem I guess Ill take the giant even though Im not playing the giant character Giants are giants theyre theyre good lets get this thing ectoplasm poop fertilizes gravestones to lure embittered ghosties to them okay so just this specific green stone or for what I see yeah we just have like ghosts flying around now Music doppelganger Lets uh bolster the Archer Music there we go Music yeah once you get a hat you just equip it like in the run so choosing your initial look doesnt really do much until you have everything unlocked I guess Music out I am playing this on the keyboard because I I feel like the eight directional movements and dashing actually helps in this game like I tried it on the controller with an analog stick and I I just felt like I was dashing less precisely and stuff I wasnt really dashing the direction I wanted so I kind of like this more uh lets get another Giant Archer shirt Music out not good and we have not seen the treasure chest come back so it doesnt seem like that respawns it might just be a one-time thing but like one Treasure Chest per upgrade isnt too bad I think theres an upgrade that like makes treasure chests drop relics as well like guaranteed or maybe there was a relic that did that so you want to like hold off on opening it until then you get that or something lets bolster our Archer again Im gonna sound a bit Mega Man Wileys theme almost deceased meat Music lets get whatever this is a foot oily feet trail of fire when dashing thats pretty good so you can Dash away and then do some damage yeah that seems very good its like passive damage to things that are chasing you Music it tried to Super Dash and failed uh lets get whatever this is Ward amulets all herdy painful damage that thou suffer is reduced that sounds very good just taking less damage I kind of want this one oh but theres a pop bro Music you cant pass up a pot bro I dont even know if theyre good Music occult Rejuvenation just Health Region I kind of need that lets take that and lets use it uh it doesnt seem to be doing much lord of the land oh yeah thats that guy out that hurts a lot uh oh this is now mistimed dont Dash oh boy Music I guess I should go like up here as well while its recharging yep just being a coward is is the way I really get the uh I dont think it was region I think it was like 15 temporary health or something like Soul hearts this will work eventually Music very slowly dont really have the greatest damage I havent really seen many like meldus minions either like I dont know what that really means so yeah Im not sure about this character the giant one is very obvious to think oh Im getting tons of Giants and Buffs from them but I also have like twice the upgrades on him hooray I need to do something with these uh boners okay I do like that one I dont know what this means Ive had it once and I dont know what blessed enemies mean so maybe we should take that just to find out and this is like more enemies but you get resources from them like rats and stuff Site range of Minions that sounds pretty good too just so they target things more but I mean most the time they probably Target something right lets try this one and another one foreign that sounds good I might take that oh yeah this one Treasure Chest may now also contain a relic or spell Scrolls so its not guaranteed but like I guess you kind of want that because like getting more relics is is very powerful but lets lets take this is like the greedy choice but I kind of feel like Im very weak right now so I probably need to actually just focus on getting stronger like Fast oh Treasure Chest somewhere Music there it is Music oh cannonballs from the East uh giant Fister whats bumbles are out our boomeranger out not good not good thats like 10 minutes in and the game gets very very crazy ow oh right I wasnt looking at the Fireballs Im dead damn yeah thats thats pretty hard got a lot of money still though oh that was still local high score first really where did I get so much score I have no idea what the score means but Im Im amazing best in the world apparently Music so then we have more money to spend maybe we should get these seal and offered Relic Im just gonna get them to see what we get offered spell banish an offered spell nah I really dont know about these I never feel like I get offered only bad things like I never want something thats being offered I feel like its a bit of a waste of money and I dont know what New Game Plus means oh is he pounding the king so thats like if you beat the game then you can continue onward so I mean thats not happening anytime soon new game plus six after pounding giggled thou can continue on to new game forever great I dont know if thats supposed to be forever or if thats a mistake maybe just this one like rerolls are nice I guess Music and then spells I dont know maybe just focus on some of these like rare minions more specialized contraptions Music uh what was this last one run stats I mean sure why not Music super spellcast sure I dont know what that means and class Heritage meta for 3 000 coins I think that means like I can buy one of the permanent class upgrades if you have like a lot of coins maybe this one fruits maybe that helps duplicate relics lets hold on for now I still dont know if I should be getting this stuff Music like I have yeah I have the birds Music and where were there like rats yeah this one I really dont know about this menu like why oh why you would want to do it and what it does lets get these ones not