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Steamed new havensteam most played BONERAISER MINIONS game all right bone raiser minions lets do this right back into another run with the deprived wretch and we are stronger than we were last time local peasants witnessed thou foul presence yeah but I got three little dudes helped me out this time and Ive got all kinds of upgrades going in we got uh the bones never disappear and all that stuff weve checked out a lot of stuff bone Rays batty not strong early the bone race bomber I think is pretty good for dishing some damage and AOE especially if you upgrade them I think theyre a good one to start with Ive got and I got a Bonus of barrel guy because I just really get those sometimes because one of my upgrades and were were off to a dominant start I mean we might be getting strong to the point where we need to buff the enemies on the early games we can grind out bones a little bit better might be something that would be worth investing in hmm the skewer is really good Im gonna grab the skewer the the bone race skewer they teleport around and do a little spear and a line dashes which is theyre theyre pretty good I like them quite a lot but and we got another bonus barrel guy thatll get the blue heads of the barrel guys so were were proper strong and were loving it and feel it and just doing good get them boys so easy ooh something new I want this what are you bone rains bone Rays doppelganger raises a fresh magic doppelganger minion to that Legion who has who has the miracle miraculous ability to cast random spells almost like I dont have the miraculous ability to speak coherently after Ive been recording for several hours so far today and across various games I work I do work seven days a week but its not hard work so you know excuses excuses just learn to talk better CG right all right stop over texting your brain CJ right were fine all right theyve around the champion well first we go get the champion whats this and what are you what is this one in the middle stir Rays pot bro raises an alchemic pop Pro minion to the undead Legion whom tosses out many pots of strange shifting sorceries fantastic bring them in also what spells oh thats a spell being oh no those are the pots and theyre doing all kinds of things and also one of my guys something spells theres a lot of crazy stuff going on right now and Im not entirely sure which ones doing which because Im not these are both new you guys new to me whos dropping the pots and whos doing this what spells are being used I I cant tell you looks like the oh man its hard to tell that was a spell to an a oh what is this freaky thing oh thats a thats a hats thats right this I think thats the thing that comes in like gives us hat you kill it and drops a new hat for you just wearing something different last time here I need to deal with that what we got here um this whats this one doppelganger bone bolster upgrades a level one magic doppelganger Minions level two increasing the power level of spell suit shall cast great we got more powerful spells coming in and we killed that hat dropping thing Im not sure if that red stuff is that spell all right I guess Im not feeling a different oh the cast of spell that turns into slimes remember that from a demo potato face hey you got a new skin love to see that their new hat stop hurting me all right uh sudden peasantry armor thou sells they drop slimes well the slimes useful for bone Rays bomber skewer boom or all the all right lets lets make our bomber better that way that like theyre do like bigger AOE for taking these guys out I still I guess Ill have to figure out the difference between the the pop boy the spell boy in a different match when I only picked one that was probably a spell right whats the whats the pop boy doing looks like hes do maybe the pop boy is dreaming no get out of here it hurts it hurts I mean the pop boy I think the pop boy just drops a little like bomb in an area I dont know its just kind of hard to tell theres just too much going Im too busy trying to dodge um whats this one doppelganger bone bolster upgrades level two magic doppelganger to mini level three creating a befuddlement or confusing all nearby enemies Okay so thats thats so thats the spell one that confused enemies make him run weird all right spear guy trying to protect me I think I may have not picked a strong combo units here but were still busy unlocking new things and check out new stuff also this might not be the only run in this video stick around like I wish Im about to dont die dont die Ive chosen my sniff sniff chassis Im dead no chest for me unfortunate stick around were not done here buy some met upgrades if you dont if you dont want to watch me buy The Meta upgrades just click Forum the video a little bit all right lets uh unlock some tormentors I did not get a tormented Soul didnt last long enough I can spend some uh actually lets go to the heroic Force actually we died its nevermind um but I was gonna make them stronger but no need I was able to hold with three Reserve spell Scrolls maybe