How to hide what game you're playing on steammw2 steam charts BONERAISER MINIONS gameplay Music hello everyone time to grind here and today i wanted to check out a new roguelike kind of bullet heaven game like vampire survivors called bone razor minions yall have been asking me so much to play this game uh and one of my viewers zom actually got it for me so were gonna be checking it out it seems like we have some lore to begin with here so in a time longeth departed those with forbidden power over the dead were branded as wretched bone razors such heathen were hunted hanged burnt and staked and the remains sealed with sanctified mausoleums but what the fearful and foolish folk did not realize is that those whom are already dead cannot be killed thou is one such reveled bone raiser now riseth from thy grave but tread carefully as the godly heroic forces come to hunt and slay thee once more fetch their bones and amass a legion of dead and demon for the king of this domain crusades to demand thy head can thou resist king gigils poundings bone razor minions here so um okay so lets see settings here i dont really know how to uh i dont know how to oh okay see confirm okay um okay so lets see lets just lets just like you know check some of this here we could definitely get a higher resolution here thats for sure um okay thats thats probably good thats probably good okay play game here so we have mausoleum awakening okay so we only have one thing right or no okay wait okay so these are okay so high scores meta so theres meta progression and then this is the main game so lets go ahead and play it we get to choose a different character seems like we only have one character unlocked of the deprived wretch that was a miserable miscreant of peasantry lineage but they cowardly soul has a knack for swiping unwarranted treasures okay its pretty dope thats pretty dope okay so what is this collect enemy bones to bone raise a legion okay so are these attacking me am i gonna actually make like an army oh so i think its okay this is actually interesting because its not me just shooting projectiles at the enemy it seems like im actually gonna be raising a uh an army here okay lets see okay so we gotta stay away from these guys and let me know if the audio is too loud too quiet or anything like that um okay lets get all these bones here lets get all the oh oh we got an achievement okay or not an achievement but okay bone raised from the grave okay what does this do we got bone raiser warlock raises a fresh weirdo warlock minion to thy legion whom can conjure blasts of sorcery projectiles this necromancy will not be available so it seems like we dont know what minions do until we get them the first time this is interesting so its a its a bullet heaven game but we actually get to build an army of ourselves so we can either get another warlock or lets see what is this skewer a fresh god skewer minion to thy legion whom spear charges this way piercing okay so we have a warlock we got someone doing piercing attacks this is pretty cool you are raising an army of the dead yeah this is this is pretty freaking sick honestly okay no no get away get away get away and honestly even though the art style is very like dark and like pixel its still easy to be able to tell oh wait what is that i unlocked a new card stinky peasant okay so we get a warlock or what is this a warlock bone bolster upgrades a level one weirdo warlock minion to level two where now their projectiles can pierce enemies okay so now our warlock can actually penetrate enemies with their projectiles i could get behind this game that i now understand why a lot of you guys have been asking me to uh to cover this game so i think is it every time we get 90 bones and every time we get a bone we get like a couple bones its not like one for one um dude this musics pretty sick too honestly okay lets see lets see lets get to uh lets get to 90 oh i took some damage i took some damage okay what is this warlock bone bolster okay so now were upgrading a level two warlock to now a level three and they can home okay so our warlock is oh look at that yeah those projectiles on the warlock are homing and theyre piercing enemies thats pretty freaking sick okay oh theres a goal oh gosh theres like a golden knight coming for me no no no no no no no no no no no no major 20 minutes till dawn vibes yeah kind of except obviously instead of us attacking enemies we are uh we are summoning minions to fight for us which if you guys know thats like one of my favorite things also no we died rip so we got 2 300 um theres now i guess meta progression so yeah lets see what the meta progression is we also got a new card so what is the meta progression bone raiser lore wait bone raiser lord spend gold for all classes to learn new talents and spruce up thy spooky mausoleum grip grounds or we can bolster the enemy meanings giving the extra resources or okay yeah so lets do the lore here so what is this allows thee to sell any of the bone raiser lore meta to respec uh sure well buy that um wait can we buy it again booty full chest magic oh magic periodically appears wait periodically right for the plunder wait oh i did it again oh magic treasures are going to appear and we can now buy class heritage meta for 333 gold coins okay what is dabber dash pressing c when moving okay dashes oh so each of these have multiple like trees so if we did it again we would have iframes yeah lets get some iframes lets go here lets go once you die get the upgrade which kills you upon collecting bones im sure yeah some of thats probably one of them so theres a lot of different things so we spent all of the stuff we can already theoretically we could do things that um i guess uh buff up the enemies which is interesting we have also have class heritages so lets just go ahead theres also um there was one other thing there was like a compendium or something we can look at a card collection i know this uh this indie dev has