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Steam robot verification not workingshare a steam game with a friend BONERAISER MINIONS review hello everyone time to grind here and today I wanted to try out a brand new roguelike called necro bouncer its actually been a roguelike that Ive had my eye on for a while and it officially comes out uh by the time that this video is uploaded itll be coming out today um and uh it seems really really cool reminds me a lot of like games like enter the gungeon which is a really awesome game uh that I really really love so uh were gonna go ahead and try it out for the first time ever here so uh lets see so you wake up a bit shaky where am I what happened this place looks strangely familiar like Ive been here before an elevator maybe I should check upstairs why cant I remember anything my head feels like its gonna explode hello and welcome to the club we are closed right now but you are more than welcome to come back in half an hour wait a minute what is happening you look like youre tough I am actually looking for a bouncer oh bouncer as a bar bouncer thats what bouncer means okay the last one lets just say couldnt continue working or walking its its a great gig though you just have to go around the club and get rid of unwanted guests you up for it great just go down to the locker room and get ready for your first day Ill be here if you need me so were a bouncer of a club or a bar okay so we move around here we can attack things I like this art style oh so thats the Mana and now we have 19 out of 20. so I wonder how that regenerates and I dont know what that sound effect is is that just part of the music oh oh okay you gotta jump a little bit early so Im assuming this gives you iframes here as well okay so jumping gives you iframes oh thats probably the sound effect of those Fireballs that makes sense and then this is how we hit stuff easy enough yeah these type of games definitely mouse mouse and keyboard fits anything like into the gungeon so we have like a projectile attack here that refills it all hopefully they give potions out pretty frequently because I always hate having to kind of like manage um you know that type of stuff so I got an achievement baby steps day one oh so these are achievements performance Stars so are these different classes or different skins oh they have different abilities so this is just business casual great for every occasion we have an ability to spawn zombies that bite and explode on enemies okay I can get behind that so were in the basement so its okay okay okay so its we got a map here we got a map okay bounce just kill all of them so if its bounce we just have to kill everybody okay so try using an ability yep can do so we summoned oh we summoned some zombies so oh so that uses our Mana as well okay okay oh gosh I can get behind that okay summon more zombies here oh I took damage again is there damage at the top no oh health is top left okay that makes sense we got more Health okay so hopefully theres no reason to destroy these things oh so this music is pretty good I just want to make sure its not a game thats going to be slowing me down making me like hope I can like break things you know okay um so this is gonna be a bounce and a crystal or no bounce in a heart this is a hard room here okay okay helping green hides very slightly yeah Im sure well get used to it though okay zombies we are already out of um we are already out of uh the Mana oh wait do I can I hit my own zombies I hope not oh expand more spawn more spawn more oh geez so the gameplay is pretty smooth pretty solid Id say like I dont know what enter the gungeon does to feel so satisfying um I feel like this doesnt feel as good to play as something like oh theres also a reward here as something say into the gungeon but uh its pretty its pretty good pretty good like its not bad I think maybe just the sound effects are a little dull maybe like hitting people doesnt sound like so satisfying but its not bad or anything like the game is responsive enough oh and also uh just to stay transparent I almost forgot I did get a review copy of the game um Ive kind of had my eye on this game for a while so its like staying transparent though um okay so I wonder if thats experience on the top left I hope were gonna be able to get some okay I was literally gonna say some items or something so we can either get spawn zombies whenever you get hit or your zombies explode instantly on contact lets spawn zombies when we get hit hopefully were not getting hit too often but I do want to do a zombie build also ooh damage nearby enemies every three seconds props have a 50 chance to drop one gold or range attacks get 20 bigger if every unit of distance they travel lets go ahead and damage nearby enemies every three seconds that that sounds pretty sick so we could either do a crystal unknown or a statue what is a statue statue kill enemies to charge the statue when charged it will kill