not um Barrel guys can be fused into diggers who shovel up goodies its kind of neat they can Shuffle up stuff for us I can merge melded minions I can ooh the land shall be enlightened the phantasmo lamp posts attempting thou thy Health shall slowly sharing over time Im all about that and he hurt these suffer shall be reduced Im all about that too I cant afford anything else so were out of here and were gonna go right back into another run and with this one I cant wait to unlock more characters thats gonna be super cool all right we got three little guys to start us out here get some bones one nuts and now well Im kind of like not doing optimal like uh pick the strong runs the strong builds some to like unlock new things but were filming like most stuff now the witch is not good early nor are you I guess warlocks our best choice of these three here and warlock Castle spells to help us out here do some great things for us youll love to see that and were gonna chill for a bit and let them do the things that theyre gonna do as we get the bones and level up and become the strong boy man I love how these upgrades whats this week probably all this probably lets get the we can lovely up later Im gonna get the pot bro here just so I can watch them by themselves they launched they launched the little thing in the air and create purple Flames so basically it it feels it kind of oh what is that they created some weird like effect thing over there so sometimes they throw a thing in the air and creates a little like like bomb on the ground I see interesting um level up uh the Warlock uh so they can do a more powerful projectile that pierces enemies that seems great so he drops his thing on the ground hes kind of like a bomber this guy he like he falls he just runs around he drops his thing out of his head and oh it does random effects the the pot race bro he tosses this thing on his head and its its the effects it does are random sometimes itll do like purple Flames sometimes yeah theres the purple Flames what do you do this time pop raise bro do it again oh upgrade uh the Warlock again I think yeah more powerful projectile can home enemies thats great make the Warlock do more damage and so sometimes its purple on the ground sometimes its right on the ground he just he just throws this thing on his head that does different things that time is the red blood hatch which slows him down so the red blood patch slows him down fire obviously is gonna like burn them over time I think okay so just its just random random effects sometimes slow sometimes burn sometimes damage okay so hes kind of like a a very unpredictable as far as how useful itll be okay okay now I know how that one works wheres this bone Rays Bell head raise a fresh Jingle Bell Eid minion to thy Legion whom claims a concussive gong emanating from thee okay so a Gong from from a Gong from me oh there it was I saw a little Aura there was a dude is it knock him back us I dont know what it does does it does it knock him back it does it like knocks him back a little thats pretty good lets actually wait whats this one is this merging them it looks like the auger bone meldest destinius Transformer level three minion into a random male Dominion behold for it shall most surely be melden time oh okay so since I had my warlock to level three it transforms it into a meld minion I dont know what meld meaning is and we got a relic okay um lets grab the bottom one maybe haunted Trinket in ornaments suffused with angry spirits that shall protect thee also increases the max amount of flam bro means he can raise I dont have any flam bro flame bro minions um I got angry so I have Angry Spears protecting me oh I see I have an angry Spirit thats like going around me and itll also let me have more flame Bros okay so what does this meldis minion wheres where is this melt this meeting at money bag what is this green one in the bottom here tummy bags okay dying meanies May release a sticky mess of soggy bottoms okay interesting but whats this meld mini net were they at um whats this Bell head bone bolster upgrades to level one Jingle Bell minion two level two Whom Shall claim an additional and more hurty gongs oh does my little AOE thing thats going around me hurt them if it goes off it doesnt I mean it like definitely moves them back doesnt damage them out Im not sure maybe if it does its hard to tell because my spinning thing is also damaging them I think it does actually damage them a little bit a little circle thing around yeah yeah I think it does it knocks them back and hurts them a little bit which is cool where is this oh theres the meld minion hes like shooting a gun whats this an unknown necromancy uh boom bolster upgrades level two jingle boy um to level three hoop shall play an additional and more hurt you going so I have my little my little thing fires more often does like more damage maybe were in trouble here all right so its like theres a cooldown that is one two three cool down one two three level three okay where is this meld mini hes like hes up here shooting guns yeah hes like