Car engine steam cleaning near mehow to buy games from steam in india BONERAISER MINIONS hello everyone out there in a streamer land stressy Quest were gonna play some more bone razor minions lets see how it goes Im having fun with this one earlier Music theres some great music addictive gameplay like vampire survivors which I never played on stream but um its a good game too uh Ill have to play that that one sometime for you guys Music oh I guess I hit back on accident all right Mausoleum Awakening here we go lets play the game once or twice dart game yep I got my some of my minions here foreign I love the freaking thats how it sounds like freaking shop like 60s small Shop music hey hows it going Snivy are you back back from the dead because this is bone razor minions Im raising the dead here today here we go and the heroes are chasing me Music yep thats right Im playing bone razor minions Music at the like uh kind of like uh 60s uh Mall music for when youre buying stuff its pretty great whenever you level up uh guard bone bolster okay uh you now Ill get a little rescuer more is good right now get away from me hero there we go Boomerang bone bolster Bell head lets give the boomerang bolster Music oh my bidding minions keep the heroes from our place Music all right all right the auger is gonna get a level up here Music the superstitious smelly Beggars are revolting the music is great in this game by the way get the Beggars theyre gonna try and throw their bombs at me thats what Ill do no no happy face okay cool I got an happy face mask oh yeah in boned giant Fister ooh bone raised Archer immediately Im grabbing that up oh God Im getting blowned up foreign unlock it yeah Music kill the heroes my minions kill them Music show them at their foolishness what their foolishness will get them into oh nice um lets try one-on-ones we havent got yet bustling diaper thy rotting entered streams of sticky mate and mess whenever these hurt ew okay well whenever Im hurt I am going to hurt other things I guess uh bone raised Boomerang or boomerys boner um dont raise burrow Digger service belt calls upon the wandering Merchants who may occasionally appear okay Im cool with that Music would you Heroes kindly die Archer bone bolster there we go now we got a spread gun on our side Music all right present loot box thou shall receive two random relics how exciting Music Music Archer bone bolster for sure now he shoots five thats good good coverage area its like youre running your own mmor BG RPG party in a weird way thats the way I feel uh lets do the clown new spell discovered snow blow snowman thou transforms into a lovably innocuous Snowman boom Im a snowman Im a snowman I dont know what that does maybe you dont get hurt while youre a snowman yeah its like a statue Guard phone bolster and um we will get another bone guard and another uh lets do the skewer bone bone bolster wait what oh I accidentally was re-rolling these I didnt mean to do that um okay Music someone Music urn all right thou shall receive two random relics how exciting okay can I get my oh okay I was pressing the wrong button yeah it is pretty cool unlock the chest before I die oh skewer building bolstered level three please kill them please oh my god oh no wizard is coming no Im totally gonna die what is this sanguine shovels drains thy Health to raise a horde of temporary Barrow diggers all right were gonna do that right now ah local high score four uh play again yeah lets play again before we buy anything extra local peasants witnessed thou fell foul presence its a little militia coming at me bone razor Archer 100 Im getting myself an Archer first The Archers are awesome when you level them up uh um lets do speed seed raised pumpkin bro blows up his feather boomy head all right so how are you Snivy how are you doing today Music damn flag bastard Ring of Fire New Relic old mud pools and other unpleasant puddles shall burst into flames all right um how about this tangler boom booster to level three Ive never done that look at how big the tangle is yeah Im enjoying this game do you like the way you like the way it looks though superstitious smelly buggers are revolting die smelly buggers beggars ow they just blew up on me Archer goombolster for sure I just skipped it um screw it I just skipped it like a billion times whatever Music still getting used to use the gameplay is it easy to tell whos me and what the other things are on the screen or no hey hows it going Dino bone razor minions Im uh havent getting some help from your uh demon friends to keep me alive here and get more bones to raise more minions with stir Rays pot bro strange shifting sorceries lets bomb lets bolster the bomb Music Music give me the chest yeah Music kill them my minions oh get that Archer to level three yes Five Arrows at a time baby thats the spreader from Contra oh God that hero is wearing gold armor and I need to get away from him get away from me Heroes oh I just did my like Banshee Dash thing uh auger yes speed us up who in the first place the camera always follows you keep the center so okay thats cool oily feet Diamond bombed tootsies leave a trail of fire when dashing oh okay so we want to dash around a whole lot then crooked dice allows thee to re-roll an extra one to six times when offered any items wow I can re-roll a whole bunch of times I dont know why Id get that again virginal bow collect bone pickups shall regenerate by Health oh thats good whoa I can I can transform five of my guys into uh whatever this thing is normal destinious Ive never done that before lets sacrifice him and see if we get anything good from it yeah possibly Heal Me bones heal me foreign chest is somewhere here unlock it no we need the treasure there we go well get a guard hopefully they help us these guys away somewhat foreign Music oh yeah were gonna get him to level three so that my my things go faster to try and help me out come on keep them back keep them at Bay oh no a wizard is coming to deal with me now damn Wizards guard bone bolster uh we need some more DPS lets get us a skewer here whats this heart occult rejuvenation calls upon the