all of the remaining enemies okay so its literally just kill all the enemies I think effectively this ends up being the same goal I think so anytime they damage me they are going to also I wonder if this game has an excessive oh there I cant look at my settings here oh wait settings clubs gonna be adjust wait what where are the settings what oh settings here we go Pixel Perfect camera language and there is Twitch integration so if we do a second run well definitely do it I was hoping that there would be some accessibility options um that games like Oh I like that pause thing but games like a um ravida have where its um highlight the enemies in a different color you know so I would highlight myself in like bright green and I would highlight like all the enemies in like bright red just to make them a little bit easier to see um so I mean it doesnt have it its fine but it would be nice to have that accessibility option okay so another statue level here easy enough um unfortunately the game is not giving us Mana very often which makes me very rarely want to use Mana which is always kind of a complaint I have with games is when they like make you hoard your resources like Im never gonna want to use my resources just want to save it for like boss fights or something because its not giving me its not giving any more of this Mana here no I mean okay there we go now we found I started complaining so I got it but oh we took some damage already I dont know yeah I think we did the zombies okay now theres more now now that I say oh no that was a heart probably oh whoa whoa whoa wait what Oh I thought those were my zombies I thought those were my zombies that confused me set your room isnt necessarily the same thing because you can focus on killing small Health enemies or something I guess thats I guess thats fair its very similar though but that is uh that is a good that is a good question or that is a good point I like this pixel art though okay um your zombies explode instantly on contact or increase the size of zombie explosions by 100 lets do that I dont necessarily need them to blow up immediately I I have Max heart so I couldnt take it increase Max HP current HP by one every five pop props you destroy Ganon energy oh range attacks have 25 chance to not use any energy lets do that ever so now we have to destroy props but now we actually have a consistent way to gain Mana here so bounce unknown bounce I wanna yeah lets go down and get the hard levels okay so now we can just summon because now now that I can destroy things here what is it every five I get one is that what it was so now I can actually consistently spawn people it doesnt mean that Im gonna have to spend a bunch of time doing it but thats fine I hope we can find uh different weapons because obviously were finding new abilities I hope theres a variety in the weapons we can use maybe get some guns projectiles I dont know okay we are fully healed we also got a pink part which is maybe like a soul heart and Binding of Isaac okay hard level here okay zombies I like this ability where I hit people next to me and I like the arrows that they do to indicate um theyre about to attack I do like that makes it clear when Im supposed to bounce out of the way I get it balance doesnt necro bounce necro bouncer lets get some zombies up in here Oaks I got hit there which it is cool spawning zombies when I kill people thats kind of cool nice okay now were getting energy so I dont know maybe maybe my earlier complaint is nt all here um okay so lets see whenever you one shot an enemy spawn 10 gold gain a random debuff thats a cursed ax losing Health refreshes my cooldown or abilities of a 50 chance to poison minions I like that I love me some poison uh builds and then well do another uh hard yeah just keep doing hard ones its also a bar which Im assuming is like a shop theres some zombies oh I wonder if the ability where I just hit people next to me that poisons them one build so far though some of the zombies so now Im feeling like Im able actually to use my abilities a bit more now theyre now theyre dropping a decent amount yeah this is fun now now that Im able to use my abilities more okay got some energy lets just keep destroying stuff here get more energy not a ton but a little bit um so theres gonna be a bar or something like that so it is the soul heart its literally called Soul HP um secret stash props have a 50 chance to drop a gold when destroyed helmet increases our Max HP or we deal 25 more damage to bosses you know its by that and I guess its increased our Max HP oh that was exact ly can you attack the thing in the middle no thats the statue I think that were trying to charge up I mean I could try but I dont think so okay were fighting scarecrow bosses can only be hit when they have a red outline okay so heres our first boss okay summer zombies so its Invincible right now hopefully the oh do the zombies yeah the zombies were wasted there okay here we go