oh its like its a its a its a hit scan thing um where like he fires it and it instantly hits and kills somebody so hes like hes instant tapping him one at a time that meld mini is not bad uh Boomerang Archer get a bomber for AOE maybe my bummer were overwhelmed I need your AOE power so against the boss youre less relevant right although having these things around to help me are useful but Im not sure how good theyre against the boss I guess I can be more active in fighting the boss need you guys to merge like this spell whats the lightning bolt one lightning storm that makes sense manifests a temp a tempest a powerful lightning strikes I can maybe save that for the boss if you need be I need to like Dash past these guys and their problem I do heal slowly over time which is great Im not sure how useful the pot raised guy hide wizard approaches hmm like a little bomb guy another bomb guy get a boomerang guy lets level up the bomb guy so it does more uh things all right time to use my spell all right its gonna hit these guys because its Gonna State it for the oh whats happening over here a hockey Jason okay oh get him get him boys yeah get up there and shoot him up all right okay chill with all this nonsense all right it looks like my guys are doing some decent damage to him so thats thats pretty cool though theyre melting him oh I dont know whos dishing all this damage on them but somebody is messing this dude up somebodys really putting the paint on this guy do your spinny circle thing I could be trying to get close some damage myself I think its probably not a great idea oh they he hit so hard he hits for like 30. but my dudes are like somebodys I think my melded mini is saying for like 30 damage every time like destroying him shes been locked uh wizardly boss Hunter what you got for me you got a spell choosing to scroll spells try this one new spell discovered batty swarm unleashesive vampiric bat swarm from thy Mausoleum doors cool I picked up some I dont know this Im gonna use the bats right away so I can grab this so you can only hold one time right now uh unknown spell Ill try this one barrel bone bolster sacrifices a barrel guy to level up a random normal minion Im just gonna use that right away right and somebody got level up dont know who but somebody doesnt tell you who lower son is ooh got all these guys here but were gonna were gonna be all right I got I got things to help defend me knock them away deal damage them and we got one less barrel guy around but theyre doing damage Archer which Im gonna get the skewer the skewer guy seems pretty good I like them were gonna grab them a lot I think oh and yall to chill I just need more guys for addition damage oh Melissa arrows fall from West wait a second oh youre kidding theres random things unlocked a new card fodder Knights I gotta watch out for these arrows its kind of cool theres like random things like this ago kind of hard to tell where theyre gonna like hit at ouch stop hurting me healing over time its quite good for us Im not sure the Aerials actually hit anywhere I think you just need to not have them touch you thats what how it works rise thy sinful Soul sometimes get four choices dont know why maybe because we picked up a thing hmm upgrade the skewer guy or pick another one of these or lets upgrade this skewer bowl and bolster make them better and we must have picked up one of those little uh spirits on the ground whats this green thing unknown Relic ectoplasm poop funny fertilizes gravestones to the lure in bittered ghosties to them cool Ill take that amazing chest ahead I want it I want that amazing chest yeah give him ghosties theres the ghosts hes over there doing work all right we are still in this I need this chest its over there lets go ahead and level up the bone bolster again yes make them even more dead I need this chest give it oh I need to all you need to stay near to unlock it thats brutal but we got it I picked up a bunch of like weird jimmies for like score I dont care about that give me gold the score doesnt do anything as far as I know Im sure it does something maybe its for leaderboards or maybe you can use as a currency somewhere else in the game I dont know get them ghosties were doing it right here though were staying alive feeling great feeling good surprisingly good run here more he wants another Arch or an Archer a guard or a boomeranger lets get those lets get the guard how do I grab the guard in a while a little melee sauce problems the guard has like run after them to hit them which is not super ideal but then again I need more I need all these Melody guys the melody guys seem pretty good they like just insta tap things the last time I looked at them its kind of hard to look Im busy yeah they still seem to be instant tapping which is great oh we got we got a big old mace dude oh hes I gotta get out of here ever die were never dead oh my God you die so fast all right one more run one more run um buy some meta cards meta upgrades did I get one of these I didnt look I got two thats fantastic we can get the excavator Squad the barrel