The HARDEST auto shooter Ive played yet (Boneraiser Minions)

Deep rock galactic steam and game pass crossplayastroneer xbox game pass and steam BONERAISER MINIONS gameplay Music oh hi didnt see you there on account of this being a YouTube video were going to be playing bone razor minions today which I believe is somewhat of a vampire survivors-esque game where were gonna find out and uh here we are in a Time longest departed those with forbidden power over the Dead who are branded as a wretched of bone raises such heathens were hunted hanged burned and staked and they remained sealed within Sanctified mausoleums but what the fearful and foolish folk did not realize that Those whom are already dead cannot be killed Thou Are One such reviled bone raiser now riseth from thy grave but tread carefully as The Godly heroic forces come to hunt enslave you once more fetch their bones in a mass a legion of dead and Demon for the king of this domain Crusades to demand thy head can thou resist King giggles poundings Music why why why did you use the word pounding come on man okay anyway um when you do make the sound a little less also this needs to go all the way up all right good music volume still a little bit just its like a little little bit less there we go um okay and then K is back all right visibility controls so I have to be yeah uh keyboard okay Mouse support yes buttons okay mouse support full thank you oh my word that is so much better Dash left click spell right click stasis middle click okay cool I love it I love it I dont know why that isnt enabled by default but you know what its fine um yeah we good lets just jump right into it play a game oh my boo ah my master you spook me nice to see our final liking from thy long Slumber I must feel weak and weary but fear not for each time he raises thy bone raising Powers shall becometh even more powerful the Rises not raises in this Crypt they are cozy and safe to feel free to explore however he knows of those rich and Awakenings are spread Beyond various Local Peasant trees just surely come seeking thy head the kings Crusade must be far behind gagging gagging for the gagging for the how old can I resist the poundings that hes gagging for me all right game okay all right were there already head down into these blow give them smelly persons a jolly good pounding for me boo okay well there we are where are this little purple dude looking Shifty as by minute upgrades we have zero of the monies do online leaderboards change Hatton cloak view minion bone ways whats this little dude can I Dash the dash the dash oh thats just me saying it okay open grimoire compendium change character plus oh wait wait I thought I was a bone raiser changed visibility inspect ratio okay hold on a second um so we have the deprived wretch there thou honor a miserable miscreant of peasantry lineage but thy cowardly Soul has an app for swiping unwarranted Treasures there are a whole bunch of classes okay well thats thats very cool um um so go back to you yes and then Id like to cheat its perfect um Ive never seen anything more perfect in my entire life I this 10 out of 10 game 10 out of the same game were Santa and were gonna go raise some bone minions collect enemy bones to begin a bone-raising legion spell to dash okay wait what okay all right little a little dude here is the one whos doing any of the damaging okay so we gotta like run around while he swipes people okay okay okay and now we have a bunch of unknown necromancy that guy looks like hes cool uh gaunt skewerer raise a fresh grown screw scaly minion the legion whose spear charges their way piercing multiple meaty meanies that is pretty cool I like that oh there he is oh yeah hed do be spearing multiple meaty meanies thats for damn sure um I kind of want to like explore all the area oh my word okay okay wait but thats thats a different meaty skewer dude okay what about this one scalp boomerang what the hell uh throws their Boomerang noggin true later so they just throw theirs their head I I love that I love everything about that thats thats superb okay so so far these guys are looking pretty pretty freaking juicy spicy spooky scary oh filet mignons okay so I have a hundred HP Im assuming each of these guys take take off like more than just one HP right also why are they not attacking my minions um okay what about you what are you I Poppa accurately Snipes its boned Arrow from afar but its eyes it doesnt have eyes eyes are popped uh uh they arouse a champion yeah I feel like this game this game knows what its saying it it knows it knows the words its using oh okay so bones disappear after a number of time okay cool that is a good thing to know I just saw that that one bone was like so disappearing that guy took off more than half of my HP you look cool and Bello backy shrieks a sonic wall forcing Mimis back um okay okay you guys get a lot of damage this is not cool I have six HP now um look at this tall boy that was a very tall land thou died okay these guys are a lot faster than I had expected holy that was no there was no laughing matter um all right just run it back man that was no laughing matter oh okay wait there is just some bones lying around to start off with okay very cool was that there last time I swear thats new um you look like youre a potion dude I dont know you look cool Jinx which hexes mean hes boosting the damage they suffer okay so like a support a support dude cool I like that um any more bones around theres like very little bones okay we need to like need to be our helping our uh our little dude actually hit these guys okay there we go theres them theres some more boning these guys have pretty good like turn rates so you have to be real careful when walking past them and some of them like Sprint towards you as they get closer do you see that then this is some serious okay