made a lot of other roguelikes before some of which we played on the channel so im sure theres maybe some like hidden card game in this game but okay whatever lets go do it again deprived wretch here okay so weve upgraded some things here im ex im excited army mechanics are something ive been thinking about incorporating into a rogue like yeah i i love i love roguelikes uh where you can you can have minions or sensory guns or turrets or anything like that okay so right now we just have our base guy we can get a warlock i want to keep getting the new thing so doppelganger a fresh magic doppelganger minion to thy legion whom has the miraculous ability to cast random spells oh dude that fire spell whatever that was was sick dude this games sick i can already tell yeah like if yall are watching this on youtube and you want this to be a full series you guys know what to do im always looking for new like bullet heaven games to like make into a series and this this is something um okay what is what is this a bone okay so this upgrades the doppelganger to level two increasing the power level of all spells it casts okay that makes sense so we do start off with a hundred health i think the spell he just cast maybe it made all the bones attract to us just pretty good yeah cause theyre yeah theyre getting attracted to us like all the way over here theyre not doing that anymore though okay lets see oh geez oh geez oh geez oh what a curse of corroborative pervades all running speed is increased is that oh geez okay what is this oh we leveled up our doppelganger to level three befuddlement aura confusing all nearby enemies oh so hes just passively around him confuses enemies thats pretty sick okay okay Music okay just just just just just just leave me alone leave me alone you just gotta do circles except its a little bit harder because i think them getting confused is a good thing but sometimes it makes them kind of like get let into my path here what is that guy hes like someone on like stilts or something oh my gosh did we take damage i think we just took damage im having a hard time oh gosh getting any of these uh these bones here um um this is this is not this is not good this is not good i dont know if the doppelganger is good oh no oh no like by himself right now i dont know about this i dont know about this i dont know about this sudden pagan tree oh sudden peasantry oh sad sodden peasantry arm themselves okay well screw you dang it we died okay so lets lets get some new meta progression here lets just oh wait theres classes wait oh this is okay this is a class stuff which we dont have any of that okay bone raise lore okay all pickup shall take longer to fade away um thou has jaw-dropping bone suckage over range okay that sounds good non-bone pickups okay um pressing oh i forgot that i could dash i kind of forgot about that um pressing eggshell cast a held a scroll all pickup shall take longer to fade away okay okay so we got a couple things here okay lets go back here so i forgot that we could dash dashing seems kind of important here essentially because we have eye for i go boop i can dash i can dash through them so that seems important here okay uh what is this an archer okay so we got an archer okay so we have an archer now i think the play would be to get as many unique uh army people first maybe versus upgrading any of them but obviously i dont know what certain upgrades are until i picked him up for the first uh point or whatever fading pickups are a cruel power or mechanic at least we can get get rid of it um okay lets go ahead and what is this a witch a fresh voodoo which minion to thy und legion whom hexes meanies increasing the hurt they suffer okay so theyre going to take more damage if theyre cursed makes sense i suppose so i just want to try to get as many unique minions as i possibly can i think is what im going to try to go for this game here because i think last time we only had one and you know i think itd be better to have multiple maybe obviously thats maybe not the strat for everything but okay lets see purple always two pink row is level three what is this what is this a bell head a fresh jingle bell headed minion to the eye legion whom clangs the concussive gong emanating from the okay so we have someone that is i guess stunning enemies we have someone that is making it where other people take more damage we have just a normal archer so weve got weve got a good army here then weve got a good good army here stinky peasantry arouse a champion uh-oh uh oh i love the way that this game talks okay uh what is this guard guard minion to thy legion whom swings his sword nice okay so weve got a guard weve got a witch weve got a bell head weve got a what was it like a warlock or something like that no no its just a witch yeah okay so this is this is going a lot better here this time i think for sure this is this is this is doing a lot better than before i i do i do declare here i do declare oh no okay um is this an archer upgrade okay level one goes to level two who should fire additional and more hefty arrows okay thats pretty sick we just unlocked a new card peasantry brawler so its like for the card game collection or whatever which is always cool its cool to have i mean for this to be like a two or three dollar game or whatever um you know seems to be a lot going on what is that oh was it okay lets uh guard upgrades a level one guard to level two who shall swing his sword with greater range and ruin we also got a corrupted relic tummy bugs dying meanies may release a sticky mess of soggy bottoms some of the way the words are descr all of the words mean exactly okay theres theyre armoring themselves here like what is this an uh auger a fresh benevolent auger minion to thy undead legion whom cass hay spells increasing minion speed so really were doing a little bit of everything here which seems to be working oh is that a i got a trophy a corrupted relic was this soul blades if one of