veiled Realms to deliver an occult Health heal okay thats a uh a spell then damn you you freaking mage this is gonna be really risky but boom I charge into him and threw him died wizard die its like youre owning it they should call this like MMO party manager or something because its like youre youre uh getting your own MMO party youre like building an MMO party around you to defend you its kind of funny echo of the wild spell a smattering of bees birds and shrooms shall arrive to thy Delight oh another squirrel uh humongous bones lets do that boom humongous bones boom boom I just used all my spells probably not a great idea but I get it because I felt like it oh another bone raised Archer yes please Music I am Im almost dying oh God watch out for the giant arrows good Lord these guys want me dead after you kill their Mage they do not they dont like that Archer boombooster for sure too many of these bastards in boned giant Fister uh Were not gonna do that Arrow Digger lets lets bolster the bomber haunted trinket an ornament suffused with angry spirits that shall protect thee also increases the max amount of flame broiled minions you can rise Ive never even heard of the flame bones my minions have been doing pretty well by me though this is the furthest Ive ever made it I think Music auger boom bolstery yep we want our people to be going even faster thats what that does get them Music kill thee Music guard boom bolster obscure bone bolster lets just guard no ah vampire Soul sucker unsealing achievement unlocked I died but we made it pretty good there lets uh buy meta game stuff um did I get a new character or something I did Vampire Soul sucker thy bloodline lays curse by the carnal caress of vampirism pheasantry stalked by woods and their blood shall line thy lips oh shoot Im gonna Im Gonna Keep leveling this guy though bone razor lore that I was able to construct up three behemoths of bone relax the Lions shall be enlightened with phantasmal lampposts I dont know what these do I think they just kind of decorate but Im gonna do it anyway ghastly ghosties uh linger across the Gravely lands by melting minions you can merge one meldas minion uh I dont even know what that is but Ill just get it that was able to Bone merge up to two melded minions Music merge up to three so it kind of just makes them all one by fusing minions now okay that was able to construct up to three behemoths of bone maybe thats what I want anytime I can get that I was able to construct up to six beams of them sure what the hell pressing Z shall show the Cur the high current Legion and Relics I guess thats a basic thing we probably want to have all right lets go again theres architect mode but I dont have much Im gonna just keep my my place the way it is and try and raise as many big guys as I can uh well take a boomeranger Music it all starts so chill um second bone raised boomeranger Music yeah yeah third right here were getting Australian in here tonight mate throw another shrimp on the barbie yep lets bolster one of the boomerangers for sure Music lets get the unknown one that has an extra chance of being offered meldis minions and increases the maximum amount of meldus they can raise um and raise Arch were gonna guess all the archers and boomerangers we can love the music in this too lets get ourselves a bone raised guard Music bastards foreign foreign Music all right giant barrower lets do that lets make a bus a giant bottom option than the gains an extra re-roll banish or seal um re-roll banish or steal what is a banish or a seal lets try lets lets try and uncover them first whilst charging incandescent cast while its charging and casting spells nearby meanies are slowed thats cool uh boom boomeranger boom lets lets keep getting small time ones and see see what happens foreign Music Relic lets get the one that will show you hard in bone to Heart collecting bone pickups shall increase sign maximum health wow thats cool I likey time abacadabra haste all minions shall benefit from haste increasing their speed so they just are getting a piece more haste in general a razor Warlock lets get the field all covered and new bad guys all right rejuvenation Ill get the heal gotta get the healing right oh the other thing was a spell then playing snare thats good Music got him this is a new thing another new necromancy and Bone giant Mage fuse 2 level 1 minions to get giant dismayed shoots fires a splatter of filming magical loads they just have to use that Music loads oh God here comes the wizard Music Mage this shall be your last battle uh bear a worm caress nearby Nene shall be transformed into Barrow Bona minions sounds good the cult Rejuvenation were gonna get more of that foreign Music Giant Archer fuse to level one minions into a giant disarcher and we need them Giants I guess theyre slower but more powerful it seems Music the hell That was supposed to do something oh if you cast it and you cant cast it all the way then it doesnt matter Im gonna die um then it just goes away that sucks but then again its good to know here we go again next round I think Im gonna start in with the Vampire just to see how they are Music minion to die Legion who spits a stream of spectral spittles sputum dang it spits all right spits all over their faces Music Music come back to me Heroes Music were gonna get this Blaze raised flam bro so thats what that is I guess flame bro the Beggars are revolting in bone giant they are over lets make one of those Music Music oh thats the Flaming guy okay more minions more minions I say more now incandescent cast lets see here whos charging and spelling and casting spells nearby me and these are slowed down lets see what this is Holy blue all damage inflicted on Beast enemies is increased by plus ten percent however damage inflicted on human enemies is decreased by five percent thats not good dont know if I like that one another Archer lets do another Arc Music Music foreign Music necromancy what is this fruity bro whom exudes an inspiriting aura that heals thee all right I like that repulsive face nearby enemies are slowed by a revolting presence nice uh lets make a