Boneraiser Minions 1 - SUMMON HORDES OF MINIONS TO DEFEND YOURSELF! - First Look, Lets Play

Rune factory steamsteam game running BONERAISER MINIONS gameplay greetings and welcome to Bone razor minions Im Catherine Skye and this is another in this line of Auto shooter uh Dodge simulator kind of games uh which we have all come to love since vampire survivors kind of took off this one is very different um in a way its similar to um bio prototype because you kind of design your weapons as you go ish in this game and I havent even explored half of this game to be honest because like its big there are many different like modes you can go into which I havent even delved into right um but were gonna play the regular kind of Mo uh mode where you get to be a necromancer and as you are um going around your your XP crystals what we usually see is XP crystals those are bones were going to collect and raise minions from the dead now each of these different areas lets you kind of do different things we can buy meta upgrades here Im kind of saving for another character at the moment but you have all of these different kinds of like sections where you can uh you can just upgrade things you can be cl3 offered spells um you can start to banish you can lets see if we get this one uh uh you can eat start each run with the scroll so that unlocks this one at the start uh soul searching Trader shall offer Wares that sounds great lets do it um yep we can we can just buy all kinds of stuff and I have already unlocked quite a few of these and these are higher level ones as well um so anyway lets go back and there are other things we have we can bolster the enemy with gold as well uh making the game harder and you can level faster we also have class Heritage which is about the specific class here and you can unlock different things here um so this is kind of interesting but you can yeah I might as well well lets see I have five of these and each of them costs one I was kind of saving for the next class but yeah permanent boost to running speed yeah well take that Treasure Chest faster oh that seems great those are slow okay yep occasionally on Earth Treasure Chest all right lets save the rest well save the rest well save the rest um but yeah we have a lot of options here we have those kind of upgrades we have a minion bone ways oh this is what we can we can kind of see this is also not a mouse game so I cant really point a pointer theres no pointer Happening Here Music um but this kind of shows how the different minions evolve and then we have our architect mode where you can actually add stuff to the the play area which is interesting uh grave traps Ive already bought a few of these different things Ive already have three of these as you see lets see breaks upon they touch Bruce Prova uh Minion Caps um do we want any of these Max Health increase I think were pretty good Im Im okay lets see if nearby human minis diet of blood fills this sorcerer drum eventually erupting in a gory shower of occult heart pickups that sounds lovely doesnt it oh theres another page wow oh my oh my I had no idea I missed that okay so lets get out of here uh what is this again grimoire compendium change visibility options you can see different things uh countdowns like damage numbers off yeah all that kind of stuff here we have uh this is the person who reach who researches for us um but I think I I kind of want to save money like I said on other things also we have hat collections I look like a duck right now uh but you can choose these different kinds of heads you see I have the Shovel Knight M1 the smiley one demonic flame and at the bottom of our cloak colors but Ive chosen the randomize things seems okay lets go back and where what is this guy again change camp map no I think were good for now were good on this map because we are we dont really need a harder one were pretty good okay so heres our Merchant guy oh my God hes selling for a soul oh I dont know um two random relics boost to damage oh no I wanna I wanna shut off yeah go go away so here we have a flame which is basically damaging the ground around it this is the blood Barrel um right now we have these little Goblin guys that are killing stuff so we cant actually oh dear Laughter whoops whoops I touched the guy a little bit too close but for pinkwood jewelry was too much lets go away okay I dont really have a lot so apparently I have some kind of Relic that lets me have a sword uh or a staff or whatever the heck this thing is but in general your character does not do damage so you kind of have to just you literally it is a Dodge simulator so here we have our uh options of we leveled up like with crystals this is the level up so bone Rays means you raise a new spirit from the ground and they have different abilities so the Warlock uh he can conjure blast of sorceric projectiles like fire uh which is a raises a fresh Jinx which Skelly minion to die Legion who hexes meanies increasing the hurt they suffer so its kind of a kind of a support class uh the skewer um spear charges their way piercing enemy meanies or looks like we are our one means we already have a warlock and this allows us to upgrade okay so when you when you see when its bone bolster like the second word is bolster there that means were upgrading uh and thats generally a great thing so piercing sounds amazing but the Warlock in general is not my favorite uh guy see he is he like hes shooting right at some of these guys and theyre not even getting hit its very inconsistent and its just not great Im gonna hang out around here I think uh lets see home in on meanies that sounds better yeah lets go with that so theres kind of a you kind of have to um like uh balance between getting new new Enemy new um units and