guys may instead spawn as uh diggers so thats like the level up version they dig stuff they also fight though and theyll get it oh thats quite the visual um fetzlers eye when bone raising a fresh normal minion thou shall also gain an extra re-rolled of her Relic item thats all right what about extra Treasure Chest occasionally on Earth or you get hurt get some moving speed I dont care about the re-roll so much what if we just get um pirate maps to smash your chests right thatd be kind of cool and then hell spend some gold up here in the bone raised lore probably once um by fusing mini install dial construct one Behemoth of bone Im all about it and then pressing X shall show that current Legion and Relics and not super worried about it this mesh still yet remains sealed to the almost firstly Buy nearby meant to reveal this ah its getting forced to buy other stuff about this bequeath companion thou shall rise and knew with one random minion friend oh thats fantastic two oh yeah Ill start with two minions at the start Im all about it Im actually getting so strong I should spend some money um to make them stronger at the start if were starting with two means were off the bat its gonna be easy to start so lets make them stronger so we can far more bones off of them to level up our Legion better and faster lets have them start with uh more Beggars at the start and uh theyll boomy explode attack so someone explode and theyll itll last for longer be prolonged that seems good extra flag liver shell arrived uplift comrades we got more flag bearers to make their Skies stronger even more flag bearers and uh very frequently theyll get flag bearers and lets also have a small pack of rats show up too and there we go well see how much stronger that makes them maybe might be too much we can dial it back if need be but I think were going to be starting off pretty strong because we start off with we start off with uh two minions and three Barrel guys so we started off with a uh is that a is that a voodoo witch we got there is that a warlock I dont think oh thats no thats the its the spellcaster weve got there lets go ahead and grab ourselves a hmm get a bomber all right should be good but yeah we got we got all kinds of minions were our minions I could see where like if you play this game for quite a few hours youre gonna start off with like a massive Army and theyre gonna also start off really crazy strong too Im already Im still feeling pretty strong at the start here um oh we can already fuse the two we started with into a big one lets do it in bone the giant guy fuse two level one means into a giant guy whom swings a colossal knuckle say no just suffering there we go oh thats a big range of hit on that guy but does have to like mainly walk up to him its still pretty good though its so good its a big strong boy its probably really good against the boss how much damage does he deal only two but hes got a nice range of effect he might not actually be that great honestly um only two damage and gotta mainly walk up to who youre attacking doppelganger bone bolster um make my magic guy level two uh sure load them up so I still have a magic guy what spells are you cast I want to watch you see what spells you cast you cast any spells are you doing anything Safaris just doing a whole lot of nothing for my scene or maybe hes like running tours like do something magic guy what does this magic guy suck hes not doing anything got new skin a new hat available on that guy theyre revolting all right Im not sure this magic guy is really great um creates a buffet or confusing here by enemies so if I upgrade Im just gonna confuse me about enemies I mean Ill do it oh got a new thing there all right so where is he also hes there he is right there and everyones hes got a little Aura and its confusing the enemies which makes them run weirdly so far Im thinking this might be like the worst one although I guess if you stay near maybe he like moves enemies away from me a little bit I dont know I think hes I think I think we just pass on that one from now on they seem like the least useful as far as like what they do uh necromancy also missing something bone strong possibility bone race tangular raises a fresh tangler Creep meaning to that Legion whom grows graspy roots to slow vengeful Minis I mean slowing enemies is useful and all but you dont actually damage them maybe once I level you up they damage them oh boy theres a lot of stuff oh wait hes so oh the bats are going he does summon spells I just saw bats come out of there so he does periodically someone smells just thrown out very frequently I smell it and were dead okay yeah that was definitely a weak crew um Im just gonna Im just gonna jump right in again because we didnt get much of anything all right note to self the magic guy theyre not it I mean they cast spells occasionally but its not very often enough to be useful I think right what is this in boned giant Mage fuse to level Miz into a giantess Mage who fires a spatter of homing magical okay okay this game likes this game likes the crass humor