giant another Giant hmm an unrun really tell me bugs dying meanies May release a stinky mess of soggy bottoms I love these freaking dumb Little Giant Archer Music Music potato face none may overcome the power of uh potato face go be be at haste dont know if that phrase made any sense but still I said it tone research Music ah here comes the Mage to cause a problem are we getting on this bones bro Devils ball of Doom for a brief moment that would become a destroyer of worlds what Echo the Wilds bees birds and shrimps shall arrive to the entire way lets do that now because we do different we do damage to them better damage Archer boom bolster yeskins Music oh here comes some arrows Music an unknown necromancy its risky but Im gonna do it destinious upgrades of Behemoth Bearer into a random normal giant minion time to put those burning mitts to deeper on and boning use uh uh aromatic mushroom increase that dashing length and decreases dashing cooldown Music now around McKnights decree it shall be War uh oh foreign Music that was a bad idea God that was a bad idea all right um lets try out the vampire vampire Soul sucker um I dont know does he just get different maybe he just gets different abilities and thats about it the difference fatty balloon balls sure foreign Music Music dude boomerang Music Music Music super superstitious smelly Beggars are revolting foreign Music there we go thank you all right we survived to fight another day for now Music give me the delicious treasure flesh larva thy rotten skin breeds plague flies that confuse nearby meanies flood packed all relics currently offered to thee shall be given but this wicked act shall also reduce the IMAX Health by negative 25. um but so basically just makes me weaker two shiny new okay they gave me two shiny relics for 50 less health I guess um we gotta have an army of minions before I start making them like super strong thats a good one pick up the bones to increase your health Im down for that foreign Music you gotta have a lot of tiny minions to keep them busy for a little while well your more powerful ones can root out the true dangers Music this is fun to just be able to stand here and not worry too much a razor auger Midas boners each bare bone or minion shall transform into gold coins this is the problem you dont want to start moving around too much Ive figured out because then youre not going to be surrounded by your awesome team and thats what you want oh here comes the wizard Ill have to see the damn wizard wizard of eyes and I die oh well Lets uh buy some stuff yeah uh lets do the journal familiar well I already had that actually I just have to press Z to do that a destructive minion tally shall be shown upon thy death uh upon the death thou are able to see an assortment of run stats sure I like that show rise a new three random minion friends I will take that that was offered four choices when choosing a bone rice yes four choices when choosing a relic yes four choices when choosing a spell yes Ill take that demonic ritual that was able to infuse one sinful demon friend okay that shall start able to seal and offered bone rise okay whatever that means thou shall start able to banish and offered bone rise Im not exactly sure what all these things mean but they sound cool and Ill learn as I go along so vampire Soul sucker here we go again Music go get them thats my thats my kind of uh thing Im gonna try and do is just hold my ground for as long as possible and then when I need more minions just kind of run a little bit out of bounds until they follow me uh lets get us an Archer Music thank you Music and yeah okay yeah you can press Z to uh see them so thats good bomber Music theyre not too vicious right now so Im not worried oh yeah Giant Archer Im definitely gonna get that all right now lets just hang out here thank you skewer hey dont do that man Music smelly beggars um Pharaoh Digger sure please kill them before they get to me with the bombs minions its kind of the point ow en Giant uh uh Archer another Archer thanks for your money suckers foreign what the hell aint gonna giant demons uh demonness infuses two giants with a Hellion sinful Soul whom endlessly grips and flings his big bones Ill take a bottle fairy thank you oh there you go wow so its a gigantic one we still need some small fry though to protect us from race guard humongous bubbles boom oh there we go it just turns all of them into it okay thornhelm dashing through enemies hurts them especially when super dashing ornament so its fused with angry spirits that shall protect the also increase the amount of flame bro minions sorry become more peasantry whats that coin Music new car bodily fluids all enemies shall melt away to become goo gem salons Music oh they become jamaslines so you get gems from them instead thats interesting theyre still they still try and hurt Music Music foreign has gotten to me too much greed But Here Comes the badass made bring it Music they shall protect me nope no no dont kill me boom Get Wrecked Archer bone holster even on his thumbs nice gems for a short time all gem pickups get double all right Music Im down with that minion next time Music oh God no go away arrows screw it I gotta use this to get the bones uh two that has an extra chance of being offered giant minions and increases the maximum amount of giants that he can raise well Im almost dead oh I did die okay cool um but Im back here we go better than ever lets go Music Music gotta love the music see this is the problem with running around too much is do it too much then you dont have as much of a solid foundation for warding off Baddies foreign of Destiny Child bless thee with item rerolls there we go I died its okay well do it again lets get a more walk lets get ourselves a warlock so thats what that is that curses anything that comes into it I guess I have a specific time from now on Im gonna go get bones and its when the four things on each side um make a um uh generate a bone for me to get so thatll be my timing there we go and Im gonna run for it there we go lets try and get more witch buildables here okay now this Flame Music how