um you look cool weirdo warlock 100 Blossom sorcery projectiles okay lets lets have at it lets see it oh hes bobbing and weaving hes bobbing and weaving I know dont disappear bones please thank you Im just gonna Im gonna take the damage to get the bones thats terrible idea you uh warlock a boner bolster uh whos more damaging projectiles can Pierce mean hes okay sorry does that upgrade our dude oh it upgrades the dude okay so those like Gray colored things are upgrades to the dudes all right understanding and understanding is what I am doing Ive got great words dont worry about it I dont like these guys very much they shoot arrows and thats very mean oh yeah that went right onto my bus and uh like Santa Claus is definitely putting that guy on on the naughty list Im Im also going to come out and say it uh that little like um tall thing um it does not look like uh something you guys should be allowed to have home in on minis okay wait thats pretty nice oh yeah look at that oh okay the Homing in is pretty pog okay yall need to move out of my way so I can get some of these bones oh no oh no what the hell bro this is like this is hard its so hard to collect the bones and they disappear so quickly ah theres okay we we will survive look I dont know why the local peasants are keeping such a close eye on their graveyard seems a little sus to me orange get out of my freaking face champ um you look odd to Jingle bellad clangs concussive gong emanating from the oh from me emanating from me wait thats kind of pogb a I unlocked a new card stinky peasant um I want this clangy guy to be better extra and more damage in gongs yeah thats lit this Dong Dong no gong uh gong not dong sorry yeah Ive got bones on their head um this guy looks pretty good anything that emanates from me is pretty great because the other things were very much not emanating from me oh yeah do we want to just yeah were gonna go hard in another uh more damaging I mean look at that look at you love to see that right get them all there we yes and its great because they all die next to me so I can quickly go and acquire the bones okay this guy this guy what he want you dont look of this world I dont know why yall hating on me when this guy is clearly not of this world when I come now scalp boomeranga whats this guy creepy tangler Chris graspberry slowing enemies and minis oh I like that slowing mixed with my own my own gonging sounds very good okay so those red things in the ground on the Tangled root things I was like oh wait why is there like red things on the ground now okay if you guys would uh kindly die thank you oh my word all the bones Im Im too greedy for the bones man I know I know Im a very greedy bone boy holy these guys are also incredibly fast please please please oh no oh no oh no okay Im sorry okay this requires actual brain power that I clearly do not have hold on um minion bone ways oh oh okay very cool um I forgot what the what I what character voice to use for this guy ah my master with this resists once more I see the the clutch shown aint gold coins stolen from the peasantry here are this blastphamous to the enemies uh the enemies the faces thus giving more than ever Souls bestow chosen to you know fret Death Grips inverse each time um its been a class uh for our classes the new challenge since Bruce apathy spooky mausoleum or bolster enemies no thank you learn fresh talents okay so lets start with this we have Dash which is important thats thats an important one so were going to unlock that one um pickup stick longer bone suckage bone suckage and its lips and youd want to talk about bone suckage oh I can have another Dash invincibility frames while dashing pog and we can get a super Dash uh-huh spell Scrolls status green almost Liam uh Barrow boner okay whats this one pot Pro pumpkin brew and chesty bro sure why not and I dont know lets get more Ill pick up shall be sucked all pickups shall be sucked over breathtaking distances thats the one were gonna go for next okay so these upgrades are like deeply important and we dont have any Souls all right cool cool cool wow okay those upgrades like more so than any other game thats like this you need to get those those first upgrades oh look its little uh little antonyms okay I know these get sucked in from them from a much greater yeah my suckage is really great um loving the suckers what about this guy boozy bomber lobs floss a fairy monitor cocktails oh cool man uh Gratz congrats congrats to you Champs and your Molotov cocktails love to see it right yeah yeah yeah get him get him get him champ get him get him oh my word its so much easier oh yeah pumpkin boy yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah bro raise pumpkin bro semi-suicidally blows up his fettered boomy head oh no my little friend okay and now Im assuming he regrows by the time he does weve got ourselves a little freaking bangling boys lets go look at him go I love him so much I love him already um I Papa Archer weirdo will like or you can improve our bomber boy it looks like the bombs slightly better I guess wow great great great English great English such good English a bum is better how long did it take you to think about that one spiff okay stage two all right theres a spooky champion stinky peasantry has aroused champion uh uh level two or three who loves even more explosive fiery flasks oh thats a nice thing fiery flasks thats a nice like sentence to say big fan of that sentence oh yeah those are massive and do they leave like a burning area on the ground it does look like it holy moly okay bum bum bro is our bro now yeah it is a fairy thing on the ground so you just get all these nerds to walk into it oh okay no its notes okay okay Ive got I had a dash got a head of Dash um you look like an elf joke Jester Joker jester hey thats me uh trick trickster really transforms