The First Level 100 Cross in Brawlhalla

Steam ubuntuadd artwork to non steam games steam deck BRAWLHALLA are you seeing this on the screen Ive seen the level 100 cross on the screen yes Im talking to you yeah to you its time for some level 100 action I havent played cross in a while and you know what I decided today Im gonna be playing the level 100 characters that I have and look at this Drip by the way look at the gun doesnt look at The Blasters holy for the people that are gonna ask me this is the best drip the best cross strip in brojo have you guys heard of Discord by the way if you havent you have well I dont care listen guys BH has a Discord server and it has always been in the comment section below and you can join it by clicking the link in the comment section the description Im talking to you you better click on that link do you want to be in a video with me do you want to talk to me do you want to chat with me well hopefully you do because if youre in the Discord server maybe youre gonna get a small percentage of being in a video with me or talking to me so if you want to be updated with my videos streams or anything just maybe even life in general theres also a lot of channels that you might enjoy in This Server so we would appreciate you well be happy to have you in this Discord server the link for the Discord server is going to be down in the description below and also its going to be pinned as a comment so hurry up and join we need you and that is all from me and I hope you enjoyed this brojo video bye bye guys I love you alright whos gonna be for the first match lets see prohala Noob Sparky Sparky boom man and he has the crossover skin nice guys you know those Braha YouTubers that make you like subscribe you know they keep saying subscribe to the channel and stuff that is not me you know that is you better subscribe to the channel yes Im talking to you yeah yeah let me ask you look Im gonna SD so I can have time for this ad yeah you better click on that subscription button if you subscribe right now Im gonna win with monster cookies one stock you better subscribe to otherwise Im losing yes you better subscribe now Im gonna win this game easy simple one all right here if you think Im losing this game youre severely mistaken okay uh out of here are here side sick and that didnt work but okay thats fine thats fine DC okay okay nice okay hes gonna go for the weapon draw yep that was not obvious at all can you Grump on me lets try okay can you not kill me here with an insect thank you very much okay what is this okay I tried it but it didnt work I tried the thing but the thing that Im okay and Im dead Im Tech Im not gonna die dance theres two hope guys now its time for the game thats the way up inside this guy as hard as possible give him the game okay Im fine Im fine game time okay stop thinking he thinks hes gonna win this oh but whats happening right now oh whats happening right now guys listen Im doing this I promise I promise you know what I didnt win this because one person didnt subscribe yes you what the  __  are you doing bro thats not your fault Im gonna ask you twice all right suicide twice into one stock into win the game aint no way I lose this again all right well have to see one more time keep downloading keep down yes watch the shots hes not even gonna hit me once like no joke uh-huh whats happening whats happening huh what okay Im not gonna act like I wanted to do that I dont even know what the  __  I just did you know see what happens when that one person that doesnt subscribe subscribes see see what happens I dont get hit even Applause we dont talk about those okay we dont talk about that as well oh um okay this is looking not very good right now thats fine this is not fine heart attack almost a heart attack all right guys you had your Victory real last game but its not gonna happen again sadly you won the last game but this is it oh there it is jump oh my God guys guys give me your power please I need your power right now then hes not that hes not the guys this is looking scary for me Im online Im a bit scared he jumped into it I dont know yeah yeah yeah okay guys this is it let me ask me again come on lets go with the rematch exactly and youre gonna lose again and again and again its more next we still have a chance Im SD hes going to town again whats up he was up himself bro what oh no guys oh no Applause oh watch this is just get out of him he hasnt hit me up by the way its not just in a lot I dont know why but Im gonna okay now my hair stop dozing and as soon as I said that up again with this time it doesnt disarm oh it doesnt okay where are we going bye-bye so easy of course Im winning this aint no way I loses foreign takes the win and we do this and this and bye bye bro hello was fun thank you for the ELO which gamer are we gonna get this guy deity of demon Island anyway we get demon Island right oh this is not gonna happen I got excited for a second I thought maybe its gonna happen but no it didnt we got this map oh whats happening bro Mr fate player how about you jump into no Pokemon and hes dead hey this is so funny you cant recover bro this is so funny Im the only level 100 cross in brawlhalla that was a fast life girlfriend oh and now what you think when you hear a grandma like that you got a winner well of course not and see yeah exactly thats what I thought thats what I thought guys crosses to a very good character into one of his six fours got nerfed I dont know which one though or maybe a few of them actually oh oh bro bro bro bro get him out of the game he cant do anything I feel bad oh no what happened bro but were rematching so thats good three two one brawl All right what are we gonna do I mean nothing too special just lose the game you know something like that because Im getting absolutely destroyed right now and that doesnt kill but watch this bait is a larger speed