oh still Invincible oh my gosh she just ate all of the jackdaws we just wasted all of our okay now we can do stuff but oh my gosh yeah we do a lot more damage to him unfortunately we didnt have our zombies there for this was not bad at all my ability that just hurts people nearby is good against the enemy zombies here thats why I wish I had the outlines of whats on my team whats on the enemy team it looks like a grenade when hes in that point maybe thats the point oh its like damage there rip this music is really good I will say that okay oh took some damage here whoa whoa whoa whoa theyre riding theyre riding on it oh no yeah were taking a bunch of damage oh oh my gosh three Health but we should hopefully be okay okay go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go oh those were our zombies get taking damage I think there we go got an achievement called first major cleanup here okay so is that Max HP whatd we get oh did we just unlock something in the future is that out of game progression I wonder if this is uh I wonder if this is out of game progression so I wonder if this is a rogue light or a roguelike I dont know okay so were on floor two here dude thatd be pretty sick if we could beat our first run ever that looks like it has some uh oh whoa whoa hey there we go okay okay oh gosh summon some zombies here dude our zombies are pretty good right now the fact that theyre poisoning people too um I guess now we do want to destroy stuff okay this music is banger music is a banger Music oh Crystal destroy enemy respawn crystals when the timer reaches zero all crystals oh spawn enemies oh its mostly a rogue once again roguelite means it would have a lot of out again progression oh what they wont they wont attack crystals okay thats good to know zombies dont attack crystals though theyre theyre ready for when the enemies spawn get out of here oh theyre gonna keep spawning oh thats interesting thats interesting okay that is interesting get 60 Gold right now 70 more props spawn in rooms change all Health to two times Soul Health reduce maximum zero yeah well do the more props because thats gonna give us more energy here so Im gonna just do the hardest rooms I can every single time I guess okay summon zombies oh dude we are running out of Health though that is a slight bit of a concern here come my zombies all those projectiles happening as well here I dont know what my zombies did there they didnt seem to do much oh I took damage rip oh gosh were getting low HP here were getting low HP here okay um I guess I dont do the hard one then I guess we dont do the hard one here oh I stepped on spikes oh is that what that oh call yall I didnt see that I didnt even see that thats nice there we go five more enemies here oh youre on spikes my friend okay some of some people I like that theres a decent amount of the enemy variety here is pretty good now we are kind of still running out of energy even though were taking a bunch of energy relics also still only have two HP which is a bit scary here um okay Im gonna charge up the statue here I like that we added more props here though its going to give us uh oh gosh were at one HP here go my other spikes Spike spikes oh my gosh okay some more zombies oh no there it is there it is we got defeated here we got defeated here and a DJ of villapa I dont know why my stream noted are not working I dont know why theyre not working here but I appreciate it I appreciate it I gotta figure that out but thanks for the prime sub okay we just unlocked a lot of new relics here a lot of new relics thats actually kind of crazy we also unlocked a new power gem new room type new outfit new relics here nice pretty sick okay so lets see what uh well do I think maybe for right now well just focus on normal runs here um and then if we play again definitely let me know if you guys want to see more of this I could totally see myself turning this into a series here um but uh you know well maybe try out the twitch stuff so now we have instead of the main one we have the zapping look static is building up ability zap around in a ball of lightning um oh so thats the ability and then I guess the outfit has a passive as well less Max HP but more max energy okay okay I think I wish the bouncer theme came through more I guess well have to see I mean I guess we are in a bar but well have to see well have to see here well have to see is a relic hunt thing um yeah lets do that okay lets see what this is oh my gosh oh oh my gosh okay that is interesting okay this is interesting interesting build here um okay well go down there oh thats actually kind of cool thats a pretty sick ability actually so I do like the variance in this Im just gonna go broom oh oh gosh oh oh we just killed them all you line it up pretty sick you do have a lot less HP though okay increase Max HP and current HP by one get 60 Gold full okay lets do that so now we actually have slightly normal HP here that was definitely the