also bolstering current units as in leveling your units up okay but in general your minions do all the stuff and you are just just avoiding damage so we have a guard a borrower fuses three bone Barrow boners into a behemoth borrower who swings his bone shattering boning mids I think this guy is good as I recall so this is going to delete three of those little ones and fuse them into one big one there he is so lets see how much damage he does or what damage he does okay hes got a pretty good swing on him sounds good oh theres our cauldron its getting getting heavy were getting getting what is it filled cool so boomerangers are really good tanglers are kind of a they slow enemies um those are pretty good as well but I want the boomeranger because I need more damage I feel okay I got a heart not that we needed it but its fine now oh oh I finally got the percentage at the top so when you first start the game the bones will list as bones and I I guess I got some kind of upgrade just recently where it shows it as a percentage I know that uh Tony was telling me about this he he started to get playing the game before I did his wife introduced it to him and um and so I had numbers of Bones and Im like well how many bones is a thing well I dont know it shows me a percentage and Im like yeah okay so we have um yeah we can bolster the boomeranger okay more deadly in homans on meanies or we can do a coiler coilers are fun too they have like theyre like projectiles or like electric kind of things so this is what most of the game is gonna look like once you first start it again this is a very cheap game uh I recommend picking it up its fun but most of the game is going to look like this to you like what is this stuff uh we have no idea you have to discover it including all of your units and everything we got the Skelly key instantly unlocked Treasure Chest ooh thats tasty okay but once you once you unlock it itll youll see it in future runs you know the it just like and honestly I dont know why they do that Im not a fan of this I dont I dont get it like what is the point of keeping the information hidden thats what I dont get oh boy okay we killed a hero so we got a soul so here we have two unknown things we could even or we could get omegas or in boned a Giant Archer which sounds awesome but I want to get one of the ones we havent had lets take this guy demonic procession infuses a level three weirdo warlock with the sins of a soul who conjures indomitable sorceric piercing projectiles okay fantastic um wanted poster what is that more meanie enemy shall arrive to stick thy head in a box hmm lets get the dice crooked dice that can now re-roll an extra six times wow thats a lot okay thats fun I usually dont re-roll but I guess we can uh boomeranger bolster or in boned giant Fister well then who swings a super-sized knuckle sandwich of suffering yeah lets do that I love the the the humor in this game its really good I find it very amusing there we go oh my God whoa whoa whoa careful careful I got stuck on one of the Tombstones there okay this guy has a flag and hes making dudes fast thank you thank you for killing them dudes oh A Relic penitence pin random scaling which shall rise at the expense of draining my health no lets get this thing Nelda spores nearby Mimi shall suffer the blight of meld rot those Afflicted explode with meld blobs upon death uh all right so lets see stir Rays pot bro hey its pop friend oh my God we get a pot friend now thats cool now there are bosses and I think we should be getting to that point soon to get a boss uh there are little mini Heroes which end up giving you the souls but here we have the rats this is a phase that happens okay tangler boomeranger skewer or jester transforms humans into another no I think we just want to skewer skewer or skewer River oh my God I cant even see words okay chest yes okay we can get humongous bones shell give double the Delight thats a good one um Barrow boner to increase thigh Max health I think thats a good idea lets do that I smell a treasure chesty lets go and try it I dont think I got the the health thing Im still at 100. and I dont see any treasure chests come on my troops lets go get back over here I dont I dont didnt see any health increase thats weird we have the 100 out of 100 health uh that is the health points and underneath it is kind of like a like an overshield kind of thing okay what do we have here now and boned giganton night fuses a skill in a giant minion into a gigantic Knight who swings a colossal cleaving Cutlass of discomfort I bet it does uh I want to bolster the skewer I think not really sure what that looks like but Im sure hell do some damage oh theres a thing down there should I should go get ow what is this uh Barrow boner minions oh okay lets try this though might as such instillion Parts upon the gleaming golden coins okay okay thats fun yeah this is dangerous land okay wow okay in bone Behemoth borrower yep lets take him sure why not we should have re-rolled there but its okay it doesnt really matter a high wizard approaches okay so this is one of our bosses all right I feel like we have a lot of damage so we should not need to have problems here we shouldnt have problems here I should say well okay okay watch watch the uh watch the bolts of death hi yay okay its fine its fine its fine its fine its fine just want to get on this side so I dont get hit by those other thingy majingis oh he did he did he did okay haste oh that might be good actually but I want to find some of the other ones what is this Rose one regrowth through Eternal Ill use Contraptions May respawn their benefits for example exploded pumpkins instantly regrow ooh cool chests May thing okay what is this one suckage extravagance Ill pick a pick