thy melee minions kills an enemy then its spirit may transcently accompany thy legion as a spooky ghosty like a spooky ghosty what a what a what a way to say it we unlocked a 2d fez hat we just leveled up the archer to level three its gonna fire additional and more hefty arrows okay and i dont know if the blood on the ground oh gosh hurts us no i dont i think it hurts other enemies oh the fez hat is literally on us right now oh oh the graves okay you cannot walk through the graves okay obviously the best best run weve done so far so i think our strat is relatively working out here i mean we may die here pretty soon probably yeah we died i was trying to grab whatever that was honestly ghosty the great british bake off the archer uh fired five shots okay so we got a new card here we got a new spirit so lets see what this is so first of all the class heritage thou shall be able to rise oh thou shalt rise able to reroll up to three offered relics thou shall gain one gold each second survived when the hurt gained a temporary boost to running speed shall rise a new clutching a random treasured relic but only if it okay lets just do the gain one gold for each second revived because uh that seems like it would be really good early on which is where we are so okay we got a lot of money here now um extra iframes one hurts non-bone pickup shall be sucked over ample range pressing okay yeah pressing x shall cast a currently held spell um opens architect mode to spruce up the mausoleum um thou may gain a barrow or bone when raising a fresh normal minion dont know what that is um so a lot a lot of this meta progression here i dont think i can i can afford this that can buy class heritage meta for 333 so what is that in this can i do something else now i dont know yeah so now theres like what a mausoleum or something mausoleum awaken no thats the main thing the compendium meta progression i dont know mausoleum awakening okay whatever wait oh wait theres skins oh we got skins you got a santa hat get a fez hat you can wear different colored cloaks yo okay here lets just do random randomize the hat and have a have a i have a blue a blue cloak i like that okay okay its pretty dope here ghosty is bestie okay wait our enter architect mode festoon thy mazilian grounds with traps and trinkets what is this choose thy sneaky contraption so allows to inspect and sell what are these generates bones during play and always starts with one so and then a spirit of grave that spikes those who dare oh mike okay so that increases the frequency of bird attacks that increases okay so if i place these it increases my max health oh so i can also update the area though so okay we increased our max health and then what um uh generate bones during play and always starts with one so lets do these bam we can only build one okay start game so thats interesting that is very interesting that is so that is interesting okay what is this a boomeranger who propels their piercing head to later return so hes the boomerang guy throws his head around pretty metal honestly so i have 105 health dude so this is theres theres so much going on in this game though like in a two dollar game this is this is i understand why this game is blown up okay um what is this tangler uh tangler creep minion to thy legion whom grows graspy roots to slow vengeful meanies okay so we got someone boomerang his head around and we got someone slowing enemies though oh oh what is that was i okay i didnt know if i was taking damage in there i think thats just the slowing of enemies maybe were stunning them i think 91 i dont like that weve taken so much damage already we need more damaging um minions here looks like a though i am kind of prioritizing ones i havent ever picked up like what is this okay level up the uh guy the boomerang more deadly and homes in on meanies which thats good that increased our dps here thats kind of what i wanted because yeah we ultimately want to know what the upgrades were getting so stinky peasants arouse the champion was this okay the tangler creep is now level two expands wider and then snares even more okay its not even two dollars yeah its like a dollar fifty or something yeah this and this game seems to have a i mean i think its an early access too so therell be even more content so for it to already be like this is very promising im really happy for this guy because this uh this is an indie dev that ive been following for a while and im glad he finally got a game kind of pop off get popular because i understand why i mean the bullet heaven genre is really sick and to have a concept where youre raising minions versus fighting on your own is pretty cool the boomerang is one shotting yeah boomerang boomerangs doing pretty good here okay what is uh okay these i think are level three upgrades but i wanted to get a new guy a balti raises a fresh bellow baddie minion whom shrieks a sonic wall forcing me and hes back okay so not a dps one more probably just like knocking people back or something like that which doesnt seem to actually be that effective right now but thats okay its the thought that counts right hes totally not knocking them back closer to me oh dude they are so fast dude how are they so fast now they have extra armor now okay whatever lets lets uh lets upgrade so i could just get another boomeranger lets go ahead and upgrade the tangler to level three which occasionally cultivates a healing health heart also theres a single mosquito in my apartment and i during this stream hes going to just suck my blood all of it i will have no blood what is this okay uh is this the boomerang yeah get the boomerang to level three more deadlier and homes in further you have a lot of people with swords smiting from behind are those from a relic or class i think you just start with a single guy or something like that maybe um or maybe that was some of the things i built i dont know what is this ward amulet all hurty painful damage that these