and we imagine if it were twice bro how many times Im gonna hit him with that the  __  all right well whatever were taking those okay it is fine go pick up the weapon bro oh where are we going oh were dropping combos thats where were going thats where were going wrong were gonna stop this guy again I think over here can you dodge it one more time like one more time oh we didnt Resort this time around but were still gonna win the game okay now we do weapons up and now we miss the weapon and the right one is that as well with the delightful is that again then he goes for something and Im dead all right if I dont hit this guy with a delight sidekick right now Im about to lose my mind give me oh actually let me hit them with this first all right now Delight science we dont work hope it didnt work how about we just answered them up it doesnt work one more okay boom nice uh out of here Mr fate player out guys on a hotness level how would you rate cross one to ten I give cross a solid 9.1 at least with this game probably skin is so good which professional did we get this time I bet we get I was gonna say again oh no what are we gonna do we got bro hola Noob no you think Im missing this time bro who the  __  do you think I am I got my victory I got my YouTube video I want this thing again now Im gonna  __  delete you from the history of rohalla all right come on come on all right lets do it again do that again all right recovery again record again recover again right one more time okay recover again one last time for the fans one last time Ill do for the fabrication all right nice all right that was pretty nice that was pretty nice okay Ill just play oh my God that  __  dropped that that was Perfection but I dropped it he just jumped over my delight what the  __  do you think you are  __  I dont care if I die Im taking it with me Im taking with me bro go for the grandpa real quick I mean that works too I guess walking Dura Im gonna walk into it like into the thing go go walk into the thing okay okay no I cant I was gonna go his way but I didnt all right Ill just play what rollback does anyone kill you using that move how about zero doing this unfortunately she almost died from the car thats fine but you know what they say right you know what they say about butterflies right come on you have to know I have no idea what the  __  they say but  __  Boulder please how about now okay okay relax okay okay I get it I get it dont I wont  __  but okay I was joking that was a joke please please oh no bro oh no oh no bro uh and hes gone just like that from the history of what the  __  are you doing I said youre gone why are you alive you want to do the same thing like earlier oh welcome not about your professional I guess my bad what the  __  are you doing Im so confused right now screen oh youre dead should I have done that one bro what is happening to Bro Holland guys I watch this watches okay  __  did I just do Music interesting whats happening right now I dont know whats going on to be honest this is pretty interesting yeah pretty pretty interesting yeah yeah all right this is interesting this is interesting all right that killed him nice well there we go nice we got him oh were getting a match guys were getting a match lets go bro oh God do okay so okay how about you jump into this one oh  __  that was close bro I feel bad I almost went bad street there but it didnt hit I was trying to feel bad for you were playing a fighting game why am I feeling bad for you come over here all right nice hes dead oh no hes gonna do a signature guys oh no hes about to do a signature oh no gosh up oh hes done oh hes dead and one more and then boom boom boom you guys I need to avoid the  __  Blaster effects it might be a Twist of action lets just drop that anyway what the  __  did he just do how did he dropped that so badly bro dont dont sing dont sing Just Dance is that all you can do is that how is that ow holy  __  Oscar he has more in the back oh what was that oh that was interesting he wants a rematch I know he wants rematch come on hit me up very much come on dont be dont be shy watch this Music Pier all right demon time on demon Island uh SD for me real quick one time Im gonna do it you guys use all right dude so no no let go and do it no like do it do it do it yeah thanks next year guys that listens you know how he knows how to  __  listen hes smart lets talk like he couldnt do that okay and now he does it or something or no you dont judge it and I I know you okay let me hit the sideline please um please jump into this oh youre crazy no youre not gonna go for the down there no okay well Im going on the station and bye-bye guys oh wait I have a Dodge what the  __  uh lets uh do something nice we did something he tried to download me he really thought hes gonna Downer me were not telling him to reserve them but were still gonna  __  this guy so clear up Grandpa me please Grandpa please bro I wish he got in front of me wait last talk as well I forgot I just did once yes it once too high it was just me I wasnt saying guys that was crazy I almost did a thing you almost got bunked the final showdown we both have to do one attack and where his attack wins the one attack not 59 three two one lets go all right that was interesting okay nice I think we already know that my cross is a different breed level 100 across too good too good for the experimental players if you enjoyed watching this video you better click on that subscription button if you havent already and you better like the video and Ill see you in the next video love you guys thank you for being here until the next video bye bye Music thank you Music best tabletop games on steam ⚫: Discord ➜ 🟣: Twitch ➜ 🔵: Twitter ➜ 🔴: TikTok ➜ 🟡: Instagram ➜ The First Level 100 Cross in Brawlhalla..., Brawlhalla gaming by pavelski... lvl 100 cross combos! 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