try like Melbourne Afflicted what is this guy lychee necromancer that rises Anew with an extra random minion friendo like if you die Music oh interesting so this this guy is the one I should have been playing I mean I guess you unlock him by getting a lot of minions but this guy is like the one that has a lot of unupgraded Minions that sounds pretty fun yeah each one increases health except for the pair of owners yeah this sounds kind of interesting Music sure lets do that Music more vacuum I guess maybe buying new types of enemy waves is like buying new maps kind of I guess but I mean like as far as Ive seen the enemies still show up regardless like if they oh didnt mean to do that oops uh I mean yeah now I cant do it but thats thats good I I wanted that I guess yeah wait what was that when bone racing a fresh Skelly minion all unsuck bones I see okay not super amazing if you go here like I have these Knights extra Champions shall rarely arrive to bully the mercilessly but we can already get the Champions they they show up in like wave two like at one minute in or something so its like I think its in addition to the normal waves that normally happen oh now its a wave of knights now its a wave of like paladins and whatever I guess you just get them all over the place and that only seems for yeah like variety and maybe just you get more score and bones and stuff like that theyre a little bit confusing it seems like you dont really want to focus on this until you can consistently beat the game anyway Music so yeah lets lets do one more lets try the oh this one as well sinned demonologist a follower of blaspheme rituals and occult incantations I Was Made of forbidden Soul packed with a Hellion realm itself wheres Hellion Im just gonna check what that guy does sinned demonologist oh just like he summons demons I dont even know what that means like are the demons the things like the flame bro no that thats a bro isnt it yeah just summons more demons I have no idea if thats good or bad or what you want to focus on well lets go for the Necromancer and go for like many small minions and I have no money so uh no point oh no I do do have some money yeah Im kind of curious about these I want to see like what else we can get sorcery Tome I guess that gives a scroll probably ginormous pumpkin probably just blows up I imagine boning totem maybe that like sucks bones near it or something cadaver coffin that sounds like it would maybe spawn the the boners like bass Barrow boners I kind of want that Music a rebound bone race level one Skelly minions oh its just a re-roll I see so its like all level one minions will just be re-rolled into something else when you touch it dont really love that I should just kind of research most of these Monument haunts a gravestone whose spooky ghost ghosty owner is unwilling to leave race is the limit on The increased limit on racing boo bro minions I dont know what that means lets get one there you go I guess he does stuff hopefully Music person I that sounds bad bushy fruit maybe is a heel like thatll respawn over time yeah sure Music yeah fruity bro minions and it heals and increases Max Health by 25. wow that comes back then thats quite good 500 though but yeah lets get one place it like here I guess all right dont have much money so do I want anything that ones pretty nice I I think Im just gonna save my money just slap him in the face lets just see lets eat this how how long is it gonna take until it comes back or does it ever come back Music we do not have many minions right now uh lets get a witch I guess just hexes people we want that theres the bomber Maybe lets get the bomber Music yeah maybe Ill uh end it after this run just as a somewhat shorter sure look at this game Im kind of thinking I want to see if I can squeeze in three games tonight so well see about that lets get a guard sure so I just want to go for as many minions as I can and bolster only when I have to I guess Music or I guess if you get something like really good offered Music lets just get an Archer foreign so this guy doesnt hurt me does he no no he just hurts them all right Music I dont know if I should open this chest now or maybe hold off like I I dont even know if Ill get the Relic that increases the chance of getting stuff from it so maybe its better to just take it now uh warlock Maybe or this one yeah lets get this one to dig up goodies and like those dont count anyway so I might as well make use of all the the Barrow boners as much as I can Music we got bees oh here we go corrupted Relic uh nothing curse just me being faster is kind of nice maybe just this one like I dont even know if that works on the fruit maybe maybe it never respawns or maybe its like a five or ten minute timer or something if that cuts that down maybe thats good lets try it normally I would probably go for the move speed its got the auger that sounds really good or like this many minions oh chesty Music we got a new Relic haunted trinket an ornaments suffused with angry spirits that shall protect thee also increases the max amount of flame bro minions now can raise okay so I just have like a fire thing around me no I dont know what that means do I just take a list oh no I see him now yeah I missed him its like a kings Bible except just one yeah thats not bad so I can just do some passive damage around me uh lets get the uh the witch now so she can debuff enemies yeah that actually does a lot like they go from taking two damage to four damage so its