Im trying to like not say it out loud um but its there honestly this guy seems pretty good shoots yeah she shoots they shoot magical projectiles from like a pretty hefty distance it doesnt do a ton of damage but like it seems pretty good theyll just cost you two minions and a level up to make it happen right because I could just have three minions instead so its gotta be pretty good because Im effectively exchanging for three minions right get the skewer is pretty good because I I use two Mains to fuse at anyone level up and that level could give me a third minion so I trade you need to be as good as three minions effectively to really be worth it right and honestly maybe Im not sure if two damage is enough but like youre doing all right Im actually able to like stay near my meetings which is nice and just kind of chill me out a little bit hes gonna go get pick up some bones um bomber Archer lets get lets already have one dont I yeah lets level them up though give them stronger Im not sure if its better to like have a few strong boys or like a bunch of weak boys I dont know I mean youre the equivalent of three and I mean Im actually able to able to chill near my dudes oh we got a flag bearer coming in hot yeah just more bones for me and a relic thats the real value to flag bearers is they give you a relic which is huge no no Relic its kind of hard on it what are you emboned heart collecting bone pickup shell increase thy maximum health wait a sec and all thats really good especially if I have passive regeneration too we have tons of Health um I could get another skewer I get an auger to getting an auger to speed up the rates that my big guy fires its gonna be really really good Im gonna get that because the auger will speed up the rate that my other guys fire yeah and look how fast theyre moving and firing all thats huge value yet auger combined with strong units quite good wait are you doing less damage though wait a second is the auger speeds up the cost at this at like whats the point of speeding somebody up if it reduces their damage hello oh who threw the bomb at me well thats right these we oh stop it thats right um that balls are supposed to Max Health oh only if youre at Max Health all right so weve given some of these guys bombs and thats something to watch out for um lets go ahead wait bone raise one um hey spells wait the auger wait whats the difference oh theres same thing its just the upgraded so lets upgrade them so they like make them faster more often right but I feel like we probably just need more minions rather than speeding these guys up because like this it looks like the speed up has reduced their damage it doesnt need one-shotting them but what oh uh achievement unlocked Beggars survival um skewer bone bolster leveled up again probably a good idea especially if youre getting like speed boost from the auger guy I mean so far its all right we only have like I guess were also using the speed UPS on the the barrel guys so the speed up wasting the barrel dudes and it smells a treasure chesty you need to stay near it come on you gotta be really touching it huh got it just but just gives you some weird like score based stuff Im not sure I really care that much about that I can level up all the way or get a uh Archer I kind of want to start working in Archer I want to get a level three Archer might be nice get all over here arent you back doing yeah now you do four damage oh no now youre doing now youre doing four damage when youre spelled maybe its like depends like a level one auger Cuts its damage in half but speeds it up a level two auger gives it normal level three auger like boost is damage when its spelled I dont know Im not sure really whats going on here with the damage on this big AOE dude well figure out eventually right so let Samuel tell me in the comments down below all right Im sure oh thats a pickup I want down there whats this one Archer bone bolster upgrades a level and I popper Archer mini to level two Whom Shall fire additional and more Hefty arrows all right give me that pick up there ooh pot bro Im not sure if its great batty I mean be able to heal is good but you do blow the enemies into me which is not great um which you can instant kill eventually no skewer lets get the Baddie for the healing just hope you dont blow into me you got a relic here whats the top one Bernards watch whenever choosing a bone raise Relic or spell he also receives a substantial amount of lovely invisibility frames thats amazing I want that in my life as I quite often get hurt afterwards all right so I need you to chill my dudes like we get invincibility frames upon dashing which is really nice I really like I want it um what is this Soul Blades of any one of thy melee minions kills him I mean I dont really have any melee ones I guess the barrel guys then its Spirit May transiently accompany thy Legion as a spooky ghost say hey extra ghost used to help us out is great mobile to recruiting them to join us although we dont have very many melee guys that means I should probably invest in getting a few melee guys