suffers is reduced just the way this game talks okay corrupted relic flesh larva plague flies that confuse new nearby meanies okay we just also fully healed to full hp so thats pretty sick so i like that were also getting like kind of cool relics that are like gonna make each run unique as well and five or six people blue heads sword people to death yeah i dont know i think its just by default i dont know why i get more though i dont know impling okay a trapper minion which constructs claw traps thats kind of sick thats kind of cool okay just keep trying to get all these pickups here we unlocked a card abracadabra haste all minions get haste increasing their speed i dont think i needed that health we just unlocked a wizard hat youre a wizard hat dude theres so many um theres so much oh dude oh no theres like some new enemies that are swinging some something around okay were taking some damage here okay what is this bone the ampling is now level two and now hes gonna make ballistas oh oh a chest oh chest oh no oh i have to be by the chest for a while to open it up or something a high wizard approaches wait what oh wait did i just oh its a boss its a boss okay okay nice well knock the chest we unlock the chest oh my gosh okay the employings now a three and hes making land mines okay okay okay okay okay okay were fighting the boss oh geez oh my gosh okay well theres a bunch of mines everywhere would you mind walking into one of those please would you mind walking in oh he walked into one of them nice we are we are about to die here i dont i dont know about this oh health health health health health i dont i dont know his health thats the thing oh no no no no no no no no no no im about to die about to die like oh theres a heart theres a heart let me grab the heart we got the heart okay okay hearts hard spawning pretty pretty useful i think that was from our amp also what is this guy i dont know oh wait was he an enemy i just wanted to see what that guy was over there oh no oh no oh his health bar was on the right okay lets get more meta progression here um okay we got a new class heritage that rises anew with okay so with a company of two extra barrel boners okay barrow boners um okay okay um lets see by melding okay lets see i want to get like at least one of everything or something maybe i dont know um by melding minions thou can merge one melbous minion i dont know what that means Music pots and spooky pumpkins sweep the lands the eyes shall slowly regenerate health over time okay and im gonna save the rest of my money for the Music the progression here so enter architect mode or we can get pumpkins also increase wait a ripe veggie that when bumped into sets off a boomi surprise also increases the limit on raising pumpkin bro minions okay generate bones during play and always starts with one a stinky pot breaks a spike graves slows nearby enemies frequency of burn attacks okay lets just increase our max hp a lot here right so lets just go boom boom weve increased our max hp a lot here weve maxed out those see it cleo this stretch here and then yeah we could do more the bone ones thats what i was thinking too because yeah bones are pretty good so what is this um Music generate bones during plan always starts with one so well put these here weve maxed those out um okay so then what is Music lets try out the spike trap here i dont know whatever well a single spike trap okay start game here so were gonna go grab all of these here these bones to start off with okay got a bomber uh fiery molotov cocktails lets go and it looks like a lot of the graves themselves just have bones okay so were starting to be able to actually unlock and know what all of them are here definitely a fun looking game yeah this is this is pretty cool okay so lets level it up bone uh the bomber now does more hes got a fiery flask we got the uh the wizard hat here i think were just doing random selection on the hats which is kind of fun and like i was thinking that like i was like oh man a bullet heaven game with like these types of graphics i was a bit scared of how it was gonna look but this is surprisingly really easy to tell whos an enemy whos not stuff like that okay bone bolsters level three a lot more explosive fiery flasks sounds good Music so now were gonna need more more guys here yeah i gotta stay with my gotta stay with my scion cloak here of course thats so thats thats thats thats without saying oh they got a champion here okay so what do we want now uh the boomeranger was doing really good yeah lets do the boomerang guy boomerang guy was kind of cool so now we have a bomber and a boomerang here top rogue-like science skins i like how just getting the upgrade that added pumpkins just added like cosmetic pumpkins all over as well did what it said it added pumpkins all over the place oh no no no no okay um we could now um we could upgrade boomerang yeah lets upgrade lets upgrade im gonna try now now that i know what most things are im gonna now try to like actually upgrade the things that i have because upgrading them does seem pretty good as long as im actually getting the ones that i want you know not just upgrading like completely random ones that i dont oh geez i dont feel like theyre being super helpful what is this something this is something what is this storys pot bro raises an alchemist pop romanian to thy undead legion whom tosses out many pots of strange shifting sorceries yo you also got a corrupted relic box of tricks each bone rise d has a chance of receiving a free random spell also wait so i dont have any spells i dont think by the way i forgot that i can cast spells oh we just took a lot of damage i also can dash i need to keep remembering okay um lets yeah max upgrade the the um the boomerang guy trophy support one seem good but not early on yeah ectoplasm fertilizes gravestones to lure and better ghosties to them this is so interesting like this is somehow hat is a fresh spin on all of this okay um