up shell shortly be sucked no matter how much they hide excellent I guess thats our pickup range basically now there is pickup range in other areas as well like um in the permanent upgrades you can get it there also there are different characters that summon different kinds of minions like one of them summons or fixates on the or not fixed sites but focuses on the Demonic minions theres another one that focuses just on spells actually I have a spell and I havent even used it Music um lets get this guy level three whose Spirit charges become more deadly and prolonged okay uh lets use this thingy all right good good now you see a new environmental effect this is now part of the environment we need to dodge these arrows as well ooh a new unit whats this destinius transform a level three in in Minion to a random meldus minion behold for it will surely be melden time okay bustling diaper oh God whenever thou are hurt thy rotting innard stream a sticky mess that is so gross tummy bugs any Minis that die have 11 chance of releasing a sticky mess of soggy bottoms which slowed down nearby me so thats a slow melting serum when Boon bone raising a meldis minion instead of sacrificing a level three Skillet minion this Relic shall be sacrificed instead ah that sounds pretty good lets take that lets take that because uh you know instead of sacrificing a minion why we get another one we just get another one on top okay so this we got a vomiter here looks like it okay so and boned distinius do we want one lets get a bell head these are interesting because this guy gives me a little bit of a kind of a garlic effect but its not all the time its just kind of like pulsates oh chest chest well take a chest these chests sometimes so we have this key that opens them instantly but the one uh if you dont have the like instant chest opening you have to stay around for quite some time before it will open and if the minions or if the enemies are prolific that can be quite difficult to open the chest so um I I Im having a very good run lets just put it that way okay wanted poster yeah lets do a different one Natures wrath boost spawn rate of many peas birds and shrooms by 25 oh how nice well it does give us tasty resources so we shouldnt complain it is fine uh bonehead sure who shall Channel additional and more hurry gongs oh ow oh that was bad man shoot oh Im annoyed by that because like I just I just ran into them I didnt mean too okay well we could try a different character lets do that so a lot of them are hurtily suffer 666 Health lock to unlock um bone Rays a legion of 11 skilly minions I keep upgrading mine so I havent actually unlocked that one this one is oh lets see Max your gold coins and hero souls to unlocked how do you Max your gold coins if only is three impleing Trappers implings are cool so sprout rotato uh Brown worm brainiacs okay so this is me being uh the herdy one lets try this one I havent tried this one before this is interesting okay so lets buy meta upgrades oh these are still same oh excellent okay cool all right lets go back those are the enemies all right lets use the souls on this guy here each different giant minion increases the legions attack damage uh attack speed oh damage inflicted on bosses thats very good okay each bone Ray shall heal thee all right I dont think I really need that temporary bone speed boost lets get lets get this to unlock the other two options here each time a freshman scaling minion is blown rage that shell gift upon the increase in running speed wow thats cool uh increase in Max Health yes lets go okay lets go back to the meta upgrades then for all the classes so this is uh what else are these I dont know what this means a random spell scroll at game over may be given at next start okay sure what is this one we roll up to three offerings okay sure this is re-rolling stuff but what else do we have up here um extra invincibility frames wouldnt hurt sure Ill pick up shell never ever ever fade away thats good uh three reserved spell Scrolls cool holding E when stationary charge is a super spell cast alright fun um the status screen shall show a damaged tally for all the Minions why do we have to buy this uh maximum limits for all Contraptions thats good unlocks a variety of especially specialized contraptions so what is this one more difficult Maps show gift bonus coins okay all righty so lets get out of here we have no more money to spend at all so lets get through here and do stuff lets see what we got here okay sinful aura that hurts Mimi thats straight no I dont have anything sorry aint got no money oh boy we just have a sword this is hard give me help Okay so lets do a bomber okay bomber is floss the fire fire multitov cocktail con uh concoctions yeah lets take this well take this we will use the bombs instead hooray so this is the more traditional kind of play style of like a vampire survivors kind of game uh or you know or any of them basically so lets see auger this is haste this gives us haste thats kind of nice I would like a boomeranger though instead of haste I think we can take haste a little bit later but its going to increase like our run speed and attack speed I believe actually Im not sure if its attack speed I think it might just be run speed but Im not sure I have to actually check that out because I dont know its nice to have a few ranged spells here okay and boned Giant Archer Ill take it am I really oh God I am really doing giant Archie things cool cool thats fun okay good good good oh this is good wow okay The Witch uh last okay the hexes Boomerang or skewer lets have as many different kinds as we can roaming Travelers okay roaming Travelers are gonna sell us stuff what is this thing haunted trinket someones an orbital angry spirit that