right another we could wear a hat for uh yeah give me the hats pumpkin treat there we go little flare on the screen there Hey look its getting ghosty guys I guess we got some Barrel guys doing we got five Barrel guys you like combine them or something batty boom bolster level you up and you actually hurt the guys you blow around thats great was a little little got a little thing going around my head that does already that relics doing something I dont remember it does so much going on so quickly and all the same time yes spell uh which one do we want the pumpkin one pumpkin the Comets a Celestial offering of exploded pumpkin shell fall well lets just use it chest hey get him exploding pumpkins do the worker I need to get this oh I dont know if Ill be able to get that right now its its a bit dicey and I dont get it right give me this never mind uh oh whats this Archer bone bolster creates level two eye popper Archer mini level 3 Whom Shall fire additional and more Hefty arrows there we go but get that chest got the chest just more currency I have no need for its just like just like to flex your skull or I didnt realize your enemies died there these guys are messing me up chill dudes chill my spinny dudes I need I need my guys to murder better like they literally Bloom into me stay away stay away the the the one bloom into me thats the problem with that one literally blows them into you all right weve cleared out most of the guys here now we can focus on the boss um daddy bone bolstery now you can actually leech health for me will be really good the level one and two of you is bad level three is like full bad and good you pull them into people Heal Me need you to chill with all this all right thats not super good and you stay away from that are you do you heal me when you kill the emergency damage thing oh you heal I gave himself I can go off the screen a little bit there huh I need this to its kind of like ease up here a little chill chill slowly getting health no wait nerd we gains Health slowly over time the the one only heals me when you actually like uh kill something I think right its almost dead though were about to take this quiz out you better take out the wizard beautiful job done what drops you got for me all right a spell beautiful Knights are alert bashfulness alert today uh whats this one Devils ball of Doom for a brief moment thou become a destroyer of worlds as a spell okay Ill take that uh choosing a scrolled spell I didnt mean to pick that up I was so close to it uh ball of doom again I guess because replace my hat and I actually the other thing I picked up was and I am going to use my spell now oh I see just someones up he just summons a ball that like just runs around and it lasts very long all right its not that great honestly color me underwhelmed I guess this maybe does a lot of damage on you know like if you got a bunch of guys stacked up or getting a lot of Health I think between my passive like like the level three Baddie things actually starting to oh I get it batty because its like a Sonic attack ballista arrows fall from the East gotta watch out for those but were actually healing up really nicely oh need to not take damage on those just making things extra hard for me see how its gonna be my Max health is 113. I guess my Max health and were dead you die so fast in this game all right hit the like button before we click off but were gonna buy some meta upgrades here and well go check the uh class Heritage here spend some tormented stuff I have one available lets go ahead and grab why cant I get these two theyre like its like ones you cant reach maybe like unlock your Tails first thou can unlock Treasure Chest at brightness speed break next speed Absolutely Ill also find the chest to be kind of useless you know flexing score I guess spend some gold more stuff available the Necronomicon Dallas offered four choices when choosing bone rice thats good that was able to infuse one sinful demon Fiend I mean just tempting right thou shall start able to seal an offered bone rice I dont know what that means able to seal uh thou shall start able to banish and offer bone rise oh oh seal and banish Im not sure maybe sealed locks in a choice we have every time and banish like eliminates a choice so you dont or Spanish is probably good theres like one you dont want like I dont want the pot Bros you can use that maybe but Id rather um figure out this its infusing a diamond friend is demon friend and having more choices is good and having four choices choosing a real I mean until I unlock them all less relevance lets make so we can merge um more melted minions right and maybe its all three all the way at once get some of these things done hold up to three reserved spells I think its gonna be useful right and we cant afford anything else we call it good and thats where were gonna wrap up the video smash that like button if you like bone razor minions and you want to see more of it on this channel lets go yogurt steam game Boneraiser Minions gameplay with CG! 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