best out of those I think okay bounce stick is so so good though Mom okay I normally I love summon builds and I still love the summon build but this is this is on another level honestly this is this this ones really fun this is a really fun character actually okay um zap leaves a trail of electric shocks behind or increase all about yeah zap leaves a trail of electric shocks that sounds sick um ranged attacks shoot more but use more energy 70 more props spawn increase your attack size by 50 lets try that lets try that okay so we gotta go here bounce oh oh Mom oh thats the electric zap thing thats cool and wow oh my God I dont know why that is just so satisfying its so satisfying um okay well do the harder one here the music is sick oh I I pressed the wrong button I meant to use my ability wow the visual effects of all the attacks are cool they really are I think the only thing I think could be boosted up I think the only thing I think could improve the game is the sound effects I think the sound effects kind of make some of these attacks feel not that satisfying like they dont they dont feel like they have that much weight to them so far thats my only complaint though is the sound effects theres someone a bunch of zombies I think not oh never mind I got hit by one of them whenever you use more than two energy chain lightning nearby enemies oh lets do that lets do that timing of the sound effects some of the sounds are kind of off yeah range attacks more chance to return losing Health refreshes might cooldown lets do damage nearby enemies every three seconds that does not look like blade Mill The Relic looks like a piece of mail okay okay I think we can destroy these crystals pretty good okay what we do Straight all crystals but three of them or but two of them at the two enemies spawn dude and crazy yeah like that does not look like chainmail thats a thats a thats an envelope right there what oh its chain mail its a pun I get it I get it I get it very big hammer whenever an enemy is hit for 50 or more of its Max HP kill them instantly bosses drop four times more gold or secret stash prop service and chance to drop gold um yeah I guess very big hammer and Fedora whatever okay boss time here Crystal oh no not boss fight yet not yet I dont know how were gonna do 50 damage in one hit though but I guess well find Mouse oh oh spikes dang it oh my gosh were at 2 Hp all out of nowhere right before a boss thats uh thats thats not good thats what we call not good theres no way were gonna find some HP here oh gosh okay fight the boss with two HP why not why not the same boss here I I wonder if theres like its gonna be the same bosses every time oh gosh the chain Mill is pretty good against uh close by enemies so we know how to fight this boss now so hopefully do a bit better here we cant we can take one damage and thats it always just feels like its gonna take three phases though Music oh my gosh oh what what did I take damage to did I take oh if we take one more damage were dead uh oh oh oh oh oh Music oh oh no I got ran over I got ran over f okay we give him new stuff though new room type pillars new dude its just throwing stuff at us here were unlocking so much stuff here apparently okay lets try this again here I like that its doing a day three were just going to work every day um okay so we still dont have this um lets go back to Mr zombie man oh wait spend your performance stars for starting relics they refresh every run so dont save them for later oh party time wait oh so the okay so its like we its like we level up our character based on those achievements and then every time so it is kind of like a roguelite maybe um range attacks basic attacks 20 chance to explode thats kind of cool um increase the chance of finding High Rarity relics and reward rooms by 20 thats 30. um plus ones on okay lets just try to do as much zombies here so we did just were gonna spawn more zombies here Im just trying to do a zombie build here again because that seems fun I love me some you know uh summon builds so many zombies so were gonna have a lot more zombies now oh my God well we did we did have a lot more zombies wow that was crazy actually I dont know why we just got a lot of gold maybe for Kim clearing it really fast I dont know whats up there either on the top left I wonder if thats like a level up um theres gonna be a hard room here but theres a reward here I dont know do hard rooms give you better rewards also weight pillars hit and move the pillars and their perspective slots enemies Spawn from open slots every time oh thats cool okay okay yeah yeah these these room types are kind of cool swim types are pretty cool you got to get the pillars in their spot I like the different room types actually we started out thinking that there wasnt much variance there but its not half bad actually just gotta get this one over here this is nice thats cool thats cool bars filled up you to Star maybe I thought the stars were coming