which bone bolster three Canada thats I uh sinful whisperings of a corrupting tongue that can be faintly heard but Music journey into Beyond pounding the king opens a mausoleum Awakening to New Game Plus wow it seems pretty big that was able to infuse two Damon fiends I wasnt able to confuse three demon fiends start able to seal and offered Relic all right I dont know what that means but oh Ive got nine of those gems now though oops okay well well do another one and then get abilities Music Music foreign foreign Music good stuff foreign Music Music foreign thank you all the gems yes Music let me release a massive stink of soggy bottoms sure that sounds sounds good enough uh upgrade the Behemoth Barrel or into a normal Giant um if I do that again then I guess its gonna make more of them but maybe not sorcery scroll imbued with a banishment sigil allowing of thee to vanish a single offered item to never see it again okay seen things like that another donor exagger sure Music Music money bag online demise this billford cashback gives plus 100 gold coins if you say so folks if you say so Music Music there we go Music glitch Necromancer what does that mean unlocked a new class all right Music Music me to get some more bolstered fiends these guys are too powerful thats what I missed thats what Im gonna start doing that Music do do Music Music arrows are coming in we need to start over bolstering my Army now getting them a bit more powerful Music Music Music foreign Music um there we go so Im talking about getting bones Music Music Giant Archer unlock the new car Gallant night 90. Music foreign I dont even know what the cards really do Music Im gonna actually switch probably to the deprived retch until I level them up a good amount do do Music Music Music Music Music all 30 painful damage that these suffers is reduced good Music Laughter Music Music Music foreign dude Music there you go Music Music that infuses level three giant sewer with a Halloween Simple Song Scythe charges its way slicing up mobs and of meat and knees send damologist on the ceiling uh um the worth of all collected bone pickups thats good Music mm-hmm Music sorcery mod increases the potency power of thy casts spell Scrolls um Music giant payroller lets see the Johnny carroller thank you hmm Music oh me Shelby hexed increasing the hurt they suffer warlock dumbbells for sure Music all right here comes the mage I like how it looks larger Get Wrecked marvelous just miraculously appear or are they Baddie sworn unleashesive vampiric swarm uh uh bomber boom bolster Music guard bumblester cardboard Ill pick up stuff shortly be sucked no matter how much they hide Music foreign Music Music Music simple Soul lobs their head brimming envious Inferno jealousy increases the suckage abilities overall pickups Music Music oh I did Music hey Settlers eye when bone raising a fresh normal minion thou shall also gain an extra re-roll when offered a relic item Music that shall rise able to re-roll up to three of the relics when her they gains temporary boost to running speed now gains a permanent boost to thy running speed extra treasure chests shall occasionally be Unearthed Music random treasured Relic the only material that was already here four minute speed okay there are by costs for these two extra Treasure Chest shall occasionally be under this yeah lets do that Music look bigger finger thou can unlock treasure at Breakneck speed I like that Music oh are those ones oh okay maybe okay there we go wretch heritage there we go so there boots did the most they can so Im gonna play as the fully boosted one for a while oh yeah Im a little bit faster got a little pep in there step thats for sure Music Music please flame bro Music the Rays Archer oh yeah Im gonna figure out what this is Im never choosing a bone race Relic or spell the also receives a substantial amount of lovely invincibility frames cool I like that one a lot guard Music Music foreign oh that made me run fast I dont even know I was gonna go that fast foreign Music Music Music do do do do me Music Music thank you foreign Music Music mm-hmm Music hurts enemies that dare physically stray too close to the truth Music Music Music please please Music oily feet I love it trap surprise magically fabricates a scattering of impish movie traps oh were gonna have lots of them Music seed raised pumpkin bro Music Music thank you pumpkin counted Celestial offering an exploding pumpkin stuff tall Music foreign Music Music oh here comes the wizard you can try to kill me but it wont work I will take over the world with my bone minions thank you travel sir Im running traveler shall be brought forth today um how did it come down kill your pots of Shifting sorceries shall fall from up high Music oh yeah Music Music Clairvoyant ah thou is here not expected as it is just as I foresaw for I have empowered to witness the choices of the future to come I may offer the a reading for a small donation yes no it is okay Ive already foreseen how he will answer me my dear Spirit fistula coins to influence the future choices I make sure heres 25 gold coins Music water or clean or I see thy choices unfold thou gain six re-rolls when choosing them Music but thats okay oops didnt mean to do that Music deprived rich Music Music foreign Music Music Music all right were gonna super make this the Archer super archerified foreign Music Music foreign Music bolstered this to three I dont think so I want to see what it does okay it does three Music number huh what are these these are all unknown necromancy things fuse the level three High popper Archer with helium sinful Soul who greedy gays spreads multiple lasers of lustful sucker um paint this pin lets try this Natures wrath draws additional bees birds and shrooms to the these echo of the wild Echoes of the wild are sure Im sure pest but the extra resources tomorrow so thats the big Archer that I got that I enhanced thats so cool Music foreign dont chemist sled picking up lovely Jimmy gems shall also increase thy bones Music Music Archer fleety hotlines Music foreign Music Music starting to get tough Music Music dude got it wow Im relenting