guard boomeranger lets get a guard now lets get a guard oh i found a spell within the bag of tricks and what does the spell do it looks like a time stop so ill use it if i feel like im in trouble because i do got to remember that i can do that Music no no okay okay no oh what the i dont even know what that did and i also just ran into a wall on accident oh dude look at my health regeneration the passively regenerates health that we got previously pretty good okay lets level up the guard here i dont know i dont know if we should just be getting more unique people now i dont really know i dont know what symbol is over those people did it like oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh theres a lot theres a lot of dudes here theres a lot of dudes here oh the wizard okay yeah and wizard his health bar is on the right okay okay come on come on come on okay oh okay what is this new thing oh guard to level three okay weve never gotten the guard to level three cool okay and unleashes a vampiric body swarm from thy mausoleum doors is that just gonna happen every now and then oh thats a spell i can actually okay did it i did it because yeah bats go get him go get him i think theyre getting him yeah they did i think they did a decent amount of damage to him holy crap look at that hes already almost half health hes almost half health already from that so that was his spell okay so now we know what now now were kind of understanding how this game works here okay okay we almost got him here we almost got him here almost got him here i think we did it we did it we killed him today im gonna unbox some graves okay so we can increase their haste always want to get new things okay for a short time all bone pickups give double the delight so those are spells um potted calm down peculiar pots and shifting sorcery shall fall from high up oh dang it okay so i think that over yeah that um i think i already had a spell so probably just overrided my last spell that i had so a bunch of pots are going to come down okay so what do okay lets do it lets do an archer now lets do an art show lets just try to have a bunch of unique stuff you know i want to get this thing we unlocked a new card said unboxing a random spell i mean unboxing a random spell what Music okay were gonna oh i used my spell and it made me stand still oh no oh no okay meta okay we got another class heritage borrower barrow boners may instead spawn as barrow diggers so i think those are the default ones when you pick this spell it clearly said you were getting a spell where theres multiple things going on come on man um okay no need to no need to get angry um okay thou shall rise to do clutching a random treasured relic when hurt get a temporary boost to running okay re-roll up to three uh lets yeah lets get the temporary boost when were running and well lets see pressing z shall show legions and familiars um oh shall rise with one random minion friend just starting with one um okay um nice moves wizard tends to be quite a hurdle for new players until they get more unlocks hey we did it in 30 minutes but i guess we did get a bunch of unlocks i think the bat thing did a lot of damage for us um okay i still dont know what the merging is um okay holding okay super dash maybe we just get some of these max up some of these cheap ones here yeah give me extra iframes all pickups should never fade away that sounds pretty good non-bone pickups shall also be sucked over ample range okay and then well save the rest for the mausoleum here okay okay Music you get more of the basement due to the out of game upgrades which makes you get more of them each time you get a new minion okay so we already have all the bone the bones we have okay bird attacks could be kind of cool yeah lets get bird attacks here oak and tree okay were gonna have some bird attacks down here oh i dont have enough money never mind i lied i lied to you wait no this there we go bird attack bird attack theres gonna be some bird attacks down there um that slows any meanies yeah lets get some slow meanies here now im out of money here okay okay okay lets try it here so were starting off with people i think we started off with a i dont know okay we started off with i think uh a knight or something or like one of the guards or whatever yeah a guard okay so lets try to do um okay lets just try to get a lot of them lets try to get a lot of them just have a million enemies here and now pickups will never disappear which is kind of nice um oh something new here oh okay skewered to level two because i do want to always know what were getting here yeah come come to these trees here well i guess a bird attack isnt guaranteed but a bird attack could happen near there this music is pretty good too oh dude i keep thinking that skewer guy is okay well get him to level three just because we havent unlocked that i keep thinking hes an enemy because he keeps like teleporting right next to me and i keep thinking like some enemies teleporting right next to me they got a champion no worries um well just get a bellhead what is a bird attack my guess is a lot of birds attacking a lot of minions that would be pretty amusing yeah if it was just like a single big big one maybe they dont even spawn near there maybe it just increases the chances of like a general bird attack maybe actually Music yeah there is so much meta progression here um okay lets see um oh lets get the warlock i just want to have a lot of different people here this this run oh oh no oh no get away get away uh-huh we got you okay Music okay um what is this normalist destiny is fuses five barrow boners into a random normal minion not like anybody else was using these boners okay so we just turned i think those five little guys into a random one upon my demise this pilfered cash bag gives you a hundred gold so when we die we get 100 extra gold i suppose okay so i dont know what we got though okay um lets get a witch its like one of everything