like double the damage I guess take a skewer okay Natures Wrath this one is kind of nice yeah lets take this one its just like passively like every five seconds or something or three seconds thats faster than that you just shoot down a little lightning bolt thats just one person I do like that one but maybe this as well you get like extra what is that item in risk of rain too that does this but like legendary item where you kill something and you get their spirits that help you out for a certain time I forget it was in Risk of Rain one as well okay a spell guess Ill take the debuff even though I dont think I want that compared to like trap surprise or something but yeah lets get it Abracadabra hex all meanies shall be hexed increasing the hurt they suffer yeah Music giant rats Music uh guess Ill take the baddie Music or I could just bolster a little bit now lets just keep going for low level minions as much as I can just like test it out I dont know if that is the optimal way to get this build this guy maybe you just want to like have as many level one as you can but also raise the really good ones just to so that they benefit from having like a lot of level one minions I dont know Music I dont know if it is grass town its definitely a Cave Story song thats like extremely similar to that uh now we have to do this I mean I can get one more of these thats good Music I need to re replay Cave Story one day I was actually talking about like recently Music yeah its nice being able to actually do something myself an impling would be good I do like impling yeah lets get the Inkling isnt that good when its just level one I mean these uh these bear traps are good but I really like the the ballistas and stuff and the bombs Music it seems to be working pretty well so far all right lets just get our Dodge game on uh just a skewer sure get that debuff out I am wasting this temporary Shield I have all of it its gone that was very fast though that is definitely like higher DPS than the previous one I dont think I want to upgrade anything I dont really want to spend gold in runs if I can help it I dont want to spend gold on things that are just temporary for the current run when I can like upgrade slap him again but I can upgrade like these things I can put out traps and stuff that will last throughout all the runs I kind of like that more go for a chest like this one just use it oh I should have done the like charge spellcast I forgot about that I need to see what that actually does is a new song I think okay oh we get it again or I could try this one and lets lets go for the chest loot box I mean sure why not I picked one Relic to get two more better just uh random I mean this one is really good though I think I dont even know how much this reduces damage but reducing damage just seems very very good because like theres no way youre gonna avoid taking damage at all I feel unless youre extremely overpowered health ballistas yeah Im surprised at how effective this is right now I dont even have that many like points in this guy I might focus more on him but at the same time I feel like maybe I should just go hard on the giant dude and like max out his entire skill tree and then start working on someone else might be kind of fun too yeah lets lets just keep going more minions though maybe it doesnt even matter did I get Buffs for having like multiple level ones of the same type or was it just of the different types I dont remember maybe those were two separate ones like one buff based on how many different types I have and one buff based on how many level ones I have oh pumpkin bro and yeah lets take this one was that goldfish oh its a money bag this pilfered cash bag immediately gifts the 250 gold coins and thats like I can make use of those during the run as well thats kind of good I guess Music angular tangler is nice just for the like slow its like these effects the red whatever Roots tangling people Music yeah theres so much different music you just keep hearing new music all the time foreign yeah this feels very strong I dont even have to like Dodge or anything I just walk around and things things die a lot Music doppelganger random spells sure Music looks like the the birds can get hit by the bear traps even though that doesnt really make sense I guess theyre just like damaging anything Music difference styles to play sure more lets go for more I dont want to race if I get the auger again I might take that though because like getting into level three it would probably buff way more of my minions and for way longer kind of want to do that drain boner sacrifice or drain boner a barrel boner to increase by Max Health sure and lets supercharge it I dont know what that did but I I guess I got some help and then uh this one I forgot did that do anything oh its a mimic instead yeah the mimics are kind of pathetic and lets uh lets use the next thing as well this one is kind of good you get like one HP per bone you pick up but just faster speed is nice too Im gonna take the the speed foreign I just took a lot of damage I guess that was a bomb chest I didnt even see uh lets get a warlock we dont have one Music any other chests here nope and so far we have not seen the fruit again so I guess thats a one once per run type of thing Music its randomly got a re-roll I dont know why thank you Music calmer Music oh oh out Emeralds just like frozen over here whoa what is happening curse of greed all Health regeneration becomes score what what does that