and dysentery all me shovel erupt in an unending streets you know messiness cursing gaze yeah pumpkin comments Music um Music were gonna get witches these are the real deal Heroes coming after us now Music here come the arrows from the West Music its a plumber oh my God Music tangler bolster for sure that really helps Music the realmic nights shall be at War Music yeah bone raised auger lets do that Music Music damn Heroes all right I still have foreign Music folks Music foreign Music Music damn is that the amount the most I can get 9999 I guess Music 999 coins yeah Music metal shelves are able to seal off the seal now for spell that shall start able to banish an offered Relic Thou shalt start able to vanish and often spill Music sinful with other corrupting tongue can be faintly heard depraved orations of a corrupting tongue shall pervade thy mind so this is just like going to be permanent DPS I guess to them that was able to summon a single depraved Diablos diminished Music journey into Beyond pounding the king opens Mausoleum Awakening to New Game Plus pounding gig odds opens the mausoleum path up to get new game plus six this will do something interesting in future I promise sure lets buy that Music now we can make the heroic Force better shall sometimes arrived up with comrades Music just gonna make them better but I dont want to do that yet so lets play as another Music uh of the guys New Game Plus pound King yell to unlock further Maps I havent pounded King Gig all yet though so I dont know after this round Im gonna buy whatever talents this guy can give foreign Music Music auger Music foreign beggars foreign Music lets try this one each Bell rise the has a chance of receiving a free random Relic Im bolstering that Archer Music thank you die gold Knight oh Music foreign to go seas that shall protect their carrier also increases the max amount of boo bro minions and you can rise Music not really just uh destroying the heroes you know what I mean Im hoping that eventually I become you know like a raid boss like making a uh MMO boss or something because youve just got all these monsters killing all these Heroes coming after you you feel like they have a quest for to take your head but uh you gotta build your army so that they cant come take your head not this flame that was an extra chance of being offered metal this money in this trip foreign Music armor themselves Music Music Music Music echo of the wild its a smattering of these yeah Ill get those so that I get more resources Im bone giant Barrel or sure Music oh Im Hillarys Patty sure uh oh here comes here comes the hero the epic level hero Elite level hero to come try and kick my ass with spells oh and he did he did it dang it I did not mean to do that but we will go for another game I mean I am gonna keep playing its just I wanted to level up the character class a bit Music see these are all like the level one players spawning since Im low level right now myself Im like the enemy of like the starting zone basically foreign Music s with uh that are just like naked have no armor or anything Music um and bling door bolster all right so now we got big a big time in just gonna keep making traps I guess superstitious Beggars are revolting bone raised bomber its gonna tangler Im gonna get crazy amounts of crowd control Music youll need more DPS so I got us a boomerang or memories bad damn I hope we get something good because this uh this class kind of sucks for me but I havent bought anything yet so so the vampire Soul sucker lets see what they can get I have five gems that I can spend that regains Health when standing still and not sucking enemies bloodthirst touching enemies sucks them giving the bones Music blood invigoration die running speed is boosted when near maximum health but the ironic speed is also reduced when low health party bats emerge to celebrate my bone raising a fresh normal menu you can do that this see what the new ones are that we can do to bat drums my knees hurt vampiric bats and 80s shall emerge to defend me Ill do that as well thou games plus 50 extra Mausoleum bets whenever they shall emerge there you go sucking enemies increases thy maximum health yeah that sounds good well maximum health yeah Music lets do this one all right now lets try again Music this class is a little bit more boosted now and apparently Im gonna have bats defending me bro mm-hmm Music um skewer nope I just skipped that I did the wrong thing Music Music I havent been hurt yet so I havent seen the bats yet foreign superstitious smelly Beggars coming now Bill Murrays guard memories warlock one reason Im gonna do a guard you gotta need more meat oh there we go theyre my bat friendos that was pretty cool foreign up in here guard Bulls dont bolster yep get those guards more beefy oh God that almost killed me I guess it could have thank you magical bum bag a fetching garment for storing an extra reserved spell swirl thats actually pretty good and we will make it in bone no Im gonna end both Stars skewer foreign Music Relic Music so I guess you can have four relics um Music um well raise a warlock pumpkin comets wondering Merchant who may occasionally appear thank you bomber damn that was a trick Tangles helpful heart Health Hearts child magically sprout try this new one flamey rain yep that sounds actually really really good whenever were desperate we shall use it bomber bolstered scavenge the bow Relic eh all right whats the route do again boom pickups January regenerate Health thats good foreign dude lets get the mysterious one drain boner sacrifices of Bill and bear bear boner to increase the IMAX health um regenerate rejuvenation Music foreign Music oh yeah ballistic arrows are coming Music there we go do I get another Relic lets see who this is wanted poster more enemies shall arrive to stick that I had in a box okay yeah cool so now Ive now Im kind of cursed like in uh whatever its called vampire survivors foreign Music Music Music dude Music snow blow Snowman Music yeah I forgot what I was doing I lost my cool there Music I got two more of these Music damage these suffers is reduced by the near