you know thats gotta be a thats gotta be a build okay yeah that oh my gosh that that dashing guy the level three guys pretty good level three guys do seem really good i mean theres a reason leveling you want to level stuff up you know we got the um uh virginia bow oh no collecting bone pickup shall regenerate health okay okay that sounds pretty solid i like health regeneration here um okay bone raise yeah give me another guard give me another guard here just having a bunch of people and then you know eventually im sure well have to start leveling people up wait is that wizard attacking us that just like a wizard enemy i think i think it was theres starting to be a lot of people here Music oh all that blood all that blood i think that was probably one of the spells or something okay um what is this okay which is now level two the hex symbols last longer gotta yeah use these dashes really well oh my gosh confetti cannon blasts um enchanted confetti that confuses all enemies so we have a spell now if we need the confetti cannon oh the wizards coming the wizards coming the wizards coming okay and then lets get the bell head to level two weve never done that okay i kind of want to hold off on the confetti cannon because i think i can deal with this dont know for sure though oh jesus oh my gosh oh my gosh we just took a lot of damage okay we unlocked a penny clown hat okay confetti cannon screw it does that is that gonna stun him probably not he is almost dead we do not have a lot of health oh no rip rip okay um okay we have another one of these borrow boners may instead spawn as borrowed diggers okay dont know what that does we got it um okay so theres still this thing or no no theres still heroic force where we can upgrade allow you to sell in any of the heroic force meta to respec smoker for superstitious bid the unwelcome extra flag waiver shall rarely arrive small pack of toothy ratties burrowed to none thy bone extra wizard shall rarely arrive yeah so this is making the game harder i think so i dont think we need that yet uh not really um okay thou shall rise and do with two okay so yeah where is the i dont know im still curious as okay yeah that was able to hold up to three reserve spells that seems really good um unlocks a variety of especially specialized contraptions borrow borrow boners can be fused into diggers whom shovel up goodies um thys starting minions shall sometimes offer more electric variety uh yeah lets get more variety were not gonna have any money here but thats fine but we can see what it is oh we got a lot of stuff here now holy cow yeah making the game harder but giving more resources yeah exactly okay so what is this boning totem the first fresh bone-rised minion shall become leveled up maybe touch to be re bone raised level one to re-bone raise level one normal minions allows thee to store held spell oh my gosh an ominous pillar that slowly regenerates thy occult health dude some of these are crazy a curse um a veggie that one bumps itself a big boomy surprise sorcery tell magical pages slowly generate random spell scrolls this is really cool this is really cool okay but for the time being um we will um also increases the limit on raising pot bro minions wait these pot bro minions these are the uh thats uh those are the starting guys right the pop bros oh now theyre diggers so now instead of those i now actually have diggers here so i think theyre doing less damage or something i dont know okay um skewer bone bolster yeah the warlock guy was really cool Music was that i just got like a golden bone i got a freaking golden bone okay i want this warlock max level i want this warlock max level because the world i really like the warlock the warlock is pretty sick um what if we just get a bunch of warlocks lets get another warlock also i think the warlock was already a level two i dont know why oh yeah i think you are right pop rose are the alchemists no yeah i think youre right um warlock yep level up the warlock lets get all these warlocks the warlocks seem really good the homing piercing oh i just oh so i can walk over that pot that was all that happened and i dont think itll regenerate okay um yep okay so we have two max leveled warlocks right now it seems to be pretty decent here also the the diggers are doing a lot of cool stuff here for us Music dude these warlocks dude if i can get more warlocks im going to these warlocks are sick okay theres the pot bro um a bomber okay lets get a skewer here Music dude i swear theres a mosquito there is a mosquito literally all theres a single mosquito in this room and i think it is just it is feasting upon me um okay um ampling the snares okay yeah well do well just yeah well well upgrade stuff this time here oh what is this e boner barrow digger fuses two barrow boners into a barrow digger for more hurdy spade also dig up goodies okay um lets see horoscope charm whenever v is offered a bone rise relic or spell if thou chooses the bottom option then i gain an extra re-roll banisher seal if i choose the bottom option okay okay okay get that flag bearer out of here i like just slowly regenerating my health its not even slowly its actually really fast okay got the the spiky dude now max leveled um the sorcerer a sorcerex scroll imbued with a sealment sigil allowing thee to seal up to three offered items to see again so what i could like save them for a future run or something thats interesting okay oh dude another warlock another warlock we can never have enough warlocks dude warlocks are the play warlocks of the meta im telling you warlocks are the meta okay we gotta scroll i have echo of the wild the smattering of bees birds and shrooms shallow arrive to thy dilight okay so shrooms birds and bees will happen when i press the x button good to know good to know uh warlock level up the warlocks here im telling you warlocks are the key warlocks are the key this game is so sick though being able to like just i dont know raise raise up