mean for just those couple seconds because I didnt really have much health regeneration Music yep who wants to fight what is that thing is that My Doppelganger shooting that spell that was crazy nice look at all this these minions I have a sorcery wand Soul blades I probably want or just this one for safety lets take the soul blades and then Relic again just more money would be kind of nice or just this one to get health Music yeah lets play it safe not be greedy for a little bit of extra money when you get like thousands for a run foreign you just get slime spawning that have gems in them I mean thats probably good for a score run but I dont know why I I mean I guess I guess score might translate into gold like when you finish the run so I might want to take this even though I have an unknown one and whatever lets take the other one blood packed all relics currently offer to thee shall be given oh but this wicked action also reduced by Max Health by 25. Im fine with that thats great oh intense music this is like the guy thats meant to be super Squishy in the first place so thats not even that bad I just need all my minions to take care of them for me uh lets lets do the auger own bolster because yeah he doesnt buff that many now hes like buffing way more we can see four with a buff active at the the current time yeah seems like he can have like four buffed at once at this point I think if we get him to level three its gonna be even more oh Im not paying attention to the cannonballs Music oh boy I am dead oh theres a thing there for healing whoa holy crap Im getting so much life back uh lets get this one I guess or maybe this one yeah thats good oh I see that these are the bone uh the bear traps I was wondering like why theyre just stuck like that thats just when they dont get killed by the bone trap they get stuck like that okay we get new stuff lets go for this spirit fish spook Rays boo bro raise a ghostly boo bro minion to thy Legion whom spits a stream of spectral spittles sputum right oh blood packed again uh these arent even that good no Im not doing blood packed right now but that is that is tempting thats gonna be tempting for a lot of characters lets get this one again upgrade it Music now looks like even when theyre in Bear traps they can still hurt you potato face great uh lets get the skewer I guess is this like a reference or something kind of look like generic bee oh boy Music oh boy thank you oh boy theres a chest as well oh man I guess I can re-roll if I want to but maybe I should get a couple of giants like this one or something Im gonna do that now Im dead oh Jesus all right there we go well that was my best score again what how am I how was that oh its local best score for this character I guess because Im like 14 000. okay weird we got plus three thats pretty good so top 10 destructive minions so you can see like who is the best the skewers Im actually surprised by that yeah I always thought like implings were better than skewers and like Boomerang or stuff but I mean I guess this is only for this character because uh otherwise youll level them up and maybe the stats will be different but yeah thats gonna be interesting to see stats of like what is actually doing the most for you neat all right lets power up some stuff and then well leave it off there but yeah very much recommended this game is uh is very fun and its in Early Access so I guess its gonna get more over time its actually gonna be like a short Early Access allegedly only like three months or so which thats unusual usually theyre like at least a year well see and then it never leaves early access so yeah seems promising and caseware have made has made a lot of good games weird games but good games so Im kind of happy about this and its a very cheap game as well I think its under three bucks so yeah pick it up uh lets get this one I guess and sure lets get the duplicate Relic duplicate Relic and this one and sure demon minions I might as well just try and like get pretty much all of these Music putting out that many Contraptions lets get this one as well and then do I wanna keep going on The Necromancer Music or maybe I should focus more on this giant dude for now because I only need six more and then hes gonna be completely maxed out I kind of want to do that that would be good plus three Max health nice more Health means more damage sure lets take that and then lets take the one that gives me more max Health based on minions and then lets take running speed I would say running speed as well so now its just three like plus three or no two plus three and one just chance yeah there we go that is bone razor minions very very good wait is it yes its minions not not minion bone raiser minions very nice little uh vampire Survivor type game great pixel art great music fun like vagueness to things because its not just telling you exactly like what things do you have to figure out a lot for yourself so yeah Im enjoying it now Ill take a break and then were gonna do some kit underground so stick around Music steamed pork Its like Vampire Survivors, except based on minions and traps and being really evil. I love it!Dont love the audio balancing. Accidentally made the game a bit too loud.Get this game on Steam: Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at #BoneraiserMinions #Caiysware #LetsPlay steam game directory windows 10 handheld steamer target how to add steam games to steam library final fantasy 15 on steam steam mop for laminate flooring