maximum Music Music foreign oh wow youre much faster when youre at Max Health thats crazy Music foreign minions more minions Music Music funky turnip increases chance of being offered for Romanian bonerys items um yeah and the Bro ones I guess just stay with you and hang out right near you to do crazy things defend you thats pretty much what those are foreign Music there we go sea race pumpkin bro oh come on I didnt mean to do that give me a bro again nope keep bone rise the has a chance of receiving a random spell thats pretty badass what is this oh okay dont bolster doppelgangers Unholy bloom all damage inflicted on human enemies has increased by plus ten percent thats what Id rather have hardly ever fight with these are usually weaker anyway Music Music all 30 painful damage that these suffers is reduced good Music foreign Music Music laughs Music here comes the wizard foreign thing I got does Music terrible sir sacrifice is a bare boner to level up a random normal menu foreign Music foreign Music bolster the same answer was also revealed in future runs yep thank you demonic position how about this one magic doppelganger is even better now Music Music This Means War Music foreign Music Music people that didnt work out I got fourteen thousand in the score and that fine Ill start increasing the toughness of these enemies do I want to I guess it helps you as well because they give you extra stuff like the flag waivers give you certain things extra flag levers shall commonly arrive to uplift comrades Music um a small pack of toothy ratties burrowed to not burrow to gnaw on my bone a sizable pack of ratties to be along with Electro or orbic totems the pleasure of the ratty attacky it shall be prolonged Music extra Wizards shall really arrive to blast their magical loads extra Wizards shall sometimes arrive to a blast and again Music flocks of brown birds sometimes fly over to Pikachu anthropomorphic streams shall sometimes spread spores to thee see what else we got voracious Marvels a small rabble of warbles arrive with intent to swallow the hole about this gooply slimes sneaky little hobbit suits fandom employee halflings are searching for something precious my challenge the extra Champions shall rarely arrive to bully the immerse of the city this random strangely stranger May pay the surprise visits lets just go as we lets just do them as we go Music lets just pay for now Im gonna Im gonna do the upgrade thing the Royal Rebel grows and brings along their bouncy brethren the pleasure of the various marbles shall be prolonged slimes and the pleasure of the goofy song shall be prolonged habits watch out for them Hobbits extra Champions thats gonna be rough all right this is gonna be uh rough lets lets lets get better at stuff thou can summon up Bella batting Damon without a heroic soul what need a heroic soul I dont I dont get what that means nice starting Barrow boner becomes a Bellow Baddie minion and increases the chance of being offered batty bone Rises whats this so your enemies increases by maximum health Ill do that whats this mirror my increasing Max help also boosts suckage damage huh Ill do that this time is gonna be rough because I just increased the power of the bad guys like tenfold um time per hour oh foreign Music Music yeah dont raise doppelganger okay so thats what that does it slows them down significantly thank you Music so when they run into you with the bombs they just explore themselves great can these ever come back I think they do Music tinkers Jewel box increases the speed with which which Contraptions respawn their benefits for example exploded pumpkin strawberry grow more quickly Music foreign Music Music Music Music demonic possession Music Music Music oh were seeing new enemies now glad it makes things interesting Music damn I died going again Music so thats what those red things are hero Souls hmm Music Music foreign Music smelly Beggars are revolting Music thank you little beans Music Music Music thank you Im almost dead save me no save yourselves all right Im not dead yet lets go here comes a hero all right the Bros spell scroll thats actually a good thing to have really good actually thank you Music this one I really made like many of the skills an enemy then it it then its life force is drained to the increasing the health I didnt know they could kill these things actually hurts enemies that theyre physically straight too closely foreign Music it smells a treasure chesty do eyes now Music lets get this concealment scroll and sorcery scroll and dude with the ceiling and sigil allowing me to seal up to three offered items to see you again soon Music I dont even know how to do something like that all right time to start making the Giants these guys are starting to get a little oh the Wizards are those tiny guys okay not in the big blizzard thats what I thought but the big wizard is Devils balls dude uh enemies shall Melt Away become gooey gem slimes gems Music thank you laughs we only need more power so now Im going to start getting the extra help from Giants Music oh that guy has Health like a health bar thats interesting nope you aint getting me buddy got you flaming rain I thought itd come down there we go just the big ones oh Music Music jeez Music funky tournament uh these things are its gonna say Music things are a lot of horseshit warbles survival nice Music foreign Music foreign ERS spare leg muscles that increase running the speed of all diamond engines good in polite halflings Music I dont know what these cards are talking about a building Giant halfling survival hey there you go flamey rain humongous Brothers Music these mushrooms I swear oh okay Music Music Music San Francisco Vera of owner to level up in random normal minion sanguine shovels a horde of temporary Barrel diggers Music so we can get even more bones oh ten thousands oops meant to do the other thing but thats okay Music foreign Music curse of greed pervades all Health regeneration becomes score Music is a score represented by oh here we go seed race pumpkin bro Music smelly Beggars are revolting okay Music Music ow Music foreign Music Music so I guess