undead army you know okay i think i think the wizard is about to spawn probably um okay we have another warlock level three theres the uh theres the wizard here okay lets see see how we do you know what screw it spell birds get him and then the bees get him and then the shrooms get him everything okay that actually didnt do i didnt do that much probably not the oh my gosh for single target damage oh no i am at 14 35 health okay okay okay just come on come on come on just hes doing so much damage hes about to die though um a witch increases okay makes people take more damage yeah lets go ahead and do that probably warlock seems good for aoe well yeah thats why we got the witch now and the witch is gonna the witch is gonna make people take more damage here okay what is this suckage extravaganza all pickup shows shortly be sucked no matter how much they hide um heart wrangler tangle of helpful hearth heart shall magically sprout okay so oh i actually have yeah i can actually hold multiple spells now thats pretty dope okay so what im taking a bunch of damage you can praise this here oh we unlocked yummy pinky we keep unlocking new hats lets go Music oh chest chest chest chest chest chest seemed like a lot of money okay which yeah lets go ahead and level up the witch oh dude theres arrows now okay okay okay okay okay i made a bunch of health spawn right where did oh did i just okay i think i just healed when i pressed it okay oh my gosh oh my gosh okay what is this oh which level three we havent done that cass a death and curse where one touch can kill yo yo okay what is this wanna post more enemy shell arrived to stick thy head in a box oh more enemies are gonna spawn its kind of scary what is this melds two level two wait whoa melds two level three minions to form a mad magus whom flings his persistent balls of destruction okay the the the words here are purposely meant to do like this so we might have just lost our warlocks here or no i dont know what it just combined but all i know is we got some big ball magus guy or something i dont i dont i dont know seems kind of cool probably worth it but we lost like two level threes im assuming we lost a warlock okay no we i dont know what we lost unlocked a new card here okay uh lets get more warlocks back to the warlock grind baby back to the warlock grind oh gosh okay i dont know what this spell did no no no oh man okay okay well we got a lot of out of game progression i think when bone raising a fresh normal minion thou shall also gain an extra re-roll when offered a relic that should be able to re-roll now gains a permanent boost to running speed yeah lets do that that can unlock treasure chests at breakneck speed um thou shall rise a new clutching a random treasure relic okay lets do the unlock the treasure chest really fast and bone raise lower um okay yeah i want to do the yeah pressing z can show my current legion in relics a destructive minion tally shall be shown on death fusing minions now can construct a behemoth of the bone i think we just got that was able to construct up to three behemoths any hurt these sufferers shall be reduced oh um the land shall be enlightened with phantasmal lamp posts that was able to bone merge up to two melded minions okay um all pick up shall be sucked over breath taking distance and then well save the rest well do one more run here probably um okay okay enter architect mode do 266 maybe touch to re-raise to re-bone raise uh level one normal minions useful if he doesnt approve of thy starting minions the first bone rise minions is leveled up dude lets do that so now the first one we get is just auto leveled up um and um uh Music pots um okay a couple more spike traps sure why not thats what we need okay so weve gotten a bunch of stuff here well try one more run here so i think so what did we get so now i can see what we actually have i cant okay i cant like do anything okay but so we have three of the normals and then we have a trapper and its a level two trapper i believe Music there was this its like i dont i dont know some of these people okay um oh wait no i thought it was supposed to wait upgrades at level one emptying trapper to a level two i thought it was already supposed to be right so what is i like the people on the background are so interesting theres like interesting characters here but i dont i thought that our our first character was supposed to be leveled up i dont i dont know exactly how it works but whatever and who are you dude who are you okay whatever the trapper fuses barrel boners into bearer diggers um okay whatever level three trapper dude i think it upgrades the first chosen minion oh maybe Music so we have our trapper max leveled so yeah well see how it works when we pick up a new one here definitely think i need a bit more consistent aoe okay uh the witch ampling um yeah okay whatever well do the uh the bomber here so lets see is it leveled up i think it is leveled up i think yeah so it was the first one we picked up i think youre right so we got a bomber and a trapper here so thats very inconsistent dps but its decent aoe i think and i guess single target if they land in the trappers stuff Music um okay yeah get the bomber to third level since hes already closed because now oh yeah i forgot the trapper makes uh like ballistas as well just gotta lead them to the traps lead them to the traps um okay lets go ahead and um lets get obscure that way we have a little bit more consistent damage id say im gonna break open this pot dude i can just lead him into the traps its so good okay new thing we dont know what this is and boned giant bearer fused three barrow boners into a behemoth bearer whom swings his bone-shattering boning mitts okay a sorcerex goal imbued with a banishment sigil allowing v to banish a single offered item and never see it again okay um well lets go ahead and level up the bone bolster here so yeah thats interesting so wheres our big behemoth guys so we no longer have