from those weird achievement things though okay Crystal I know the zombies wont do anything to help with this foreign effects are just very uh not impactful and out of here yeah I guess well have to see abilities of 50 chance to poison minions 70 more props spawn max energy by 10. yeah lets lets just do Max Energy so we can summon more zombies I think try to like screw the poison I just want to go full on to the zombies because we leveled that up zombies get him get them zombies oh oh that guy hits around him okay thats good to know gentlemen looking oh gosh so were taking a bunch of damage all of a sudden yeah and you cant hit that shrine yeah were getting lower Health though here okay we leveled up okay yeah every time we level up we get a chest spawn zombies whenever you get hit yeah Ill do that because I hope that means that were spawning more but I or it might just be on our one ability I dont know whatever well do a hard room and an extra reward its gonna be hard but oh yeah look how many crystals are here yeah this is gonna be hard its fine come on okay summons some zombies a lot of guys here just try to let the zombies do their thing oh more zombies go oh yeah every time we get hit spawn zombies oh oh crap I wasnt killing the crystals I wasnt killing the crystals oh gosh zombies oh my gosh oh yeah there was a reason this room was hard oh my gosh its one more crystals ah oh Im already dead wow that was a hard room still unlock new relics though okay um day four rippity Dippity yeah so these Stars I guess like so say we play this guy again yeah we just have two stars so we can always like level up either get starting relics okay thats a pretty cool way to do a roguelite honestly zombies dont more damage get more gold because okay lets try to do something unique here um um we only have two though everything uses one less energy minimum one become invincible for okay lets uh range attacks have a 25 chance not to use up any energy Music first ranged attack after Dodge rolling is 50 bigger lets try to do something based on our uh ranged attack is um maybe what well try to do here okay pillars here oh this spawning an enemy here foreign oh yeah we can we can we can um do the ranged attack pretty often because it cost one less okay get this pillar down foreign hopefully we can do it in time honestly not as frustrating as you would think okay so ranged attack build okay another pillar we just need to do it okay um this has just gotta go down there and then this has got to go over here a lot of pillars here okay got that one oh you cant even move the pillars okay this yeah this ranged attacks pretty cool actually Im liking the ranged attack build one guy over there okay okay so this needs to go over here and we need to start pushing these up here yeah the room variety is actually pretty sick in this game Sorry Im feeling a little bit sick dude I love the rain so the starting relics we got yeah I actually really like the way this roguelike works okay almost there I dont know what that secret room is what is this its like acting like we can go but we cant come on come on come on come on we got it nice Music okay um spawn slime you could hit your zombies explode on contact um well just spawn zombies when you get hit every time you level up you get an ability thats why sometimes were getting multiple damaging by enemies every three seconds increase Max Energy ranged enemies always drop at least two gold but we get one random debuff Im gonna go ahead and just increase our Max enemy energy Im gonna just like be able to write attack a lot here I do like the rooms its a good little multitask element yeah it always makes it feel very different we got that one in lets see if we get this pyramid one in or triangle whatever theyre called whatever these shapes are called okay we just go oh we totally missed that oh my gosh dude these range attacks are sick yeah these are pretty um generous as well theyre theyre very magnetic otherwise this would have been very annoying normally is not the type of thing Id want to be doing here but its not that bad Im gonna try to save some of my energy here lets go its like at what point do you just like stay here and just Farm the enemies to level up a bunch like I wonder like what the actual like Optimal play is Music what there we go okay so we have to go here boom boom boom boom oh these rain is attacks are sick these Rangers attacks are sick lets go yeah this builds actually working out Bailey attacks up at five percent chance to infect enemies or zombies explode on contact I guess melee attacks five percent chance to infect enemies I dont know thats new uh well do the harder one with the more Rewards bounce so Im assuming infecting is just poison oh gosh just poisoning nice oh nope nope nope nope nope nope nope get out of here youre like I dont know what that is its almost like its like getting ready to open or something like see it like made a whole sound effect on everything