human meanings into another ow I keep forgetting I have a dash I should be using this Dash much more oh thats a soul I need that hey please do the dash oh we the hero Soul lets go um to get a better uh Justin though lets get this short Stampy dude some of the shops swings theyre sharp sword shaft with spiteful smile dude Im loving the the wordage in this game corrupted Relic well I dont know you hasturation is tripled if super dashing yeah The Dashing boosting by running speed okay okay yeah thats pretty pog oh my word oh my word okay so dashing is like like literally vital uh to this whole situation all right we get that boy whatever that is a corrupted Relic all right what about you uh uh chance of being offered meldis minions boundaries is Maldives minions the uh the like big explodey minion that I have because I saw it was zero out of one there okay all right were doing were doing good were doing good were doing good the the boyos are uh killing with great haste and speed and yes I want this bad guy uh even greater drummer armored present oh lordy oh lordy why why the hell is this thing great question pumpkin treat oh its a new hash oh and Im immediately wearing it understandable um um um um wow that was uh that was a rough one uh but much better than me than we were doing right now not cost this one yeah I want the I want the last one of this so we can have maximum suckage uh uh the Behemoth giant minions so they were generated health over time thats pretty pog um okay wait so then okay so now we can get different classes weve got cowardly Rush one hurt again a temporary boost to running speed Music um the ultra rise a new clutching a random treasured Relic but only if you just Relic that I have already discovered Ill show Ryan is able to re-roll up to three offered relics the actual game plus one gold each second survived Max 250. starting with the Relic sounds pretty good spooky spooky stuff okay damn this games pretty fun actually I I like it I its its very unforgiving in the in the beginning but um you very quickly get upgrades to uh to freaking stop doing the good stuff but um yeah I think well just uh keep it a nice short video for today if you like this game do comment below and we can play more otherwise Ill just play more by myself its up to you Champs thank you guys for watching and Ill see you in the next one bye how long do you have to return a steam game MAIN CHANNEL: TWITCH: __________________________________________________________________ I forsee...skill issues in your future __________________________________________________________________ Steam: ~ In a time long ago, those with forbidden power over the dead were branded as wretched Boneraisers. Such heathen were hunted, hanged, burnt, and staked, and their remains sealed within sanctified mausoleums. But what those fearfully foolish folk did not realise, is that those whom are already dead, cannot be killed. You are one such filthy Boneraiser! ~ Gameplay As a reviled Boneraiser you must amass an army of skellies and deamons to fight the endless waves of heroes intent to end your necromantic ways. In this gothic-horror auto-battler roguelite, use the bones and souls of slain heroes to raise and upgrade undead minions, and collect powerful relics and spells to turn the tide of war. Unlock meta upgrades to improve your boneraising abilities, but crucially you must also bolster the Godly heroes forces too in order to gather enough resources to defeat your nemesis King Gigalds crusade! Features Boneraising auto-battler action: Dash around avoiding enemies and collecting their bones to raise and upgrade minions who fight for you! Each minion type has their own fighting styles, from melee pulverisers and magical missilers, to supporting hexers and augurs. Multiple game modes: Theres several game modes to keep play fresh. From the Mausoleum Awakening where you must protect your crypt against King Gigald and his forces, making best use of traps and contraptions you place before the show. Theres the Necrotic Skirmishes for a quick bash to simply see how long you can last against an ever growing horde of meanies. The Daily/Weekly Challenge were you compete against the world on an equal footing. And then theres Clashful Cards, a collectable adversarial card game, a bit of respite from the endless boneraising! Relics and Spells: Theres not just bones to suck on during the fight. You will find curious Relics with strange boosts and abilities, or Spell Scrolls with powerful attacks or buffs to be used at the perfect time! Boneraise Lore meta: Between games use collected coins to increase your abilities and boneraising powers, such as learning to raise Enboned Giants and Possessed Deamons. Meta can also be upgraded and refunded, encouraging you to play around and find your perfect meta loadout! Heroic Force meta: You must also bolster the forces against you too if you wish to survive King Gigald. Why not provoke a Beggars Revolt, Goblin Looters, or Mercenary Cyclops, and use their bones to raise an ever greater army of dead! Class Heritage meta: By stealing hero souls you can also learn new abilities and perks for a particular class. Each class offers their own playstyles, from the Liche who prefers quantity over quality, to the Deamologist who favours huge deamonic minions! Steam Leaderboard: Battle your foes, and your friends, to reach first place on the online Steam leaderboard! Even after defeating King Gigald the crusade wars are endless, and only the greatest legion of undead ever assembled will reach the top spot! ~ Can you resist King Gigalds poundings? ~ _________________________________________________________________ #letsplay #boneraiser #boneraiserminions 90 off steam games run multiple steam games at once ps4 controller works on steam but not in game dinosaur games on steam ps2 emulator steam deck