the three little minions so that is interesting that youre also not only getting the unique minions but youre also dealing with leveling those ones up who is this and bonetar collecting bone pickups increases thy maximum health yo okay get bone bolster to max level here so i dont know how many it is maybe like every 100 gives us one max hp i like that though i like me some infinite scaling stuff like that just increasing our max hp thats sick get out of here wizard i saw that it was a treasure chest marvelous chest miraculously appear or are they okay lets use it okay okay oh what that one was fake that chest was fake it was a bomb i guess i should have known that okay uh lets go ahead and get a archer Music so maybe its a chance to spawn a treasure chest as a spell or something that did in fact hurt us i wonder like how long we have to oh i smell a treasure chesty okay i gotta treasure chesty okay um pop bro okay lets level up wait okay lets get another archer sure okay chest chest chest chest chest chest okay nice okay so these guys happen and then uh and then the wizards gonna spawn here theres the good old wizard weve got 101 health here oh pumpkin bro raises a right pumpkin bro minion to thy legion whom semi suicidally blows up his feeded boomy head okay cool cool cool cool deal with him deal with the minions im probably gonna get somewhere close to this guy though deal with him deal with him see my skewer wont go to him until oh dang until i get closer to him what about now oh my gosh were at 18 health its like ah its like i want them to attack them but i got to get really close for that to happen come on attack him man attack him hes almost dead hes almost dead there we go get out of here get out of here nerd okay um what is this drain boner sacrifice a bear boner to increase thy max health uh sure lets do it i dont know how i dont know how often i dont know when i get those normal boners magically fabricates a bunch of traps okay so if we need a bunch of traps we can make a bunch of traps here Music okay you know what screw it make the traps here whatever i dont have a lot of health here oh ballista arrows fall from the east we got a diversitized sunbrero oh a new thing what is this and bone destiny is upgrades the behemoth borrower into a random normal giant minion time to put these boning mitts to deeper in boning use so i dont know what we got here i dont oh my gosh what he was dude oh my gosh so im so happy i can see i wish i could like mouse over them and see what they actually were but oh gosh im at 15. im at 15. im at seven im at nine im 11 12 oh gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh were at 11. were struggling here were struggling here oh my gosh uses two bear boners to a barrow digger oh my gosh i think they appear when you get new minions lets get the warlock here uh what is this new thing vomiter melds two level three minions to form a chunky vomiter who pukes an endless stream okay um if one of the melee minions kills an enemy okay the spooks i just want to get new stuff holy bloom all damage inflicted on beast enemies is increased by ten percent however damage inflicted on human enemies is increa decreased by five percent okay okay so we have some vomiter thing now its like i dont know which ones its taking away but i like all the combining and melding and upgrading lets get some new music here okay come on no no no no no no no no no no no oh theres the vomiter theres the vomiter Music i think this is definitely the furthest weve made it probably Music vomiter do your thing okay give me uh uh yeah we need to level up the warlocks because im struggling with um lots of enemies and i think warlocks are really good at that here oh theres a lot of enemies here theres a lot of enemies oh my oh my oh my i think were gonna die here soon i think were gonna die here soon rip oh rip rip rip rip rip oh man maam yeah see ya mega hurts oh man okay so we got more of this out of game progression thou shalt rise a new clutching a random treasured relic um and then extra treasure chest still shall occasionally be unearthed and then bone razor lore um sinful whisperings of corrupting tongue can be fatally heard i dont know what that is um that was able to construct up to three behemoths of bone um Music maximum limits for all contraptions nice starting minions so sometimes offer more variety oh okay um boom bone merge up to three melded minions that seems cool and invigorative fruit shall sweep the garden oh i dont have enough for that things are starting to get a bit expensive okay can we roll up to three offerings when choosing a bone a bone thing okay man this is this is crazy and we still have several areas um by all heroic force meta to at least level one to unlock by all my so theres several areas um and then this is the card game i think yeah all of the cards that we get you can literally theres like a separate card game apparently and like so well probably worry about this later or something but like theres a whole freaking card game of like you know fighting between each other and stuff like that absolutely insane i mean so much progression so many characters i mean this game is like so cheap and we have not even scratched the surface of it so i would definitely definitely definitely not mind uh you know making more videos on this game so let me know if you want to see more bone razor minions videos this game is freaking awesome honestly so hope you guys enjoyed you know make sure you guys subscribe ring that bell like all the big boy youtubers say to be notified if more videos come out um and uh you know if there are some theyll be on the screen right next to me and if you guys are going to be grinding out some of bone raiser minions on your own then i wish you guys luck and see you all next time hide steam game activity Creating an undead army to fight for me is SO MUCH FUN!!!Amass an army of deamonic undead 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