the points are the ones that are up to the left hmm captains that would be quite good refuses three Boomerang a level three Boomerang with helium simply soul sorcery blonde blue box Music whoa that Boomerang looks awesome foreign Music confetti that confuses all means okay foreign Music Music foreign Music thank you um length of Dashing and dash oh magnet for sure Music Music foreign Music thank you Fly Away foreign Midas boners pair of owner minions shall transform into gold coins heart Wrangler foreign Music Music foreign Music foreign nice well lets have that get possessed Funk Eternal I would love to dance uh all right lets start bone bolstering some of these Ive been on a binge of buying them but now Im gonna go on a binge of the upgrading Music boom Music boom damn halflings get out of here foreign Music ER lets hear manifest attempt is to powerful lightning spikes lets do our bone monster Music oh yeah Music oh my gosh an addictive game thank you this is spicy uh Echo the wild smattering of bees Birds shrooms Sunrise from the grave what is this foreign level 3 minion into a random male Dominion behold Furniture almost really be melting time Music death things are probably what were looking at Music death lasts look at that Music never mind yep Music Music roaming Travelers yep up two random strings Travelers of the three random strange Travelers a small game um really knob ones like it swipey knackers theyre not one Brigade and bring them along and theyre gnarly snake worm cut the pleasure of the all right for loans tree and dryads are mildly annoyed by the accursive Magics an ancient yielding tree is drawn by the mint Pals of English but okay the first is alive famished flush liquids family of cannibals are seduced by the ice creamy skin smells ew spiritual shamans lets see if we can get these eyeball my cyclopses paid A Fistful of gems to pound the good unproper um lets see here the Goliath psychology has joined The Fray for massive colonies uh the pleasure of the mount eyeball might shall be put on there we go weve upgraded all of the heroic force and all of the bone razor lore now weve got five of these to spend so lets add what we got here my starting bare boner becomes becomes a fellow bad dominion and increases the chance of being offered bad even raises that I can summon a builder any demon without a heroic soul Music well do that now lets do it again now that were at full power dude Music foreign Music Music foreign Music Music the superstitious smelly Beggars are rising so its six seven eight nine ten eleven Ill say dont get under five is not that many though dont get under hmm five and two of them two times Music Music mm-hmm very close thank you uh Imperial okay um flame bro yes so I got two of those now thats cool Music uh oh here comes not slimes foreign Music Music Music oh yeah Music Music thats a lot of points Music foreign Music nope I didnt want to do that but sure lets build through the world come on Music Music Music there are a lot of Heroes Music mm-hmm Music wow theyre already its already dead I must have a ton of damage then daddy swarm oh yeah let go of the Wilds yep dude Music oh Giant Archer lets get get us a giant three for us and yeah or at least 10 minutes Music Music foreign Music foreign Music Music ER the barrel werent caress nearby Mimis shall be transformed into a Baraboo Music foreign Music Music Music I think I found my new favorite strategy foreign Music to survive this beading so just there we go Im terribly sorry to bother you I got something there its something of a reviled boundaries or myself to look you see the last zero nights my Crypt and duffed me up along with and my little rotten Barrel mob say could you help me out spare me a stunty barrow boner Music please hmm shall we give the the little fellow one of my Barrel boners I guess the bone razors do have to stick together ectoplasm poop Relic what does that do again okay get ghosts for some bare boners thats good Im fine with that um we just lost one so lets summon a new guy even though that looked Epic Music oh were actually at the uh the goblin things I dont think Ive ever been this far Music Music foreign death Music Music foreign that looked rough Music I dont know what these cards do Rana stats Music Legion size 17 bone raised level 22 relics hearted eight hurt suffered all right wow we got plus three red things from that Lets uh get a new guy actually this one isnt new but lets turn this down a bit so Im getting a little late okay I guess I have to do a gamers in the first thank you Music Music oh Music dont worry Music all right reduced damage I can do that Music mm-hmm Music I havent got enough we need to get more options its bastards a bro yep class heritage glitch necromancer each level one normal minion increases all high Legions damage I like that rice is a new with an extra random minion friend though however by maximum health is reduced by negative 10. um well take that I like this too so well take that minion invigoration each and every Legion minion increases thy maximum health but ignoring any smelly little pair of owners of course one bone raising a fresh normal minion thou shall also gain an extra re-roll when choosing minions what are these Larry Rises Anew with an extra random minion friend of however the max self is reduced by negative 10. again thats like the other one I think this one is meant to balance out the others see about these what their costs are none of them are more than one for right now uh upon that you see me demise a random normal minion shall be drained of its life force thus revitalizing my health Barrel bone rage Barrel donors have a chance of spawning as a normal minion there you go and Rattler thigh bone suckage abilities shall become truly drop breaking each different minion increases all thy Legions attack speed lets get the bone Rattler one I like the sound of that foreign um augerville stir butter High School Archer Im gonna do mm-hmm for more minions more foreign ly grafted sorcerer Hollow wow so I have um unlocked a few I also need to use my gold next time to update the way this place looks I think