hurts meanies cool oh I like this this is fantastic I love this thing this feels good tasted nice lets go okay uh Boomerang or warlot lets do warlock just for funsies just so we have like kind of all the varieties of weapons here well the champion is coming I dont like these dudes they are archers and they this sometimes they hit you theyre mean this giant arrow is pretty good okay so lets re-roll oh we got a thing fuses five Barrel boners into a random three Skelly minion okay uh oh and him playing I want an impling implings are like the best theyre so good I love implings uh notice we also have some traps on the floor seed raised pumpkin bro oh my God this seems cool all right raises a ripe pumpkin roaming into the legion whos semi-suicidally blows up his fitted boomy head scabby mitts oh oh five percent chance of gifting a free Relic but its only five yeah lets take that one actually I should have taken the unknown ones but thats okay I like that one a lot its kind of cool you can get a relic you know five percent of the time which is more than zero percent of the time pretty good huh the impling is totally worth getting to level three though hes pretty great okay well the spores demon hole oh I like that okay Im playing bone bolster yes lets go lets go lets go the the implings do a lot of cool stuff burrow where giant rats smell thy unwashed bow and stench rats so now my my implants are putting those tiny little crossbows on the field so we have many little tiny towers now treasure take it nice okay so upgrades to level three which may construct a land mines as well as all of these other things that it does ampling is very very cool okay so those are the little land mines there okay three unknown things whats this one contraptor Spirit the nearest Contraption shall be randomly transformed oh no I dont really want to do that I like the Contraptions I have so what do we want to do bone meldas vomiter so this one can be pretty good but I find that the vomiters all often dont aim very well but since its on me its gonna aim at something see theres the vomiting I think its actually pretty good its the blue Blobby stuff that goes around seems pretty okay when its on you and not on a minion okay and Bone giant archers uh okay that sounds good super sized bone skewer is always great does that mean we get two of those arrows or only one because they only I dont see any in fact unless I see Zero currently this is gonna be interesting I was using the other the minions to actually get close to this guy but oh it is doing two now gotta get at a little bit a further range because of these Fireballs here ah no no no no no no no no no no lets get on these sides of the Fireballs here okay not bad not bad not bad come on dude kill him kill him kill him kill him kill him there he goes identified cool okay nice we dont have a nearby minion so lets take this one House of Wax on-screen human meanies are temporarily turned into wax and minions okay what is this one hiding in a chest bodily fluids all enemies shall melt away to become gooey gem slimes oh we have so many so many thingies now uh theyre all Scrolls these guys lets try this uh hello e wow okay I thought they would be like pools of slime not actually dangerous things whoopsies okay okay boomeranger lets go ballistas arrows falling from the East okay all right lets go a Giant Cannon here that sounds oh Behemoth borrower yeah take you dude all right what do we got three orbital angry spirits that sounds very much like what I want I really want some personal protection here because this is getting a kind of a dangerous just a tiny bit all right lets take these uh spell okay impling or gigantic Cannon here lets take that one oh nice big bones yeah okay oh it shall be war from the realmic knights oh dear all right who do we want lets get a bell head we havent had that one yet on this character amazing chest ahead oh yeah oh that guys gotta go oh boy okay um auger gives us haste lets take that what is this meanings are slowed lets take this one okay spell these hero Souls which give the spelling a scroll in addition to the visual perks okay fun fun fun Music pumpkin head comets that sounds really good lets do that its not giving me the spell there we go okay there we go lots of pumpkins yo its getting hard to see stuff right now okay who do we want auger casting hey spell more quickly I cant tell it seems like the the little minions are going around a lot faster though so maybe its it is uh doing its like attack speed is faster or at least projectile speed y Club oh magical bum bag fetching garment for storing an extra reserved spell scroll all right nice 20 shiny gold coins okay that wasnt exactly what I was thinking okay do we want this a distinius sure lets just what gigantic a Giant Archer okay Im not really a fan of the Scrolls it feels like we have to like hold e for a very long time before they go off and sometimes the those things are just close theyre just really close okay lets take this one in boned heart oh One Max health for every 40 bones collected that is pretty sexy right there okay what is this oh yeah the pop Road lets take our pop bro lets go hot hot friend Earl um okay this I dont think Ive dealt with this boss before whoa okay okay hold on just chill oh vampire Survivor yeah new class okay no Music oh well that was my highest score Ive ever gotten so that was cool that was very cool all right um lets change the next character class we can do a where is it vampire Survivor that were the last of thy bloodline cursed by the caress of vampirism peasantry stalked the woods and their blood shall line thy lips very tasty okay lets see what we can unlock with this character uh hero souls for the talent okay running speed when youre Max