oh oh are you kidding me stick down in these freaking zombies oh my gosh okay whatever oh wait what wait rolling Emerald equip is active transform into a rolling ball of Destruction equip as upgrade how does it work attach it to wait so we have a rolling Emerald so we can either make our active transform into a rolling ball of Destruction or attach it to one power gem in an active slot and give it a unique upgrade based on this Powers thing why cant I just have to get it as an active so we have a new active now what 60 Gold right now abilities of 20 50 chance to poison minions yeah lets take that because were gonna do our ranged attack a lot so for poisoning people thatd be pretty cool so I guess we have what another ability now we have another ability I dont know why I couldnt use it to upgrade the starting active ability thats a bit weird Music its even a this is what we had I think this is a new thing I guess well try it here even though were probably not gonna go with it okay lets try this here wait what what what oh oh thats kind of insane okay its very very powerful uh active thats for sure I am stuck right now but obviously were not really wanting to spend our energy on that we had kind of a whole other build going on but it is a good ability this costs a lot of energy okay pillars start moving this I got that one got that one lets move one one group of enemies spawning easy okay still dont have a lot of energy here also we have no gold how do we have zero gold how do we have zero gold I dont know how we actually gain gold we have how do we have zero gold I dont know okay we gotta go here though Music we need to save our energy here a little bit more Health if we take damage need energy though thats what I need I need energy but it doesnt want to give me anything like since the song is zombie every now and then on their death pretty sick pretty sick okay so it is the same boss every time I definitely wish there was more variety but a lot of roguelikes do that its just gonna be annoying to fight the same boss every time hate these zombies not too bad oh okay go go go go go go you dont really have any energy whatsoever we may have to take more than three phases here Music ah one of them got on me and it sucks because the zombies just waste their life jumping on him when hes Invincible its kind of annoying the um oh gosh the rolls kind of have a decent amount of n lag oh geez okay finally actually got to have our zombies do something here nice made up a lot of damage there ah oh my gosh oh my gosh dude I took so much damage there oh man yeah I wish he just took half damage when he was invincible or something I dont I dont like bosses going invincible its like a kind of a Trope that boss fights do that just feels like it slows the game down so much like if I have a good build I should be able to kill a boss really fast thats what I always loved about Binding of Isaac Binding of Isaac was not scared to let you feel op you know I think its just slowing it down nice just evaporate them all in a second as long as we dont take two damage here oh I walked into that oh no oh dang we were so close there we were so close well we still unlocking stuff still getting new uh new relics and stuff like that got here I I am I swear you you just wait for me to die to announce your presence oh man either way this is a pretty fun game I mean I guess now I just want to see if we got any more of the uh achievements or stars or whatever here lets see so we have three now so now we can actually like you know we could use things for three stars thats pretty cool I actually really like the way that works except theres like no way to go back to the main menu I dont think maybe is there a way to go back to the main menu yeah abandoned run main menu man this is uh this is pretty pretty freaking fun game honestly I definitely would not be opposed to making more videos of this turning this into a series um seeing if we can actually beat the game eventually uh you know keep unlocking new stuff um but uh but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed you know um if youre interested in the game it did just come out today so definitely go show it some love um and uh you know very fun would love to play it some more let me know if you want to see me play it more uh and consider subscribing ringing that Bell like all the big boy YouTubers say to be notified uh if more necro bouncer videos come out if there are some theyll be on the screen right next to me uh and uh if you guys are gonna be grinding out some necromance bouncer on your own then I wish you guys luck and see you all next time how to add steam games to start menu This brand new roguelite plays a lot like Enter the Gungeon except we are a Necromancer who can summon zombies, use crazy necromancy spells, and beat the crap out of enemies!Get a Steam key from my Nexus store here!►► Happy hour has arrived! 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