that uh I think that this is a good strategy dude bro Music foreign foreign bolster so that we can get rid of more of these guys those things actually do a ton of damage I still dont have anything extra to get lets enter architect load theres only a certain amount of spaces you can really have Music um where is okay the slot Parts youre gonna have up to six of those so Music yeah yep I think I want more of those but I dont know what oh okay those have traps in them but I think Id rather have that wait a second lets have this and then something like this and then Music boom its gonna be a lot of slop but lets look at these two slows any nearby nervous meanies oh wow these curse and I and of course this is so all these get more expensive as you go downwards so I should just be buying up a whole bunch of these Visage that occasionally invokes a pervading curse um Anonymous pillar that slowly regenerates thy occult health a chesty Trail overflowing with valuable jewelry gems when eating this fruit heals the and increases Max Health by 25 also increases the limit on raising free bro minions I guess itll just disappear then magical pages that slowly generate the random spell Scrolls thats thats a big deal actually foreign Music still have plenty left the gravestone whos spooky spooky Gods ghost owner is unwilling to leave also increases the limit on boo bro minions obsessed posts posts spontaneously combust fire around it Music um foreign Music Music thats all right thats all right allows the store that I held spells for later use Music baby touched to rebound raise level one normal minions useful if the doesnt approve of thy starting minions Music my first fresh moonrise minion shall become myth leveled up boning a totem Music thank you sure Ill put that there start game this is gonna be very interesting there we go thats gonna be something that slows them down the good deal pumpkin bro for sure I wonder how the Flames will work do they just hurt they do they just hurt whatevers around it okay another bro raises a tasty fruity bro minion to my Legion who exudes in it and spiriting aura that heals the I think Im gonna get that um you cant sacrifice the amount of thickness or cats another broil those are some good good minions to get there we go mm-hmm all the Minions are invisible whoa what is a seal a seal I guess keeps something there oops no that was good um Ill do this its me occasionally three offers items to see again soon thats how that works and increases the maximum amount of meldis the can raise Music all right lets get some Giants over here Music there we go foreign Music yes yes Music really dont know what the amount of gems does other than I mean help you out with buying meta stuff but I bought all the meta stuff already so hmm Music oh curse okay like a big curse thats what the eye does Guardian bolster that works for me oh oh yeah got you person gaze um that is Music foreign s being invisible really does for me things are scary the reared working too Im doing pretty good for ourselves all right give them the Demonic position bottle fairy for sure oh here we go yep ate that got rejuvenated increased my Max health its good better that we bought these things oh spook Rays boob room boo bro all Jimmy gems become honey what is honey does honey give you health oh watch out for the wizard hes gonna get you foreign okay so theyll heal two of them are healing me now so thats good Music Music oh what the hell is that right raised giant frutickini bro fuse two fruit Bros into a giant fruit akini bro who exudes an aura healing both body and a cult so they do have some sort of Health but that makes it even better for sure Music thank you and something I ever reviled bone raiser to myself sure shiny Diamond worth a few Bob so I guess it can be good or bad thats the way that works damage is increased heck yeah guard fumbles get fd in a goblins departure building bolster oh yeah extra Airy of effect s cant go wrong with that Music Im getting hopefully they can take these oh my gosh Music and make another giant Fister oh I dont even know what the cards I guess oops bullet Center architect mode so these are definitely like worth having around two that you can get Linda sets off a big boomy surprise also increases chance of being offered Great Pumpkin Miss Bros foreign I have to remember that next time Music Music foreign Music Music foreign ER lets do the Digger uh I only have six left foreign get a new guard than oh speed increase I like that funky turn up yeah oh it gave me a spell oh damn it Music three more each different minion increases all that I linkedins attack speed here the lone raising a fresh normal minion on sucked bones which almost surely you sucked right to me thats awesome minions all right I like that Music oh you can get two of these thank you oh those are traps I could get rid of boom so now two of mine are leveled up at the beginning of every game Music laughs Music lets go lets go dude lets go uh oh I wasnt looking at multi-stream chat thats not good um all right oh wow okay looks like well be good foreign okay Im sealing it and re-rolling yeah I want a bone raised boomerator dont respond now Music all damage is increased Music oh magnet magnet magnet um big bean oh there we go Rose followed fairy for a Digby man hopefully Ill die oh thank you dont worry Ill open it back up for you later Music buddy boy I love you very good kitty cat man Music Music Laughter Music which one do you think I should buy dick bow Music maybe youre a good boy all damage is increased oh yeah get the Barrel in Here Comes This Big Boy clacky duck oh did he make them oh okay he died already jeez foreign Digby its really late so I want to keep the door open for you but at the same time did we on out thank you for example foreign a lot of goodies you feel a little kitten man Henrys batty thank you be being there getting all the Buns sent to us steam deck fall guys Daily Stream Streak: 17Support the stream: steam sale date how to clean carpet with steamer steam games on android without pc how to play steam vr games on oculus quest superheavy samurai steam train king