Health but thy running speed is also reduced when low health regain Health when standing still touching enemies sucks them giving the bones wow bats emerged to celebrate when a bone raising fresh Skelly okay lets take this one what is this sucking enemies increases by Max Health what is the sucking of enemies ah when youre hurt vampirica bat maybe shell emerge defend thee that sounds amazing yeah back Chums lets go okay we are a vampire Survivor lets go and I dont have anything here for you okay you can get um things usually to get more of those little guys around you I thought it was a I didnt think it was a class thing I thought it was an overall thing but thats okay okay uh bomber yeah lets boost the bomber why not uh when you have more of those little guys it goes a bit faster in the beginning uh lets get a coiler okay bellhead oh pumpkin bro lets go know what procs some of these things potted plant falling Brethren every four to six seconds also boosts the pop row okay oh falling plants are like little bombs that kill stuff looks like it theres a little mini boss with legs there nice oh Sombrero fantastic yay a new hat this game is so cool its got a lot of references its really fun oh peasantry got a champion okay lets see giant Fister lets go it is somewhat naughty as well as you see of course hes just got boxing gloves on thats all it means its just fine I dont know what it means to suck minions did I actually get anything from that yeah I guess maybe I do maybe Im just getting a few bones as Im like running into them but oh my God my health is slow I shouldnt have done that oh I didnt intend to do that oh no that was terrible oh my gosh anyway I think its a good time to finish off this episode um hopefully you have a better idea of this game again its called bone rise minions or is it bone Rays bone razor bone r-a-i-s-e-r bone razor minions uh its a fun game to check out again there are many different game modes as well as as classes as all kinds of upgrade trees a lot of different stuff to learn in this game uh there are also some Synergy some cool stuff like Im in one of the levels you saw some blood on the floor theres a theres a relic for example to set all that blood on fire as well and damage enemies and theres one uh that makes the blood splatter out and all kinds of things you can get synergies between relics and things like that its kind of a fun game and definitely worth checking out for the very very low price point again its something like three or four dollars on Steam in U.S currency and probably very cheap in your own currency so anyway something really nice to check out I hope you enjoyed this video thank you so very much for joining me take care of yourselves and each other and well see you next time Music steam cloud status unable to sync Boneraiser Minions is a little different take on the auto-shooter genre, raising minions of various sorts to fight for you! ⭐Support Katherine on Patreon: Find on Steam: Release Date: 5 Aug 2022 Outro Music by JonathanOng: ☕Here is my affiliate Link for Art of Tea. 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In this gothic-horror auto-battler roguelite, use the bones and souls of slain heroes to raise and upgrade undead minions, and collect powerful relics and spells to turn the tide of war. Unlock meta upgrades to improve your boneraising abilities, but crucially you must also bolster the Godly heroes forces too in order to gather enough resources to defeat your nemesis King Gigalds crusade! Features Boneraising auto-battler action: Dash around avoiding enemies and collecting their bones to raise and upgrade minions who fight for you! Each minion type has their own fighting styles, from melee pulverisers and magical missilers, to supporting hexers and augurs. Multiple game modes: Theres several game modes to keep play fresh. From the Mausoleum Awakening where you must protect your crypt against King Gigald and his forces, making best use of traps and contraptions you place before the show. Theres the Necrotic Skirmishes for a quick bash to simply see how long you can last against an ever growing horde of meanies. The Daily/Weekly Challenge were you compete against the world on an equal footing. And then theres Clashful Cards, a collectable adversarial card game, a bit of respite from the endless boneraising! Relics and Spells: Theres not just bones to suck on during the fight. You will find curious Relics with strange boosts and abilities, or Spell Scrolls with powerful attacks or buffs to be used at the perfect time! Boneraise Lore meta: Between games use collected coins to increase your abilities and boneraising powers, such as learning to raise Enboned Giants and Possessed Deamons. Meta can also be upgraded and refunded, encouraging you to play around and find your perfect meta loadout! Heroic Force meta: You must also bolster the forces against you too if you wish to survive King Gigald. Why not provoke a Beggars Revolt, Goblin Looters, or Mercenary Cyclops, and use their bones to raise an ever greater army of dead! Class Heritage meta: By stealing hero souls you can also learn new abilities and perks for a particular class. Each class offers their own playstyles, from the Liche who prefers quantity over quality, to the Deamologist who favours huge deamonic minions! Steam Leaderboard: Battle your foes, and your friends, to reach first place on the online Steam leaderboard! Even after defeating King Gigald the crusade wars are endless, and only the greatest legion of undead ever assembled will reach the top spot! ~ Can you resist King Gigalds poundings? ~ #BoneraiserMinions #KatherineOfSky @caiysware steam how to not show game steam free games website steam nebulization steam kale in microwave scariest game on steam